Who’s Your Paddy?


Top O’ tha Mornin’ to Ya!

Nope, it ain’t St. Patrick’s Day…yet, but I didn’t want to deprive you all of Rita’s lovely Sensual Sunday post!

Till then, let me entertain you with some St. Robby loveliness made by Mississippibellalis!

These 3 Robnips have never been seen before today so I guess it’s true what they say…the Irish really are lucky LOL!



Oh, Baby! I’ll be your Patti, your Sally, your Margaret, or anyone else you want me to be!


Now that’s one rainbow I really wanna ride!


We love you too Rob!

Oh look! I got my wish! *tee hee*


So, here’s to Rob’s safe return and a…
Happy (early) St. Patrick’s Day!!
Basic RGB
Best of luck to you all!





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18 responses to “Who’s Your Paddy?

  1. Happy st patricks day,love the post ,i want him bad,he looks yummy in green.im gonna save these photo,love your avartor.

    • Oh the trouble with posting early is that you FORGET you posted!! haha Sorry my lovelies, I have spent the day writing and totes forgot to check my e-mail for comments!

      Rob looks yummy in just about everything! Save away Anette Darlin! I love that avi too! So glad Missi like’s to give me a great body! haha

  2. kleomary

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone who celebrates this holiday!! The Robnips are great, thanks Robsfantasy and Mississippibellalis! Robsfantasy you are lucky, I want a ride on that rainbow,too!!!!
    Every day is St. Patti day for me LOL

  3. mississippibellalis

    Thank you, RF, for a smile and giggle! Cutest kitty!!!

    I don’t really know the traditions of celebrating St. Patrick’s day elsewhere but where I grew up (New Orleans) we celebrate with parades. The men march the parade route in tux’s and pass out green/white/orange hand-made tissue flowers in exchange for kisses from the ladies. The riders on the floats throw the usual cups/beads/doubloons themed for the holiday and in addition they throw cabbages, potatoes, carrots, and corned beef. It’s really a lot of fun!

    Happy Patti Day, Ladies!!! Get Lots O’Kisses!!!

    • Thank You Missi for all the great manips and for always making me look good! Too bad it’s not that easy in RL!!

      Always been fascinated by New Orleans! Your version of St. Patrick’s day sounds like tons of fun to me!

  4. Clairebamboozle

    Happy St Patrick’s day to all who celebrate it tomorrow.
    Lovely manips, Missi you are a very talented lady.
    Thanks for the post RF always a pleasure to get some unexpected Robalishousness.

  5. rita01tx

    My favorite has got to be RF slidin’ down the rainbow to the Promised Land LMAO!!! To hell with that pot o’ gold in his hand…I want the one in his pants!!!

  6. I don’t celebrate St Patrick´s day, but I love the green color 😉 and your funny post, RF, thanks :*

  7. Just love all of you at Rob Attack!!!

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