Random Rita ~ Never Before Seen Vid of Rob on Guitar!

Wet Rob Avi


Just found this video of Rob rocking out with Pop Singer Andrea Meli, Dermot Mulroney and Adam Shankman in the Most Awesomely Random Video Ever!!!

It’s not a YouTube vid, so I’m givin’ you the link to the HAHAJK article…


Happy Thursday, y’all!


Night Raider



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9 responses to “Random Rita ~ Never Before Seen Vid of Rob on Guitar!

  1. Clairebamboozle

    Hmm, Rita, how fabulously sexy to see Rob loose himself in the music.
    Loving all of your randomness, even though it’s almost midnight your end.
    hugs honey

    • rita01tx

      Thought I’d trawl for RobPorn one more time before beddies and hit the mother lode LMAO!!!
      It’s really good to see him enjoyin’ himself !

  2. rita01tx

    Found a YouTube version on Robsessed, but it’s not as good quality as the HAHAJK vid…

    I FLUV this!!!

  3. christa64c

    Woohoo! GuitarRob ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Went huntin’ to see when this was…

      Last September 17, 2012 producer/director @adamshankman tweeted about Rob jamming with Andrea Meli and Dermot Mulroney.
      “My sister in law (Andrea Meli) jammed w/ Rob Pattinson on guitar, and Dermot Mulrony on cello last night. Brilliant and stupifying 2 watch. Life is weird.”

  4. hahaha have i told you lately that i love you rita!!! Gawd! i love watching him be Him! this was perfect and fabulous!!! Thank you!!!

  5. kleomary

    Oh Rita this is awsome!!!! Thank you so much!!! I just love watching him play the guitar and enjoy himself…he is a man of many talents!

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