This week the FicSix were overcome with enthusiasm for our special guest author. We were Rise-ing to the challenge of reviewing our favourite stories. Reviews were Stolen without our Volition; our usual Embrace is light as Air, but this time there were threats of With or Without You, Glimmer Darkly on your Own and draw the Curtains on those Sessions. We were so Starry Eyed Inside, we had a punning war. We’re sorry.

Truthfully, we are over the moon to bring you an author interview with one of the sweetest, most gracious and talented authors in the Fandom. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you…

Rochelle Allison

How did you first come to read Twilight – and answer this part honestly, we won’t judge – how many times have you read it?
summer of 2008, i think. i randomly saw an ad for twilight movie online, realized i’d been hearing about some character named “edward cullen”, got curious, and went to the library. safe to say by the time i finished new moon i was like…forget the library i’m buying all of these right now!

What is (a) your favourite Twilight book, (b) your favourite scene and (c) how do you feel it was portrayed in the film version?
well, there are so many favorites but one that always stands out to me is when he tells her he can’t stay away from her. i just remember reading that and sort of gasping to myself, all fluttery inside. whenever i’d read it after that, i’d anticipate that part.they portrayed it just fine in the movie, but it didn’t quite have the same effect on me (although i do enjoy that scene).

Are you in the Twicloset?
Not really. I don’t wear t-shirts or anything, haha, but if people ask i generally tell them. my husband and close friends and mom all know i read and write fic.

What inspired you to start writing fanfiction and how did you decide on your penname?
i was inspired by the Age of Edward contest, summer of 2009. i chose my penname because it’s my first and middle name, and as a child, i’d always said that “rochelle allison” would be my penname when i became a writer one day.

Do you prefer writing EPOV or BPOV? What is the difference for you?
i prefer BPOV, and write the vast majority of my stories in it. i guess i just feel like it’s easy for me to feel the things she (whatever bella i’m writing) feels: as a girl, as someone falling love and/or crushing, etc. it’s instinctive for me get into that headspace. i love a good EPOV, though. mad props to those that write authentic, convincing EPOV.

Do you have a particular process when it comes to your writing, perhaps a certain mood, environment or music?
yeah. whenever Tiny Tyrant is napping or with his grandma or daddy. lol.

When you’re writing, do you see the Twilight actors in your head as your characters, or are there other people you imagine in their stead?
I don’t see faces at all. It’s pretty vague.

Have you met fandom people in real life? Were they what you expected?
I have met fandom people, on a couple of different occasions (once on a girl’s weekend, and then a few years later at Comic Con.) they were, both times around, awesome. it’s like finding your tribe, your people. 😉 very cool. i love putting faces to the names and personalities i spend so much time with online. some of these girls and I are way closer now.

What in life are you most passionate about?
my God, my husband and kids, my writing. being kind, and the kind of person people want to be around – not someone they’d want to avoid. becoming better in every way, and allowing the people around me that same process.

Tell us about your guilty pleasure, we promise not to tell anyone.
i feel like i have a lot of guilty pleasures. isn’t fic one? haha. um, let’s see. eating nutella from the jar…honey sandwiches…they’re probably all going to be food related. i have a wicked sweet tooth.

If you’re in were trapped in a lift with Robert Pattinson for five precious minutes, what would you tell him about the mad world that we all inhabit?
Like about fandom? I don’t know about five minutes. Let me be stuck with him for like, an hour. I’m sure it would all come out then, haha! I’d pull my favorite fics up on my iPhone and read him the juiciest parts.

Now, do you have a rec you’d like to share? Tell us the name of the story, the author and why you think RA readers would love it.
sure. at the moment it would be a toss up between Counselor’s “Love Like a Hurricane” and “Dirty South Drug Wars” by Hoodfabulous. I love these stories because they’re well written, with rich, authentic – in this case, Southern – voices that just really appeal to me.


*Review by Gingerandgreen*

Glimmer Darkly

*Made by famouslyso*

*Made by famouslyso*

Glimmer Darkly ~ She loses him almost as soon as she finds him… but things aren’t always what they seem. Will Bella follow her heart down the rabbit hole? AU-ish.

Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 135,890 – Reviews: 3,088 – Favs: 1,349 – Follows: 1,272 – Updated: 08-17-12 – Published: 09-27-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7418494

Glimmer Darkly is as beautifully written as all of Rochelle’s stories. The action flows naturally and enticingly; it has an interesting structure that keeps you biting your lower lip, Bella-esque. The characters are as finely drawn, in the talented and artistic manner as you have come to expect if you know the author’s work at all. So you could say it’s a regular Rochelle read – but it isn’t.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m losing my mind.
It’s weird and quite possibly insane, but tonight I feel…exposed.

I should have worn something heavier, warmer—not pajamas, and certainly not flip flops. It’s wet, chilly, and the consistent thwack thwack of my shoes on the pavement is obnoxious against the nighttime hush. I wrap my arms tightly around myself, fisting my keys so they don’t jangle so harshly.

The narrow concrete path goes on forever, meandering darkly through shadows before reemerging in to artificial light, courtesy of the lamps Charlie installed a few summers ago. This footpath is what connects the guesthouse to the mailboxes out by the main road, and I know its curves and spider web cracks better than the back of my hand. I’ve wandered it every day of every summer since I was six and, now that I’m living here full time again, I’ll walk it even more.

My nightly sojourn to the mailboxes used to be leisurely, but these days things are…different.

Subtle but certain, it’s back…this creepy feeling. It’s the feeling of turning out the light and walking down the hall and just knowing something’s there in the dark. The woods make me feel this way, and that saddens me because those woods used to be home. I played in them all the time as a kid but now? No. And damn it’s been bad lately, at its worst when the day’s light is fading, twilight smothering the last bits of afternoon sun.

Whatever it is, it’s palpable tonight, thick and silent; even the normal evening sounds of rustling trees and voices drifting from the guesthouse are gone.

It’s followed me for months–ever since that summer ended, taking everybody I loved along with it.

Ever since the night I awoke to breaking glass, to blood-soaked sheets.

Wow – just re-reading those opening paragraphs sends shudders of excitement down my spine. Glimmer Darkly is a little darker than you might expect. It’s a brilliant twist on canon, a little more grown up than Twilight, but just as captivating. If you haven’t read it yet, you’ll love it; if you have, go read it again, it’s worth it.


*Reviews by Ilovealion*


*Made by famouslyso*

*Made by famouslyso*

Sessions ~ sparks, serenades, sexy smiles…sessions.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 19 – Words: 37,722 – Reviews: 2,279 – Favs: 1,344 – Follows: 591 – Updated: 01-22-11 – Published: 01-12-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6648808

When I found out we were going to feature Rochelle Allison’s work, I immediately knew that I wanted to write the recommendation for Sessions. I vividly remember reading this story a few years ago and swooning hard and heavy for a certain musician/architect named Edward. He’s a bit of a womanizer until he finally gets a chance with Bella, who he’d been watching from afar. Her love transforms him into one of the most romantic Edwards I’ve ever read. One particular scene involving a couch and a bikini still make my girly bits tingle all these years later. Even though they had instant chemistry, they didn’t just jump in the sack. I loved how they took it slow…

We managed not to stumble to the elevator. Once inside he trapped me against the wall, kissing me with these long, wet kisses tasting of lime and liquor.

I wanted him. Oh, how I wanted him. It was bad. I’d wanted him for weeks.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me along down the hall. Inside our suite, I kicked off my flip flops and went to use the bathroom. Edward was in bed when I came out, looking like he was dozing.

“You’re asleep?” I whined, climbing on top of him.

His eyes opened and he grinned crookedly, rolling over so that I was beneath him. We started up with the kissing again, wet and excited, his hand deep in my hair and my hands in his. He started moving his hips and against me and I wrapped my legs around him, moaning when he hit a particularly good spot.

“I like you, Bella. I really like you.”

I stilled, my heart beating so loud and fast I thought it might gallop from chest like a runaway horse.

“I really like you too. A lot,” I said, stroking his cheeks with my fingertips.

“I don’t want to mess this up.” He was being drunk and honest and I dug it.

“Then don’t.”

“I don’t want to.”

“If it’s meant to be – “

“Forget that,” he said, shaking his head. “We either do or we don’t, right? Nothing else.”

“Okay.” I wanted to trust him, trust in him, to believe his words.

And then I realized I did. Our kisses slowed down, drifting from a frantic pace to a more romantic one and then a sleepy-sloppy one. We feel asleep, fully dressed, in each other’s arms.

“I’m glad you came with me,” he said right before we faded.

“Me too.”

Awww. His love and respect for her are apparent from the very beginning. So sweet. *sigh*

It’s a relatively short, angst-free story that will make you smile. But, be cautious as you read. Her Edward just might ruin you for any other man. If you think you can handle it, go brave the serenades and citrus of Sessions. 


Starry Eyed Inside

*Made by famouslyso*

*Made by famouslyso*

Starry Eyed Inside ~ High School Fictional. No one sends Bella into a tailspin quite like Edward Cullen… but can she make him hers? The ups and downs and all arounds.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 29 – Words: 141,194 – Reviews: 8,420 – Favs: 4,858 – Follows: 3,149 – Updated: 12-19-11 – Published: 08-24-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6268757

Starry Eyed Inside is a great Edward and Bella “coming of age” story. They meet. They get separated. Then, a few years later, they find one another again. Unfortunately, when they do reconnect, Bella is in a committed relationship with someone else.

Uh oh!

The door behind us opened, and Alice stepped out. She paused, her hands in her pockets, looking at Edward and then me.

“What’s up?” she asked softly, and I knew she might be trying to prevent me from doing something I’d regret later.

She didn’t have to worry though. For one, cheating on Garrett was never something I’d wanted to do. And then there was Edward, who made me feel as crazy as he ever had. If and when I was free to do so, there needed to be a discourse before I went down that road with him.

Even though I wanted to. I was better at pretending these days, but I wanted him in any capacity, too.

“Nothing,” I replied. Edward’s hand loosened from my hair. “How’s… Jasper?”

Alice’s eyes narrowed, and she smirked at my non-smooth attempts to divert attention from the obvious.

The quiet lilt of our conversation was interrupted by the front door opening again. Jake, Emmett and Rose all spilled out, talking loudly.

“You ready to go, Bella?” Rose asked. It occurred to me that she and Alice probably had a kind of tag team deal going on to make sure I wasn’t in an uncomfortable situation with Edward.

I’d been so weak around him before. My own friends didn’t even trust me.

I couldn’t hate, though. I was ready to go, and I told Rose as much.

We wandered to the driveway, Edward and I straggling toward the back of the group.

He tugged at my back pocket, slowing me down. “I wish you’d talk to me.”

My heart fluttered. Confused by my conflicted feelings, I hesitated. “I…want to talk to you.”

“Can I come over later?”

I stopped short, giving him a look. “To my house?”

He smiled crookedly. “To your window.”

“No,” I said, laughing in spite of myself. “That’s not happening.”

“You used to like it,” he said, smiling wider.

“I used to love it,” I said, shaking my head. “But no. I’ll be around, Edward. Just call me or something.”

He didn’t say anything, and I tried not to act like I was waiting for him to as I walked away.

The angst and heartbreak in this story almost did me in as I read it as a WIP. I wanted them to “get back together already” as the heat from their UST radiated off the screen and made my eyes sting. This story shows that Rochelle Allison is a master of the slow burn… and I loved every scorching minute. I think you will, too.


*Reviews by AllyVera*


Made by FamouslySo

Made by famouslyso

Air ~ Edward and Bella meet at a summer barbeque. A story about – what else – falling for someone, hard. Once a WitFit.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 19 – Words: 29,799 – Reviews: 3,137 – Favs: 2,304 – Follows: 1,111 – Updated: 03-31-11 – Published: 03-12-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6817781

I have a terrible confession, a few days ago, I was a Rochelle Allison virgin.  (Imagine confessing that to the other members of the FicSix! *facepalm*).  I am glad to say though, now – I have popped my cherry in style with Air.

If I had to pick one word that summed up Air for me it would be “Poetry” because that is what the story felt like to me.

Bella is a 19 year old college student who meets 29 year old Edward at a barbeque, and she is instantly enamored with him (clever girl).  They start a relationship and it all sounds very straightforward – but it isn’t.  What makes this story so captivating is both Bella and Edward’s characters.  Edward is gorgeous, hard-working and just… good.  But Edward carries his cards very close to his chest, and Bella finds him hard to read – which makes things very interesting.  At just shy of 30k words, it is great short read, but with enough substance to make you feel like you have read a full feature fic.

Excerpt ~ First Sight…

“”There’s an empty seat right there, if you want.”

I turned toward the unfamiliar voice.

“Oh…that’s okay. I kind of like standing,” I said, setting Irina’s cup down on a nearby table.

“So do I,” he said, his eyes on me for just a second before they flickered away. It was hard to tell, but I thought maybe they were blue, or green. He was good looking.

Like really good looking, and definitely older than me.”



*Made by famouslyso*

*Made by famouslyso*

Curtains ~ Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, they won’t love you back. Or maybe they just can’t… right now. This is the WitFit plot “Curtains”, novella-style

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 25 – Words: 26,167 – Reviews: 1,677 – Favs: 1,031 – Follows: 306 – Updated: 05-27-10 – Published: 05-14-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5970165

Being a true angst lover, I was captured by Curtain’s summary, and I just had a feeling I would love it – and I did.

Edward is very hard to like in this story, he seems exceedingly uncaring and cavalier at first, and even as the staunch Edward-lover I am, I wanted to grab Bella and tell her to cut her losses…but as always, there are two sides to every coin, and Rochelle weaves a beautiful tale for these two who have been both broken in different ways by the same tragedy.

I loved watching the transformations that these two made over the duration of the story – they needed time to grow and mature, but also to gain perspective – I loved how Rochelle shows us that with her gorgeous words.

Excerpt of Rochelle’s beautiful words from Chapter One…

“Gently, these ivory curtains lift and lower, silent in the steady breeze. Because I don’t sleep, I watch them, every night, every morning, studying the play of outside light as it filters in. I know the time of night-and-day better than any mountain man, traveler, wanderer or astronomer.

Always so silent here, the opposite of my room, where the inkyblack sucks out all color and I have no curtains but boring blinds, and I must close the window tight because the neighbor’s dog never ever stops barking and the street light glares belligerently inside.

None of that keeps me up-there is insomnia regardless-but it rattles my nerves and so I shut the window to keep it all out. And then because it’s pointless I leave, even though every night I decide I will forgo calling Edward, asking him to meet me at the end of the street for a ride to his house.

Every night I determine to stay home and every night I decide to leave.

Here, in Edward’s naturally hued bedroom, cream and tan and beige and wood, it’s dreamy (though I can’t dream) and sweet (although his refusal to touch me is bitter).


*Review by Midnight Cougar*


Stolen by Rochelle Allison

*Made by famouslyso*

Stolen ~ He stole her heart, and then he stole her father’s fortune. Love and forgiveness are nice concepts, but highly improbable. Right? Drama, romance, action, and a heavy sprinkling of the good stuff.

Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward –  Chapters: 4 – Words: 8,609 – Reviews: 563 – Favs: 424 – Follows: 718 – Updated: 03-28-13 – Published: 03-15-13 – id: 9101669

I was so thrilled when I learned we were featuring Rochelle Allison today, as I’ve always enjoyed her poetic form of writing, and knew straight away that I wanted to review her newest story, Stolen.  As with all her fics I’ve read, I was immediately drawn into the plot in chapter one where the labels of both Drama and Romance are deftly presented in lovely literary form and vivid descriptions…

My window’s wide open, the air more balmy than cool. The delicate white sheers hanging from it billow in the breeze, dreamy and soft, as does the mosquito netting around my bed. It’s very romantic, all of it, making me wish my room at home was like this.

Outside, across a lawn and down a soft slope of sand, waves crash quietly, pushing and pulling at the shore. Sometimes, when the wind shifts, I can smell the freshness and salt. The tide’s come in by now, and I think fleetingly of the sandcastles we built. …

Fingers clasped lightly behind your neck, I pull myself closer still. Your fingertips trail up and down my sides, making me shiver a little, tickled. I’m nervous, in a good way. Anticipating.

Mutually fascinated.

“You’re beautiful.”

I look at your mouth, your lips. It’s you who’s beautiful, but I say, “Thank you.”

You shake your head slightly, and then come at me with another kiss, angling your mouth against mine so that we fit. Your hands spread over my back, fingertips tracing my shoulder blades and down, rough against smooth, stopping right where my bikini bottoms start. And then back up, warm and welcome.

The purple-grey of dusk darkens into night, and I reach over to turn my bedside lamp on.

In the new light, we stare at each other for just a second before the kissing resumes, and now it intensifies. The sexy, meandering making out of before morphs into something passionate and driven, and I can feel you now, trying to pull back like always.

The serene setting is a beach house in beautiful Miami, Florida, but the romance that so passionately flows through the characters here, quickly turns to intense drama when Bella wakes up to people, other than her lover, in her bedroom…

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“You see anything out of the ordinary last night? Anybody hanging out by the beach entrance or something?”

“No, not really,” I say, shaking my head. “Did something happen?”

“The safe,” he says, sighing loudly. “Somehow someone got in to it last night…or maybe this morning . Took everything.”

*gasp* Who did it, and where’s Edward?!

We now have four engrossing chapters, detailing how this all started, how our destined couple actually just met only two weeks prior to the first chapter, and how it all might have been a ruse?!  So exciting, enjoy!


*Reviews by Cared*

*Made by Cared*

*Made by Cared*

Own O/S

Own ~ When you’re meant to be in someone’s life, fate has ways of placing you where you need to be. Bella and Edward save each other in more ways than one. M for a little bit of language.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Words: 12,185 – Reviews: 152 – Favs: 193 – Follows: 117 – Published: 03-03-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9067565

Some things are just meant to be.  Take this sweet baker Bella and chivalrous Edward for instance; they are just meant to be…meant to be together.

The summary declares Bella and Edward save each other in more ways than one, and that is so true. They meet quite dramatically when Edward heroically rescues Bella from certain death in a house fire.

Voices call out, firemen probably. My rescuer’s voice is closer, but no less urgent as I struggle to swat the black spots dancing in front of my eyes. And then my chest closes in on itself and my head starts to swim, blackness trying to swallow me whole, like Jonah and the whale.

But his eyes are green. Even in the dark I can see that. Reflections of flames flicker and dance in them, and for a moment, they’re all I see.

While this is a blatantly obvious example of Edward literally saving Bella, the other ways they subtly save each other are gently woven into this sweet story, making it a pleasure to read.

This gorgeous one-shot entry in the Ho Hey Contest is a perfect bite size yet satisfying fic to enjoy with a cup of coffee.  Read it – because some things are just meant to be!


With or Without You

*Made by famouslyso*

*Made by famouslyso*

With or Without You ~ Edward and Bella were once high school sweethearts. Years later, their lives converge unexpectedly, forcing Bella to deal with and accept things she’s long since tried to move past. This story started with “Trampoline”, once a WitFit prompt.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 34 – Words: 43,697 – Reviews: 4,020 – Favs: 2,361 – Follows: 1,220 – Updated: 07-24-10 – Published: 03-10-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5807324

I’m an Edward and Bella girl.  Call me a sucker for that instant attraction, an inexplicable connection, obstacles overcome and a HEA, and I won’t mind.  Funny thing is, that’s not this fic, at all.  When the story opens, Edward is married to Tanya, and Bella is mourning the loss of her husband Jacob – yet I love it.  It’s a bit of a puzzle why I do, but there is a straightforward answer: With or Without You is penned by the extremely talented Rochelle Allison.

Edward and Bella were highschool sweethearts and together they experienced first love – first everything.  Unfortunately, as so often happens, there is heartbreak for the young couple.  Over ten years pass and it’s just an average day in the life of Bella Black, she calls out to her new neighbour asking if his son can play with her daughter. That innocent request heralds the start of a change in their lives…

Laying my lemonade down, I stand up and wander over to the little boy, all the while glancing over to his new house so that I can meet his parents too.

“Did you want to play?” I ask him, recognizing desire in his grassgreen eyes.

“Yes, please,” he lisps, his eyes steadfast on the prize.

 I look again and this time I see who I assume is his father and I squint, holding my hand over my eyes because the sun is so so bright out here, away from the shelter of my oak.

“Excuse me,” I call. “Is it all right if your son plays with my daughter? She just got a new trampoline, and…”

He turns around, smiling, only his smile dies when he sees me, and then so does mine.

He was the one, forever ago, that broke my heart.

You slowly learn about their shared past, and yes that is nice; but the real beauty of this tale is having the chance to relish being privy to Bella and Edward tentatively reaching out to each other in the present, and later the anticipation of and hope for a shared future.

“Play me something,” I say, asking before I’ve really thought about it.

He starts right away, a tune that’s so familiar that when he starts to quietly sing along I find myself singing too –and I don’t ever sing.

It’s one of my favorite songs.

In another time and place, a parallel universe, we would be in this place, living and loving this song together. It’s sort of surreal to be sitting outside with him while he plays it, plays it well, the air brisk and the stars scattered stark and silver across the sky.

At the end of the song my cheeks are wet and I remember where I am. I wipe my face on my sleeves and get up to leave. He pulls my arm, the first time he’s touched me on purpose in eleven years, and I freeze.

“Are you happy?”

There is both relief and loss when his hand falls away. “Are you?”

“Sometimes,” he says.

“Same with me.” The cold is getting to me, the way it always does after awhile, and I shiver. “I’m going to try and sleep. You should try too.”

“I will.” And he does, I think.

The incredibly well-written and complex Bella and Edward are easy to connect with, they wring empathy from your soul, and their messy situation pulls at your heartstrings and demands your understanding. While the premise of With or Without You is enjoyable, it’s the emotions – so rich and so real – both the ones so beautifully portrayed and the ones those precious words evoke in you, that transform this fic into something special – something irresistible.

*Made by wickedcicada"

*Made by wickedcicada”

Volition: “It’s Belfast, N.Ireland and the year is 1972. Bella’s worried about her brother and his best friend, Edward, and their dangerous involvement in the Irish Republican Army. Is it really wise to fall in love with a rebel? Rated M.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 31 – Words: 158,381 – Reviews: 4424 – Updated: 8-17-10 – Published: 6-5-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete”

I love Irishward! To read my thoughts on the best Irishward ever written – click here: fanfiction-fridays-irishward


Watch Me O/S

*Made by Cared*

*Made by Cared*

Watch Me ~ Bella’s obsession with wristwatches & her preoccupation with the Sky God next door coalesce in a serendipitous way. Birthday onehsot for Michelle.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Words: 6,332 – Reviews: 224 – Favs: 437 – Follows: 129 – Published: 02-27-12 – Status: Complete – id: 7876788

I previously reviewed this brilliant One Shot in April 2012. *Fanning self at just the thought of it!*


* Reviews by Wiltshire Glo*


*Made by famouslyso*

*Made by famouslyso*

Rise ~ Bella is a bad boy’s girl, living a life she no longer wants. She’s trapped, until one of the things that keeps her confined – her bodyguard – becomes the very thing that could set her free.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 26 – Words: 57,852 – Reviews: 4,622 – Favs: 1,720 – Follows: 1,273 – Updated: 11-13-12 – Published: 10-15-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8612205

Rise begins with a wistful, defeated Bella wallowing in luxury, numbed to reality and isolated in loneliness and despair. Her lack of emotion is far more poignant than if she was raging against her beautiful prison…and the life she can’t escape. She has long since accepted the futility of her situation. Her sadness seeps off the page.

Back at the villa, things are as I left them. He sits outside, a little king of his own making, surrounded by sycophants. They drink and smoke and talk shit and play poker, all the while making deals and perfecting plans. Local hired girls, dressed minimally, sway in and out of the scene, making sure these fools want for nothing: cigars, booze, pills, physical release. It took one day of relaxing by the pool for me to realize it wasn’t very relaxing at all, which is why the beach became my chosen place of solace.

Not that it matters. After tomorrow, we’ll be back in the States, and this place will be another memory.

A leggy redhead with tan, freckled skin and the nicest breasts I’ve ever seen struts by with a drink and a plate of food. I watch her walk straight to him, stopping only when she’s nearly on top of him. She places the tray carefully in an empty spot on the table, leaning down so that he can whisper in her ear. Her lips curve and she straightens, nodding.
I’m still staring when he looks up and sees me. We share a look: him, neutral, me, neutral.

I don’t care what he does. In the end, it’s me that warms his bed, decorates his arm, spends his money. I loved him once, but that was before. Way before, when the people we were, were…people we were. I scarcely remember that me or that him. I’d leave, but it’s not that simple.

I know because I tried to leave once.

He promised he’d kill me if I ever tried again.

Fear not! By the end of the first chapter Rochelle offers us hope, even if Bella can’t recognise her bodyguard for what he is just yet…

“Stop it.” I shove away, irritated. Masen’s concern is false, a pretend byproduct of his job. Alec hired him one year ago to be my keeper, although that isn’t what either of them would call it. Bodyguard. Driver. Whatever.

His face hardens. “Alec sent me up to check on you.”

“Why? He seems just fine down there.”

“You’ve been up here for hours.”

Have I? I glance at the window again, then at the clock beside the bed. Six o’clock. Guess I lost track of time. Shrugging, I step away, resisting the urge to wipe my nose.

“Let’s go down,” Masen says, touching my arm.

I pull away, not liking the way it feels when he touches me. I’m attracted to him, and sometimes I think he’s attracted to me, but these men are all the same. They speak only the languages of violence and commodity, leaving little room for things like love and affection.

His beauty is irrelevant. The finest faces can hide the most rotten souls.

I’d say Rise is beautifully written, but you know that already – we’re talking Rochelle Allison here, that’s a given! What I can tell you is that you’ll be holding your breath, wiping a few tears and smiling with joy as Bella reclaims her life and Edward gives her the courage to feel and live again.



*Made by Cared*

*Made by Cared*

EmbraceEdward and Bella are neighbors, but they really can’t stand one another. Snark and hi-jinks. Borderline crack-fic; if you don’t have a (silly) sense of humor, move along. Once a WitFit.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 15,347 – Reviews: 2,450 – Favs: 762 – Follows: 865 – Updated: 11-29-12 – Published: 11-17-12 – id: 8710721

If you’re looking for angst, look away now, this is fun – until it isn’t! What starts off as snide notes between neighbours about garbage bins, naked sunbathing and gates being left open, quickly escalates into who has the upper hand or who can pull the best prank. With chapters written in both points of view, He Said; She Said, we really do get a flavour of their stubbornness and determination to ‘win’.

He Said

“I said could you not do that right now! It’s seven a.m.!”

“You’ll have to speak louder!” she yelled.

I made the sign for “time out”, hoping she’d get it.

She did. She leaned down and turned her weedwacker off, then turned her face back to me expectantly. Her cheeks were flushed, probably from exertion.

What a weirdo. Kind of cute, but a weirdo.

“I was asking if you could do this at another time,” I said slowly, enunciating. “It’s way too early and it’s Sunday.”

Bella frowned, shaking her head. “Sorry, Eddie, no can do. I work all day so this is the only time I have to work on the yard.”

Inside, I was seething. Outside, I maintained a calm façade.

“I see.”

She shrugged and turned away, revving the engine.

I ducked back inside and slammed the window shut. First the snippy little notes. Then she wouldn’t share her cookies, and damn they’d smelled good. Now her flagrant disregard for other people’s sleeping patterns.

I was an easy going guy but this was getting ridiculous.

The doorbell rang.

I made my way downstairs, yawning as I opened the door.

Little Ms. Sunshine stood on my porch, hands clasped behind her back.

“I’m done with the weedwacker.”

“Oh, okay.” I nodded, pleasantly surprised. Maybe she wasn’t so heartless after all.

She smiled, and spun around, her cute little ass looking extra cute in those cute little shorts.

I climbed the stairs and got back into bed. Sleep was definitely off the table, but I could catch up on some reading for sure. Peace and quiet had never been so appreciated.

She said

I put the weedwacker in its designated spot and latched the shed.

Then I crossed the yard and went into the garage, where my red and black John Deere riding mower was.

If he thought the weedwacker was loud, wait’ll he got a load of this!


Written with Rochelle’s sweet touch, we are drawn to feel the same emotions as Edward and Bella’s friends: passing from amusement to bewilderment and more than a tad of frustration. I found myself hoping that the feuding neighbours would call a truce and recognise what both of them were denying. Would either admit defeat or would someone get hurt? Ultimately, was it really worth it? Well, the story is so worth it, it’s complete at 14 chapters and moves at a quick pace. It’s a treat that gives some giggles and some “oh, no!” moments, but let’s face it, it’s Edward and Bella, written by Rochelle, what’s not to love?


Rochelle’s stories can also be found at A Different Forest

We want to thank Rochelle for taking the time to share her thoughts with us, and for giving us the opportunity to revisit some wonderful tales.  As Rochelle has written an amazing 24 stories we have only shown you a sample here today; there is plenty more to discover. 

Please tell us what you’ve been reading this week and share your favourite reads from Rochelle.

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  1. Clairebamboozle

    Hi guys, thanks for bringing us another great interview and reviews. I hang my head in shame to admit I haven’t read anything of Rochelle’s before, but it is always a treat to discover a (new to you) talented fic writer.
    Spent the morning Flagging like crazy to my e reader. Now I need to decide which one to read first…decisions, decisions.
    Keep up the great work and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

    • Hi Clairebamboozle! Don’t feel bad, as of earlier this week I was a Rochelle newbie too 🙂 You will really like her stuff, she is a brilliant wordsmith. Have a great weekend! A x

      • I say lucky you Clairebamboozle – you have all of her fics ahead of you. There are more fics on her profile too.

        Have a great reading weekend and please tell us next week how you got on.

  2. Hi Everyone!

    What a great week, fic wise, I have had – I discovered the legendary talents of Rochelle, there were updates of my favourite WIPS, I discovered a couple of new stories, I re-read a favourite … I am a happy woman!!

    I look forward to reading the rest of Rochelle’s stories – the ones I have already read have been just beautiful and I look forward to expanding my Rochelle knowledge!

    Have a lovely Easter everyone,
    A xox

  3. kleomary

    Hi Ladies! Great interview!! I have read only 3 of Rochelle Allison’s stories and some of her stories I have them on my “to read list” for a long time now. Her writing style is quite unique for me, I find it both simple and complex at the same time. Her new WIP looks very interesting and since I have become such a WIP’s girl it goes straight on my following list.
    This week I was reading updates of WIPS actually, plus some WIPS that were mentioned in last Friday’s post.. and the list of my WIPS just grows and grows LOL If you have not been reading “Dirty South Drug Wars” by Hoodfabulous already you must check it out , it is amazing indeed!!
    Thank you all for the lovely post again this Friday!! Have a great weekend!!

    • Hi kleomary! The first story of Rochelle’s I read was Volition and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can see you moving her stories up your TBR list.

      Both you and Rochelle rec’d Dirty south Drug Wars today and I’m not surprised as it’s a fabulous fic.

      Happy reading!

    • Hi Kleomary, you’ve got done Rochelle goodies to enjoy..every one is a winner!

      …and I’m so thrilled that both you and Rochelle are loving Dirty South Drug Wars too! We recc’d it a few weeks ago in our Marching into a Myriad of Fics post! I love it when other readers are really into a story I’m hooked on!

      Have a great weekend!

  4. you ladies are class acts. thanks for the love, lovelies!!

  5. I’m a long time Rochelle fan, so I was surprised that there are actually two of her multi-chap stories that I have not read: Sessions and Glimmer Darkly. So thank sfor bringing those to my attention.

    • Hello Cosette, that’s you very different fics you have there. Did you check out Rochelle’s profile? There are many more fabulous fics there that we didn’t mention.

      Happy reading weekend!

  6. Nice compilation! I will start reading Rochelle’s stories as soon as I can ! Told you I’d come and say hi, Cared ;).

  7. This was SO WONDERFULLY put 2gether…..I LUV that Rochelle was honored in such a way!!!!! She is an AMAZING AUTHOR & we R BLESSED 2 have her on FF!!!!!!!!!!! All of her stories R FANTASTIC & BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, each one different in its own way!!!!!!!

    • Welcome Chris M. VanSolkema! You hit the nail on the head there. Her stories vary amazingly but the high standard of writing is the one thing they always have in common.

      You will find more of her fics on her profile.

      Have a great weekend Chris!

  8. staceleostories

    I love all of Rochelle’s stories, but I still get giddy when I read Embrace!

    Wonderful choice, ladies! :0)

  9. Thank you staceleostories! Embrace is a fun read, maybe you will treat yourself to it again this weekend.

  10. hoodfabulous

    I started reading Rochelle’s writing back before I started reviewing other fics and long before I started writing them. Rochelle’s writing inspires me. It is so romantic and begs for that, admittedly, hidden romantic part of me to come lurking from the shadows, not that I’ll ever write anything comparable to her. She’s so sweet, so humble, and I admire her so much. I can’t even describe it. When I found out she was reading my fic I was beyond thrilled, becoming an embarrassing, giddy fan girl. If you’re not reading her work, you’re missing out. Rochelle is, hands down, my favorite author.

  11. christa64c

    In my fanfic world there are a few authors that make me drop everything and rush to read, Rochelle Allison is one of those authors. Her writing is poetic without being nauseatingly too flowery and her characters speak, feel and react realistically to their life’s events. Her stories are in a word, beautiful.

  12. eewee333

    Boy OH Boy! I get busy at work and RL for one week and I’ve missed FOUR posts on RA! Today, I’m catching up. Just wanted to say that I love ROCHELLE’s fics. She is a great writer and her Bella and Edward’s are classic. I’ve read several of her stories, but I held off on Embrace because it wasn’t marked as “Complete”, but when I checked it out, it is finished! Can’t wait to start it this weekend. Thanks again ladies for another great post. I’m on to the next one to catch up. 🙂

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