Random Rita ~ Naughty Boy!

Wet Rob Avi


I’ve been sittin’ on this one, wonderin’ if I should tell you about a very naughty boy this Bru gif reminds me of from the good ol’ days of my youth LOL!

Now, since I KNOW you iz all just as pervy as I am, guess I’m allowed LOL!

Seems my roommate’s boyfriend was throwin’ a party for his frat brothers and and their girls. By the end of the evenin’, bodies in various states of undress were strewn all around his apartment.

Still standin’, but weavin’ on his feet, she was tryin’ to get him to go to bed but, before she could drag him away from the livin’ room, he whipped IT out, grabbed hold, and surveyed the room.

This is a direct quote:

BruSlave OscarRob

“Take a look around, Big Boy! See if you missed anyone!”

{Accordin’ to her, that was not an inaccurate description!}

I can totally see those words runnin’ through Rob’s mind in this gif LMAO!!!

Happy Thursday,


Night Raider


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26 responses to “Random Rita ~ Naughty Boy!

  1. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita, LMAO at your anecdote.
    Rob looks every inch the commanding sex God in that gif. Slaying every woman within a 20 feet radius with his alpha male pheromones and concentrated sex stare.(Squirming in my chair as I type this.) Gah, none of us stand a chance!
    Love a Random Rita post honey.

  2. eewee333

    Holy Shit bb! Break out the double ShamWows…Fifty lives!!

    • rita01tx

      Ain’t that the truth, Eewee darlin’? I doubt I will ever see anyone other than Rob as Fifty, no matter who they cast for the film! In fact, I’m not inclined to ever see it for that reason alone! I’ll simply go read MotU again…and again…and again!!!

      • Clairebamboozle

        I’m with you guys, Rob for Christian or I ain’t watchin’ it either. Lets face it, Rob being cast is the only way the film is going to be better than the images we already have in our heads.

      • eewee333

        I agree 100%. Rob IS Fifty. In fact, I did just finish MotU 1&2 again for about the “Fifty-eth” time.

        • rita01tx

          Barefoot Fifty in the RRoP wearin’ nothin’ but a pair of rip-kneed, button fly jeans! *DED!* {Guess we all know where Icy got the image of those jeans LMAO!!!}

  3. Just dropped out!! Damn that man just oozes sex.

    • rita01tx

      To this day, I can’t tell if Rob actually knows what he does to us just by existin’ in our world LOL! But I find that the sexiest thing about him…that he doesn’t have to consciously turn on his sexy vibe, he IS sex incarnate!!!

  4. Oh Rita just kill us all with that gif why don’t ya!

  5. mississippibellalis

    That’s some serious surveyance! How does he do it? All sex charm and everything? Never in my life have I been so obsexxed with a man. {heart palpitates quickly as she fans herself}

    • rita01tx

      Don’t know if you bothered to watch the Oscar red carpet, Missi darlin’! But there was not ONE…not ONE guy that came anywhere near Rob’s sweet, funny, charmin’, sexy self!!! He’s unique!

  6. christa64c

    He could pin me to the wall anytime he wanted!! js
    You’re anecdote is great and a fitting comparison to our Rob. He walks into a room and hearts break, panties drop and the world is a better place.

    • rita01tx

      I can well imagine, Miss Expert Wall Sex Lemon Writer LMAO!!!
      Christa darlin’, I don’t even remember the world BR {before Rob}. It ceased to exist when he shot across my dark sky!!!

  7. keyecullen

    ROTFLMAO and looking around for the ShamWow panties! Great story and you found the perfect Rob gif! Made my damn day!

  8. Holy shit!! Sigh. Did you notice the darkhaired woman behind him, checking him out with a big smile? I can never believe when I see shots of Rob in crowds like this that there isn’t about a 20′ circle of women knocked down like bowling pins by his sheer deliciousness!

    These Random Rita posts are the best! Thanks so much for feeding our habit.

    • rita01tx

      Not until you mentioned her…had to go back up and look {what a hardship *gigglesnort!* Great visual w.r.t. the bowlin’ pins, Renee darlin’, and it’s my pleasure to feed your addiction {while feedin’ my own} LOL!

  9. kleomary

    If he only knew what he does to us….. this stare of his is the reason of “multiple-instantaneous-orgasms” again and again and again LOL
    And I agree with all of you Rob IS Fifty and always WILL BE OUR Fifty no matter who is going to play Christian Grey. I cannot imagine anyone else either.
    I love your randomes Rita, thank you…jesus…… Rob,this gif,staring,Fifty….I need a smoke……

  10. rita01tx

    Joinin’ you for a smoke on that seaside terrace again, Mary darlin’ LOL!
    Rob has power over us all that he isn’t even aware of…or is he? If so, it sure the hell hasn’t gone to his head!

  11. Hi! Funny post as ever ;). When I see that kind of look in his eyes, I can imagine him as Mazinger Z and his laser ray in his eyes LOL, this is old memories from my own childhood (I hope you know who is Mazinger Z!)

    • rita01tx

      Never heard of Mazinger Z so I went and looked him up LOL!
      I swear we are soul sisters, cause I used to love that kind of animation!!!

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