Sensual Sunday ~ Rob, Where Are You?

Wet Rob Avi


I don’t know how much more I can take! Seems like it’s been forever since Rob disappeared on us and I’m missin’ him real baaaad!

Last time he made an official personal appearance was at the Golden Globes on January 13th! Hell’n that almost 2 months ago! Even then…well, just look at this one and tell me that’s not goodbye in his eyes already!

RPAU globes11

Don’t worry, Rita…it’s not forever!

Yeah, but that’s what it feels like to us, Rob darlin’!

Three days later, on January 16th, Rob lands in Melbourne!


“Welcome to Melbourne, Mr. Pattinson…hope you enjoy your stay in Australia”!

By the grin on Rob’s face, I reckon he’s lookin’ forward to some adventures in the Outback!


Throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate…I’m on my way!

Once Rob hits Adelaide, he hooks up with The Rover crew and gets to chill out a bit…


Bondin’ with his new mates in the pub…


Quietly bikin’…without a helmet LOL! {Got his hand slapped for that one, I hear!}


Oh, crap! The Pouty Lips *THUD!*


And then it was off to the Outback for filmin’ and, all of a sudden, our Pretty ain’t so pretty no more!


God only knows what kinda critters have nested in Rob’s pants, what with all that dirt!


*Eeeep!* What the hell happened to his gorgeous smile?

WWWWH edit 087

This is the smile we know and love…and hope to see again real soon!!!


As for Rob’s hair, I expect we’ll be seein’ it buzzed off like this again since he starts filmin’ Mission: Black List some time in April!


But, that’s OK. Our Rob is beautiful with or without hair!


Although I’d love to see more of it…


In fact, the more the better IMHO!!!


Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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20 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Rob, Where Are You?

  1. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita BB. Another lovely post.
    Boy are we missing our boy!! You know it’s been a drought when you are pleased to see the fan pics. LOL
    Love the first pic and the buzz cut edit too. Jjeepers his eyes are hypnotic.
    Looking forward to him coming home and ‘bringing sexy back.’
    Thanks again hon xx

  2. Even in the dirty he is one fine man..

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, Rob might not be the glamor boy from Cosmopolis or Bel Ami in this film, but we can see his beauty through the dirt, mangy hair and yellow teeth LMAO!!! He’s still our beautiful Rob!!!
      Can’t wait to see The Rover…hope it comes out this year!

  3. rita01tx

    Hell’n I’m so desperate to see him, I snagged this night shot of him leavin’ the set today! We know him so well, we can tell it’s him just by the outline of him LOL!
    image host

  4. mississippibellalis

    Hey Ladies! One of those pics really got to me. I could get lost in his eyes! What ya doin’ to me, Rita?

    There ain’t nothin’ anyone can do to Rob that would make him less appealing. Bad teeth? I would still want to kiss that mouth! Dirty scruff? Yup, his pheromones are working! Buzz cut? No hair to get in the way when lickin’ those ears. Overall, Rob has appeal regardless of his hygiene. And, then again, a dirty scruffy Rob just makes me want to give him a bath!

    Thanks, Rita, for making me smile today!

    • rita01tx

      Of course, I’m assumin’ you be bathin’ WITH Rob, Missi darlin LOL!

      • mississippibellalis

        Well, of course I would be bathin’ WITH Rob! Someone’s gotta scrub his back and get that dirt from behind his ears…make every part of his gorgeous body kissable clean {wink, wink}!

        And in anticipation of the upcoming holiday…I gotta tell ya…there’s an Irish Spring joke up in there somewhere but I’m not sure what it is!

  5. Agreeing with all above comments…. and yeah would love to bath Rob… & work him into a lather……. Lovely post Rita, as always! Cheers & G’Day!!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, yeah! We’d make sure every blessed inch of him was so clean you could eat him…I mean, eat off of him *gigglesnort!*

  6. Oh the possibilities are endless! Of course we know Rob so well even is Silhouette he cannot hide!

    • mississippibellalis

      Just gotta keep that RobRadar on at all times and he can be spotted from a mile away…hold on a sec, the light just came on to warn me the battery is low…gotta change the batteries from my other high-powered atomic RobGadget to my RobRadar gadget…I’ll be back…

  7. kleomary

    Hello Ladies!!! I agree with all of you….I really miss him!!! Loved the photos Rita,thank you. As for the photos of Rob on The Rover set…… I like him dirty……I could clean every inch of his body…….no need for water baby!! LOL

  8. eewee333

    Hey Rita. I wonder if I can squeeze myself into that guitar case and travel around with him? Then he could play me every night when he got in from work…yeh…sigh

    • rita01tx

      Well, you’d need some of RF’s magic mushroom to shrink yourself small enough to fit into his guitar case and then another piece to grow big enough for Rob to “play” when he unpacks you LMAO!!!

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