Sensual Sunday ~ The Art of Seduction!

Wet Rob Avi

Good evenin’, ladies!

It goes without sayin’ that Rob could give lessons in the Art of Seduction, but I’m not here to give away any of his trade secrets!

No, I’m here to wallow in the sensual beauty that is Rob and I’m takin’ you with me!

NEED to be seduced all over again…

Francies67 979

’cause I’ve been feelin’ kinda neglected since Rob’s been in ninja mode!

Francies67 101

With The Rover his only film in the can so far this year….


it could be AGES until he’s on the promo tour!

Francies67 784

Somethin’ along the lines of the Cosmopolis promo tour would be ideal!


I wouldn’t wish for him to be subjected to the intense fuckery that encompassed promotin’ the Twilight Saga ever again!

Francies67 858

Although, WE got an epic amount of RobPorn out of the deal…


I don’t think it was all that much fun for Rob!


Well, except maybe for some of the nicer fan encounters!


The quiet, respectful fans who’d show up late at night around his hotel…

Francies67 046

hopin’ for a glimpse,  a kind word…acknowledgement, if you will…


and an autograph…better yet, a photo!


Rob DOES appreciate his fans, I’m sure!


And, boy, do we appreciate him!


We appreciate everythin’ he does for us…


it’s just that we miss him!


Maybe, if we’re lucky…


some charity event or other will touch his heart enough to attend!


Oh, my! Rob in a suit again after all this time?


That would be such a treat for us…


his 1%!  You remember? He said if only 1% of his Twilight fans followed him forward…


he would consider himself lucky!

Francies67 812

Ha! No luck about it!  We’d follow our man to hell and back!

Francies67 945

All he ever has to do is ask!

Francies67 042

All he ever has to do is give US even 1% of his attention!

MelbieToast FiftyShades 001

Just let us know what your own way is, darlin’, and you can have it!

Oops!  I mighta got off track LOL! But I sure do feel a whole lot better, don’t you?

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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31 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ The Art of Seduction!

  1. naughtyhisbella

    Oh, Rita….babe? Why do you do this to me right before I have to go to bed? Now, I won’t get any sleep. I’ll be clinching my thighs every time I close my eyes. He so damn beautiful!!! Seduct me, Mr.Pattinson! Show my hubby how its done!!! Lol

    • rita01tx

      Hell, Naughty darin’! Right before you go to bed is the PERFECT time to sink down into dreams of Rob! Your DH should be thankin’ me LMAO!!!

  2. ClaireBamboozle

    Hmmmmm what a fabulous collection of pics. Honestly, I had to run through the post twice to get your comments to sink in, I was just too distracted by his perfection (and there was so much of it too.)
    Gone midnight here but how wonderful to get a shot of RobPorn just before I head off to bed.
    Thanks Rita, you made my night xx

    • rita01tx

      As usual, I spent HOURS collectin’ such beauties and it was super hard {twss!} to choose from over 100 and countin’ pics of Rob gorgeousness! Which might explain why it’s already way past midnight my time and officially Monday LOL!

  3. Many thanks, I needed that after a semi craptastic day! He always makes me smile and feel so much better.

    • rita01tx

      Well, I’m glad I could end your craptastic day on a fantastic RobHigh, Anakinsmom darlin’! He do make everythin’ all right in my world, that’s for sure!

  4. i’m happy to wallow with you anytime, mate. i just love it when he smoulders at the camera. does anyone know roughly when the rover is due out? the imdb had no date listed.

    • rita01tx

      Hey Natalie darlin’! Nothin’ concrete on The Rover, unfortunately. Last I heard, it would be out end of this year! That would be awesome unless they push it back to beginnin’ of 2014 which would SUCK!!!

  5. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies! I may have come to a grinding halt on producing my edits of Rob the Pretty Pattinson but I am no way disenchanted with him. Lots of more new photos of him in a suit would be a GREAT way to shake my world from the perpetual humdrum of digital-manipulation artist’s block to hyper-sonic creative flow onto the digital canvas. Hope everyone had a good weekend and y’all take care.

    • Totes agree BB! been searching for a new project for us but i too am drawing a blank!

    • rita01tx

      You don’t have to come bearin’ gifts, Missi darlin’! It’s always great to see you! And I agree completely that we need a spiffed up, Gucci suit wearin’ Rob photo op in the worst way LOL!
      Now if only Dior could get their act together and release that damn commercial we’re all waitin’ for!!!

  6. Seduced anew
    Because of you
    And your eyes of blue.
    The F*ck me stare
    Isn’t Fair
    With me here and you There!
    You’ve been gone too long
    Without a word or a song
    Come back where you belong
    Seduced anew
    Because of you
    And your eyes of blue.
    Don’t abandon us
    Left in the dust
    lost in lust
    left in doubt
    In the terrible drought!
    with faces that pout.
    Seduced anew
    Because of you
    And your eyes of blue.
    What else can we do?
    But wait for you
    and remain, forever true!


  7. Thank you for the delicious photos. I was SO tempted to go lurk at Rob’s hotel when he was here in NYC a few weeks ago, but I resisted. 1. He was on vacation. 2. I’m a NYer and we let our celebs walk our streets in peace. (Those ‘Remember Me’ fan-ninjas that mobbed him, must have been from out of town*sic* tacky.) 3. When I finally meet Rob, I want to look great, not a ‘Frumpy Fan’ that just happened by. (I think his casual ‘lived-in’ look is snuggable. Just curl up in his lap and play with his scruff, but as you’ve mentioned, Rob in a suit…*thud*) Seriously, he gets all polished and posh for us, it’s the least we can do if we’re gonna interrupt what he’s doing to ask for a photo.

    • rita01tx

      Well, I don’t know how you resisted but I’m glad you did…for his sake! He does put up with a lot to please us and deserves all the private time he can get between filmin’ and promo tourin’!
      And now you’ve got me imaginin’ snugglin’ up with GrizzlyRob, which is no hardship cause I surely don’t mind the beard, which must be epic by now LOL!

  8. eewee333

    Hi Rita. Thanks for all the lovely Robpics. Always brightens up my otherwise blue Monday. I don’t know how much we’ll be seeing of him in the near future because I just read that he and KStew have called it quits again. But, who knows? The media does make shit up or exaggerate (*cough* lie *cough*). The pictures are beautiful and is it just me or does he keep getting better looking the older he gets? Hell by the time he’s 40, with a little touch of grey, OMG! Sorry, just zoned out there for a minute or 5. I’ll stop my rambling now and get back to work. Thanks again BB for putting a smile on my face. 🙂

    P.S. Kudos to RF for the great poem. I agree 100%.

    • rita01tx

      Sorry it took me HOURS to get back to you, Eewee darlin’! But you mentioned Rob with a touch of grey and I instantly remembered a photo from the Cannes premiere of Cosmopolis! Only problem, was I lost all my Cosmopolis promo stash some time ago and hadn’t recovered everything yet. However, I FOUND IT!!!

  9. I loved the comment from nataliefox1901 that we’d be happy watching him read the phone book. Know what the best part would be? The pervy little Rob-giggles when he came across a name that could be remotely suggestive!

    Rita, I appreciate this latest gift from our Pervy Godmother. Sigh, it’s a dirty job … thanks for taking one for the team!

    • rita01tx

      You are so right, Renee darlin’! Nothin’ tickles us like his precious, pervy Rob-giggles…the more the better LOL!

      Ever notice how Rob’s fandom reflects his various moods? Rob happy = RobFans happy; Rob pissed off = RobFans pissed off and ready to do battle on his behalf; Rob hurtin’ = RobFans dazed and confused ’cause we can’t get to him and kiss it all better!

    • Oh renee’ i never thought about that! I was too distracted by the thought of his double jointed digits caressing the pages!!!!

      Pervy Godmother!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahaha I LURVE IT!!! *FIST BUMP*

  10. nebfan51

    Thank you for another wonderful post!!! Love pics of Rob!! These were exceptional 🙂 Maybe after the drama of Rob’s life the last couple of weeks….we will be seeing more of him….we can only hope!

    • rita01tx

      Glad you liked ’em, Nebfan darlin’! It’s a good thing we have a bountiful stash of RobPorn to keep us tided over until his next appearance, which, I’m afraid, won’t be until he starts filmin’ Map to the Stars in Toronto and LA starting July 8th!
      Until then, he’s got his ninja moves down pat cause we ain’t seen hide nor hair of him for too long now!

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