Random Rita ~ Rob, Who Are You?

Wet Rob Avi

Good mornin’, ladies!

Just been tumblr trollin’ and came across somethin’ you might not have seen before…maybe you did, but it bears repeatin’!

You and I know how unique Rob is in every way and it tickles me plumb to death to see more and more people start to get his appeal!

Rob cannot be defined simply by association to Twilight and his role as Edward Cullen, as iconic as it has become.

The lovely Maria of Robert Pattinson Australia not only made this great vid “Who Are You: Celebrating Robert Pattinson’s Career” …

Maria also tells it like it is for all us Rob fans in a brilliant article for The London Film Review back in September!


We are all waitin’ with bated breath to see how Rob’s career develops post-Twilight, but let us not forget the width and breadth of the work he did before {and durin’} his journey as Edward!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


Night Raider



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19 responses to “Random Rita ~ Rob, Who Are You?

  1. kleomary

    The article sums up everything for me us a Rob fan, no other words needed. Thank you Maria of Robert Pattinson Australia for the brilliant article and video of course!
    And Rita baby thank you for sharing this!!! Happy Tuesday!!


    • rita01tx

      Absolutely, Mary darlin’! I wish I was half as eloquent as Maria. She sure knows how to explain Rob’s appeal so everyone understands!
      Basically, I love how Rob goes his own way {with us followin’ along, of course}, which confuses the hell out of the Hollywood “powers that be”LMAO! Ain’t nobody like Rob!

      • kleomary

        I agree with you Rita! I was never a fan girl, not even in my teen years or early twenty’s, but as you say there is nobody like Rob, and I too love that he has his own unique way. As for Hollywood’s or critics “powers that be” do not get me started…..and let me tell you I curse like a sailor!! LOL

        • rita01tx

          Gotta admit to a brief admiration for the Beatles in my early teens and I’ve had favorite actors/actresses over the years. However, at my age, it was a shock to find myself so smitten by Rob at first sight. I don’t think I’ll ever recover…nor do I want to LOL!

          • kleomary

            I have some actors/actresses that I like of course but I am not a fan of them like I am of Rob, not even close. This is the thing with Rob, the fact that his fan base is not only teen girls or early twenty’s girls, but many many mature and intelligent women of all ages all over the world!! (yeap we are the mature and intelligent right ? LOL) I hope you understand what I am trying to say, please excuse my english.

            • rita01tx

              Mature? Yeah! Intelligent? I used to think so, but Rob has turned my bwainz to mush LMAO!!!

              • kleomary

                LMAO!!!! 🙂 Ok I am going to shut up now, sorry for my many comments and rambling, and thank you for this “virtual-chatting” or whatever this is called LOL

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Hey Rita, I’m sittin at home feeling fluey and looking after 2 kids with stomach bugs (Yay! perfect way to spend the day…not!) So a bit of Randoming cheered me up no end.
    Lovely video, I was thinking about fangirling. In my youth I liked some pop stars, maybe even had a poster or two on my wall, but nothing to match the ceaseless obsession I have for Rob. I am worse than Mr Crabs fixation with money (Any Spongebob fans out there?) Always looking for more pictures or gifs to hoard, addicted to Fan Fics and desperate to see his new projects.
    But you know what, I aint even sorry. There are tons of like minded women like me out there, so as long as he is still doing his thing I will be a fan.
    Thanks again for feeding my habit BB.
    Hey, maybe RA could also stand for Robaholics Anonymous LOL

    • rita01tx

      Poor ClaireBear! I heard about the epic Barf Fest LMAO!!! Well, not LMAO for you, maybe!
      Robaholics Anonymous? Yeah, except that we feed our Rob addiction instead of tryin’ to cure it…hell’n there IS no cure!

      • Clairebamboozle

        Yeppers!! It was awful, 4 middle of the night bed changes and washing my 5 year old’s puke out of my hair at 3am, not a great way to start a week. Now I’m just waiting for the bug to hit me…So I am slumped on the sofa reading fics and nursing an aching head. with a sick bowl in the corner just in case.
        Just glad you can’t catch it through the internet.
        Keep up the great posts hon.

  3. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies! I’m in the same boat with many of you…I’ve never flipped so hard for man in my life! i’m not even the OCD type either. What the heck did I get smacked in the head with?

    Great choice for an RR post! First time I noticed a fan made vid to The Who. Had to download to my collection. And that is a good article. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Back to my collecting graphics to make Robnips. (I like the sound of that. Back in the days of Prohibition, they had slang/code words to not be obvious about alcohol. A ‘nip’ was a drink in secret. Well, whenever my dog goes out in the cold and gets frisky I always say he ‘got a nip’. Robporn is just like that. Not only does Rob get me frisky (hehe) but drunk on lust as well.)

    • rita01tx

      Missie darlin’! I do admire the hell outta your tidy way with words LOL! Robnips is a waaay more accurate word than manips!
      {RF! Another one for the RobDictionary!}
      And I absolutely love the idea of havin’ a “nip” of RobPorn LMAO!!!

  4. eewee333

    Thanks for my Robfix Rita. I’ve been feeling kinda puny today. I will admit that I am a full-out Robaholic and I DON’T want to be cured! So keep all the wonderful randomness coming BB. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Amen, Sista Eewee! Ain’t it amazin’ that even thinkin’ about Rob, let alone indulgin’ in a “nip” of RobPorn makes us feel so goood!
      Hell’n a personal encounter of any kind would be like a hit straight into our veins!

      • mississippibellalis

        ‘Close Encounters of the Pervy Kind’?

        • rita01tx

          Oh, hell yeah! The perverier the better, hopefully resulting in a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind LOL!

          The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project proposes a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind as mating between a human being and extraterrestrial that produces a human-alien hybridisation, usually called a Star Child.

  5. Ohhhh Somebody catch me while i ~*SWOOON*~ I just want to listen to him talk…for hours…uninterrupted…serious, giggly…idc….i just LOVE the sound of his voice when Rob is being Rob!

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