Sensual Sunday ~ Wearin’ O’ Tha Green!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, Lovies!

You can tell it’s Saint Patrick’s Day by the explosion of green throughout all the social networks LOL!

SPD March 17 2013

Growin’ up in Texas…in a dry county…as a kid, my favorite thing about it was wearin’ green to school! And woe unto those who forgot, ’cause they got pinched!


Much as I’d love an excuse to pinch Rob…


Uh, oh! My RitaRadar is tingling!

right on that tight, sweeeeet ass…


Say, WHAT???

Just a little love pinch, Rob darlin’! {and maybe a squeeze or two LOL!}


Oh, God! I can’t let her catch me with my pants down!

Whut? You think I’d take advantage of a clothin’ malfunction? Meeee? *gigglesnort!*


Hell, Rita! I KNOW you would!

Ah, you do know me so well, sweetie!  {Gah! FingerPorn!!!}


{Rob! Rita’s here somewhere…watch your back!} You mean, watch my ass, don’t you?

*Sigh!* These guys’ll never learn…resistance is futile LMAO!!!


You can’t get to me, Rita! Give it up!

Psssst! See that girl a few feet to your left? You’re in more danger from her than you are from me, baby!


Little girls don’t scare me Rita! It’s women who know what they want and go after it that give me nightmares…like YOU!

ROB! I’m wounded…or flattered, I can’t decide LMAO!!!


Matching wits with you is pretty fun, though!

Um, Rob?


What NOW, Rita? I’m busy, if you can’t tell!

Since when do you wear lipstick? Well, outside of the Twilight saga,that is?


Lipstick? Where?

Right there on the left side of your upper lip, darlin’!


Uuuuh…my Chapstick wasn’t clear like I thought?

Nuh uh! You done been smooched! And it ain’t MY lipstick color *Damnit!*


Crap! Gotta lick it off fast before anyone else notices!

Too late, angel! You are so busted LOL! {Sweet Jesus! TonguePorn!!!}


Rita, you’re such a (_E=mc2_)!!!

I know, but you love my Smart Ass *gigglesnort!*


Yeah, you’ve grown on! Now let me do my thing so I can get outta here!

Bein’ Rob is thirsty work! He should have his own beer lable as a reward, don’t you think?

Snagged from SmittenKitten on FB

You ’bout ready for a beer, Rob darlin’?


Thanks, Rita! Thought you forgot it was Saint Patrick’s Day!

Yeah, you pretty much distracted me…again LOL!

As I was tryin’ to say before Rob confuzzled me, I’d love an excuse to pinch Rob’s ass, but he’s wearin’ green today, so I’ll have to find another excuse!


Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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18 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Wearin’ O’ Tha Green!

  1. keyecullen

    Oh. Em. Gee Rita but your posts entertain me so!!! Love, love, LOVE Rob in green! And blue, and burgandy, and white….oh hell! I love him in everything and nothing at all! *snort*

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Hey Rita, Happy St Patrick’s Day to you.
    Gah, you were right, Rob was so scrummy in that green suit.
    BTW if Rob was a beer I’m not sure I would be able to enjoy him responsibly!!! More likely I’d overindulge like the Robaholic I am..
    I’m not havin’ a particularly good one today, so I needed this post to cheer me up today. Thanks BB. xx

    • rita01tx

      Well, hell ClaireBear! I’m right sorry to hear you ain’t even havin’ fun today! Good thing me ‘n Rob are happy to pick you up, dust you off and give you the biggest hugs to make your day better {{HUGS!!}}

    • Oh That was the first thing I thought of Clairbear! Ain’t no Rob loving girl in their right mind that wouldn’t over indulge in a Tall cool (err hot?) Bottle of “Robert Pattinson”!
      Hope all is well or at least it soon will be BB! {{HUGS}}

      Sorry Rita, I was Keeping Rob entertained in the limo. *gigges* he got pulled away before we could wipe all my lipstick off!

  3. Been a little while since we had one of these “Robita” posts LOL where you and Rob argue over your pervyness! So glad to see it. Course i do love our random Rita’ too!!


  4. kleomary

    Hello Ladies!!! He was deliciously yummy in green, wasn’t he?? Well, he is deliciously yummy in any colour I guess LOL
    Rita I am 100% with you “It’s women who know what they want and go after it” , how very true!! LOL
    I do not care about the rules, I would pinch him…squeeze him…smooch him etc etc etc….
    Loved the photos Rita, thank you!!

    • rita01tx

      Mary darlin’! If Rob ever gets within pinchin’, squeezin’, and smoochin’ range, all bets are off! He WILL get pinched, squeezed and smooched…not necessarily in that order LMAO!!!

  5. I´m wearing green! I love this color, I think it´s a happy color. I don´t celebrate this day, but…. happy St Patrick´s day for everyone who celebrates it!
    Funny post as ever, Rita. And these pics are… yummy! Rob in a suit is a delicious sight. Please, a Pattinson beer for me! I want to celebrate Rob!

    • rita01tx

      Hell, Exaltada darlin’! Let’s all have a Pattinson beer and celebrate Rob and his {many} film endeavors…startin’ with The Rover!

  6. eewee333

    Hi Rita. As always, thanks for making me laugh on a Monday! Rob is just scrumpsious in his green suit. So, I’ll raise my RP beer to you all and wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      {Crackin’ open bleery, bloodshot eyes…shakey typin’} *Groan!*
      Eewee darlin’! Don’t never try to match Rob beer for beer…you’ll lose you’re dignity as well as your panties!
      Oops! I wasn’t supposed to tell…he’s gonna kill me!

  7. OMG thank you so much for these great photos of Rob in St. Patty’s Day GREEN! Fabulous!!! xoxo

    • rita01tx

      Melbie, darlin’! {{HUGS!!}} That man rocks that green suit so much, it hurts to look at him LOL! OH! I just read somewhere that Rob’s Dior commercial will start airin’ in MAY!!! It’s supposed to be as X-rated as they could get it and still be viewed on TV *groan!* Somethin’ about a 4-some??? And French kissin’? OMG! I can’t wait!!!

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