Sensual Sunday ~ What the Hell is Rob Doin’?!

Wet Rob Avi*

No epic post today, ladies!

However, if you’re like me, you are extremely curious as to just what in the hell Rob’s doin’ in this gif!

Of course, I laugh my ass off every time I see it on account of we all know what it looks like he’s doin’!

But is it???


So, after lots and lots of fun research, I finally found the interview!!!

Part 1:

It’s quite a long interview, but it’s ROB at his adorkable best!

Part 2:

The gif starts at 1:37 “If you make any answer go longer than 20 seconds, people are like…” So, YEAH, he’s definitely makin’ the gesture we all think he’s makin’ LMAO!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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18 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ What the Hell is Rob Doin’?!

  1. christa64c

    Oh Rob! Only you could make references to masturbation in public look cute. LOL!!

    • rita01tx

      Christa darlin’! There’s nothin’ that man of ours could do that we wouldn’t love!
      What struck me about this interview was how young, honest and uninhibited he was LOL! Maybe a little too honest?
      The whole thing is precious to watch!

  2. he has no filter, you never know what to expect from him.

    • rita01tx

      Lucky for us LOL! It’s one of the many, many things we love about Rob, Natalie darlin’! Lordy, I can’t wait until he starts promotin’ The Rover…it will be epic! He’ll have so many stories to share!

  3. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies! As always Rob is cute even when making a pervy gesture!

    • rita01tx

      I was just tryin’ to think whether I’ve ever seen a pic of Rob actually flippin’ the bird, but I don’t think so. Maybe by accident when he runs his fingers through his hair?

      • mississippibellalis

        Same here. I don’t recall seeing one with him flippin’ the bird. Like you I’ve seen a lot of his pics but every now again a new one comes my way. Maybe it’s out there and just hasn’t been released on the net yet?

        • rita01tx

          I like to think our boy is above that rude gesture, Missi darlin’! The freakin’ paps would love to have it but he ain’t even bothered! Did you see the pics comin’ out right now of his walkabout from Friday night?

          • mississippibellalis

            No, Ma’am, I didn’t. Last check for new pics was this morning. I’m checking now and all I see in my feed is pap pics of Rob and Kristen out on a sidewalk. The article underneath is about Rob being a “Favourite UK Actor” Kids Choice Awards UK article where ‘Time Magazine’ named Rob one the 500 Most Influential People in the World. My point is that I don’t think Rob would do a rude gesture to a pap because it would end up on the check-out aisle at the grocery where children would see it. But I hope a gesture pic never surfaces because in my world it’s not just a rude gester, but also, literally, a curse upon another person.

  4. Love the trip down memory lane. He was so uninhibited wasn’t he like the lady above says – understandably we don’t see that too much any more. He really is such a sweet guy.

    • rita01tx

      Rob has so much more experience now than he did then, Melissa darlin’! Good thing he’s kept his insane sense of humor cause we all adore his word vomit…can’t get enough LOL!

  5. I loved it!! He’s soo Adorable!! And I miss the hair!! I hope it comes back after Mission Black List!!

    • rita01tx

      I do too, Bree darlin! Although Rob is gorgeous with or without hair {he definitely has the most beautifully shaped head for it}, I like it when it’s longer, as in enough to tug on LOL!

  6. kleomary

    Hello Ladies!! OMG Rita I have never seen this interview before…how did this happen I do not know!! Even though it is an old interview I can only love him more!! I love it when he makes gestures and has not verbal filter LOL good old days…. thank you Rita!! He is the best!!

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Mary darlin’! Glad I could bring them to you, in that case LOL!
      One of the things I love best about Rob’s interviews is that we can hear him speak in his own lovely British accent…so damn cute!!!

  7. OMG! Word and Hand Vomit!!! LOL!

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