Sensual Sunday ~ My Sexy Vampire!

Wet Rob Avi

Good mornin’, everybody!

You’d think Winter was comin’ on instead of steppin’ aside for Spring the way I’ve been stuffin’ my RobPorn stash this week.

Guess it’s a good idea to stock up for the drought that Rob goin’ off to film Mission: Black List is gonna bring, right? Anybody heard a firm date/location yet?

So, while I was busy stuffin’, I hoarded a bunch of gorgeous edits by MySexyVampire!  Don’t know who she is or where she hails from, but I surely do like her work!

See for yourself!


What’d I tell ya? Sexy as fuck vampire!


Oh, hell! Even sexier than fuck vampire *THUD!*


Well, not ALL her edits are of Edward…


Although she’s not above givin’ Rob green eyes like Edward LOL!


But Rob’s own pretty blues are still the most beautiful color to me!


Sweet baby Jesus! She makes golden eyes look good on our man, too!


I recall the lightin’ wasn’t that good at this event, so our girl did a great job here!


Y’all ‘scuse me while I dream of takin’ a little “nap” with Rob *Swoon!*


Wait! Shouldn’t Rob’s eyes have been red for this scene? No matter…he’s still FuckHAWT!


LOL! Rob appears to take issue with his status as our Sex God!


Don’t know how she got that slight rainbow effect in there, but I really like it!


But even very little color can’t hide Rob’s inate sexiness!


I swear it’s in his bone structure!


Along with the face he was blessed with!


And even pullin’ faces won’t make me think Rob’s anything less than perfect!


So don’t give me no lip! Unless you want to give me THAT lip LOL!


Nope! One measly little ol’ stink-eye won’t change my mind either! *DED!*


Cause we all knew he was “The One” for us ever since Rome 2008! Can I get an Amen, sistas?!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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22 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ My Sexy Vampire!

  1. gorgeous wonderful !!!!!!!

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Amen from me Rita.
    Thanks for finding us some more gorgeous images of our boy.
    He has such a sublime bone structure he photographs well from any angle, but these edits just take his handsome to a whole new level, she manages to add personality to the pics. A very talented lady.
    My favorite is the third one down. Take care honey

    • rita01tx

      You’re welcome, ClaireBear! You ain’t seen the half of the MSV edits I’ve collected LOL! Try pickin’ only 18 out of over 100 LOL!

  3. mississippibellalis

    Good Morning!!! MSV sure does have some nice edits of Rob! I’m getting to where I can recognize her edits from among the rest because of her unique style of editing. Good Work, MSV!!! Very nice of you, Miss Rita, to showcase her work and give us another SS morning. Have a nice weekend, Ladies!!!

    • rita01tx

      She is definitely developin’ a recognizable “fingerprint,” ain’t she? So much talent in our fandom!!!

  4. kleomary

    Amen woman!!!! Simply gorgeous……
    Thanks for the edits Rita, they are great!
    Happy Sunday Ladies!

    • rita01tx

      Happy Sunday, Mary darlin’! You know I try to bring you ladies the best RobPorn I can find! Lucky for me, it ain’t hard to do LOL!

  5. Such stunning images – despite the fact that I already have versions of most of these in my collection, I have found myself compulsively ‘right-click-saving’ just to make sure I have the best possible pictures of Rob. Impossible to choose a favourite, although the ones of Edward are really gorgeous. Thanks so much for giving us such a lovely Sunday treat.

  6. rita01tx

    I know what you mean, Fluffy darlin’! Had that same problem all week so I gave up and, like you, just kept ‘lickin’ ‘n savin’ every blessed one that crossed my screen LMAO!!!

  7. naughtyhisbella

    A -Friggin-men!!! 😉

  8. christa64c

    Amen and hallelujah! You’re so right about him being innately sexy. He just oozes sex appeal and most of the time I’m rendered helpless by him. I rarely feel that Rob needs any help looking gorgeous, but those edits are done with a light hand and do nothing to detract from his natural beauty.

    Thank you for sharing and making my day better! {{kisses}}

  9. Wow! What a gorgeous post, Rita! Love that pic with his eyes so green! *swoon* ❤

    • rita01tx

      Well, I do aim to please, MC darlin’ LOL! Happy to share all the gorgeousness that is our Rob whenever I can!!

  10. Amen Sistah! What a great set of Edits! You always find the best stuff out there BB!

  11. eewee333

    I’ll give you an AMEN and a HALLELUJIA! What gorgeous pictures of our Robward. I’ve never seen some of these pics before, so needless to say I’ve been clickin and saving as well. Thanks for making my Monday such a happy one!!

  12. OMG Rita, you made my day with these pics… thanks, bb!!

    • rita01tx

      Glad you liked ’em, Exaltada darlin’! I tend to spend a loooot of time lookin’ at ’em, too! Ain’t no hardship spendin’ hours lookin’ at The Pretty LOL!

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