Monday Marvelous! Mr. Fahrenheit!!

*blows kisses*


Good Morning Kitty Cats!!

I haz some Rob-yummies for you this morning!! Rob himself on set in Australia via Video. As we have come to expect from Rob, there are giggles, word vomit, lip biting and just pure beanie wearing smexiness! {Video Courtesy of Michelle of Robert Pattinson Australia}

And Rita provided us with a big Gif too!


And then I found this vid that absolutely sums up Rob and his career beyond Twilight!

Enjoy Ladies!

Much Love to you all,





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16 responses to “Monday Marvelous! Mr. Fahrenheit!!

  1. kleomary

    Hi RobsFantasy!! I was watching yesterday late at night the video of Rob with Guy , I have missed his beautiful face!!!!

    And do not get me started on the video of Rob in Cannes….
    I haven’t seen this one before, thank you!
    God he was A M A Z I N G in Cannes wasn’t he? He completely took my breath away……. I was sooo happyyyy for him!!!!

    Thank you RobsFantasy, what a way to start a week!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Mary darlin’! RF’s gone off to sleep for awhile but she sure did leave us some goodies, didn’t she? The first vid that came out was really poor quality…couldn’t hardly hear what they were sayin’, so I was real pleased that Michelle recorded it and posted better quality! Lordy, I can’t stop watchin’ it…we’ve all been so starved for his voice, which we haven’t heard since Munich!!! That’s way too long LOL!

      • kleomary

        Hi Rita!! Big thanks to Michelle,too, for giving us this better quality of Rob’s voice…’s been so long indeed!!

        • rita01tx

          I love it when Rob leaves us sneaky stuff during a long “drought!” Remember that vid he did with Peter Berg back in 2010?
          “Actor and director Peter Berg, a graduate of The Taft School in Watertown, CT, announces the school’s headmaster’s holiday with the help of Rob Pattinson.

          He MUST know how much we miss him LOL!

          • kleomary

            Yeah I remember this HeadMaster Holiday video(unfortunately the link is not valid anymore, the page does not exist)

            … OF COURSE he knows we miss him…and he likes to torture us,too!!! Lets hope when he comes back he will blow our minds away!!!! LOL

    • hi Kleo!! oh i have missed is handsome face too BB! Great vid wasn’t it? Robelied is among the top Rob vid makers imo. I am going to post a few of her vids soon. When isn’t he amazing? LOL but yeah, he looked absolutely delish in Cannes!!! Glad you liked the post Kleo!! MWAH!!!

  2. Thanks so much Rita, love the Rob n Guy vid – couldnt stop playing it yesterday & totally loving the Cannes video
    LIke seeing the headmaster video again too – thanks rita01tx – playing ok here in UK

  3. Clairebamboozle

    Hi RF. thanks for the videos, and Rita for the gif. Lovely to see Rob moving about on screen again…Oh how we’ve all missed him.
    Cannes Rob, so adorable, sweet and sexy Gah that man has it all.

  4. Love the video … can it be played elsewhere on the net? So upbeat! 🙂

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