Random Rita ~ Checkin’ That Ass!

Wet Rob Avi


See, I was just tryin’ to reorganize my Pinterest RobPorn collection and came across this photo of Rob during the WFE promo tour in Madrid!

Well, it sent me into a fit of giggles that just won’t quit!


Now, I ask you…is that boy checkin’ out his own ass in a mirror?

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


Night Raider


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10 responses to “Random Rita ~ Checkin’ That Ass!

  1. Clairebamboozle

    “I see you baby…shakin that ass.”
    Hahaha you made me break out into song Rita.
    A fine ass is just one of Rob’s many assets, no wonder he’s looking so pleased with himself.
    Lovin a bit of Random Rita.

  2. eewee333

    Woo-Hoo. Baby got back. Hey, if you had Rob’s ass wouldn’t you be checking it out…and not just in the mirror? Catch the girl behind him checking it out too. LOL.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, I want to have his ass alright, Eewee darlin’! And I’d check it out thoroughly, I can tell you that right now LMAO!!
      Ain’t a woman on earth who wouldn’t be checkin’ him out from top to toes! Not for nuthin’ are there so many pics of Rob’s sweet butt *gigglesnort!!*

  3. mississippibellalis

    Shake your groove thing….

  4. edwardsvamptramp69

    Either that or he’s learning a new dance step and is focused on the instructor!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, boy! Now you’re talkin’ one of my greatest fantasies! Dancin’ in that man’s arms, preferably to the longest, slowest song ever written LMAO!!!

  5. kleomary

    Hello Ladies! Oh Rita,I love your randoming LOL
    I have never seen that photo before….I say let the boy check and shake his ass for once,it is a fine ass after all!!
    Is it strange that I think I could totally recognise his fine ass among others even from a mile away…??? LMAO

    • rita01tx

      Mary darlin’! It is indeed the finest of asses LOL! We’ve all studied every inch of every photo of Rob we’ve ever seen so often, it would be hard to miss him in a crowd! No wonder he can’t go anywhere without bein’ recognized LMAO!!! {poor baby}

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