Sensual Sunday ~ When Your Jaw Just Drops!

Wet Rob Avi

It’s GOT to be DiorRob today, ladies!

They didn’t give us much and most of what we DID get was bootlegged and very poor quality, but DAYUM!!!!!

We’re in so much trouble when the actual Dior Homme campaign starts in September *GROAN!* Why the long wait *le sigh!*

So, here’s what happens in Rob’s fandom when his girls get so excited we pee our panties!


We jump in feet first and edit/enhance the shit outta whatever we get!


Thank you, Fearlessmore, for prettyin’ up what was a bootleg screenshot!


When it comes to enhancin’ one of the few originals, I knew we could count on our ol’ Cougar Mama, MelbieToast *fist bump!*


Cricrila‘s sepia is just a taste of all the different ways our girls saw this pic!


FeistyAngel34 wasn’t satisfied with b/w where Rob’s concerned…she gave us COLOR!


Although PattinPerv2 likes a blue sweater {jumper *sigh*}, most kept the black!


Socalmom2four bathes Rob in a warm glow!


Love her meldin’ of these two photos, but don’t blame NereCullen… this is how Rob is quoted everywhere I’ve seen! Either it should have been “As an actor you are ON your own” or “As an actor you are in your own {world?}”


I could not resist this one by Dazzledbyrp {Maggie!}


Before any of the rest of us could get to him, Jayme DuRob claimed him LMAO!!!

IBR 123

IveBeenRobbed reminds us that Rob is always superHAWT in black sweaters {jumpers *groan*}!


There’s no tag on this one but the source is Keepcalmanddazzle, whose comment was: “#DiorRob ribbed for her pleasure!!! LOL {FIST BUMP AND AMEN TO THAT!!!}


Every edit I’ve seen of this original is an improvement! Verena rocks!


I love Swovie‘s subtle tints in her edit!


SteffySwan77 brings the focus to Rob’s eyes!


I do believe another FIST BUMP and AMEN is warranted for Robsessed1123‘s edit LOL!


Kill me now! I’m so lovin’ the crisp colors in MySexyVampire‘s edit!


Untagged and tilted but I KNOW this one belongs to Keepcalmanddazzle!


If it says RPAustralia, it’s CreationbyJules! {I’m a JulesH00r…I know these things LOL!}

Francies67 1302

Francis67 made several sweeeet edits of this pic and I chose 2 to share with you!

Francies67 1300

I almost thought this was an edit of the sweater/jumper pic, but the lips are the tell!


One of these days, imma feature Edbellfan cause I love the dramatic darkness of her edits!


Oh, Cricrila! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… LMAO!!!


Can I get a final FIST BUMP and AMEN, Sistas!!!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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27 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ When Your Jaw Just Drops!

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    Amen from me Rita…I know we should count ourselves lucky the fandom has so many talented artists who manage the impossible by improving on Rob’s perfection, but am I the only one a little peeved there wasn’t more porn released from the press launch? Surely Dior are missing a trick in not releasing (or maybe even leaking) some better quality shots, think of all the free advertizing as those images are shared all round the fandom, especially since the US and UK aren’t getting the full campaign.
    Rant over and soapbox put away LOL.
    Thanks for bringing us the goods again honey XX

    • rita01tx

      ClaireBear, I don’t think “they’ve” ever understood that leakage doesn’t spoil anything for us! If anything, it riles us up even more! {Raise your hand if the BD leakage spoiled anything for you LOL!}

  2. These images are absolutely stunning, and I think we’ve only had the tip of the iceberg thus far. I fear we are going to be destroyed by what’s to come!

  3. A stunning collection Rita. Thanks!

  4. I love that even when we’re given poor quality Rob pictures ( so difficult put poor quality and Rob in the same sentence) we enhance what is poor so that it fits better with Rob’s natural beauty. I will confess to being more than pissed off to learn that we will not be seeing the commercials here in the US, but I have faith that my sisters in Robsession will make sure that the final product is available on YT so we all can enjoy his holy hotness in a steamy three way!

    Thank you Rita!

    • rita01tx

      Surely they can’t get away with that, Christa darlin’! Whatever happened to the law of supply and demand? Well, we DEMAND the worldwide spread of Rob’s Dior commercial and print campaign…leavin’ no RobH00r behind!!!
      However, like you, I’m countin’ on our sistas to keep the RobPorn rollin’ when the time comes LOL!

  5. verenajj

    Thank you dear! I love to ‘rock’ you all!!! lol

    • rita01tx

      That you do, Verena darlin’! Don’t think we don’t appreciate all you and the other ladies do for us! {{{HUGS!!!}}}

    • rita01tx

      Uh oh! You wanna go for a lie down in the RA RRoP while we send for the Robulance, Anakinsmom darlin’!
      Well, if Rob happens to saunter in from his penthouse suite, I’m not sure how much rest you’ll get LMAO!!!

  6. mississippibellalis

    OMG! Some of the best edits ever! They are fantastic! I’ve been dieing over here for some hi-res new photos of our boyfriend. Anyone know how much longer till the ad comes out?

    • rita01tx

      Last I heard, the TV commercial will come out in September..don’t know the exact date. As to the magazine, I found this:

      Where we can expect these Dior Rob interviews


      I found a summary from journalists’ tweets of which magazines will have features on Rob being the new face of Dior Homme.
      Harper’s Bazaar Russia – October Issue
      InStyle UK – October Issue
      Sporte Style Magazine
      Glamour Spain – September Issue
      Glamour Italy – October Issue
      Marie Claire Italy

      Source: myheartsnsocal

      • rita01tx

        MORE NEWS


        Dior campaign:

        According to Dior, the print campaign will break from Sept. 1 in a range of magazine titles for women and men, along with daily newspapers.

        The television commercial, shot largely in New York, is to debut the same month in 60-second and 80-second lengths.

        Source: hiddles-pattz

        • rita01tx

          Now you know as much as I do! Although I understand the UK and USA are NOT going to get the TV commercial…why, I do not know!

          • mississippibellalis

            That’s a long wait. Hopefully we will get something new before then. It’s going to be a long hot summer over here without new RobPorn.

            • rita01tx

              Fingers crossed we get some fan pics of him filmin’ Map to the Stars in Toronto and LA…starts July 8th, if I remember correctly!

          • I fear the fact that he smokes in the ad definitely precludes it being shown in the UK (and possibly the same holds true for the US).

  7. Jaja Rita, that sentence doesn’t sound right to me either but, as English is not my native language, I didn’t feel brave enough to change it. I’m glad you like the edit 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Nere darlin’! Don’t you worry about that…it was written like that everywhere! I’m a grammar and punctuation freak so I couldn’t resist havin’ my say about it LOL!
      And, hey! You KNOW I’m a fan of yours!!!

  8. Fist Bump and Amen Sistah! Better and better! Just imagine the shape we will be in when the actual HQ pics come out and THEN our girls get their hands on em!!! there will be nothing left of us except a pile of hot steaming goo!!!!

  9. eewee333

    AMEN and FIST BUMP sista Rita!. What an amazing collection of Robdior. And is it just me or does he look thinner and kinda sad in these pictures? It makes me feel like I just want to give him a hug or something. And WTF is up with the campaign not being shown in the US? Do these people not understand the following he has over here? OK, I’ll shut up now. I have to get back to work. Love to you all 😉

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Eewee darlin’! As FluffyLiz said above, it’s probably because Rob will be smokin’ in the commercial…you know how rabid the UK and the US are about smokin’!
      I’m not surprised Rob looks a little thin and maybe tired/sad ’cause, if I remember correctly, the commercial was shot quite quickly not long before he had to leave for Australia to film The Rover!
      The very short haircut always makes him look thinner IMHO! Plus, he probably had to skinny down for the part of Rey!

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