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Whether you’re relaxing into an airplane seat, a deckchair at the beach, or a cozy couch near a fireside Down Under, settling down to read is one of life’s great pleasures. Today on FanFiction Fridays, we have quite the mixture of entertaining fics for you: three complete fics, a one shot, a wondrous WIP, and a drabble, bringing not only romance, friendship, and the supernatural from both human and vampire worlds, but Edward/Bella, Alice/Jasper, and Edward/Emmett. 

We are also delighted and honoured to have the talented Raum and Camilla10 join us today.


*Review by Raum and Camilla10*

The Brandons by jmolly

*Made by Raum using art by Alicexz on Deviantart*

*Made by Raum using art by Alicexz on Deviantart*

The Brandons ~ Edward gives Alice the key to her past and future: a phone number for her sister. Companion fic to ‘I Hunger’, but stands alone easily. Vamps/humans, somewhat AU.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Family/Romance – Alice & Jasper – Chapters: 20 – Words: 98,369 – Reviews: 386 – Favs: 70 – Follows: 70 – Updated: 12-07-11 – Published: 05-29-10 – id: 6008317

In the Twilight Saga, the passage from human to vampire represents a very important theme — just think about Bella’s desire to become like Edward, or Edward’s views about his soul. But there’s another passage that is not less important: the one from vampire to human. In this case, the body or the physiology of an immortal creature aren’t going to change, but the vampire gets the possibility to discover some traits of his humanity again. It happens to Edward, through his love for Bella, and it happens to Alice in an amazing story by the talented Jmolly.

Jmolly is a very prolific author, and her stories feature our beloved vamps, with a bunch of very original and intriguing twists. She has a very fine ironic trait, but she can also make you cry in front of the screen (if you don’t trust me, go read “The Sad Story of Woof”). She can describe the characters’ feelings very well, and in her fics they often admit and talk about their most hidden fears and desires.

In “The Brandons” Jmolly focuses on Alice.

Alice’s human past was a mystery for herself and the Cullens, because the pain of the venom had erased all of her human memories during her transformation. It’s through Bella that Alice finally gets back something about the human, broken girl she once was: when Bella is attacked by James at the ballet studio, he tells her about Alice, who once escaped him.

In Jmolly’s fic, Edward gives Alice the key to her past and future: a phone number for her sister. Let’s read how the author describes this pivotal scene

“Alice? I have something for you.” Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

“What is it?” I wondered, nonplussed.

“You haven’t Seen?” he asked hesitantly. A very old, very tiny old lady,grinning and refusing to let go of my hand. Sticking out her other hand for Jazz to kiss.

I shook my head, confused, and waited for my brother to enlighten me. “Who is she?”

“Cynthia,” he informed me kindly. I shot to my feet, anxiety and something suspiciously like anger engulfed me. Both Edward and Jasper recoiled.

“It can’t be. It can’t be! I saw the gravestone. She’s been dead since 1945, Edward. I looked for her. She was the only Brandon I found in the records.”

“It’s her. She was thinking about your mother and wishing that her family’s birth and death notices were available. They’re planning a reunion. I guess there was a fire at the church and a lot of history was lost. That’s how I caught on. Your father had a sister named Cynthia, too. It was her grave you found. Her gravestone only lists the date of her death, because the records were lost and your parents had already passed on. Only your sister remained, and she didn’t know the date of birth, only death.”

I stood stiffly, trembling, and my breath huffed out in a whimper. “My sister’s not dead,” I said numbly.

“She’s not dead, and she wants to meet you.”

My eyes flew to Edward’s face. “How?”

Are you already curious to see how will Alice reconnect not only with her much alive sister but with a bunch of endearing “descendants”? All this while a hurricane threatens to sweep the new found family away. So they need to be rescued by human and non human means, but it is still necessary to keep the secret. You will laugh, you will bite your nails, and at the end of the journey you will be happy for them.

Jmolly’s story is complete, so you’ll get all your answers in a timely manner.Happy reading!

Camilla and Raum


*Review by Raum*

The Decision by windchymes

*Made by Jaime Arkin*

*Made by Jaime Arkin*

The Decision ~ Edward made a decision after that second biology lesson. Two years later that decision is challenged.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 9 – Words: 96,613 – Reviews: 2,382 – Favs: 2,325 – Follows: 1,770 – Updated: 10-15-11 – Published: 03-05-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6797418

Don’t miss it because…

I could list many reasons why The Decision is one of my favorite fics. I’ve reread it several times, and every time I end up savoring each word and noticing new details. I’m going to give you just five reasons why you can’t miss this story; feel free to add yours!

1. Edward 

I know, Edward Cullen is always a good reason! This story features an amazing Vampward — sweet without being sappy, mature without being a controlling jerk. Vampires are supposed to be unchanging, but in Windchymes’ stories they do change. Edward is open to discussing his beliefs with Bella, and chapter by chapter his views on his soul–and on Bella’s choice to become a vampire–change. This takes us to the second reason…

2. Characters

The Decision features the Cullen coven, other canon vampires (we meet Tanya, and traditional vamps), but also a bunch of great original characters. Each of them is well developed. Forget the clichés. Forget a Bella who spends her time just taking care of her parents, or a brooding Edward. Both Edward and Bella make–or have already made–new experiences in this story. They talk about the places they’ve visited and the ones they’d like to discover, they have many interests and projects. Edward and Bella work wonderfully well together, but they’re capable of being apart as well. I absolutely love the way the author shows how the characters’ psychology change as the story progresses.In Chapter 2, we read:

Edward breathed in her scent and let his throat burn while his heart rejoiced. She was here.Of course he had called for her, and as they’d set off from her front door he had wanted to offer her his arm. And if it had been 1918 he would have. But it wasn’t 1918.

So they walked side by side, talking about her new history assignment and his transfer, while they both balled their hands tightly in their pockets.They sat on the grass by the lagoon and Edward showed off, skimming stones perfectly across the surface of the water, making them bounce and dance.

“Impressive,” Bella smirked and Edward smiled.

“There’s a lake in Switzerland, in the Bernese Alps, that’s perfectly still,” he said. “It has perfect reflection and they say if you skim stones across it, it looks like glass breaking.” Edward actually knew this because he’d done it.

Bella smiled. “That sounds beautiful,” she said. “I saw a lake like that in France. I tried skimming, but my stone just sank.”

It took a fraction of a second for Edward to realise what Bella had just said. “You’ve been to France?”

“Uh huh.”


“Between graduation and starting college.” She had been sitting with her legs curled under her, but she stretched out now, leaning back on her hands. She tilted her head to look at the sky and extended her neck as she did so. She breathed deeply. And while part of Edward’s mind was still absorbing the fact she’d been to France, another part marvelled that she felt comfortable enough with him to expose herself that way. Even unwittingly.

She made another shift, changing her position and curling her legs beneath her again, the opposite way this time. Her movement broke Edward’s gaze. Now he stared at her profile, her eyes downcast as she plucked at the grass, and he focussed on what she’d just said.

He had questions, so many questions, and he didn’t know where to start. So he summed it up in two words.

“Tell me?”

3. Travels

I mentioned that Edward and Bella have many travel experiences to share in this story; it’s well researched, and the places where it’s set play a role in it. The main part of the story is set in Chicago, and you’ll be able to discover many of its important landmarks. Some European cities are mentioned, and the characters will become your guides, making you see those places through their eyes, sharing their emotions. A part of the story is set in Greece, and it makes it an ideal reading for the summer. But I can’t tell you more…

4. Writing

The writing is elegant, smooth, and captivating. Every word is like a gem, carefully chosen and with many facets to discover. I love the way the author describes objects that play a role in the story–a certain purple cashmere blanket, for example–and the way the characters voice their feelings. Windchymes’ words will stay with you.

5. Angst-free

This story has a good plot, and it’s very well told. There are moments when you’ll be worried for the characters, or when you’ll be afraid, but there’s no angst-for-angst’s-sake. This is another reason why I’m sure it will be a great fic for the holidays.

– Raum

Windchymes is now a published original fiction author under name Suzanne Carroll, with her books, The Thunderstorm, and Over the Edge.  Congratulations to her!


Thanks so much to Raum and Camilla for taking the time to share these favourite fics with us. MWAH!


*Reviews by Cared*

Fill Me With Your Poison  by Nolebucgrl

*Made by Jaime Arkin*

*Made by Jaime Arkin*

Fill Me With Your Poison ~ Bella Swan’s intrigued by vampires. Edward Cullen’s bored and alone. What happens when they meet? AU, vampire. Rated M. Inspired by Katy Perry’s ET.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 2 – Words: 12,965 – Reviews: 526 – Favs: 838 – Follows: 665 – Updated: 05-27-13 – Published: 05-20-11 – id: 7007740

A/N from Nolebucgrl: Hi there! Here I am again with another story, something I just couldn’t get out of my head. From the first time I heard it, “E.T.” by Katy Perry screamed Edward and Bella to me. I love the song and I loved the image I had of the two of them to go with it, so I sought to put it on paper. This is different for me. Third person, not really humorous, but it’s exactly as I saw it. I hope you enjoy!

Nolebucgrl told no lie by saying this is different for her.  Roll over Brothers Grimm; there is a new storyteller in town!   Fill Me With Your Poison doesn’t start with “Once Upon A Time” and I don’t know if it will finish with “And they all lived happily ever after,” but somehow, I feel as though Nolebucgrl is recounting a fairy tale to me.  Not a children’s one mind you – given what Edward has in mind to do with Bella – no 107-year-old virgins exist in this story!  That thought sparked my interest, and so I looked up the definition of fairy tales to see if vampires have ever been included in the genre. I discovered “A fairy tale is a type of short story that typically features folkloric fantasy characters, such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants, mermaids, or gnomes, and usually magic or enchantments.”  Pfffttt!  They are going to need to reconsider their definition to include vampires, and IMHO, the mating bond…magic doesn’t come any more wondrous than that.

The story opens with Bella and her friends Lauren and Jessica getting dolled up for a daring night-out in Venom – a vampire club!  I’m not talking fancy dress night-club here, I mean a place you could go to meet vampires in a social setting, perhaps even be changed upon agreement of both vampire and human.  Vampires have become tired of hiding their true existence; they want to live in public without hiding behind a façade, and so following negotiations with the human leaders, deals were struck that allow them to do just that.  This whole premise of the story is unique, and one of the lures that sucked me in. (Pardon the pun.) I was completely captivated, and a bit in awe of Nolebucgrl, actually; how she came up with the methods of these vampires entering and co-existing in peace in the human world.  The thought process and precision that Nolebucgrl  must have gone through to think this up and make it all work is astounding.

Edward Cullen is the owner of Venom, but it’s obvious his power and influence stretch way beyond those four walls, and I suspect he has his own agenda for how the power balance between vampire and human will eventually play out.  His brothers Jasper and Emmett turn humans for pleasure, but the only humans Edward has ever turned were poor unfortunates he used for practice.  Then the delectable Isabella Swan walked in the door…

It was then that Edward saw her. The girl that wasn’t sure she should be there. His red gaze turned black as his eyes moved over her perfect face. Her skin was so light that it was almost translucent. Edward immediately regretted the flashing lights of the club, for he wanted to see her luminous skin in white light and in total darkness. Anywhere, really. Her wide, frightened eyes captured him, and he felt his hand tighten around the table’s edge. He wanted to touch that skin, feel that softness between his fingertips, and take the fear off her face.

He watched as she bit her lip and looked around uncertainly. Her friends had already abandoned her for his brothers, and he could tell, even without focusing on her thoughts, that she was thinking of hightailing it out of the club. He could not have that. He stood abruptly and ran down the steps, past his bodyguard. Nobody was allowed onto the second level of the club without a special invitation from Edward, and he had yet to grant one, though he was thinking of rectifying that immediately for the gorgeous girl in blue.

He ignored the writhing bodies as he walked slowly through them. Though he was impatient to be near her, he savored the path to get to her. It felt to him like something momentous was happening, and he almost swore that he felt his dead heart pounding in his chest. Too soon, and not soon enough, he was in front of the girl, and she was even more glorious up close. His eyes moved over her hungrily.

Bella saw the man-no vampire-with the strange hair approaching. It was hard to tell, with the strobe lights going off everyplace, but she swore she could see a mix of brown, blond, and red there. His eyes were black, which frightened her, but something about the way he was looking at her told her that she had nothing to fear. She felt as if she were a priceless painting or something, the way he watched her. She held her breath as he approached, for she knew he was coming for her.

When he stopped directly in front of her, she gasped at the utter beauty of the man before her. The vampire at the front door had been handsome, and the two vampires that had absconded with her friends had been even better looking. But this vampire, right in front of her, looking at her like she was the only person in the room, was the most gorgeous thing she’d ever seen in her lifetime.

He’s beautiful. Edward smiled at her thoughts.

“Hello, my name is Edward Cullen.” …

And with that “Hello,” masterful, complex, enigmatic, sexy Edward has me; he has the uncharacteristically bold and daring Bella, too.  Instead of being frightened by Edward’s vampire nature, Bella is intrigued by him and surprisingly, even to herself, she feels safe.  Edward, for his part, is dazzled and aroused by the beautiful, shy human, but more importantly, she awakens feelings he didn’t know existed.  Ah, the emergence of the mate bond…a thing of beauty to behold!  Nolebucgrl says she plans to explore the mate bond; that is akin to a melodic vampire voice to my ears, as it’s the other aspect of this story that immediately ensnared me.  From what I’ve read so far, I gather that both the fathers, Aro – yes, I said Aro – and Charlie, will prove to be forces to be reckoned with in their own way; that’s yet another element of interest to this already absorbing story.

And then they all lived err… I don’t know…but I definitely want to find out.  So, why not set off on this fascinating and delightful journey with me, and we’ll explore it together.

ET by Katy Perry – the inspiration for Fill Me With Your Poison.

Nolebucgrl is also a published original fiction author.  Her first book is called Code Red and her pen-name is Amy Noelle.  I recently read this book and loved it. Congratulations and I look forward to many more!


She’s Royal by halojones


She’s Royal ~ The Cullens are in Hawaii on holiday, but only Alice knows the reason why they are there-she’s had a premonition that Edward would finally meet his true love. But when their meeting is ruined by unforeseen circumstances, will Alice set things right again?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: 20 – Words: 110,148 – Reviews: 2,663 – Favs: 2,202 – Follows: 1,214 – Updated: 03-27-09 – Published: 06-08-08 – Status: Complete – id: 4310111

Alice had a dream.  No sparkling vampires were harmed or even featured, and she didn’t make enough money to pay off her minivan loan.  What she actually did experience was a tantalizing glimpse of the perfect woman for Edward, and instead of the aforementioned good financial fortune – she maxed out Carlisle’s credit card in an effort to turn the dream into reality.

Alice’s Dream…

Edward was in a dark, crowded club. The music wasn’t the usual club music you hear in the states-it was a reggae/dancehall style. And among the sea of tanned, after beach clubbing, swaying bodies, Edward looked out of place. He was overdressed, undertanned, and standing alone. Then something caught his eye- a girl with her back to him was dancing gently to the music. Her thick, long, brunette hair swayed about a beat behind her moving hips. She was alone too, and Edward started closing the distance between them. In the background, a musical refrain could be hear loud and clear:

“she’s royal yeah, so royal,

and I need her in my life,

I never knew anyone, so one of a kind

until the night that I seen your eyes,”

Edward softly tapped her on the shoulder, smiling so widely and openly as she turned around to meet his gaze. I couldn’t see her profile as she turned, because a flower behind her ear blocked my view– but I heard Edward clearly say, “Finally.”

Sometimes in fanfic…okay… quite often in fanfic, Alice is portrayed as an annoying but likeable, interfering pixie with shopaholic tendencies.  IMHO, she is one of the hardest Twilight characters to portray somewhat canon, without turning her into a caricature.  In She’s Royal, Alice is indeed a vertically challenged, meddling, visionary, but she is perfectly balanced, and it didn’t take long for halojones to convince me to sign up for both Team Alice and her crazy plan.  Alice moves Heaven and Earth to persuade the Cullen Clan to travel en masse to Hawaii for a holiday, just so Edward can meet his mystery brunette – the woman she believes is his destiny.  Edward and Alice may be twins with a freaky special connection, but in this case, Edward is clueless and messes up – carefully laid plans of mice and Alice are trampled underfoot by him dancing with a cute girl who had…shoulder length blonde hair.  Men!  What a time for usually reserved Edward to come out of his shell!

Alice is very mindful of Edward being the loner among happy couples, and it concerns her; she insists on sharing accommodation with Rosalie so that Jasper and Emmett can bunk with Edward.  Needless to say, Jasper and Emmett are not keen on the sleeping arrangements and are determined to hook Edward up so they will be off the…err…hook IYKWIM.  Their meddling once again throws a spanner in the works, but fate is not one to give in easily; they say fate is a fickle mistress, but I say fate is stubborn as a toddler in the sweet aisle in the supermarket, – she wants her HEA for Edward and Bella and sets up another opportunity for them to meet.  Cliff diving no less…


They both laughed-knowing I was stalling. I didn’t care though-I needed a moment to get the urge up to jump. I watched the water until a new set of waves came in-the water was definitely not shallow now. And yet my feet were stuck to the rock.

“Excuse me, ” said a little boy about 10 years old. He hopped right in front of me, and leapt into the sea. Jasper and Emmett were cracking up below.

“You just got owned by a second grader, Edward,” Emmett called out.

I tried one more time to will my feet to jump-but they wouldn’t. The dread was evenly spread throughout my body now, and I seriously began to consider just walking back down the rock. I didn’t want to do it.

The light pressure of a hand was suddenly on my shoulder. “Are you okay? ” a soft voice asked gently.

“Uh, yeah.” I mumbled as I continued looking at the water-and the mocking faces of Jas and Emmett.

“Don’t look down like that. Whatever you do, don’t look down. You won’t jump if you keep staring at the water.”

I finally looked to my side to acknowledge the voice. A girl with long, brown hair was beside me, with a flower behind her ear. She had almond shaped, dark brown eyes that seemed to empathize with my situation.

“What a chicken shit you are,” Emmett cackled out from beneath.

The girl looked down to see where the voice was coming from and glared at Emmett. “Don’t listen to that idiot. People can be so rude sometimes.”

I let out a small laugh. “Actually, I sorta have to listen to that idiot. He’s my older brother.”

Her nose scrunched in disbelief. “Well, I’m sure he’s nice most of the time, but he’s not being very nice right now.”

“But that’s a big brother’s job, isn’t it? ” I countered with a smile, trying to keep the conversation going-which kept me on the rock that much longer.

“I don’t know what a big brother’s job is since I don’t have one. But if you want to jump, you need to not look down AND not listen to your big brother-doing his job apparently.”

I let out a small laugh, but I was only half listening. She bit her lip while looking at me-she looked like she was trying to figure out how to approach me.

“I came here for the first time yesterday, and I was frozen in this very place just like you. I just couldn’t get my feet to move. I was this close to just walking back down the rock and calling it a day.”

I tried to not look down and focus on her instead. “And did you get over being frozen?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Some nice boy came up beside me, told me to stop looking down, and offered to jump with me. He held my hand, and without giving me time to think, he leapt off with me.”

Before I could respond to her, she grabbed both my hands and said, “Your turn.” 

Edward and Bella develop a fascinating bond but even with supernatural intrigue weaving its way through to bind them tight, their relationship is not the without normal human misguided decisions and some heartache.  This mystical tale of romance is all human though, with enough of a supernatural twist  to bring us into the AU realm, and is a lovely short read – perfect for a lazy day.  Take Edward by the hand and jump!

And to get you in the mood…

halojones says if Bella’s lullaby was a reggae song, it would be this:


Mo Chroí by SweetDulcinea

*Made by inside-the-disarray*

*Made by inside-the-disarray*

Mo Chroí ~ Summer of Smut Contest Judge’s Pick – Summer camp romance is put on hold when Edward returns home to Ireland & ended altogether after a misunderstanding. Will the next summer be torture for Bella, or will she be able to forgive & move forward? AH

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella & Edward – Words: 10,495 – Reviews: 51 – Favs: 157 – Follows: 33 – Published: 08-21-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5319855

Mo Chroí was awarded a Judges’ Mention in the Summer Smut contest in 2009.

Mo Chroí is a very well-written one shot and contains a perfect blend of friendship, with a sprinkling of angst, and a bucket load of love.  Many of you ladies share my love of Irishward, but being Irish myself, I set the standard for them quite high, and believe me, this gorgeous example does not disappoint.  In fact, none of the characters do; even Garrett in the usual Jake role, made me warm to him and want to fix him up with a nice girl.

The story is set in an American summer camp where the usual suspects work as counselors.  It’s obvious from the opening scene, where Bella discovers that Edward is once again on staff for the season, that the previous year’s romance between Edward and Bella is in tatters…

June 2009

“Mary Alice Brandon, I can’t believe you,” I fumed at my best friend.

“Bella, I swear to Prada I didn’t know! Jasper told me that Edward wasn’t working this summer.”

I threw my last bag down on my bunk and glared at her. How on earth my little fashionista BFF ever came to work at a summer camp is beyond me. You would never believe someone like her could be interested in camping, wilderness, and water sports, but she somehow managed to last each summer in Tommy Hilfiger and Sperry’s. It was slightly less formal than her usual designer wardrobe, but for Alice, it was her version of camp wear. All my camp clothes came from Target.

Alice and I met at camp three summers ago when we were co-counselors in the same cabin. It was the last summer before we both started college and we bonded immediately. By midsummer, she changed her undergraduate plans and was enrolled at Texas A&M with me. That’s where she met her boyfriend Jasper, and the second summer, she dragged him to work at camp with us.

That second summer – last summer – is when I met him.

Edward and Emmett McCarty were the Irish born wonder brothers, sent by the devil himself to torture and tantalize every female staff member and camper to step foot onto the grounds of Camp Chautauqua Lake. In reality, their American mother had worked here when she was a teen, many years before meeting Edward and Emmett’s father and moving to Ireland. According to the guys, they attended a week of camp one summer when they were kids. Deciding to work there had been a last minute excuse to spend their summer in the States, and the camp director ate up the idea of having two “international” counselors on staff.

The thing you have to understand about working at a summer camp is that everything moves in fast forward, especially relationships. You spend twenty-four hours a day with a staff of less than fifty people for ten straight weeks. Every meal, every experience, and every night off are spent together. Friendships are formed quickly, and in such a small social circle, the bonds run deep and intense. In most cases, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships only take days to form from the point of initial flirtation to exclusivity.

That is exactly what happened with Edward and me.

While that is what happened the first year, this time around Edward needs to earn Bella’s forgiveness and win her back.  There is a lovely slow burn as he woos Bella.  *I’m pausing here to sigh as I let the romance of the story wash over me again.*  Their back-story is revealed as the story moves forward and we see how sweet and right they are together; beautifully passionate too.

Mo Chroí is Irish for My Heart – take five minutes to swoon over Irishward and discover why it’s the perfect title for this charming story.

Author’s Blog can be found here.


One Summer Night by  karenec 

*Made by Falling Stars*

*Made by Falling Stars*

One Summer Night ~ When Edward Masen gets stood up at his sister’s wedding, a surprising confession from his friend Emmett might just turn the whole night around. Edward/Emmett, AH. Slashy drabbles.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Edward & Emmett – Chapters: 2 – Words: 803 – Reviews: 30 – Favs: 17 – Follows: 32 – Updated: 06-12-13 – Published: 06-10-13 – id: 9376336

The story opens with Emmett having witnessed Edward being stood-up by his date to his sister’s wedding…

“Besides, you should thank me. Now you’re not the only single guy at this shindig.” Edward winked.

Emmett hummed in agreement as the two men walked off the elevator. Part of him wanted Edward’s date to show; clearly, his friend’s feelings were slightly dented at being stood up on such an important evening. A darker, secret corner of Emmett’s heart was glad that Alec had gone AWOL, though; Emmett had always suspected that a jackass lurked under Alec’s handsome face. He felt a smug satisfaction that Alec had finally shown his true colors … until dejection flashed in Edward’s eyes.


Edward put on his game face. He pushed his disappointment with Alec away, covering it with an easy laugh.

He escorted Alice down the aisle, placing her hand in Jasper’s with a feeling of satisfaction. His throat ached as the couple said their vows, and afterward, he laughed when his baby sister threw her arms around his neck in a fierce hug.

At the reception, Edward paid attention to everyone as only he could, ensuring that champagne glasses were full, that his mother had a comfortable seat, and that Alice and Jasper had food to nibble; that everyone was content.


“Buy you a drink?” Emmett asked when Edward finally joined him at the bar.

Edward nodded gratefully, casting a glance over his shoulder at the party in full swing. He turned back when something cold brushed the back of his hand, and accepted a glass of beer from his friend.

“Relax, Ed. It’s a good party.”

Edward’s head snapped up at Emmett’s gentle tone. The affection in his friend’s expression warmed him. “Yeah, you’re right,” he agreed with surprise. “Mom’s happy. And Alice and Jasper love it. Everyone’s having a good time.”

“The real question is,” Emmett asked, “are you?”

We are all familiar with the scenario where Edward and Bella are best friends and one of them is secretly in love with the other.  There are a myriad of ways for awareness to dawn on the oblivious party and for the relationship to morph from purely friendship to more. I’m so looking forward to the different dynamics in this story, though – in case some of you haven’t guessed it, this time, the developing relationship will be between Edward and Emmett – making this story a completely different ball-game altogether. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist it.)

One Summer Night is really only starting out, and whilst I haven’t learnt too much about the characters yet, I know Emmett is a loyal and caring friend, that much is obvious, and Edward is a wonderful, loving brother and son; for some reason I suspect he is a sensitive soul. I wondered how else to describe them to entice you to read the story, then in a review reply to me karenec said,  “Honestly, I have no idea how someone could not have feelings for Edward or Emmett — they’re way too easy to love.”  So, all of you dear readers who don’t normally read slash, I entreat you to take a chance on this couple. Why? Quite simply – these are two people who are easy to love.

I asked karenec to share her inspiration for One Summer Night ~ ” I got the idea for the story from a tumblr photo that I reblogged at some point – it is very simple, just two men in tuxes on a city sidewalk, but I thought there was a story there. When Les16’s birthday came around, I thought I’d write some drabbles as a gift. I liked the birthday offering enough to keep going into another two parts.

When I set out write something, I just go whatever pairing fits the story. The guys in the photo look like they could be Emmett and Edward to me, so that was that.” 
*Sweet Inspiration!*

*Sweet Inspiration!*

*This story is in three parts, it is entirely prewritten, and karenec plans to post 3 times a week Mon-Wed-Fri.  Given that schedule, it will take about 8 weeks to post, start to finish.*



Mmmmhhhh!  This is my vision of Summerward and below are three of my all time favourite summer fics.

Summer of Salt by lola-pops 


Summer of Salt ~ The heat wave lingers. Sweet, savory and slick. Jasper, Rose and I wade through the humid days, content in our relative isolation. We spend June through August at our family lake property, and this summer is like any other. Until it’s not.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 26 – Words: 88,646 – Reviews: 4,245 – Favs: 4,947 – Follows: 1,869 – Updated: 07-05-10 – Published: 12-18-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5589694

Read this for the carefree days of summer that LoloPops allows you to relive, for the strong Bella, and for a Douchbagward that you will love to hate – even while you love him.  There is no denying the heartache along the way, but it serves to make the ending that much sweeter.


For the Summer by camoozle

*Made by MisforMarisa*

*Made by MisforMarisa*

For the Summer ~ Every year Bella waits for the ‘Pay Checks’ to roll into her sleepy river town and every year Edward’s hers, just for the summer. AH, AU, OOC, B/E

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 19 – Words: 176,780 – Reviews: 8,640 – Favs: 6,936 – Follows: 3,766 – Updated: 08-19-10 – Published: 04-30-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5934882

Another story that will take you back in such a delightful way to a simpler time, to friendship and first kiss, then all the way to first love and sad goodbyes.  For The Summer is just adorable and unforgettable; it’s full of longing and love – a story definitely not to be missed!


Summer Nights by Jenny0719


Summer Nights ~ Bella Swan moves to Chicago with her son and Jacob Black. She then meets Edward Cullen and falls in love. But someone doesn’t want Bella and Edward to be together…

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 47 – Words: 234,648 – Reviews: 2,748 – Favs: 2,325 – Follows: 874 – Updated: 04-26-10 – Published: 07-13-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5215869

Oh my!  This Edward is a former naval officer, a surgeon, drop-dead-gorgeous, and for me, the pièce de résistance… an IrishAmericanward!  This story is so much more than a simple romance between Edward and the wonderful woman that is Bella.  I don’t just mean the juicy lemons either – this story has as many twists and turns as the maze at Hogwarts.  Enjoy!



So, ladies, Edward is waiting for you to take the plunge with him, but first, please dive right into the comments and tell us what you’ve been reading this week.

The FicSix


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46 responses to “Variety is the Spice of Life!

  1. Once again, I want to say thank you to Raum and Camilla for joining me.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you are all reading this week ladies.

    Happy FanFiction Friday!

  2. msliss

    Does anyone know if Summer Nights is a cheat fic? This is a hard limit for me and the summary sounds like it but the review does not…?

    • Hi msliss – I will have to check with Cared about that one – she is just offline for a little bit, but will be back soon. I would hazard a guess that it isn’t a cheating fic, as Cared hates those herself (actually, I would probably tend to say most of us avoid those 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by! AV xox

    • Hi msliss! Welcome to FanFiction Fridays. Summer Nights is not a cheating fic. You find out early on that Bella is a wonderful mother who relocates herself and her son so he can live close by his father Jacob. She is a free woman when she meets Edward.

      I’m sure you will enjoy reading it.

      Have a great weekend!

      • msliss

        thank you Cared! I’m going to read Summer nights then! It sounds like fun and I like finding fics were the premise is a little different than the norm. 🙂

        • msliss

          I have finished reading Summer Nights -it is a great story with a good balance of drama without being OTT. Thank you for the rec

  3. mauigirl60

    These are great recs! Flagging Summer of Salt, Mo Chroi, and She’s Royal. Thanks, ladies and Happy Friday to you!

  4. msliss

    Just finished Mo Chroi..lovely and sweet 🙂

  5. Thank you Cared, Raum and Camilla10 for a wonderful post! Wow, so many great fics! I haven’t read Raum and Camilla10’s Alice rec, but it does sound interesting. I am a huge windchymes and loved The Decision!

    I am reading Nolebucgrl’s new one, Fill Me With Your Poison, and enjoying it; very unique! Also, after I read Cared’s rec for Mo Chroí, I had to read it; Irishward gets me every time, and I was not disappointed; it really is good! I told Cared, even thought I know it’s been around a while, I’d love to read more of it!

    Ooh, and I see some slash! I enjoy me some variety! 😉

    Love the Summer fics, too! I am saving those for beach time this summer!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    • MidNight Cougar – you know the saying about a little bit of what you fancy doing you good – we certainly had fun putting that together for today!

      Those Summer fics are perfect sunshine reading. Don’t forget to have a cocktail for me!

  6. Happy FanFic Friday Cared!
    What a splendid post! It’s a wonderful mix – and welcome and thank you and wow to your lovely guests, Raum and Camilla!

    The only one I’ve read so far is Fill Me with Your Poison, which I’m loving. So many new to me, which is fantastic.

    This week I’ve discovered Diary of an Ugly Girl by ronilabidas, which has such a strong, beautiful Bella. She really isn’t the best looking girl and has been bullied because of it, but she’s kind, fun and very brave. Edward is wonderful. its so believable. It’s stuck with me all week. It’s a WiP but 17 chapters in…and woefully under appreciated. Give her some love if you decide to read it. It’s not even my favourite genre-highschool and a diary? me, it’s worth a read!

    Diary of an Ugly Girl
    Follow Bella as she grows from a bullied little girl into a sassy young woman. After all, it’s not about what you’re looking at, it’s about what you see. An unorthodox story about best friends and their journey. Humor/Angst/Friendship/Romance. HEA. AH
    Twilight, M, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 17, words: 164k+, favs: 113, follows: 147, updated: 6/12/13 published: 11/11/10, Bella Edward

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    • staceleostories

      Hi everybody!

      I spent all day yesterday reading Diary of an Ugly Girl! I was obsessed with it!

      I’m planning on recommending it on the chapters I’m posting today to hopefully bring some more readers to it!

      Stacey (staceleo)

      • Hi staceleostories! It’s good to see you here!

        Thanks for the endorsement of Diary of an Ugly Girl. Wiltshire Glo and I have very similar taste in fic so I’m sure I will enjoy it too.

        Happy FanFiction Friday!

    • Hello Wiltshire Glo, and a Happy FanFiction Friday to you!

      Thanks for the rec. That fic sounds a little bit different which is always good in my book.

  7. ilovealion


    That’s all I can say about this post. You’re truly a fic diva, Cared. Thanks to you all for the wonderful recs.

    • Thanks ilovealion! I hope you’ve managed to squeeze in some reading time in between all the frolicking in the waves you’ve been doing.

      Have a fabulous FanFiction Friday!

  8. Hi Mauigirl60!

    I’m glad you’ve added to your TBR stash.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Thanks again for the rec, Cared! I love that you included that lovely tumblr photo in this post — it really is beeeeeayoodiful. ❤

    • staceleostories

      You know I love your Emmett and Edward combo, Karen! :0)

    • You are welcome karenec! You are becoming a regular here now with your fabulous fics. I can see how that tumblr photo was very inspiring so I just had to include it.

      I hope you find some new fics here too.

      Happy FanFiction Friday!

  10. eewee333

    Hi Ladies. Happy Friday. (So glad this week is over) and what a wonderful way to end it, with your great recs. I have all of these on my TBR list I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Not gotten much reading done this week with RL kicking me again, but I did find a funny little ficlet/drabble and it actually made me laugh out loud.
    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • Hello eewee333! We have plenty of completes for you again this week.

      I know what you mean about having a laugh with Seventh and Pine. I rec’d it here as part of a Christmas post, but really, you can read and enjoy this fic at any time of the year. Thanks for reminding us about it.

      I hope you have a good weekend. Happy reading!

  11. Thank you so much for the great Summer reccs! I had a few of these on my list but they have now moved to the top. And thank you for the new recc of Moi Chro, I hadn’t heard of that one and it looks great!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Robsfuturemate – both Edward and the story are sweet.

      Thanks for the rec of Air. Everything by Rochelle is fabulous and Air is a lovely read perfect for the lazy days of summer.

  12. Hey robsfuturemate! You are very welcome gf.

    You have to go read Mo Chroí straight away and tell me if you pick up a cupla focail. LOL

    Happy FanFiction Friday!

  13. Fabulous recs ladies; some old favourites mixed in with new ones for my never ending TBR, thank you!

    I’ve been reading a few great stories that are worth a look;

    Edward’s always watching, waiting, longing for Bella Swan. Will he act on his desires? Lemons/Language/AH. Did I mention lemons? Lots of lemons.

    December 22 is the only day I let myself think of you. I don’t know if you remember, but I’d do anything to forget.

    A disinterested, paranoid girl. A wealthy journalist with only one thing on his mind. Too much alcohol. A serial killer on the loose. Here’s the problem with a one-night stand in locked-down London.

    Thanks again for keeping us up to date with amazing stories.


    • Hi Chocaholic!

      Thanks to you for these recs. It never ceases to amaze me how many totally different stories our talented authors have been inspired to write.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I’ve got a great new vampward rec! Stick Up by tx-fanfictionqueen. Its very suspense filled and will suck you in after chapter 1; I’m desperate for the next update…
    And for an AH rec– I just discovered Offbeat by SexyLexiCullen. Really hot copward that is realistic-flawed but wonderful.

  15. Welcome Shahula Fics!

    Thanks for the recs. We are certainly getting a great mix in the fic recs today.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi ladies, another wonderful post. Thanks again for bringing so many lovely fics our way. I’ve been writing rather than reading this week, but my e reader is patiently waiting for me to get blocked so I can read The Tutor LOL.
    Have a great fic filled weekend.

  17. Thanks ClaireBamboozle! I like how you see the silver lining in writers block. LOL

    Hope you have a great week!

  18. The Decision got my attention on this one. I need more hours in the day to read! And I love the banner for it, which… nevermind. I just do. And for both reasons am looking forward to starting this one.

  19. Hi Chloe!

    I can see why you plan to read The Decision. It’s a firm favourite of mine and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. What a wonderful collection you ladies have gathered for our reading pleasure. Once again I feel as if I should be handing in my ficfandom card as I’ve only read one of the stories listed. Summer of Salt was a fantastic story, Lola rarely, if ever disappoints and her Edward was indeed a douchebag that I learned to love by the end of the tale.
    I’ve already tagged all of the other stories listed for my TBR folder.

    Thanks again ladies!!

  21. We aim to please Christa!

    I’m sure you have read hundreds of fics that I’ve never heard of or that are lingering for years on my TBR list. You will have to share with us sometime.

    Have a good Sunday!

  22. I sure appreciate your weekly post ladies, this time there is truly something for everyone. Thanks also to the folks who leave comments – I always comb through them and often find something really intriguing, often an under-appreciated fic.

    I’m happy to see Raum’s rec for Windchymes’ “The Decision”, one of my all-time favorites. Also, if you’re fond of NM alternates, her “Distractions” is fabulous. Heck, everything she writes is fabulous!

  23. Thanks for your kind words reneeaubin!

    Thanks too for your rec of Distractions – and I agree, everything by windchymes is amazing.

    We love when readers fic great fics from the comments, we have also done so ourselves too.

    Hope to see you again next Friday!

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