Random Rita ~ Don’t Wanna!

Wet Rob Avi


Just snagged this gif from Hotpattz on tumblr and thought, “Yeah, this must be how Rob’s feelin’ right about now!”

I’ll bet he was havin’ too much fun just bein’ his own sweet…um, manly self with his new mates!

No paps on his ass…

No screamin’ fan girls stalkin’ him…

People treatin’ him like a normal guy…

We can understand that, right?

BIG Rob 042

Don’t wanna go home!

But all good things must come to an end and it’s time for Rob to COME THE FUCK BACK HOME ALREADY!!!

So, maybe we still won’t see him for a while, but that’s OK! He’ll be promotin’ The Rover soon enough!

First Official Still

“…in Rob’s character you have a quite troubled and damaged, but beautiful and naïve, soul.”

Oh, Lordy! If I wasn’t already jonesin’ to see it before, I am now!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


Night Raider



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32 responses to “Random Rita ~ Don’t Wanna!

  1. eewee333

    Awww Rita. I just want to hug him and kiss him on that pouty lip and tell him everything is going to be alright! He’s just so adorable.

  2. Cute ‘n’ sexy! Oh man, I can’t wait for The Rover – I think this role is really going to stretch Rob’s acting chops, and is going to be yet another revelation for the fans and critics, after Cosmopolis. The movies he picks are extraordinary, never the same type of character twice – clearly the directors who cast him are as confident in his chamileon-like qualities as we are.

    • eewee333

      I agree with you Fluffy. I’m looking forward to The Rover and Mission:Blacklist (Rob in uniform…sigh). Rob was good in Cosmopolis, but I am not a Cronenberg fan and the movie was just strange and hard to follow and I don’t know, just didn’t make a lot of sense the way it was edited together? KWIM?

      P.S. Thoroughly enjoyed Wild Child and glad to see you’re writing a new story. You are awesome!

      • rita01tx

        I found that to be true of Cosmopolis when I saw it in the theatre but I watched it again the other day at home and, aside from the weird storyline, Rob’s performance just blew me away!

      • I agree that Cosmopolis is pretty weird, but I liked that about it, and I like a lot of Cronenberg’s work. Like Rita, I also got much more into it when I watched it on DVD, and I think we can all agree that Rob is extraordinary in it.

        Oh, and thanks so much for your very kind words about Wild Child, I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    • rita01tx

      You’re right about that, Fluffy darlin’! ‘Bout damn time all the good directors got on board the Rob Train LOL! And I hear tell The Rover is already trending worldwide after the release of the first official still and anticipation is runnin’ high…as well it should be LOL!

  3. PROTECT THE PRETTY!!! Dude has a gun by our boy’s pretty face!! Ever fiber in me screams PROTECT THE PRETTY!!! Especially since he is described as “a quite troubled and damaged, but beautiful and naïve, soul.”

    And the pouty lip gif just enhances those feelings! Aww poor baby needs a HUG and some Lovin! I’ll volunteer for that job “for the sake of the fans!” hee hee

    • rita01tx

      Oh, fuck! He better not die in this one…shit shit shit shit!!!!
      Broke my damn heart when he got killed off in GoF {but didn’t he die beautifully?} and we never actually see him die in Cosompolis, although it is implied and that tear runnin’ down his face while that gun is pointin’ at his head near did me in! Aw, hell…don’t remind me of Remember Me! I will NOT survive!!!

  4. mississippibellalis

    Oh, yeah, that new still peaked my curiosity! I’m all for seeing HHH playing the action guy role. Action, guns, men…my kinda movie! I hope there’s a shootout, dodging/near-misses of bullets, speed chases and everything!

    • rita01tx

      You just might get your wish with this one, Missi darlin’! Although sounds like Reybert won’t be playin’ a viscious villain or anything!

  5. christa64c

    Every picture from the set just makes me want to see this movie more and more! Playing a ‘simpleton’ gang member in a post apocalyptic future, will be a great chance to spread his wings!

    I really enjoyed Cosmopolis and was blown away with his performance. We weren’t supposed to feel sorry for Eric, but by the end of the film, Rob had me wanting to buy him an ice cream and hold his hand.

    • rita01tx

      Sure hope The Rover gets a wider distribution than Cosmopolis did! And I hope it releases before the end of the year! The sooner the better LOL! We can’t go a whole year without a new Rob movie, right? Our addiction needs FEEDIN’!!!

  6. kleomary

    Hello Ladies!!!Rita baby this is one of the best gif’s of Rob…Is it just me or is that pouty lip of his screaming to be kissed??
    I agree with all of you about the Rover, I cannot wait to watch it, his role and the whole movie sounds so interesting. I am really looking forward to Mission Black List though, must be so much different from anything he has played so far, cannot wait to see him as an army guy…and the uniform will be the added bonus LOL
    As for Cosmopolis I just loved him!! Especially in the second half of the movie he was extraordinary, he blew my already blown mind away!!

    • rita01tx

      Mary darlin’! That pouty lip definitely screams to be kissed, as well as every other party of him LOL! Ah, if only…*le sigh!*
      MBL is another one I’m lookin’ forward to as well cause I KNOW he’s gonna be awesome in it! Hope they put him in every kind of Marine Corps uniform they have cause DAYUM that would be so hawt!!
      How Rob pulled off makin’ it look so freakin’ real when he shot his hand, I’ll never know! That was an Oscar moment if there ever was one LOL!

      • kleomary

        I like the variety of roles he chose. I really hope he will have a great time working in all the movies. I think he is happy and satisfied doing his thing without interruptions, craziness etc etc…. but I really miss him…….

        • rita01tx

          Me too! If MBL starts filmin’ in April, he’s not gonna have much time to relax before he has to head out again. Still not sure where it will be shot…Morocco or Jordan was the last I heard!

          • kleomary

            Yeah, that is what I heard,too. I think he wants it that way, to focus on his work this year, it will be good for him and I am sure it will be good for us,too.

            • rita01tx

              He’s got quite the line-up of films this year…we’ll see how many actually get done this year. Rob’s career choices do keep things interestin’, don’t they? Just diversity!!!
              Happy workin’ Rob = Happy pervin’ fans LMAO!!!

  7. This movie kinda sounds like a cross between Of Mice and Men and Beyond Thunder dome! betcha ten bucks he dies in this one! I just has that feeling.

    • rita01tx

      That sounds about right but just…Nooooo!

    • mississippibellalis

      If he does die…well, there is significant symbolism with that one…

      • rita01tx

        Such as? What am I missin’?

        • mississippibellalis

          Hi Rita, IF there is a death of Rob’s character in The Rover, I’m seeing the symbolism representing the death of Rob’s heartthrob girly romance characters. (Not that he would never play a heartthrob role again. I’m seeing Rob move towards manly roles that would appeal to the menfolk instead of the girly romance roles that mostly appeal towards the womenfolk. In other words, he’s reshaping his career image and what a better way to do it…boys being boys.) Does that make sense?

          • rita01tx

            Sure does! After all, he IS a MAN now and his roles should reflect his maturity, hence The Rover and, especially, MBL! Of course, we still want fuckhawt sexy scenes in future, but I am so gonna enjoy sittin’ back with a smug smile on my face as the rest of the world catches up with what we all already know…Rob is a fuckin’ ACTOR!

  8. Hi, bb, I´m not lost. I´m in Australia trying to convince Rob to come here. Yes, he´s happy down under… but give me more days and he´ll obey ❤ .

    • rita01tx

      Exaltada, darlin’! {{Runnin’ in for jumpy hugs!!}} What the heck are you doin’ Down Under? Are you on vacation? Visitin’ relatives? Or did you stalk Rob to the outback LMAO!!! I sure would if I could!
      You anywhere near Adelaide? If so, see what you can do to bring The Pretty home to us soon!

      • No, Rita, I was only dreaming ;). It was a joke (well, more a wish than a joke), but with my poor english and lack of emoticons I didn´t express myself well XDD. This is one of my dreams: going to Australia (much better if Rob is there, because I can make alive another wish). I hope some day I can. Meanwhile, I´m here in Spain, waiting for him <3. And enjoying your post. I´m very busy, so I´m a little lost ;).
        Hugs for you too!

        • rita01tx

          Well, you had me believin’ every word, darlin’ LMAO!!! Very good joke on me! But I know what you mean…Australia is also on my bucket list!
          And RL can really put a kink in our pervin’ on Rob time LOL! Always good to see your name pop up in my posts. I miss you when you don’t but that’s OK cause I know you WANT to be here with us, right? Any time, sweetie! MWAH!!!

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