Sensual Sunday ~ Excuse Me, Butt…!

Wet Rob Avi

You know what, ladies?

You’re just gonna have to ride this out with me ’cause, much as I love Rob’s beautiful face, my perv is all about his lower half at the moment LOL!

‘Fraid so!  You see…                       tumblr_mmoaypWjct1r7rghpo1_500

The way that sweet butt sways back ‘n forth in those jeans…hypnotic!


The tighter the jeans, the better…hell’n we almost have crackage!


Yeah, I just put this one in ’cause it’s so freakin’ cute LOL!


Now, some of Rob’s jeans just don’t fit right…looks like he ain’t even got an ass in some of them…


Maybe it’s the fashion {or was at the time}….


but a good pair of jeans are supposed to make your butt look gooood!


And these?


just DON’T!


Sexpenders were a vast improvement while they lasted…not long enough, right?


Then again, we all know that jeans fit just fine when you first put them on…


but loosen up the longer you wear them!


Now THIS is more like it…nice tight jeans huggin’ Rob’s sweet tush!


See? They were so tight his boxers got squeezed out the top like toothpaste LMAO!!!


Basically, pants flatter Rob’s ass better than most of the jeans he wears!


Who doesn’t love to see is that ass sittin’ snug inside a fabulous pair of designer pants?


Uh, OK…these are probably NOT Gucci pants LOL!


But, oh…


when he’s wearin’ just the right suit…


Poetry shall be written in honor of Rob’s butt!


All right, dirty limericks, then LOL


Yup, a view from the back is sometimes…not always…as good as the front LOL


Chris musta thought his ass looked pretty fine in Tokyo that day LOL!


Again, just ’cause he’s so adorkable when he tumbles head over heels…showin’ his ass!


Pfffft! Like I’d forget! Thanks, Sally, for the gorgeous Birthday edit!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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25 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Excuse Me, Butt…!

  1. Totally mystified. Totally entertained. Grinning like a Cheshire cat. And you’re right, there is no butt like Robbutt!!!! Thanks for all these pics and gifs. Made Mother’s Day even better!!! 😀

  2. Clairebamboozle

    Hi Rita, Poetry huh??
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue
    I like Rob’s Ass
    How about you?
    (You don’t need to answer that one, I already know the answer.)
    Another great post honey, and so much easier to perve over on a bigger screen since my net book bit the dust.
    Thanks for the porn BB

    • rita01tx

      I will molest Rob’s butt in the hall
      I will molest Rob’s butt in the mall
      He can’t escape out the door
      Cause I’m chasin’ him down like a h00r!

      Glad to hear you got a new net book so soon, BB!

      • Clairebamboozle

        Hahaha, you are like a dirty Dr Zeus, and I love it.
        Yup no one more surprised than me when Mr Bamboozle turned up with a new machine, I expected to be out of commission for a while…I must have looked incredibly sad and pathetic when the old one conked out.
        Now I’ve just got to find the time to reconstruct my little online world.

        • rita01tx

          Heheheh! Can’t help it…been readin’ Just4ale’s 4-part Vampire series!
          Edward, chapter 10 of Sleeps With a Vampire:
          “I started to make a Green Eggs and Ham-like mental checklist that we could go through together: ‘I have done it in a car, I have done it on the bar. I have done it in a movie theater…’ Okay, nothing rhymes with movie theater, and I only fondled there her anyway. I have to work on this poem.”
          Bella, chapter 1 of Call of the Vampire:
          “And I quickly had to put a stop to this strange Green Eggs and Ham-like list that kept running through his head. “No Edward… I will not do it in a stall, I will not do it in the mall.”

          I’m really lovin’ this series LMAO!!!

          • Clairebamboozle

            Aww Rita, that’s four more fics I’ve had to download to my e reader, I’m never gonna catch up!!!!

  3. Oh RITA! Thanks for this comment,
    “See? They were so tight his boxers got squeezed out the top like toothpaste LMAO!!!”
    Now I’ll never think about Rob’s ass without thinking of my mouth!! LOL
    Wait, that didn’t come out right!
    Or Maybe it did!! Bwahahaha

  4. Found it Rita! I always LOVED this pic for the pure Robbutt juciness LOL When I first saw this pic I thought, “oh Yeah! They Seriously need to bring back tight jeans for Men!!!

    • rita01tx

      I have to agree with Rob that the clothes they made for him on WFE fit his body beautifully! Especially, the pants!!!

  5. Crap! pinterest removed the html Link lets try this one instead

  6. Once upon a time I had a coffee mug that said “I LOVE Tushies” but the heart for LOVE was upside down. Now I need one that says “I LOVE Rob’s Tushie!”
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’m hott for Rob’s tushie
    And the rest of him too!

  7. Rita, this post was perfect, as always. I loved all the pics and enjoyed your funny comments!! You made me smile a lot! 🙂 And Rob´s butt is yummy, it deserves a post like this!. As you say, jeans are tight only the first time you put them on LOL..
    Thanks a lot and kisses and hugs. And of course happy birthday to our man, because he´s a man! 27!

    • rita01tx

      Yay! Exaltada darlin’ {{{HUGS!!!}}} Glad you liked my Robbutt post LOL! It was that first gif that inspired me…that, and I had all these pics fairly handy for quick access!
      Can’t believe our sweet man is 27 already *snif!* Seems like just yesterday, he was only 21 and so freakin’ fine!!!
      It helps me not to feel like such an old perv, though LMAO!!!

      • I know! I feel the same way! In Spanish we say “asaltacunas” (crib attacker?) when someone like a person much younger. I don´t feel like an “asaltacunas” anymore 😉

  8. eewee333

    Thank you Rita for the delicious butt roast, oops, I mean post! It really made my day and made me smile, which I really, really needed after the horrible weekend I had. You girls always cheer me up.

    On a totally random side note, did I read somewhere that RAoR is making a comeback? Just curious. 🙂

  9. naughtyhisbella

    Yowza…what a lovely view!

    I prefer him coming and going….

    This post was a terrific Mom’s day present!

    • rita01tx

      What the hell, Naughty darlin’! WP failed to notify me that you had commented *face palm!*
      Very glad you liked my Mother’s Day RobButt post LOL!
      There will be more “face time” in future posts…promise!!!

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