Sensual Sunday ~ Baseball Boy!

Wet Rob Avi

Oh my God, ladies!

I’ve been laughin’ my ass off all week readin’ one of the funniest fics I’ve come across in a good while LOL!

Bella at her snarkiest best…Edward {a.k.a. Baseball Boy} at his dorkiest EVER!

“Wait! What?” you may ask. “It’s not Fan Fiction Friday!”

Yeah, but it’s the inspiration for my post today and, therefore, fair game! Get it…Fair Game LMAO! But, seriously, do yourselves a HUGE favor and start reading:

Curve Ball by Staceleo

Opposites attract don’t they? Not in Bella Swan’s world. Unfortunately, the Captain of the baseball team has other ideas. A short chapter tale written for mauigirl60.


The key word bein’ “baseball,” it stood to reason I’d hark way back to the Vampire Baseball scene from Twilight LOL!

Like a baseballcage

Of course, it’s from Cosmopolis rehearsals, but Rob’s got to practice first, right? Well, it does look like he’s at a battin’ cage, don’t it?


And, Rob’s wearin’ a proper baseball cap. What? I liked that pic in color, too!


You have to catch the ball, before you can throw it Rob!


There ya go, darlin’! {Are you catchin’ Rob’s pout? *Drool!*}


Time to suit up and get out on the field…give ’em hell, baby!!


Why so serious? It’s supposed to fun!

Edward Twilight07

Oh, I get it…someone’s cheatin’! Fuck ’em up, darlin’!


LOL! I spy blue boxers!!


Don’t let that big bully push you around, darlin’!


Sorry, Missi! Guess Rob’s not beyond flippin’ someone the bird after all LMAO!

Edward Twilight05

Heads up…you still have a fastball to catch!

Edward Twilight06

Faster Rob!




Uh, oh! They saw you cheatin’ with the wires, baby!


Bunch of pussies! You call that rumblin’?


Game called on account of gross incompetence LMAO!!!

One of the reasons that made the whole Vampire Baseball scene so much fun for me was the music that went with it…Supermassive Black Hole by Muse!

Hell’n I was stuck in a Classic Rock rut for years until Twilight came along and updated my taste in music LOL!

What life change did Twilight do for you?

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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29 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Baseball Boy!

  1. I became an avid reader again after Twilight. That series was definitely a life changer. I also spent more time on the Internet visiting blogs. And of course, fell in love with Rob. LOL

    • rita01tx

      That we all fell in love with Rob goes without sayin’, Katie darlin’! Although I had always been an avid reader, the Twilight Saga turned me in a different direction…a little thing called fan fiction!
      The fact we we can all come here and other places to talk about those fics makes readin’ a lot more fun, don’t it? Where else could you get direct feedback from the authors themselves?

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita hon, lovely post again.
    Much like Katiebidie, Twilight led me to rediscover my love of reading, first with the saga itself and then with so many of the fabulous fics. It has brought me into contact with so many wonderful people (not least you and RF) and reawakened my love of writing and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Rob and Twilight for those reasons.
    Happy Easter everyone, no overdosing on the chocolate eggs.

    • rita01tx

      Happy Easter, ClaireBear! Yes, the inspiration to actually write yourself is all down to Twilight , fan fiction and the friends we’ve made, and continue to make, in the fandom!

  3. Vampire Baseball and Muse will forever be in my mind. There isn’t a time since I first saw “Twilight” that I don’t hear that music and visualize that scene. Iconic! And, “Curve Ball” has had me in stitches for weeks!!

    • rita01tx

      Glad to hear you’ve already discovered Curve Ball, Sally darlin’!
      It’s a hoot, for sure LOL! Personally, besides the Vampire Baseball scene and Muse song, I found more music I liked in New Moon!
      Who will ever watch Edward strut across the parkin’ lot of Forks High School without hearin’ Hurricane Bells by Monsters in their heads? What about listenin’ to Likke Li’s Possibility and not seein’ Bella’s 4 month funk in their minds?

      • Hell i can’t even hear the word possibility without hearing that song or thinking of Twilight!

        And every time i hear SMBH i feel like kicking some ass! Great song to listen to when you’re pissed off!! LOL

        • rita01tx

          IKR? And don’t get me started on Thom Yorke’s “Hearing Damage,” the music behind the wolves chasin’ Victoria until she dives off the cliff! Never thought I’d go for techno!!!

  4. mississippibellalis

    And, Rita, you know, I’ve seen that clip dozens of times and forgot about it. What is Rob/Edward doing with that wire? That photo doesn’t look familiar at all.

    Just have to tell you all that the Spring weather has been beautiful down here in South Mississippi this past week…seeds a sproutin’, azaleas and wisteria a bloomin’, birds a chirpin’, geese a honkin’, butterflies a flutterin’, and with April showers on the way I’ll be cutting grass again in no time!

    Life is so good…especially when I get all this and Rob pics with coffee first thing in the morning! Hope you all are having a beautiful day too! And thanks for putting a smile on my face early on a Sunday morning!

    • rita01tx

      Well, how do you think Rob/Edward ran into those trees so fast, Missi darlin’? They had him hooked up to wires and dragged him real fast, then sped up the camera to make it look really fast!
      Here in Holland, Spring is takin’ it’s own sweet time…it’s snowin’ again today {damn, I miss the South LOL!}

      • mississippibellalis

        Home, Sweet Home! And I forgot to answer your question…what life change? Robert, of course! Now I look forward to waking up in the mornings and I have my graphics to keep me busy! Plus, I’ve met some really nice people because of Twilight/Rob. And I’m grateful to know I’m not the only one with OCD for Rob!

  5. kleomary

    Loved your post Rita LOL
    What life change did Twilight do for me……..

    Rob of course,no other words needed here.

    I found a Fandom and FanFiction world, with amazing and creative people from all over the world, who all share interests, thoughts, likes and dislikes, opinions etc etc

    I would be forever grateful.

  6. Life Change? LIFE CHANGE? What r you talking about?? You mean there was a life BEFORE Rob and Twilight? you mean I haven’t ALWAYS ran this blog, perved on the pretty, spent hours pinning tumbling tweeting and FBing Rob pictures? You mean I haven’t been writing FF for the past XX years and I haven’t ALWAYS seen Rob as the leading male character in EVERY book? R U Trying to tell me everyone I know on line hasn’t Always perved over Rob?? Nahhhhhh. Can’t be.

    Rita! You got your days mixed up again! Today is EASTER March 31st NOT April fools day!!! That’s tomorrow silly wabbit! ~tee-hee~


    • rita01tx

      Pffft! Easter’s no fun when there’re no chiren around to paint and hide eggs for!
      Besides, it’s April Fool’s NOW {which is also my mom’s bday!}

  7. Love Vampire Baseball !!!!!!

  8. keyecullen

    Rita, you just never fail to have a great post!

  9. Your wonderful reminder of the baseball scene made me smile – thanks for that. The head shot with the golden eyes and beautiful hair – ahhhh. And Edward flipping Emmett off after they crashed is one of my favorite moments.
    Only one problem, and it’s not your fault, it’s Rob’s… In the bts photo from Cosmopolis – which by the way I had somehow missed, and yes it does look like a ballfield – it hurts my heart to see The Pretty wearing a Dodgers cap. I grew up in Northern CA, where the Giants were my team and the Dodgers were pretty much the Antichrist. Of course, I had to adjust to seeing him in a Yankees cap earlier, which isn’t really any better. Sigh. Giggle, I may have to learn to use photoshop to blank out the team logo, because lord that’s a great shot!
    I’m with you about the song playing behind the baseball scene, too, four years later it’s still my ring tone! And oh yeah, that strut across the parking lot to “Monsters” – ded. Don’t get me started on fabulous Rob moments from the movies. OK, just one more, when they’re wandering around outside while he explains vampires to Bella, in one shot he’s sitting out in the rain with raindrops dripping down his face. Wet Rob, yummmm.

    • rita01tx

      Damn! Somethin’ told me I had that backwards…it’s “Monsters” by Hurricane Bells, not the other way around LMAO!
      Well, Renee darlin’! With all the caps in Rob’s wardrobe, surely he’s bound to have worn one from the LA Giants, right? I been gone from the US for so long, I forgot what they all look like, unless it spelled out for me LOL!
      As to your favorite Wet Rob, I got it for you {it’s a big file so it might take a minute to show up..patience will be rewarded}!
      image host

  10. eewee333

    Another great post Rita darling. How has Twilight changed my life? I agree with RF on this, you mean I had a life before TL? Funny, I don’t remember much about it, although I do vaguely remembering giving birth to two children, but that was a long time ago….
    Seriously, I discovered a passion for reading ( I read the series at least 10 times through) and then on a fluke I discovered a little website call FanFiction and I’ve never looked back. Through them I found you guys, the fandom, our mutual adoration for ROB, my love for MUSE (I now own all their CD’s and SBH is my ringtone), and some wonderful blogs and people all over the world who share in our perviness for the The Pretty. What more could a girl ask for?

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, RF pretty much nailed it, didn’t she? And it wasn’t until she posted that list of countries that visited our blog that I fully realized how big Rob’s fandom really is! It’s an honor and very great pleasure to be part of it, Eewee darlin’!

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