Random Rita ~ The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes!

Wet Rob Avi

Mornin’, ladies!

At Eewee333’s request {she wasn’t around the first time}, I’m repostin’ this celebration of Rob’s colorful eyes!

Hope you enjoy it again or for the first time, as well LOL!!

*  *   *   *  

The French say, ‘Les yeux sont le miroir de l’dme (The eyes are the mirror of the soul).

Perhaps that explains, in part, our fascination with Rob’s eyes.  Somehow, by losin’ ourselves in their depths, we imagine a connection, or at least an understandin’ of this complex man.

It’s not just the dark, thick, expressive brows, or the ridiculously long eyelashes that draw us in…it’s the unexpected colors!

If someone asked me what color Rob’s eyes were, I’d say “blue.”  Definitely, blue!

I would be right…but, I’d be wrong, too!  It all depends on the light and/or the photographer, it would seem.

Trippin’ through my RobPorn, I’ve been amazed at all the different colors of Rob’s eyes!  Aquamarine? Seriously?

But, then they appear to be grey and I can’t figure out why…

Maybe they reflect the color of his shirt?  God, I love that grey shirt from the Sex Drive premier!  Well, I love ALL the photos of Rob from Sex Drive!

If that’s the case, then what are they reflectin’ that absolutely makes them green?

Like I said, sometimes it’s light, or the photographer.  How else could his eyes look so black in this one?

It’s not always his natural color(s), either!  Edward’s eyes fascinate me when they are gold…

or when they are fiercely black!

Course, RDMickey likes ’em RED!

NereCullen has a couple special edits to add…just for me!

NereCullen_DreamingOfRob 104

Violet Blue or Green? Decisions, decisions…

NereCullen_DreamingOfRob 105

Hell’n I like ’em ALL!

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!


Night Raider



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27 responses to “Random Rita ~ The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes!

  1. We could post about all his different eye colors and shapes and general uniqueness from here until doomsday and we’d still never come close to describing the beauty of his eyes alone!!!! That last one his eyes look grey, AND powder blue with flecks of gold! Oh ~SWOON~

    • rita01tx

      That last one’s the reason I called this post The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes LOL!
      I don’t care how many times I look at them, Rob’s eyes are endlessly fascinatin’!

  2. he is a beautiful creature! thank you…the article and visuals were magnificent!

    • rita01tx

      Glad you liked it! Definitely worth a repost, I think! Especially when I had 2 new edits by NereCullen to add to the mix LOL!!

  3. What a beautiful sight to wake up too. Thanks Rita! Made my day. 😉

    • rita01tx

      Now, that’s what I like to hear, PG darlin’! I’m missin’ our man so bad right now, it ain’t even funny! So, it’s been fun to go back over all my older posts…might have to resurrect a couple more one of these days LOL!

  4. I do love the man in grey. It makes his eyes POP.

    Thanks for including an old edit of mine from Halloween a few years ago. I was reading Grasping Darkness as a wip and that is where I went. I did two. http://i889.photobucket.com/albums/ac97/rdmickey1989/My%20Edits/36bd22c7.jpg

    Here was the wallpaper…..that I dabbled in using Midnight Sun.

    You are correct, his eyes seem to change in every pic. Green, blue, hazel, grey, and occasionally gold, I love them all.

    I still have this pretty much everywhere. It’s just…..GAH.

  5. eewee333

    RITAAAAAAA!! Hi bb. Thanks for reposting this just for me *squee*. He is just so beautiful, no matter what color his eyes are. And you know how much I LURVE New Moon Edward. Just a gorgeous picture of him. Thanks for making my day, my week, my year….!! Oh, one more thing, not to take away from his eyes, but did you notice how beautiful his lips are in these pictures too? Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my monitor and keyboard. So yeah, thanks so much. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Hard to miss the lips, Eewee darlin’! Especially those luscious, bee-stung beauties in Melbie’s Mark Peterson edit! Nom nom nom !!!

  6. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, lovely collection of pics and edits. Sigh, you can get lost in those eyes…beautiful, beautiful man.

    • rita01tx

      Most definitely, Claire Bear! I’m glad Eewee asked for a repost of this one…it was before your time as well so you haven’t seen it before, right?

      • ClaireBamboozle

        I have seen it before, but I’m not sure if it was when it was originally posted, or if I saw it when I first found you and trawled through some old posts, I must confess I lurked for a while before I started commenting. lol

        • rita01tx

          Well, I can understand that, darlin’! I am / we are pretty intimidatin’…NOT!!! One thing’s for sure; I’m awful glad you came outta lurkin’ mode! {{HUGS!}}

  7. I agree, that man have amazing eyes, and I still don´t know what color are they for sure. But I love all these beautiful pics. Thanks Rita! xoxo

    • rita01tx

      I guess that’s why we examine each and every Rob photo minutely tryin’ to figure it out, Exaltada darlin’! If it’s not his eyes holdin’ our attention, it’s his sweet lips, majestic eyebrows and sharp jawline! Not to mention his hair…at whatever length, and any other part of his long, tall, muscular {but not too muscular} body *drool!*

  8. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies! I love looking at Rob’s gorgeous eyes in different colors too. As I dabble in graphic manipulation also I’ve tried to enhance photos of the ones with his gray eyes and I can’t get the color to stand out so I end up using blue or green to tint them and then I can adjust the color to make them pop. He’s so handsome and beautiful to create art with and it’s always a pleasure when other artists share their work for all to see. Looking at photos of Rob is always a pleasure. Thanks for post!

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Missi darlin’! I came across this on tumblr today:
      From The Age (Au):

      Stubble is a crime when a man looks this good clean-shaven, writes Maggie Alderson.

      Rob. Pattinson. ROBERT. PATTINSON. Rarely do the heavens bestow such a bone structure on a human. He looks like something Zeus and his daughter Aphrodite dreamt up on a wet afternoon on Olympus.

      Aphrodite: ”Daddy, I’m boooooooored.”

      Zeus: ”Are you, my little honeybun? Let’s play a game.”

      He pauses to think, scratching his head with the end of his lightning bolt.

      Zeus: ”I know – we’ll create a human so beautiful it makes the others go mad.”

      Aphrodite: ”Ooh, that would be so fun. Hmm, let me think … Got it! We’ll make a young man with such a perfect face all women go soppy and mad with lust and longing when they see him.”

      KERPOW! Zeus throws a bolt of lightning down to Earth, which lands in a suburb of south west London. We hear a baby’s cry. Cut to poster for Twilight.

      Here the Robsessed link with lots and lots of gorgeous RobPorn!

      How could we ever get tired of lookin’ at this wonderful man!?!?!
      Answer: WE CAN’T !!!

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