Sensual Sunday ~ Your Guide to the Promised Land!

Wet Rob AviGood evenin’, ladies!

I know I’m very late, but it’s GOT to still be Sunday somewhere in the world, right?

You can probably tell from the title that I got my perve on today LOL!

Yup! I’ll be examinin’ that typical male leg spread that leads us to “The Promised Land!”

It’s a guy thing and Rob, king of all guys, will be demonstrating some of the subtle nuances {whether he wants to or not}!

BrownJmiaT_001 (2)

I call this the Semi-Open Invitation!  Rob’s feelin’ good about himself and is open to communication, but that’s it…no touchie feelie shit allowed!


Seein’ as he’s hunched over Hidin’ the Goods, I’d say the invitation is hereby revoked… don’t expect anythin’ more’n a polite howdy do!


Rob’s Alpha Male Signal to all other dudes to back the fuck off…he’s Numero Uno!


Which, at the same time, is his Matin’ Display to the ladies!


Well, I’m sure as hell ready to be mated LMAO!!!


And I know I’m not the only one!  DIED an’ Gone to Heaven *groan!*

06 plife (2)

This subtle signal means Rob’s Not Available no matter how funny and cute you are!


Rob’s You Do All The Work display! {startin’ with gettin’ rid of that belt *THUD!*}


Who’s up for a matin’ session with Rob on that hammock? Raise your hands!!!


Awww, Rob! Fair warnin’…we’re not above molestin’ you in your sleep LOL!


Heheheh! I thought that would get his attention…he wouldn’t wanna miss anything, right?


Subliminal Size Suggestion! By puttin’ a couple large, inaminate objects between Rob’s legs, we are subconsciously lead to assume there’s more than enough to go around LOL!


I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be so suggestive as to be downright scary, but whoever took that photo wasn’t takin’ our pervy little minds into consideration!!!


If they knew us at all, they’d know that we are, at this moment, measurin’ Rob’s hands, fingers and thumb LMAO!!!


Not to mention his feet LMAO!!!


And the results of our measurements have just been confirmed by Rob himself ROTFLMAO!!! {Poor Matt gave up and crossed his legs in shame!}


Ultimately, Rob’s Wide Legged Straddle is an invitation to be, well…straddled!


Excuse me while I live vicariously for an hour or two…maybe longer *le sigh!*


Oops! A blatant signal from Rob that he’s had enough for today!

Until next time!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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18 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Your Guide to the Promised Land!

  1. if that darling man read half these posts he really would sleep with one eye open. loved the pics. it’ll give me something happy to think about at work. cheers.

    • rita01tx

      Aw, hell Natalie darlin’, I wouldn’t mind Rob readin’ my posts if I knew he’d see the daft side! Sure wouldn’t want to scar him for life LOL!

  2. Now THAT’S what I’m talking bout!!!! Both hands raised and ready for Rob’s Numero uno!!!! hehehe yes indeed my mind went straight into the deepest end of the gutter with that phrase and this post! THANK YOU RITA DARLIN!!! First time i truly felt then urge to perv in a LONG Time!!

  3. Doh i forgot to click the notify button!

  4. nebfan51

    This was an AWESOME post….absolutely hilarious!!! THANK YOU for sharing your very insightful “insights”!

  5. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita, love the post and the pics…Oh, the possibilities!!!Sigh. Read this post and drifted off to a wonderful and dirty place, only to be snapped out of it by my 5 year old bursting in to announce (with an accompanying happy dance) that the tooth fairy had been.
    So to my pervy godmother (that’s you BTW) Thank you for bringing me that small moment of drool. I may have to pop back later when everyone else is in bed. hehehe.

  6. While I love this post sooooooooooo much I’m even happier that it will be archived to enjoy again and again and again. Made my Monday so much better! Thanks bunches!

    • rita01tx

      No worries there, Anakinsmom darlin’! I enjoy a trip through the archives my own self when I have time! Chock full of fond memories and super fine RobPorn LOL!

  7. eewee333

    Oh Rita. Thanks for another Robtabulous post. The pictures are just yummy. My favorite is the Details shoot. Him in those tight black dress pants, just THUD. And my response to his T-shirt in the last picture….NEVER!!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Ahh, the b/w Details shot…Melbie darlin’s BEST work LOL!
      But didn’t we just laugh our asses off the first time we saw that Beastie Boys t-shirt? Perfect message to the fuckin’ paps YAY!!!

  8. I enjoyed that so much!! I never really noticed his fingers before (how is that even possible??). I didn’t know there was such a thing as Jawporn. sigh. Thanks for the promised land! I am never leaving it.

  9. Boy was I slow getting around to this post – that’ll teach me! DAYS wasted not knowing this expertly curated Robporn was right there in my mail.
    Great post as always, Rita! You are indeed our Pervy Godmother!
    In answer to your question, I have to admit that the only thing that could tear my eyes away from the eyes / lips / jaw / hands and all the other wondrous Robparts, is the blatant spread-kneed crotch shot. Lord have mercy!
    Thanx, Renee

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