Sensual Sunday ~ Double Shot of My Baby’s Love!

Wet Rob Avi*

Good evenin’, ladies!

Among others, I’m fascinated by clever edits of Rob and his “shadow!”

Here’s a selection by some of our best photo enhancers…enjoy!

EucalyptaWitch 001

New kid on the block, EucalyptaWitch, stole my heart with this gorgeous still from Remember Me!

Francies67 928

Veteran Francies67 spoils us rotten with her color “shadow!”

Francies67 930

Of course, completely black ‘n white works nicely, too!

Francies67 918

Really doesn’t matter…

Francies67 937

’cause we love our double shots of Rob!


No way could I not include Sally’s poignant still from Remember Me!


I won’t apologize for usin’ her edits more than once in my posts LOL!


Some beauties just bear repeatin’ to infinity!

EucalyptaWitch 038

Who cares that Witchy girl’s edit isn’t exactly a “shadow” shot…check out that package!!!

EucalyptaWitch 030

What if Rob really did have an identical twin?!  The mind boggles!

EucalyptaWitch 028

Nah! It might drive the paps {and us} crazy, but what kind of life would that be for the poor guy?

EucalyptaWitch 039

Still, I wonder what his name would be? Any suggestions?


Ah, well! Rob already has an honorary brother, who just happens to be his BFF!


Let’s face it…Rob was never so beautiful as when he played Tyler Hawkins *le sigh!*

Robelied 003

Oops! I think his back was sexier as Edward in BD1, but I’m willin’ to put it to a vote LMAO!!


Fearlessmore is one tricky lady…click this to full screen and tell me who you don’t see where you expect to see them!

Well, that’s it for today! We’ll work our way up to multiple Robgasms in future posts LOL!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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24 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Double Shot of My Baby’s Love!

  1. Clairebamboozle

    Hey Rita.
    Great post BB. Doubling our pleasure is always a win.
    Rob’s beauty leaves me cross-eyed at the best of times, wonder what’s the double of that??
    Thanks again for bringing us something to brighten Sunday evening.

  2. christa64c

    I’ll take a double shot of Rob and keep em’ coming!
    I’ve often wondered,(wished/prayed) about Rob having a twin brother. *sigh* More Rob could only mean happier h00rs!!

    • rita01tx

      You got that right, Christa darlin’! And don’t we just love fan fics where Edward has an identical twin brother?
      Whoa! Wait! Now that I’ve checked my list, there’s only one fic that fits that description and it’s been pulled!
      Conversed’s trilogy: “Twinned” + “Seventeen Men” + “White Lines”

  3. nebfan51

    THANK YOU for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love me some double Rob:)

  4. Good lord, these are stunning – I’ve had to save the whole lot. Thanks so much for such a wonderful treat.

    Here’s another favourite…

  5. mississippibellalis

    Great choices! Rob looks fawkhawt in all of them! I really wish he was my next door neighbor!

    • rita01tx

      You’n me both, Missi darlin’! And what gooood neighbors we’d be, right? Anything Rob needed, any time day or night!?!?! Oh yeah! With reciprocation expected, of course!

  6. rita01tx

    Rob’s on the move ladies! Spotted today at LAX!!!

  7. I have to say Sally’s RM pic is one of my favs! It says so much without words!!! There will be a fic with “Twin” (sorta) Edwards soon! **wink wink**

    • rita01tx

      Gotta agree with you on Sally’s RM pic! Sooo beautiful, it hurts to look at it for very long!!
      I look forward to your {sorta} twin Edwards fic LOL!!!

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  9. Le sigh, Rita…two of Rob? Yeah, I have a little plot bunny where he’s cloned a couple times. Nom nom nom. Thanks for so much beauty, for pulling it together for us. You have FABULOUS taste, my dear!

  10. eewee333

    Hi Rita. What a beautiful post. My RopPorn stash just keeps on growing! I can’t decide which one is my favorite, he’s just so gorgeous! Thanks for cheering up my awful day! 🙂

  11. rita01tx

    Sorry you’re havin’ an awful day, Eewee darlin’! Gettin’ lost in RobPorn might not be a cureall remedy, but it doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure! Well, sometimes he’s so beautiful it hurts to look at him, but…not really LOL! Does that even make sense?

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