Sensual Sunday ~ The Blues and How to Cure Them!

Wet Rob Avi

Rita’s Blues

Got up outta mah bed…do do do di do

Put mah feet on da flo’…do do do di do

Whut da fuck is dis feelin’…do do do di do

Mah bwainz haz gone DED…do do do di do

But da cure fur da blues…do do do di do

Is jist two clicks away…do do do di do

Gonna perv on Da Pretty…do do do di do

Da whole live long day!!! do do do di do

 Blue Jules 001

If Rob is missin’ us as much as we’re missin’ him, then he’s got to be feelin’ da blues, too!

alwaysteamrobsten blue001

Thought I’d acknowledge that fact with some Blue Rob pics!


You know, the ones with a blue accent somewhere in them…like the big blue R, or…


A blue necktie and that blue wasp on his white shirt!


Rob’s pretty blue eyes will always chase my blues away LOL!


A blue band of color in the middle…


Or on either end!


Blue baseball cap will do in a pinch!

**EXCLUSIVE**Robert Pattinson arrives on the set of 'Remember Me' wearing a blue hoody

But blue hoodies FTMFW!! {do we have a muffin alert goin’ on here?}

PattinsOnWorld blue

Hey, wasn’t that blue shirt originally yellow?


Sally’s blue shirt is an eye-popper for sure!

Melbie blues Tyler

While Melbie tones it down to Baby Blue!

IveBeenToast blue eyes 001

She and I’ve Been Robbed got into cahoots for Blue Eyed Rob…called themselves I’ve Been Toast LOL! {I’ve Been Toasted probably would’ve been more appropriate LMAO!!!}


I dearly love a black ‘n white with only one point of color in them!

MySexyVampire edit

But, when I saw this edit by Mysexyvampire…All I Saw Was Blue! *Gah!* The EYES!!!

Blue uh Shirt

Blue shirt AND blue jeans…includin’ a DEFINITE MUFFIN ALERT!!!


Endin’ with a Malibu Rob with his blue surfboard to get us all primed for MUCH warmer weather!!!

To those of you in the line of fire of all the winter chaos, please be careful out there!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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25 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ The Blues and How to Cure Them!

  1. Clairebamboozle

    Lovely post again Rita.
    Our boy looks soooo good in blue, and I’m with you, the edit of Art is gorgeous, his eyes are hypnotic.
    Thanks again BB

  2. rita01tx



    Oh, well! Enjoy LMAO!!!

  3. kleomary

    Great post Rita!! Rob always looks good in blue!!!! Everytime I see Rob’s beautiful face I have a big smile on my face…… he is the cure for a lot of things, that is the truth! And Malibu Rob is beyond words of course…
    Thank you for the early post!!

    • rita01tx

      Obviously, Rob causes absentmindness…not cures it LOL! I wonder if my post has made anyone else think it’s Sunday already LMAO!!!

    Dum dum dum di dum…Rita don’t know
    Dum dum dum di dum…what day it is,
    Dum dum dum di dum…but if she wants to post,
    Dum dum dum di dum…Ain’t none of my biz!

    Dum dum dum di dum…I get to see
    Dum dum dum di dum…The Pretty in blue!
    Dum dum dum di dum…And know that this time,
    Dum dum dum di dum…It’s not me but YOU!!’


  5. mississippibellalis

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    Rob in my Head,
    (I’z likin’ the View).

    The ‘Art’ photo is giving me a Rob Attack… Need Robmergency Med Techs… Someone dial Rob-1-1… Barely able to push the ‘Post Comment’ button…

    • rita01tx

      It’s his gorgeous, large blue eyes, right? Perfectly framed by his naturally thick {as in not plucked and shaped to death} eyebrows!!! And those kissable, kissable fuckin’ LIPS!!! *THUD!*

      • mississippibellalis

        I’ve been Robsuscitated and yes, those large blue eyes and the look of youth and innocence is what caused my heart to skip a few beats. The soft wisps of hair gently shaping his face and the glint of blonde stubble over his o-so-kissable lips that has me ’bout to call for the medics again. There’s only one cure for what ails me…

  6. Saturday, Sunday, who cares? I really need some Rob today, and this just did me in! Thanks, bb…..Blue Rob sure cures my blues!


  7. Loved the blue collection. As one of those stuck in the middle of snow and sleet, your blues were a great point of color to offset the grey! THANKS, RITA! xx

  8. eewee333

    Hi Rita. Who cares what day it is? Any day is a Rob-day. Thanks for all the beautiful pixes. My favorites are his blue eyes, the VF shots and of course, Rob all wet and scruffy! I’d love to roll around in the sand with him! It’s all raining and grey and nasty here, so thanks for all the beautiful Robshine! 🙂

  9. keyecullen

    Loving all the blue! *wink*

    • rita01tx

      Every day without Rob is a “blue” day, KC darlin’! We try to stay positive, but I’m afeared wez got a RobDrought of epic proportions on our hands *groan!* Good thing we have years of RobPorn squirreled away, plus many talented ladies to make ’em real purdy!!!

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