Manic Monday Musings

*blows kisses*


Well girls,

Since Rob has gone into hiding and the only pics we see of him are pap pics or fan pics (the recent poor quality Dior pics excluded), I think it’s time we remind Rob that we are here for him.

His 1% + is patiently waiting for his Public return because we want to see his beautiful face…we miss him!

So, I’m sending a message to Rob to remind him of why we all love him so much.


Rob’s fans have known this since day 1!


Perving on Rob is the highlight of MY day, anyway!


Well, duh! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here LOL!


In fact, we FLUV Rob’s flaws…what there are of them!


He doesn’t see it, but WE do!


That it does!


One of the top reasons why we love Rob!


Fist bump!


In my world, he is!


What I’d like to do is definitely NSFW!!!


Couldn’t agree more LOL!


Which awesomeness is what we are missing…just saying!


But I’ll tell you anyway…keep reading!


Preferably in MY bed *THUD!*


Baby, he was born that way LOL!


Amen to that!

tumblr_mo1ylyFfni1qfg8nqo1_500 (1)

How did we exist before Rob came along to brighten our world?


And will be for years to come!


YES! YES! YES!!!!!


Come on girls! You know you have them LMAO!!!


Doesn’t begin to cover everything!


Well, Rob will definitely go down in history LOL!


Yes, they do tend to make us all tongue-tied at some point!


Can’t imagine not having Rob in my life!


God, I could listen to that man talk or, even better, SING for-evah! *Swoon!*


It’s a panty poofer, all right!


And second and third and fourth and fifth and…


And always will be!

We miss you Rob!

C’mon girls, tell Rob how much you adore him and miss him!

Much Love to you all,





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41 responses to “Manic Monday Musings

  1. Love, love, love the post, RobsFan-Tasy 🙂 Gorgeous pics! AV xox

  2. rita01tx

    Gotta love Robsessed1123 for collectin’ and/or creatin’ all the great thoughts and sentiments we have for Rob!
    I have a secret stash of all her stuff…well, ain’t no secret now LOL!

    image host

    Behind this pic, are 74 others…some of which are NSFW!!!

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    Jesus, that as one fuck hawt posting, Girl! I gotta change my panties and it’s only 7:12 AM! Everything you said is 100% true, especially how I existed before even knowing he was on this Earth! I don’t know what I did back then or how I spent my time before the perving began! LOL



    • rita01tx

      I like the one about Rob’s eyes makin’ us tongue-tied! Better yet, lovin’ him makes us bi-lingual!

    • Bahahaha we need more comments like this!! ~snort~ Well thank you EVT69 but most of the credit has to go to Rita for Sharing robsessed1123’s pics with me and creating most of the text too! *shame face* I get these great ideas but draw a blank sometimes with what to say. I’d be a total basket case without her!

      But you are correct, I too cannot remember what i did before Rob!

  4. blondemel47

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL THESE!!! ♥♥♥. Thanks for sharing – just what we need, cept for the REAL THING TO COME OUT N PLAY!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Amen to that, Blondemel darlin’! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a new photoshoot or, at the very least, lots of fan pics while he’s filmin’ Map to the Stars in Toronto/LA starting in July!

    • My sentiments exactly blondemel! Cannot wait to see Rob again at a public venue! (non pap or fan pics!) We desperately need another photo shoot on the double!

  5. OMFG, what a perfect start to my Monday morning! That man is perfection! Thank you for such an awesome post. Yum…

  6. mississippibellalis

    Hello, I haven’t been hanging on Tumblr lately so her edits are all new to me. I just love how ROBSESSED1123 placed her thoughts on each photo. She’s not alone in her sentiments for Rob. She captures the essence of each photo that resonates with my heart as well and I would have to agree with her 100%. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    • rita01tx

      Hey Lisa! I have the luxury of not even bein’ able to tell when it’s the weekend LOL! If I didn’t have a radio/clock on my computer table, I wouldn’t know when to do my Sensual Sunday post, so, yeah, I have a great weekend…every day LMAO!!!

    • Indeed Quite clever and how does she read all our minds so clearly???? LOL jk

  7. jazzgirl317

    Oh holy hell!!! Yes, Yes YES!!!! These have been some of my favorite edits ever. I think they should always be prefaced with #TRUEFACT. They are beyond true. They are gospel!

    “His hair isn’t messy. It’s erupting with awesome.” Probably my absolute favorite. LMFAO!!!!

    • rita01tx

      Gawd! I hate to think we’ll never see Rob’s sex hair again…good thing we have our spank banks stuffed to the gills with Rome Rob / Sex Drive Rob and all the other sex hair appearances!
      He probably thinks he’s too old for that shit now LOL!
      He’s so NOT!!!

    • I like that idea Jazzgirl! I remember one from a long time ago that said, #TRUE FACT
      “Rob doesn’t pop his collar. It just gets erections from being that close to him” LMAO! So this one goes in the same category as that one!

      Preaching the Robgospel is what we do best!! hehehe

  8. eewee333

    OMG! ShamWow alert! ShamWow alert! RF thanks for all the Robliciousness on this Monday morning. It has truly brightened my day. Love the sex hair one. Wish he’d grow it out again. Thanks for cheering me up today! 🙂

  9. ClaireBamboozle

    Hey RF, what a great post to come home to after a crummy day in work. Beautiful shots and so many of them had to read the post several times, just to make sure i didn’t miss any.
    Thanks honey, you’re a star.

  10. Jsi Dias

    The best post ever… Sorry, I just had to post it at Tumblr… Thanks.

  11. Ekkkkkkkkkkkk! this is AMAZING! my heart w this seriously! ty ty ty for sharing my babies 😉 xoxo

  12. all us Rob h00rs/angelz are a team BB!! unless Rob actually physically walks in the door then we’re on our own! hahaha

    • rita01tx

      You got that right! Wez all about the sharin’ so long as it’s online, but I’d have to cut a h00r gets between me and my Rob in RL!

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