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Welcome to Ballsy Bella! on Fan Fiction Fridays as The FicSix review for you some stories that we feel portray a strong, confident, intelligent and “Ballsy Bella.” One who can hold her own, kick some ass, has overcome some of life’s harsh realities, and who, we also feel, deserves some serious respect!


*Review by Midnight Cougar*

Kimberley Diamond by Gingerandgreen

*Made by Cared*

*Made by Cared*

Kimberley Diamond ~ Historical fiction, but not what you expect. In Kimberley, a diamond mining town in the Northern Cape, South Africa, 1872, a frontier bride meets her very certain destiny. An award winner in the Mine to Mark contest 2013, this is PossessiveWard my style.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 11,504 – Reviews: 200 – Favs: 142 – Follows: 224 – Updated: 03-24-13 – Published: 01-31-13 – id: 8965166

My rec today, Kimberley Diamond, is very near and dear to me as it is written by one of our very own FicSix, the lovely Gingerandgreen, who also penned the historical fic Plight Thee My Troth – our 2012 Rob Attack Golden Onion Award winner.

Kimberley Diamond is a winner on so many levels, not only is it a superb historical read, but also a four-time award winner in the 2013 Mine To Mark Contest: Public Vote Honorable Mention, 3rd Place Judges Vote, Most Original Judges Vote and Judges Pick Soapy Mayhem.

The attention to detail in the characters and setting is one of the aspects that set this story apart for me. It fills my mind with such vivid imagery; it’s like I can see the landscape, the characters’ actions and can even reach out to touch them. The story is set in South Africa in the 1870’s and portrays not only the Cullen clan of father Carlisle, and sons, Emmett, Jasper and a gentle, caring, dominant Edward, but also a strong and resilient English Bella who survives some of life’s worst realities of her time, as she tells Mr. Carlisle Cullen, her “sponsor,” on her way to his home…

I am not a big talker. Any of my acquaintances back in England will tell you how I keep my own counsel, and they would be most surprised at the running barrage I subject my sponsor to on the hour long cart ride to his farm house.

I tell him about the disparate group of women who answered his advertisement for frontier wives back in the English spring. How Mr Felix selected the successful applicants based on their looks alone, and he assures me kindly this admission does not make me vain.

I tell him about how the five of us, Lauren Mallory, Jessica Stanley, Angela Webber, Beth Morecomb and myself, made friends and prepared ourselves for the journey to Africa together. How Mr Felix encouraged us, and helped us, and how deeply we came to trust the man with our very lives.

I tell him how nervous and excited we all were as we boarded ship, and how well Mr Felix ensured we were settled into our little cabin. I describe our anxiety when he left to oversee the stowing of our treasured belongings below decks, and did not return. I explain our speculation as to whether he jumped ship with our possessions or whether he was jumped upon himself, never able to return. And how shocked we were when the ship left port, leaving us on board with nothing but the few clothes we’d brought in as cabin baggage.

Mr Cullen looks sorrowful when I tell him that was only the beginning of our troubles. We were robbed twice, leaving us with so little money for food we were forced to beg for work and kindness. The officer we reported our loss to played us for the innocent fools we were, and Beth and Angela were the first of us to find ourselves horribly compromised. Mr Cullen looks stricken at this, but I do not stop there.

I tell him how quick the other passengers were to shun us all, given our reputation due to the rumours surrounding Miss Morecomb and Miss Webber. Then I tell him how fast they were to change their minds when the dysentery struck, and willing nurses were required.

Mr Cullen looks positively sick when I tell of little Jessica Stanley succumbing to the illness so very quickly, and how callous the sailors were when they tossed her remains overboard. How Angela gave up hope after that, and all the light left her soul. She was the next to follow Miss Stanley, and the three of us remaining made a pact to fight together to survive, no matter what.

As you can already discern, Bella is courageous, a survivor, and now as she embarks on her new life in a foreign country, she hopes to become betrothed to one of the Cullen men; one who can provide her with a better life. When she meets Edward, the passion and intense emotions are immediately present between them; Possessiveward says, “‘She’s mine.'” and Carlisle says, “Such a slip of a girl, but so bold. They are well suited.”  For me, she is a fantastic Bella; so strong and very representative of the times, and being able to portray a woman this way is a forte of Gingerandgreen’s.

To our great reading pleasure, the story has now been continued and delves deeper into the lives of this interesting Cullen family. In chapter two we see Edward and Bella together, with marital life starting to move forward for them, as Jasper so teasingly shares…


At first I think Pa’s agitation has to do with the way Edward and Bella behaved all night.

They reluctantly join us at the table. My brother acts gentleman-like and pulls a chair out for his wife, who sits down upon it very gingerly. I catch his eye and wink at him, watching for the flush in his cheeks before he hides them behind his large hand. I am not disappointed.

“How are you this morning, Ma’am? Sleep well?”

Bella flushes scarlet. “I am most refreshed, Mr Jasper. Thank you for asking. I trust you rested well also?”

I have to admire the girl; it’s clear she will take no nonsense from the rabble. My brother is one hell of a lucky man.

“Oh no, I can’t say I did. Something kept me up all night, it was too hard to sleep,” I tease.

Em and Riley burst into laughter, but Pa actually cuffs me around the back of my head.

We also see the emergence of some OOC characters, like Alice who, “…is relatively light-skinned, of mixed blood – part Hottentot, part Xhosa, part who knows quite what – and could almost pass for Chinese, if it weren’t for her African-black hair, which she plaits into tight, elaborate patterns every now and then.”  Oh, and I like Carlisle, too, he is definitely in a class of his own with his “stiff prick” and “dirty old man” thoughts. lol  Don’t forget this is an M Rated fic, ladies. *wink*

Kimberley Diamond is told from multiple POVs, in both chapters, bringing forth lots of pertinent information about the unusual storyline, eclectic mix of characters and the fascinating times in which we experience the story.  As well, IMHO, Gingerandgreen is also ballsy for her unique portrayal of some of the characters and the original plotline… I admire this in an author, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of this tale and look forward to more! ❤


*Joint Review between Cared and AllyVera*

The Cullen Legacy by pattyrose

Made by Cared

*Made by Cared*

The Cullen Legacy ~ Legacy – A gift; sometimes unknowingly bestowed. Bella met Edward in a London pub, never imagining where each would be 7 years later: he a Congressman fueled by ever-growing political ambition, she the woman with an explosive secret that can end all his dreams. But Bella might soon find that revenge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that Edward may harbor his own dark secrets.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 42,328 – Reviews: 2,097 – Favs: 927 – Follows: 1,424 – Updated: 04-02-13 – Published: 03-04-13 – id: 9069478

Ally Vera ~ I swooped on the first chapter of “The Cullen Legacy” when I saw the new story alert in my email (and I may or may not have nicked away from my desk and read it on work time) – and halfway through that intriguing chapter, I just knew that pattyrose had another story that was going to capture my heart and soul.

Cared ~ That’s just disgraceful behaviour! I’ve never done anything like that no matter how beloved the author or story. *wink*

The Cullen Legacy is the perfect example of why so many of us love reading stories as works-in-progress.  Each chapter is like a jigsaw piece, a small but vital part of the puzzle that will eventually reveal the complete picture. There is something about reading a story a chapter at a time that makes your emotions run high and you just burn for that next piece of the puzzle.  Nothing like a bit of delayed gratification!

It’s impossible not to be enthralled by Bella and intrigued by the back-story straight from the opening chapter.  She appears strong but not aggressive, feisty yet feminine, incredibly intelligent and determined.  She also doesn’t mind showing us her more vulnerable side and you know immediately that there is more to this stunning woman than meets the eye; underneath, in her truth of truths, there is another story.  Bella is an excellent example of the oxymoron that is a modern woman and we would be proud to call her a friend. She’s not perfect, but that makes her all the more perfect, if you know what I mean! There is no surprise there, though, as pattyrose’s Bellas have to be some of the best we’ve had the pleasure of reading.

Seeing Edward through Bella’s eyes (even when you know not all is right as they obviously have a heavy past) is still a treat (from Chapter One)… “He’s let his hair grow longer; the reddish brown mane explodes in various unruly directions. His green eyes are as hypnotizing as ever; even from here they stand out like two glowing emeralds. He rests his weight casually over one hip; his tall frame still lean, still exuding power and confidence. His self-assurance hasn’t diminished one iota. I can tell by that cocky grin of his that he seems to have only grown cockier. He still has that rich, deep laugh that automatically raises the spirits of everyone within hearing range. Bloody handsome as ever, he is – more so if I must be honest. Thirty-one suits him brilliantly.”

When we meet Congressman Cullen, there is no denying he is pretty darn impressive, but it’s Sergeant Edward Anthony Cullen from seven years earlier who made us fall in love with him right along side Bella. He is protective, charming, a gentleman and completely delicious. Edward has some pretty remarkable powers of persuasion! We could tell you about them, but that would be a spoiler alert. *winks* Congressman Cullen is on course for the Senate and then the White House. It seems that Edward is fulfilling his duty to “The Cullen Legacy” which he explains to Bella when they first meet (From Chapter Four):

“So your dad is a politician, then?”

He nods. “And his dad before him, and his dad before him, etcetera, etcetera. It’s the Cullen Legacy.”

“The Cullen Legacy? So you’re a politician too?”

“Not yet.”

“But you will be.”

Again, he nods. “My tour of duty will be over in six months. Then I return to New York and attend law school, take the Bar, practice law for a year or so, then my dad will retire, and I’ll run for his seat in Congress and then…”

“And then…?” I prompt with a grin, because his plans amuse me. He’s quite confident of them, and they are so bloody exact. I can barely decide what color knickers to wear from one day to the next – and some days whether to wear them at all.

“And then…we’ll see,” he answers, much more vaguely than before. He reaches out and wraps a few strands of my hair round his finger, watching his own actions as he twirls the hair round and round.”

Between us we have read more WIPs than we can shake a stick at, but there have only been a handful that evoked extremely strong emotions while reading them – and The Cullen Legacy is one of them.

Once chapter 8 posted there was some interesting dissection of The Cullen Legacy going on between Ireland (Cared) and Australia (AllyVera). We agreed on quite a few things: Mike seems slimy and we are wondering what the hell Bella is doing there, the flashbacks work amazingly well, and Bella is brilliantly written. While her motives with Edward in the present day are concerning, we can see where she is coming from, we understand her bitterness and feel her pain.

The one thing we didn’t agree on was Edward. Oh, young Sergeant Cullen, what have you done?

Ally ~ What is really concerning me at this stage (after reading chapter 8 and 9) is that he just used her and I don’t want to believe that. He took her most precious gift – surely that had to mean something to him?

I truly believe he fell in love with her as much as she did with him. So why? Why didn’t he move Heaven and Earth to find her – was The Cullen Legacy so vital that it was of more importance than her? Was he pulling a “New Moon”? I also can’t understand why he chose to drop a bombshell on Bella when he did – why not tell her upfront? I commend him for being honest (eventually), but *knock knock on Edward’s head* Is there anyone in there? Bloody hell.  All that being said, though, I trust pattyrose like no other author – her ability to deliver the “goods” is unquestioned in my eyes.

Cared ~ I’m with Ally insofar as I also believe Edward fell in love with Bella. The essential difference is, while Ally wants to believe the best of Edward, I already do. I empathise with him as much as I do with Bella, even though she appears to be the wronged party. IMHO he was genuine in his promise to Bella but he allowed his circumstances and not his heart to dictate his actions. I just cannot believe him to be deliberately cruel or careless – a little foolish and defeatist maybe, and I suspect, or is that hope, that he finally came to his senses, albeit too late.

These brilliantly written characters make me so passionate I want to lock them in a room and stand guard outside until their issues are resolved. Then again, I’d be denying myself the torturous pleasure of Pattyrose weaving her magic as she slowly teases out their lives, so I’ll just have to be patient.

Don’t worry, we won’t fall out over it – we may in fact be making bets on who is nearer the mark. Now that this couple is face to face once more, we are on tenterhooks as we witness the truth slowly emerge.

Ally ~ He better have a REALLY good excuse LOL…and I am sure he will, pattyrose has never let me down! Of course these are all theories and notions and Cared and I have a fabulous time discussing this fic. I can’t remember itching for updates on a story so badly since MOTU, F@N and UoEM!

The Cullen Legacy – it’s quite possible Sergeant Cullen both viewed it as a curse and cursed it; with the unexpected return of Bella in his life, will it become a welcome blessing for Congressman Cullen?


*Reviews by Wiltshire Glo*

Where Roads Converge by FluffyLiz


*Made by Cared*

Where Roads Converge ~ Where Roads Converge » A homeless boy, hitch-hiking in the snow, a woman on her own, running from an abusive relationship. Is she crazy to stop, or are their paths destined to cross? Can this mismatched pair find succour and salvation together, or will their pasts intrude and drive them apart?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 5 – Words: 21,882 – Reviews: 447 – Favs: 279 – Follows: 489 – Updated: 03-30-13 – Published: 03-02-13 – id: 9061275 WiP

Oh heck! I’m so nervous writing this! Why? Because it means so much to me. I want to rave about how well FluffyLiz depicts not only my home country, but also my neck of the woods! Where Roads Converge is set in a village not too far from where I live, it may be fictional, but it’s very real to me – as are Bella and Edward.

From the first chapter I wanted to call Bella and tell her how proud I am that she had enough feist and backbone to gather her wits and all her belongings and walk away from an abusive relationship. She must have been subconsciously biding her time because she protected her independence, and she has a ready-made bolthole to run to. So, on a dark night, in the freezing winter -despite haste being of the essence-she makes her cool, calm escape. The girl has balls!

Depositing everything by the front door, she went to the double garage below the house, and drove her pride and joy onto the road, parking out front. It was the first big thing she’d bought with the money she’d earned from her illustrations and the book advance, and she was doubly pleased with it because she had defied Jake to buy it—he had insisted she didn’t need a car, that he could drive her where she needed to go or she could get cabs. But she had stuck to her guns and bought the behemoth of a vehicle. Not for her, the cachet of expensive and impractical sports cars—no, she had set her heart on the Land Rover Sport, and she loved its size and how safe it made her feel.

And now, she loved how it had got her away from that house. She had no doubt that Jake was capable of putting her in hospital—if not worse—and she had every intention of getting as far from him as possible.

So, here she was, sitting in a motorway service station at one o’clock in the morning, with a sore body, a nicely developing black eye and what felt like all her worldly possessions packed into the back of her car, heading for a house which she wasn’t even sure she’d be able to heat.

She sighed and rubbed her forehead, wincing when her fingers drifted over the swelling under her eye and across her cheek. Taking another mouthful of the rapidly cooling coffee, she glanced up for a moment as a young man entered her peripheral vision. He seemed to be going from occupied table to occupied table, speaking briefly to whoever was sitting there.

Despite her pain and underlying tiredness, Bella’s interest was immediately piqued, as she watched the boy speak softly to each person, then meekly accept their obvious rejection with a polite nod and a ‘thank you’ before moving on to the next one. There were slim pickings at this time of night, and he was quickly running out of options. She found herself fascinated by the mini soap opera playing out before her, knowing she needed to move before he got to her, but seemingly incapable of doing anything but wait for the inevitable.

If you’re wondering if that polite young man is Edward, the answer is yes! Here again we see Bella’s bravery – and her kindness – because despite living through violence and fear herself, she is compelled to help Edward.

We’re not yet privy to what has happened to cause Edward to be in such an unfortunate predicament, but suffice it to say that it’s quite obvious already that he’s a beautiful soul…his quiet gratitude melts my heart and his gentle nature shines through. There’s quite an age gap between them – ten years – Edward is still nineteen, yet has a solemnity and wiseness beyond his years. An old soul, if you will. As much as I think Bella sees an opportunity to help him, and is driven by something he ignites deep in her to take it, I have a strong feeling that he could help her just as much!

I may as well admit it, I don’t always immediately warm to Bellas. They can sometimes frustrate me…but not this one. She doesn’t let a difficult situation compromise who she is. She’s strong, intelligent and wonderfully kind-hearted, and consciously never patronising. I may have a slight girl-crush! It’s easy to see why Edward could fall for her (I’ve got my fingers crossed!), and why the way their life experiences have shaped them means so much more than their age difference.

I want you all to read it NOW…to join in the joy and fear of reading a WiP – we’re only 5 chapters in. For those of you who say that you’re worried that updates will slow or stop, rest assured that Where Roads Converge will update every Saturday- FluffyLiz has pre-written prior to posting. It’s become a regular date for me.

There are many varieties of Brit, but if you want a real flavour of British life, read this…oh, and I haven’t even begun to tell you what a joy it is to read Liz’s beautiful writing!


Deviant by planetblue


*Made by Mkystich*

Deviant ~ He pissed me off and then he turned me on. Spectacularly.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 10 – Words: 37,369 – Reviews: 2,129 – Favs: 1,015 – Follows: 1,791 – Updated: 04-04-13 – Published: 03-04-13 – id: 9069505

When I found out that the writer of Barefoot in Texas was posting a new story, I was excited…I knew it would be good…and I was not disappointed! Planetblue really shows her writing diversity, because this Bella is very different. She truly earns her Ballsy Bella title – in fact, I think it’s an honour she’d wear with pride!  

Leading something of a double life, Isabella is a professor by day and a wild, sexy and mouthy bartender at her brother Emmett’s bar on a Friday night. She shows no fear and faces down the rowdy crowd with style, wit and a certain charm!

“Who wants another mother fucking shot!” I raise the bottle of whiskey over my head, high above the sweaty and raucous crowd below me. My black boots scuff the top of the copper covered bar, leaving thick rubbery streaks behind.

I lean over and empty the contents of my bottle into open mouths, not bothering to lift it between pours, making a sloshy line across my patron’s cheeks.

I slap the big guy on the end across the top of his head and tell him to move the fuck on, an order which he smartly obeys. The crowd loves it.

“Iz! Iz! Iz!” They chant over the loud music, trying to get my attention and the free liquor I have possession of. One guy gets handsy, so I flatten that hand with my foot and move on back down the bar.

Emmett reaches out to help me down and I jump to the floor. “Jesus Iz, you really worked them up tonight!” My brother wraps his arm around my shoulders and gives me a squeeze. He tosses me a big grin and returns to his post at the end of the bar, protecting Angie and I from the crowd.

Angie hands me a shot and we clink, downing the whiskey to more shouting from the crowd that loves us. We know how to put on a show here at The Steel Horse. The tips are phenomenal.

Also doesn’t hurt that we’re practically naked. The few parts that are covered are encased in black leather.

The subject she teaches also gives off the impression of a woman in charge of her own destiny, comfortable with her sexuality and in control at all times. But she meets her match. Oh boy, does she meet her match. Yep. Oh yeah. Phew! And maybe a WOW as well! Heart-stoppingly infuriating, highly irritating but seriously HOT. Honestly, he really is an Edward to behold..and I would definitely love to behold him.

“You don’t like men behind you?” His mouth has moved closer to the top of my head and for a brief moment I think he’s about to kiss my hair.

“Not you.” My hand betrays me by twitching, which gives the appearance I’ve squeezed him. I swear it was a twitch.

“I think you liked it just fine last week.” His voice lowers and I feel his hand ghost over my hip. “Tell me, did you ever get to touch yourself? I know I interrupted you.” His breath is hot on my scalp and I can’t help it when I feel myself nodding.

He moans and places his lips on my hair. “I wish I could’ve seen that. I bet you have the prettiest little pussy.” My knees threaten to buckle and I squeeze, causing him to push himself against my hand.

Against my better judgment and despite my dislike for this man, I let out a lust filled moan. “Did you..?” I trail off breathlessly, and his cock twitches in my palm.

“Oh yeah. I thought of fucking you in a car. I came very, very hard.”

Their banter, wit and attraction is fierce and smouldering. He quickly recognises what she’s hiding, what she wants – and needs. He knows how to turn her on, and how to satisfy her darkest fantasies and cravings….and he doesn’t disappoint. But maybe he’s not quite who he appears to be either.

Both have preconceptions about the other…and it’s fun to watch them trying to maintain an emotional distance.  All the while the readers from their vantage point can see that resistance is futile. There’s certainly more to both of them than meets the eye and despite the hot sex and superficial banter there’s so much we have yet to discover.

There’s probably a bit of Isabella in all of us…who wouldn’t want the chance to break out from our sensible lives and walk on the wild side from time to time? Is Manchu her perfect match? I think so, he’s delicious and such a memorable Edward. I think I may love Manchu!


Random list of Ballsy Bella fics:

A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22

Bella Voce by Morgan Locklear

Diapers, diplomas, and deadbeat dads by mathisson

Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire by FictionFreak95

Girl with a Red Umbrella by Spanglemaker

Hot Commodity by blueeyedcherry

Indecent Proposal by pattyrose

O’ Holy Christmas by CaraNo

Sexy Silk by jlho

Sideline Collision by Nolebucgrl

The Education of Professor Cullen by sheviking

This Is Who I Am by pattyrose

Until I Saw You by reyes139

We Could Run by CaraNo


Ballsy Bella image

So, now that we’ve brought you Ballsy Bella, with bells on, please bring us yours! 😉

The FicSix


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  1. mauigirl60

    Oh wow….all of these WIPs I am following, waiting for them to be complete. I have to say after reading that review of Deviant, I’m almost ready to take the WIP plunge! Whew!!! Great review of WRC, Wiltshire Glo. I had no idea the story was set in your neck of the woods, so now I’ve got a better idea of your environment. There’s a bunch of stories you have listed up there that I haven’t read: Until I Saw You, Sexy Silk, Edward Cullen Dick for Hire among them. I think those are complete. I know I am following Hot Commodity. Happy Friday, ladies!

    • They’re really great Mauigirl! Hope you enjoy them too. Deviant is very hot, but with a great plot too. I’m sure you’d love it.

      WRC is set not too far from me and I must admit I got overly excited even when I knew which motorway Bella was driving on! Hope I did it justice!

      I have so much love for all our stories again today! Have a great weekend of reading.

  2. Thank you so much, ladies, for featuring ‘Where Roads Converge’ in your ‘Ballsy Bella’ post – especially in the company of such great fics as ‘Deviant’ and ‘Kimberly Diamond’, both of which I really love, and ‘The Cullen Legacy’, which is on my TBR list. Thanks, also, to Wiltshire Glo for such a great review.

    I do like a ballsy Bella – wishy-washy, shy and retiring Bellas just tend to annoy me. That was one of the (many) reasons I never particularly rated ‘The University of Edward Masen’, because that Bella was just such a bloody wimp! One fic I’m really enjoying, which has a very feisty heroine, is ‘Fic On the Fly’ by Katinki. A very brave idea – she wrote a first chapter and then simply requested prompts around which to shape subsequent chapters. It’s a vamp story, with a Bella who starts off despising Edward, and wanting to stab him with her pencil LOL! As for Edward, he’s both comical and damn sexy – a great combination. No angst to date, so I’m not expecting much going into the final chapters. It’s taken a long time to post, but is now nearing completion, so is definitely worth checking out.

    • You are more than welcome FluffyLiz. I’m loving ‘Where Roads Converge’ as you know, you have sucked me in with your amazingly drawn characters. It’s not just the Bella’s who are strong this week, all of the stories are too.

      Thanks for the Katinki rec as I enjoy her writing and this sounds very interesting.

      Happy Ballsy Bella Friday to you FluffyLiz!

    • Glad you liked it Liz, we’re all addicted and waiting with bated breath to see where you take us.

      I have to agree, I do love a strong Bella.

      Have a great weekend.

  3. I have to tell you all that I was completely shocked when I came here this morning. It’s been an amazing week, my Oldest turned 18 and we went to the Universal Studios Harry Potter tour yesterday to celebrate. That was fantastic btw, if you are into HP at all, put it on your bucket list. Anyway, loaaaaads of other stuff happening in my life, so I left the rest of the FicSix to fend for themselves – and look what they did! Thanks so much for your truly lovely review MidNight Cougar. I think I am uniquely placed as an author and a reviewer for the team to understand how deeply Fanfic Friday support is appreciated by readers and writers alike. I feel very privileged to be able to express my thoughts on the very special talent displayed in this fandom; and then to be supported back in the same way is beyond my expectations but most incredibly welcome. Love you ladies, truly, madly, deeply!

  4. Hey Gingerandgreen! Glad you had a good week and that you are surprised – not that you should be, as your Bella fits this category so well.

    Have a great weekend! MWAH!

  5. Loved your list of Ballsy Bellas, most of which I have read, am reading, or soon will read! One that I believe should be on this list is Bella from the fic, Slick As Ides. She is kick-ass and runs the show, but if smart enough to not let the guys in on that secret. There are so many plot twists and turns, and the story unfolds like a movie in your head. And the sex is so hot it makes me blush!
    Stories like this one and Deviant make reading WIPs so much fun.
    I see A Pound of Flesh is on the List … loved that Bella, she was strong in a wonderful way, fulfilling her fathers legacy.
    No wimpy Bellas for me … and thanks ladies for the list!!

    • rita01tx

      Gotta agree with GG about Slick as Ides! It’s absolutely fabulous! Chanse Lowell used to write as Scarlettplay before she disappeared for a while, so I was more than ecstatic to see her writin’ fan fiction again as Chanse Lowell!

  6. I’m completely floored and honored that you included Deviant as part of today’s Ballsy Bella stories. The love of Manchu is well known, but thanks for giving Half Pint a little love! Such a lovely review Wiltshire Glo, and a huge benefit of being on here today is I now have new fics for my own TBR list! Thanks everybody!

    • Hi Planetblue – it’s nice to see you here!

      Half Pint deserves her place here with the others, don’t worry, we do all have a soft spot for Manchu too.

      We are here every Friday and we will keep your TBR list topped up.

      Happy Ballsy Bella Friday to you Planetblue!

    • Planetblue, So glad you stopped by -and you’re very welcome!
      Manchu may floor us all, but we all want to be Half Pint.. If only I could find some leather chaps! LOL! She’s amazing!

      Hope you enjoy the other stories as much as we do.

  7. casana14

    Does anyone know of any strong Bellas with vampward? the only one I can think of is A Wilderland by Phoegurl (WIP).

    • Hello casana14! Thanks for the rec. You came to the right place to ask your question. To celebrate the release of BD2 we posted The Rise of Vampella. In all cases Bella was a vampire while Edward was the human in the story. Each Bella may have been a vampire but they are also still strong women in their own right.

      Have a good reading weekend casana14!

    • rita01tx

      And don’t miss the one I left in the comments that day, Casana darlin’!
      Bronze by Mothlights
      Edward is a rebellious newborn lashing out at those who try to help him. At his wit’s end, Carlisle asks Isabella, the woman who was once his mentor, to take Edward in until his bloodlust cools. ExB Very AU – COMPLETE
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 23 – Words: 72,739 – Reviews: 1512 – Updated: 1-11-11 – Published: 10-11-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

      I really liked the premise of Bella being a very old, very powerful vampire!!

      • Thanks for that Rita! I read Bronze a long time ago but from what I remember, bloodlust wasn’t the only lust in that fic. LOL

        Happy Friday Rita!

  8. ilovealion

    You deserve the recognition Gingerandgreen. Your stories are phenom.
    Great post today, ladies. Love the banners, Cared.

  9. Hi All!

    Happy Friday everyone! There is nothing quite like a good ballsy Bella 🙂 After this posted, I was delighted to see a new chapter of The Cullen Legacy post, and it was brilliant. Seriously, I am pretty sure that Patty Rose can do no wrong!!

    Talking of Ballsy Bellas I have to mention Bella in Glycerine, Livie79’s current WIP. This girl is Ballsy – and coupled with the fact that she has to deal with Edward, she’s strong too – cause he is challenging! If you like angst – you will love it, as it has it in spades.

    Have a great week! AV x

  10. Hi everyone! Had so much fun with this post… I love a Ballsy Bella fic, and am enjoying WRC, TCL, and Deviant…and of course, my rec, KD! Also from our list above, I am reading the WIP Diapers, diplomas, and deadbeat dads by mathisson; she’s a good, strong Bella. xoxo

  11. Ooooh… I love a good, ballsy Bella. Two to add to the list for me are The Swan from Edward Cullen: Dick for Hire by fictionfreak95 (actually all of Jo’s Bellas are pretty amazing and ballsy) and The Gravity Series by Drotuno

  12. If there’s one thing I don’t like it’s a whining wimpy Bella, so thanks ladies for the recommendations. I try not to read too many WIPs because I always get behind in them, but I’m very intrigued by ‘When Roads Converge’ and I’m going to start it as soon as I possibly can.

  13. eewee333

    Hi MC. Great post. I do love a strong Bella. My favorite off your list is the Bella from A Pound of Flesh (also one of my favorite stories as well). All of these are on my TBR list as I’m waiting for most of them to “complete” before I start them.

    BTW, could you ask GingerandGreen if Kimberly Diamond is complete or is she planning on continuing it? It’s not marked and I couldn’t tell from her A/N’s. Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Thanks ee, we all had a great time discussing our fav Ballsy Bella fics! To answer your question… KD isn’t complete and is being continued, but with no updating schedule.

      Have a great weekend! xx

  14. kleomary

    Hello Ladies! Great post again this week!!
    When I read the title the first story that came to my mind is
    The Agreement by Gemgirl65
    A virgin. An escort. A signed contract. But falling in love wasn’t part of the agreement…
    This Bella is the definition of “Ballsy Bella” for a lot of reasons!

    I loved your reviews. I have recently found The Cullen Legacy but have not started it yet. Where Roads Converge looks very interesting and as for Kimberley Diamond I have it on my “to read list” for so long, I will definitely move it up. Deviant owns me…..I am glad I continue reading it…. Halfpint and Manchu are beyond words together!!

    Thank you all again, have a great weekend Ladies!!

    • Hey kleomary! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Agreement and adore the talented GemGirl65. You are right about that Bella, she has a lot to deal with and does it marvellously.

      Have a great weekend too kleomary!

  15. What a great post and I am so glad to see Mtskitch’s work here as well as so many new faces!!

  16. smittenkitten

    SQUEEEE..wordpress isn’t hate’n on me much these days! *winks*
    What a great looking line-up of fics, thanks for the recs!
    & mauigirl60~ come on & read Deviant with me…it’s fantastic.

  17. kleomary

    Hello Ladies,lovely post again this Friday. Thanks to the guest authors for their reviews. I have already read What If, it is great story, the truth is I would like an epilogue though. As for Something True I have read only the first 2 chapters so far, I have to catch up with the updates, it is such an intriguing story and so well written, thank you !
    Adore Adore looks very interesting, goes straight to my list, Liv got me with ….The lemons? Oh, my God, the lemons….. LOL
    LDA contest has some very good stories, go read them!!
    Happy Friday to all!!Have a nice Weekend!

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