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Happy Fan Fiction Fridays and welcome to The FicSix Picx! This week we’re going random rec’ing on you! lol We’ve all been enjoying some of the same fics, but some different ones, as well, so this week we thought we’d share a number of those with you. We have fics filled with sweet romance, great humour, exciting drama, and three wonderful TwiHEAcontest one shots, plus a versatile FicSix reading list!


*Reviews by Midnight Cougar*

Today I am going to warm your heart with some sweet Romance. I have one WIP and a TwiHEAcontest one shot winner for your reading enjoyment. I thought I’d be nice to rec something completely light and easy to read, filled with romance, love and HEA, because I don’t know about you…but I’ve been reading a lot of angst and serious drama fics lately, and I know you will enjoy both these charming stories.

The Man in the Moon by CullensTwiMistress

The Man in the Moon by CullensTwiMistress

*Made by CullensTwiMistress*

The Man in the Moon ~ Her Nana had always told her she’d find the peanut butter to her jelly. But she never did find the one, and now she’s 29 and still looking for that perfect one—the man that doesn’t exist. He’s like the man in the moon; a simple fairy tale that will never be real. AH; BxE; Romance.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 4,909 – Reviews: 138 – Favs: 139 – Follows: 283 – Updated: 04-25-13 – Published: 04-21-13 – id: 9224221

The Man in the Moon is a brand new WIP written by my dear friend CullensTwiMistress. I also have the pleasure of being her beta for this lovely, romantic story. If you are looking for some romance and like Sweetward, then this is the fic for you!

There are many longstanding traditional thoughts about the Man in the Moon, along with being a soothing bedtime story, it was also the inspiration for this fic, and because I thought the premise was unique for a story, I asked Missy if she’d like to share her thoughts on how this wonderful tale came to life:

“I was in a place where I missed my grandma … I had a dream … then I wrote the summary and had a very basic plot months before I even started writing it … it’s been going on in my head for over a year. It’s about the journey of these two individuals who, at first glance, don’t seem to know each other, but once they see one another, are able to re-connect and find something within each other that neither thought they’d ever have.

Bella is a strong woman who can’t seem to get it right when it comes to love … she’s had a lot of hardships; has lost a lot, which seems to be in the forefront of her mind. She doesn’t want to end up alone, yet she doesn’t really want to settle. Edward is as sweet as they come. He’s a momma’s boy through and through. The moment he spots Bella, his world gets turned upside down and all he sees is her.” ~ CullensTwiMistress

You may not believe me when I say how lovely this story truly is, when you read the first chapter, because it is rather sad as Bella wallows in her misery. She talks to her late Nana Swan, while sitting in her childhood bedroom, staring at the moon. She is searching for advice, while also searching for something she hasn’t found yet in her life, her … ‘man in the moon’. As Missy explained, Bella’s had a rough go of it lately: her past relationships have all not been “enough”. But all is not lost because she has now taken on a new lease in life – she has ended her engagement with Mike, reclaimed her apartment as her own, and has even trained as a florist in her endeavor to take over a small town business of Forks’ Flowers. And in this unlikely place, is it possible she just might find her ‘man in the moon’?

The bell over the door rung loudly throughout the store at exactly twelve fifteen, alerting the two women that there was a customer out front.

“That would be Mr. Cullen; how about you get it, dear?” Mrs. Cope waved Bella off as she went in the back storage room to gather some ribbons for their next order.

Bella shrugged as she practically skipped to the front of her soon-to-be store. She was happy for the first time in forever and her attitude definitely showed it. She’d served customers throughout the past three days and knew how the cash register worked, but finally doing it without Mrs. Cope clapping and talking non-stop to the customers, was a blessing.

Bella stopped dead in her tracks as she eyed the young man on the other side of the counter. He was tall, with broad shoulders, both attributes accentuated perfectly by a dark grey Henley and low slung jeans. He also worked a panty-melting, crooked grin that was surely meant to make Mrs. Cope have a heart attack in her old age.

Squinting and tilting her head to the side, she eyed him speculatively. “Edward?”

Mr. Cullen smiled at the lovely girl behind the counter. He hadn’t seen her in years and wouldn’t have recognized her if it weren’t for her eyes, which had remained the same soft shade of chocolate brown as they’d been when they were in fifth grade together. “Isabella?”

“Everyone calls me Bella now, actually. Oh, my goodness, I haven’t seen you in years; how are you?” Bella remembered how Edward’s father had passed, and then his mother had taken him and moved away when he was only ten years old. When her own mother died, she’d thought of him and his pain, and how she’d wished he was still around to talk to.

Edward stepped closer to the counter and inspected the flowers in Bella’s hands. “I’m good, thanks. I moved back not too long ago to be closer to my parents.”

“Oh, and how is your mom?” Bella remembered how kind and giving Esme Masen was to everyone. Edward Sr.’s death had been devastating for her.

“She’s … okay. She’s stable now. My father takes care of her at home.” Bella frowned and Edward understood suddenly that Bella was not aware of his familial circumstances. “Oh, she got remarried, ages ago. He adopted me, Dr. Cullen; he works at the hospital.”

“Oh, oh yeah,” Bella responded, remembering her last visit to the ER with a broken toe when she’d stubbed it on the coffee table. “He’s such a nice man.”

Edward smiled kindly. “Yes, he is. He’s been … very good. Mom, on the other hand, has been sick. She had a stroke a while back and her left leg is pretty much useless.”

Bella swallowed and brought both hands to her mouth; her eyes wide and watery as she processed Edward’s sad news. These people were always so good, yet all those bad things kept happening to them. “I’m so sorry, Edward.”

He shrugged and balanced himself on his heels nervously. Bella had always been that girl for him. The one he thought as the pretty one in class. The one whose braids he pulled.

Aw, and yes, he is a swoonworthy Edward! As you can see Edward and Bella knew each other years ago, they were actually treasured, childhood friends, who got separated at the age of ten, but now almost twenty years later, they have been reunited. As you read the story you will discover how this leads to bigger and better things for both of them.

We only have two chapters posted so far, but I can tell you first hand, because I’ve read all that has been written so far, that the story is a heartfelt love story you will thoroughly enjoy. And because the story is told in third person narrative you get to experience both Bella and Edward’s lives individually and together; you will feel the beautiful flow of this story through this medium. It’s so smooth and gentle to read, and the characters will all make your heart warm and put a smile on your face. ❤


Superheroes and Second Chances by anhanninen and kr2009

twiHEAcontest Host's Choice - banner by Evilnat

*Winning banner made by Evilnat*

Host’s Choice – @MagTwi78: Superheroes and Second Chances by anhanninen & kr2009

Superheroes and Second Chances  ~ HEA Contest story/entry link

Edward moved across the country, leaving behind his high school sweetheart and all the memories they’d made. As times get tough on the east coast, he decides to move back home to Forks with his three year old son for a fresh start. He never realized exactly what he left behind and how it could be his perfect future. Entry for the Happily Ever After Twific Contest

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Family – Bella & Edward – Words: 14,238 – Reviews: 56 – Favs: 129 – Follows: 173 – Published: 04-16-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9209619

This was one of my favourite entries from the HEA contest, it was also a winner as the Host’s Choice – MagTwi78, and it is definitely a winner in my books! It’s a sweet Daddyward story, which I am very partial to, told from EPOV, about a young father, twenty-five-year old Edward, who moves from New York back to his childhood hometown of Forks, Washington. He has a specific goal in mind…to give himself and his four-year-old son, Aiden, a fresh start and maybe, hopefully, a second chance at love, happiness and family.

What I really loved about this one shot was how I connected with the three main characters – Edward, Aiden and Bella; they made me smile, sigh, as they all had loving, caring personalities, which were beautifully portrayed. The story also felt like a complete story in one, as it depicts a man starting over, realizing what he has, what he left behind when he moved to New York, and what he could have. As the plot develops and flows effortlessly, we see these three share lots of fun and great learning adventures. And because I want to give you a little taste of the sweetness of how this selfless Daddyward and his adorable Aiden try to build a new life in their HEA quest; here is an adorable excerpt from this heartwarming story…

Three days after Bella made the offer, Aiden and I took her up on it and had a chance to look through the small, two bedroom apartment. It’s not much, but it’s something. Much more than I could have expected. It needs some work before we can move in, though, so Aiden and I make plans to go to the hardware store today.

“I gonna wear my cape, Daddy,” Aiden says as I tie his shoes. “You’re gonna wear yours, too.”

It doesn’t sound like I have a choice in the matter, so I just chuckle and nod, deciding to indulge him. Sure, walking around town in a cape isn’t something I usually do, but for Aiden, I’d do anything — even look like a fool in public. Scratch that, especially look like a fool in public. As long as he’s happy, I couldn’t care less what people think.

“Well, don’t you two look adorable.” Mom laughs as we make our way into the kitchen. Aiden grins before running toward her, helping his cape flap behind him.

The kid is cute. No one can ever deny that.

“We’re superheroes today, aren’t we, bub?” I ask, snagging a cookie off the pan Mom’s cooling. She gives me a pointed look, and I try to replicate Aiden’s grin, which usually gets him out of trouble.

“Not even close, sweetheart,” she says, patting my cheek. “Where are you two going today?”

“Hardware store,” I say after swallowing the last of the cookie. Luckily, Aiden’s too busy flying around the house to notice I snuck one. “We need paint and some tools for the apartment. I’m hoping we can move in next week because Bella said it was ours when we wanted it.” …

As we walk through the small hardware store in town, Aiden makes the most out of our capes. I have to pretend to fly through the store with him — enduring strange looks from some of the other customers. I don’t care, though, because Aiden laughs and it’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

Aren’t they the sweetest?! I am smiling wide just rereading this again, and I know you will be too when you enjoy these two ‘Superheroes’ as they leap over tall buildings in search of their ‘second chance’. And remember to put this little gem on alert because the authors have said they may do a second part. I am anxiously waiting for that day! – as posted on kr2009‘s profile.


*Reviews by Cared*

Step Right Up by FoxxyJ

*Made by ms. ambrosia*

*Made by ms. ambrosia*

Step Right Up ~ Quiet Bella Swan ends up the newest member of The Volturi Bros Circus. Friendships unfold as she discovers herself. Edward Cullen has never had to keep his hands to himself, until now. Will the charming trapeze artist control his desires? EXB OOC AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 19 – Words: 122,684 – Reviews: 526 – Favs: 646 – Follows: 352 – Updated: 06-24-11 – Published: 08-25-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6269531

FoxxyJ came up with the idea for this story while looking at pictures of Robert Pattinson on the set of Water For Elephants.  She thought Rob plus circus equals HOT!  Foxxyj will get no argument from me on that point.

Step Right Up made me want to run away with the circus. Honestly, it’s that good! It has an interesting blend of canon features presented in a refreshing manner and setting.  IMHO, Renee is a poor excuse for a mother, just as I consider canon Renee to be. James gave me the willies from day one, but, on a positive note, the Cullen family is simply lovely and Alice is a wonderful friend. As for Jake, he is a real sweetheart – he cares deeply for Bella without any of the clichéd complications.

Edward is known as Magic to the good folk of the circus.  It would be logical to immediately visualise Edwardo The Magician pulling a rabbit from his top hat. Logical, but oh so wrong!  Magic has tricks of his own…talent for pulling the ladies…magic at…well, you can imagine, I’m sure.  Edward is a trapeze artist, but I’m not going to be graphic in my description of his powerful and toned body encased in tights – I don’t want your eyes to glaze over rendering you unable to read any further. *stop with the swinging from the light-fitting fantasy ladies – focus* LOL

Bella is a reluctant new addition to the backroom of the circus. It appears she has lived behind the scenes of her own life up to this point. She is sweet and gentle and the change in her as she gradually moves into her own spotlight is a pleasure to behold.  Naturally, Bella falls under Edward’s spell quicker than you can say “Abracadabra”.  She is innocent and confused but not stupid; she tries to fight the attraction and the resultant UST could fill the Big Top. Luckily Bella has someone to confide in about her feelings and her developing relationship with Edward, someone who listens to her, loves her unconditionally and doesn’t judge.  Someone who made me fall in love with him too…

Winston was dozing in the sun when Bella collapsed in the straw next to him. She’d never seen him sleeping before and was torn between needing her therapy and simply watching the great beast. His face was so sweet in slumber. His rubbery top lip vibrated as he exhaled a deep breath, making Bella giggle. She wondered if camels snored. His long dark eyelashes fluttered opened at the sound of her laughter.

The sleepy camel moved his great head and placed it in her lap. He was like a baby waking from a nap, his eyes heavy, torn between fighting the desire to open them and continue sleeping at the same time. She gently stroked between his ears and down his long neck. He moaned softly as she allowed him to slowly wake, yawning and stretching like any human.

“Winny, so much has happened. I don’t know where to begin. Gummi Bear?” She offered her open hand to him with several bears in the middle. His lips gently plucked each candy from her, the velvet tickling her palm.

“I’m a nervous wreck, and I can’t control myself when I’m near him. It’s so humiliating. You’d be embarrassed if you saw me.” She moved around and settled her back against his shoulder while she continued to tell him of the events that had taken place between Edward and her. As usual, Winston listened and moaned or bellowed where needed. Together they worked through her fears until she felt she had yet another “Edward plan.”

“Okay, quick summary.” She squared her shoulders and looked into his brown eyes. “So what if I’m inexperienced? Right? If that’s a problem, then he can go back to Tanya. I am not going to be ashamed of myself anymore. I know I’m stupid for even thinking about him, but I’m sick to death of just existing. I want to have some fun. Since I’m almost twenty-one, my mom can stick it if she doesn’t like him. I don’t care. She doesn’t have to like him. If he really likes me, then my inexperience won’t matter, and if he doesn’t like me like that, then it won’t matter either way,” she chanted, hoping to make the statements true by saying them aloud.

“High five,” she said in triumph, and Winston bumped his nose against her raised palm.


In the summary above FoxxyJ asks the question, “Will the charming trapeze artist control his desires?”  My question is, “Will Bella want him to?”

Leotardward or the lovable show-stealing Winston may entice you to buy a ticket, but it’s the vivid and colourful world the talented FoxxyJ commands as Ring Master, that will keep you entertained and riveted to your seat for the entire performance.

Step Right Up!

*Made by FoxxyJ*

*Made by FoxxyJ*


I get a kick out of reading the all kinds of everything that can found as entries in an anonymous twific contest.  While I love to discover that a favourite author has written a fic I enjoyed reading, the real treat is finding out that a new to me author has written one of my favourite entries.  I can’t tell you how many amazing authors have come to my attention that way.

The recent TwiHEA contest featured readers I’m currently reading, thimbles, Hoodfabulous, karenec and Discordia81 among them, and I was lucky enough to discover new authors including Maplestyle.

These two fics, Maybe Next Time He’ll Think by Maplestyle, and (Un)Dressing Edward Cullen by Discordia81, are the perfect examples of the fabulous randomness and diversity of genre, content and style to be found in one contest.

Maybe Next Time He’ll Think by Maplestyle

*Winning banner made by evilnat*

*Winning banner made by evilnat*

Maybe Next Time He’ll Think ~ When Bella catches her boyfriend cheating will a handsome stranger help her forget him? *Winner Swooniest Male – Edward in the TwiHEAContest

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella & Edward – Words: 7,456 – Reviews: 109 – Favs: 123 – Follows: 56 – Published: 04-16-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9209407

*Handing the floor to Bella*

Most ‘they lived happily ever afters’ begin with ‘once upon a time’. They contain a heroine, usually some naïve girl that some evil villain is trying to exterminate and her hero who swoops in at the last minute to save the day and ride them off into the sunset. The villain gets their comeuppance and all is right in the world.

My happily ever after doesn’t begin with once upon a time, though I played the part of naïve very well. My happily ever after begins with a betrayal, a man, a piece of damaged property and two charges of lewd behavior in public.

I am Bella Swan and this is my story.

And what a roller coaster ride of a story it is too.

It is obvious from the extract that Maybe Next Time He’ll Think is told from this dynamic Bella’s POV, and believe me, she does such a wonderful job of relating her own fascinating story, that I’m not really sure how much I should reveal to you.  It’s one of those fics where you are best reading it blind…err…you know what I mean – without knowing the plot.

Mmmh, what will I tell you to make sure that you read this not-to-be  missed fic?  There is betrayal along with the requisite slime bag and biotch for you to hate, and – this is where you realise I am a bad person – there is sweet, sweet revenge for you to enjoy.  If that is not enough to make you want to read this enthralling tale, I’m going to throw in the tease of a healthy dose of lust and hot sex.  Oh, and a HEA, what more can you ask for?  Start reading now!


(Un)Dressing Edward Cullen by Discordia81

*Made by Discordia81*

*Made by Discordia81* 

(Un)Dressing Edward Cullen ~ Edward Cullen is an A-list actor with horrific taste in clothing. Bella Swan is his long-suffering stylist who wants to strangle him one minute and kiss him the next. When Edward crashes her date, Bella has to choose between dressing her client and undressing the man she loves.  *2nd Place Public Winner for the Happily Ever After Twific Contest!

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella & Edward – Words: 11,706 – Reviews: 64 – Favs: 162 – Follows: 84 – Published: 04-22-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9227119

If you can truthfully answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, this story is for you. Here goes ladies – remember be honest now!

*Clears throat*

Are you familiar with any of the following items and would you give a week’s wages to know where they disappeared to, and/or have them under your pillow, and/or sleep in them?  A rather holey Stoli t-shirt, a faded red horse t-shirt, or a brown bubble jacket?

Are you familiar with the terms sexpenders and/or sex boots, and/or shiteous Nikes?

Have you almost come to blows with a cyber friend while arguing the virtues or lack of same pertaining to a certain paisley shirt?

Do the words, ‘bottle green hounds tooth check suit’, immediately conjure up an image of a certain well-known actor who coincidentally bears an uncanny striking resemblance to our beloved Edward?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more – please read on.  Not one ‘Yes’? You have obviously been living in outer space for the past five years and are in the wrong place! Please move along quietly.

Bella, a Hollywood stylist, spots Edward on a red carpet, he had on a baggy, red velvet blazer, an oversized white shirt, and black leather pants with boots, (no laughing ladies), she is so appalled by his attire that she tracks him down and demands to dress him. Yes, I said dress him, not undress him.  While there is no denying that when left to his own devices the man has style – it’s just that his style is rather…how do I put this nicely? Creative! That’s the word!

I don’t want to start a fight, but would you agree with me or not?

“Edward Anthony Cullen,” I bellowed as I came in the door of his house. “What in the hell makes you think you are qualified to dress yourself?”

He peered sheepishly around the corner of the hallway. “Well, I am a grown man.”

“That’s debatable,” I muttered. The man was twenty-seven years old, but sometimes I questioned just how grown-up he was. And he certainly couldn’t dress himself. He had style, of sorts, but it wasn’t good style. It was daring; I’d give him that. When he followed my advice, he was stunning. But left to his own devices, he tended to go for things that were completely unflattering—downright hideous, even.

“You hired me to dress you. You pay me for this. Although, at this point, I’m starting to think it’s more of a service to humanity. What on earth prompted you to go for that God-awful shirt?”

This morning, I had glanced at a magazine, expecting to see Edward in a stylish outfit and looking good enough to eat, and had been horrified to realize that he looked terrible. I’d been at the dentist the day of the interview and photo shoot—getting emergency repair done on a cracked tooth—and had left his P.A. in charge. Why Alice had failed to rein him in was beyond me; the woman was no pushover. Fate had conspired to let Edward Cullen have free rein over his own fashion choices and he had ended up doing a photo shoot for a major magazine looking hideous. I was annoyed, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it now.

He shrugged and flopped down on the couch, giving me his best puppy dog eyes. “You didn’t like it?”

“I’ve been your stylist for five years now. In what world did you think I would approve of that repulsive paisley? Plus, you didn’t even shave. You looked like a goddamn hobo. Or a hippie. I can’t decide which!” I ranted. “Maybe a goddamn hobo hippie! Did you even wash your hair?”

“Calm down, Bella, you’re going to give yourself an aneurism. Then who is going to dress me? I’ll show up at your funeral in an orange plaid leisure suit,” he warned. “You know I will.”

“I will haunt you until your dying day if you ever think of that. Don’t think I won’t turn into a ghost just to fuck with you, Edward,” I warned him, throwing my purse onto the couch and standing in front of him, hands on my hips.

He chuckled and relaxed. “I look forward to it.”

The outer layer – the over-coat if you like – if full of fun and banter. What lies hidden beneath –  the underwear of the story – is UST, longing, insecurity, friendship, and best of all…love and a HEA – but who with?

*Made by Betti Gehecht*

*Winning banner made by Betti Gehecht* 


*Review by WiltshireGlo*

Fortune Favours the Bold by capricapra


Fortune Favours the Bold ~ Inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion. At 18, Bella’s respected family prevent her from running away with poor orphan Edward. Years later and their fortunes have reversed. Edward is a rich music producer. Bella is an impovershed writer living with her sister, a single mother. But Edward and Bella’s paths are about to cross again…

Twilight, M, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 14, words: 67k+, favs: 350, follows: 574, updated: 4/15/13 published: 2/3/13, Bella Edward WiP

Fortune Favours the Bold by capricapra You may have guessed from the British spelling in the title that we have an Englishward! Yaaaay! I love it when authors write what they know – it gives the story so much depth and authenticity – and Capricapra doesn’t disappoint!

We’re introduced to Bella and Rosalie, sisters living with Rosalie’s twin children, sharing the care of the kids, their income and expenses, struggling to make ends meet -Bella taking bar work to supplement their earnings. They’re intelligent and classy…nice girls. The sort who do what’s expected of them and work hard. Their love for each other is clear, but they’re both haunted with regret by Rose’s decision to ‘out’ Bella’s secret relationship with her high school sweetheart.

Rosalie appraised Bella in her thick navy pyjamas, still wrapped in the tartan blanket. Although it was clear from their similar heart-shaped faces and mannerisms that they were sisters, Rosalie had always been described as beautiful, tall, blonde and striking, while Bella was girl-next-door pretty. She had thick dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes with a wide smile, and under the shapeless clothes she usually wore, Bella possessed a petite, curvaceous body, still perky and tight, words Rosalie would not use to describe her own anymore, having given birth to two children. It didn’t surprise her that the thugs that frequented The Stag gave her money, hoping to get into her pants. But Rosalie knew that no man would ever get in there. Bella’s heart still belonged to her first love. Her first, lost love. The one that got away.

Rosalie swallowed the feelings of guilt and shame that overcame her whenever she thought of the sacrifices Bella had made for their family. Her younger sister’s independence was curbed when she moved into Rosalie’s house to help raise Gemma and George after Rose’s asshole ex-husband Royce King ran off with all the Swan family money, leaving her a single mother. Bella’s hopes of doing a prestigious creative writing course and being a writer full-time were eschewed in favour of getting a steady job and contributing to the now meagre household income.

Most of all, Rosalie reflected, Bella’s first sacrifice had been the biggest. For the reputation of the Swan family, after much persuasion, Bella had sacrificed her heart. But even nearly twelve years later, at the age of thirty, it still belonged to her first love, Edward. Bella hadn’t so much as looked at another man since Rosalie, her mother Renee and her father Charlie, stopped her from travelling around the world with him and they had broken up.

Gradually, through flashbacks, we’re given beautiful glimpses of the younger Bella and Edward, their connection, their love. It’s all perfect, until other people get involved. We learn exactly what Edward went through, how he quickly had to grow up, how he travelled alone but never lost himself, stayed true and followed his heart in doing what he loved. The most striking thing for me is his compassionate heart; he’s a really lovely guy. His friendship with Jasper had me sobbing. I can’t even begin to tell you why! Capricapra handled some difficult moments so well, and in doing so, made me fall even more in love with Edward.

Now, fifteen chapters in and twelve years on, both Edward and Bella have to face their past daily. Edward finally returns to Warwickshire and the connections of their shared past-and future-hit him at every turn. It seems Bella can’t escape the painful memories either, although she has to put on a brave face for the greater good.

Fortune Favours the Bold has great backstory beautifully intertwined with current issues. Our knowledge of the family and friends around them really adds an understanding of the situation; it’s easy to empathise with the characters for the mistakes of the past, hard to condemn them for their misguided interfering. That’s a difficult balance to strike!

When you’re reading this, savour the taste of England that Capricapra gives; Fortune Favours the Bold is set in an area I know well – it’s close to my heart -and I am so pleased that she really does it justice.


The FicSix Picx ~ What We’re Reading

Accidentally in Love by MissusT

Boundaries Undefined by Mylisssa

Changing My Course by twilover76

Compass by SparklingWand

Dancing in the Dark by jaxon22

Deadly Obsession by WitchyVampireGirl

Deviant by Planetblu

Dirty South Drug Wars by Hoodfabulous

Down Home by MrsSpaceCowboy

FanFiction, Sex God, & Single Girls by Bannerday

Fix You by chocaholic123

From Geek To Chic by MrsK81

Glycerine by Livie79

How to Date a Movie Star by Redtini

Infinite Visibility by TheFicChick

Life In The Balance by Mizzdee

Penalty Shot by Edward’s Eternal

Polaroid by RockRaven244

Rm w a Vu by AngelGoddess1981

Slapshot by prettykittyff

Snare by Raum

Stolen by Rochelle Allison

Tailspil by ruinedbyrob

The Agreement by GemGirl65

The Art of Getting Fluffed by ChocolateSparrow

The Cullen Legacy by PattyRose

The Workings of Fate by RosieRathbone

There’s a Word for It by eiluned price

Unexpected by Lolo84

Where Roads Converge by FluffyLiz

*On a side note…if you know us at all, you will know that this list, while it might seem HHP long to some, is nowhere near all the fics we are reading/following!* LOL

Have a lovely week, and please share what’s been tickling your literary Twific fancy!

The FicSix





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    As you can all tell, dear readers, I did didley squat for this post, talk about a lady of leisure this week.. LOL But I have been reading like a demon and I still haven’t finished the story I started this week – that is because it’s a big ‘un.

    Blood & Glory by drotuno Summary: The definition of a mercenary is a soldier for hire. His crew are trained fighting machines. Hers are smart PIs. What happens when they need each other to survive? Canon couples. AH/AU. Rated M for lots of reasons, including violence and lemons.

    I am reading it because in a couple of the FaceBook fan fiction groups I follow it appears in so many “Top Tens” I decided I must read it. It is a great story so far, intricate plot, lots of action, an Edward that is equal parts adorable and lethal (what a combination). Bella is strong, smart and brave. Once I have finished it, I will report back properly!

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone! AV xo

    • Sparkly peen Ally Vera? I see a chandelier! I think you have been reading too much M rated fanfic. LOL

      Looking forward to hearing more on Blood and Glory.

      Enjoy your reading and have a wonderful weekend Ally Vera. MWAH!

    • Happy 40th Birthday, sweet Ally! 😀 Have a wonderful day! xoxo

      And drotuno’s stories are great! I think you’ll be pleased with B&G.

    • jazzgirl317

      AllyVera~ oh, Blood & Glory…MercWard!! Good choice and being a passionate devotee, I can’t wait to read your write up!! And, happy birthday!

    • Wishing you the jolliest of birthdays Ally Vera! Somehow I’m sure you’re going to have fun 😉

      Blood & Glory and the whole Gravity series is one of my all time favourites and a definite go-to read when I need it. I’m loving Drotuno and Jen’s (aka Sarge’s Girls) collaboration – In Pursuit. Edward is a US Marshall and Bella is under his protection… So good so far!

    • Happy Birthday Ally!! *birthday bumps ya*
      Have a fantastic day!
      Sooooo many good recs here. I have my eye on Circusward *sigh Jacob*.
      I’ve been on an AU kick. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read any before, but after finishing (and loving) Osa Bella last week I’ve becoming a bit obsessed and have devoured Elemental and Bonne Foi since.
      I will spend tonight reading these HEA o/s so thank you for the recs ladies and for the TAoGF link too.
      Have a fantastic weekend
      Kate x

      • Hi Sparrownotes! I’ve read and enjoyed all those AU fics. Thanks.

        You are in for a treat with Circusward – get yourself a front row seat.

        Happy FanFiction Friday!

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Happy Birthday Ally… Woo Hoo! Another member for the ‘life begins now club.’ You are in fabulous company BTW.
    I don’t blame you one bit takin’ it easy, Catch up on some of those unread fics and bring us some more wonderful rec’s next week.
    Ladies, thank you for another post stuffed with only the good stuff. I will be grabbing and storing the one’s I haven’t already got to my e-reader.
    Happy Friday guys

  3. mauigirl60

    Happy Birthday, Ally! I don’t think I got a FB notification on that, I’ll have to check that out! Great recs and the reviews make me want to break my no-WIP rules as usual. I’m following all of them though and waiting for them to complete. I’ve got Step Right Up on my list so I’m going to load that one into my tablet today! Happy Friday!!!

    • Thanks mauigirl60… you know I am going to spend some of my birthday reading – what bliss! Have a lovely weekend 🙂 A x

    • Happy FFF mauigirl60! I know you will love The Man… when you read it; it really is beautiful.

      I haven’t read Step Right Up either, but after Cared’s review, I will definitely be reading it! Have a great weekend! xo

    • *waves to mauigirl!* I think you’re going to love Step Right Up…Cared gives a great taste of it and made me want to read it again. It’s a lovely story.

      Have a great weekend!

  4. A BIG HIPPITY HOPPITY ROBERTY BIRTHDAY, ALLY! 40 is a great age – I had the best time in my 40s (and I got an awesome shag on my 40th birthday… oooh, happy days) *looks off into the distance, smiling wistfully*

    Ahem, anyway, enough of all that. Some great fics here today, none of which I have on my list, so as I’m obviously in danger of running out of stuff to read by the time I’m 105, I better get clicking and saving!

    One lovely story I’m reading at the moment is ‘Following Faith’ by Jen328. It’s such a beautiful love story, a little dreamy and, at times, ‘other worldly’. Really loving it.
    Leaving the rain behind, Bella starts over in a small, coastal town. One glimpse of her and Edward is lost. Is it love at first sight or something more? A story of risking your heart – risking it all – to discover what you had all along. AH, rated M.

  5. Happy Friday, everyone! We had a great time putting together The FicSix Picx post, as there are so many wonderful stories we are reading!

    Another Romance story I am following is Misguided Love by xxxKittyMasenxxx & biotech-gurl ~ it’s a fun, sweet Actorward drabble, posts every other day. I’m really enjoying the slow burn of it, and I really like both Edward and Bella.

    COLLABORATION with biotech-gurl. Edward Masen – Hollywood heartthrob whose choices in life are dictated by the studio. Bella Swan – owns and runs a small bookshop that she inherited. This is what happens when a text message is sent to the wrong person. AH, Canon Couples, Drabble(ish), Rated M for future lemons.

    Have a lovely weekend…I am hoping for some sun! xo

  6. ilovealion

    As always, another great post, ladies. I M in awe of the sheer amount of fic that you guys indulge in. Lol

    Happy birthday, Ally. I hope you have a great day. Enjoy your fortieth. I got my tattoo for my 40th.

    Enjoy and happy reading.

    • Hi Ilovealion!! Thank you 🙂 I would love to tell you I am doing something exciting like getting a tattoo, but I’m not that lucky! LOL I will however, be drinking far too much wine.. hehe

  7. You totally had me laughing this morning with the commentary for Undressing Edward Cullen, because…well, you know. I love our Boy, but there are times when I think he has lost his mind, before leaving the house sometimes. I will admit to giving up an appendage to have the Stoli shirt in my possession though. 🙂

    I am def. adding the Jane Austen inspired story, Fortune Favours the Bold, to my reading list for sure. xxoo

    • Hi katiebirdie, if you laughed at the commentary for (Un)Dressing Edward Cullen, you will laugh even more at the story. You may even find The Holy Stoli!

      I’m looking forward to Fortune Favours the Bold also. I started The Man In The Moon last night and it’s everything that Midnight Cougar said.

      Happy FanFiction Friday katiebirdie!

  8. I have a few of those on my reading list, but I haven’t had time to read much of anything lately… ;( No matter how long your list is, it is not long enough… I love that list.

    • Welcome Writtenby Abdex! Thank you, so glad you like the list; I’m sure you’ll find something to read on it, lol We tried to include a little of everything. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    • Hello Writtenby Abdex. Welcome to FanFiction Fridays!

      I agree, there is no such thing as too much good fic. If you would like to share a rec in the comments, please feel free to do so.

      Have a great weekend!

  9. jazzgirl317

    Ach, ladies, now I remember why I have always avoided the fic blogs. Just when I think maybe I’m making some kind of dent in my Soon-to-beDivorced list, you go and add new stories that I can’t resist!! Step Right Up just turned into my quiet day at home read, once I run thought the O/Ss. Well, I have two notifications to check on, and now I have to rearrange my fic priorities.

    • Hi jazzgirl317! I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not, so I won’t. LOL

      That’s a fabulous name for your TBR list; I might have to steal that.

      Have a wonderful afternoon of reading, and thanks for stopping by jazzgirl317, it’s nice to see you.

  10. kleomary

    Hello Ladies, great post again this Friday, thank you!! Happy Birthday Allyvera,best wishes!! Have a great weekend all!

  11. christa64c

    Sparkle P33n!!! I’ll never doubt you again Cared! More wonderful stories for me to check out. You guys never disappoint with your rec’s and I can’t thank you enough for including one of my stories on your list.
    Happy birthday Ally!

  12. Hi all! Just stopping in to wish Ally Vera a “Very Happy Birthday” here at RA. And to say that Step Right Up looks like a great addition to my TBR! I’ve been reading some not your usual fics lately and this fits the bill. I finished Cutlass last week and LOVED it.

    I also just started a pulled fic, Pistols and Petticoats and am loving it so far. Thanks for all of the wonderful reccs, ladies!

    • Hi robsfuturemate, you are going to love Step Right Up as it really does fit in with the roll you are on.

      Thanks for the rec of Cutlass – fanning self! LOL

      Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Hi robsfuturemate! Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and Thank You for the rec. I have had Cutlass on my TBR – I will have to read it soon. I loved Pistols and Petticoats – great read! A xox

  13. Hello,
    Happy Birthday, Ally! Wow, I’ll be joining your club later this year. I don’t know about you but where did my thirties go?? LOL Hope you had a great day and were spoiled rotten.

    I’m sad to say that I have not read any fic for too long. I’ve been busy boxing up my house for a big move. Today however I treated myself to a quick E and B fix from your recs before heading back to packing more boxes. And what a nice way to start to my Sunday it was. I love The Man In the Moon. What a great start to a story. I’ve been needing a nice happy WIP and thanks to you guys, i’ve found it. I also read (Un)Dressing Edward Cullen…hahaha…that made me laugh. I think Discordia81 and I feel exactly the same way about a certain boy’s clothing choices! LOL What a great little read.

    And thank you so much, Cared for such a kind and wonderful review. You are so good to me and I love that you love Winston as much as I do. Camels ROCK!

    Can’t wait to be finally packed and moved and back in my normal reading routine again. I’ll have to catch up on all the posts i’ve missed.

    • Hey FoxxyJ, I wonder where the hell my thirties went too!! I had a great weekend – got spoilt rotten 🙂 I feel like I haven’t chatted to you in ages, I hope all is well and you get a chance to be back into your “reading routine” soon. *great big hugs* A xox

  14. Hi FoxxyJ, you are most welcome. Step Right Up is such a nice read that I wanted to tell everyone about it. The WFE visual doesn’t hurt either. *wink*

    I’m glad we were able to provide your fix. There is nothing like a shot of Edward and Bella romance to get the blood pumping. LOL

    Best of luck with the move J!

  15. rita01tx

    Aw crap, Ally darlin’! Can’t believe I missed your birthday! Hope this little present makes up for it!
    The Bad Vampires Handbook by maxigrumpling
    Turned by accident, nerdy loner Eddie faints at the sight of blood and wakes, often, at the morgue. There’s no handbook for what he’s become. When the Cullen’s discover him he needs a total vampire makeover and the OCD, hypochondria and his image of what he is all have to go. Bella is given the task of educating him. She thinks he’s a joke, but likes the glasses. E/B HEA assured.
    Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 23 – Words: 128,275 – Reviews: 742 – Favs: 225 – Follows: 426 – Updated: 04-28-13 – Published: 03-24-13 – id: 9133049
    This is some hilarious shiz, BB! It’s a WIP but updates often!
    Hope you enjoy it!

  16. eewee333

    Man, I am way behind in checking my email and blogs! First off, Happy (belated) Birthday Ally. Oh, to be 40 again! I’d have so many more years ahead to read fanfic. Oh, well. Hope you had a wonderful day. Second, another great post ladies. I just keep adding to my TBR list. I am reading a really out-there Vampward this week. It just completed, but boy it’s a doozy. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Sometimes I just like a “bad” Edward. And Bella is OOC as well.

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