It’s Always Been Him…


Yesterday, June 20th, was Edward Anthony Masen Cullen’s birthday (or his canon birthday, anyway).  This week’s post is a celebration of Edward in all his many adored forms. Stephenie Meyer brought Edward to life (and we are eternally grateful) but our wonderful Fan Fic Authors keep him alive and in our hearts everyday with the amazing ways they re-invent him. Tattward, Mobward, Daddyward, Militaryward, Historicalward, CEOward, Domward, Actorward….  Goodness, better stop there!

We have a little something special at the end of the post – an Award for the Ultimate Edward – so read on for the winner! Oh, and we have some recs for some great Edwards too!!


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all those fabulous authors I stalked… err.. contacted to see if they would help out with this post by sharing their absolute Favourite Edwards – I was amazed by the response and I really appreciate the time they took to share their passion with me ~ AV x


Catastrophia ~ Author of Me and Mr Cullen and The Blackened Flame (not to mention Breachward *swoons*)

Renward from Renfield and Chiclets by katinki (no longer on FFn)

“He is a major Geekward, and pervy biter. He cracks me up with how serious he is and his OCD. His obsession with Bella is hysterical to watch, and also oh-so HOT!!! The man is sexy and doesn’t even know it, which only makes him that much sexier! He does whatever he can to make Bella happy, both sexually and emotionally. He’s sweet and smart and sexy.

Have I mentioned he’s sexy?”


Chocaholic123 ~ Author of Fix You and Plan B

The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by HunterHunting (pulled from FFn and Twilighted)

Edward is a Canadian ice hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks, and when he’s on the ice he’s fierce and competitive. Off the ice, however, he’s a little more … cerebral, though he tries to hide his intelligence from his team-mates, preferring to be seen as a ‘hockey whore’. When he meets Bella, the step-sister of his team-mate Emmett, he’s immediately attracted to her, in a way that explodes into hot lemony goodness that makes me want to swoon.

What I love about this Edward is that he is super-hot and aggressive on the rink, but in every-day life he can be sweet, adorable and romantic. He pursues Bella relentlessly, sending her gifts, phoning her constantly and fronting up to Emmett, who isn’t at all happy about their relationship. He even forgives her for dressing his cock up as a superhero (stay with me here), in a hilarious scene that involves capes, snuffies and scissors. Enough said.

Edward isn’t perfect, though, and his habit of pretending to be a hockey-whore comes back to bite him in the ass, big time. For those of you (are there any of you?) that haven’t read the story, I won’t spoil it any further, but suffice to say that HunterHunting not only writes a perfectly hot, angry and vulnerable Edward, but also writes a plotline that drags you in like a hungry alligator at feeding time.

Made for HunterHunting - Hockeyward... Mmmmm...

Made for HunterHunting – Hockeyward… Mmmmm…


CullensTwiMistress ~ Author of The Long Way Home and Drenched (plus many others!)
Manchu from Deviant by planetblue

“One of my very favourite recent Edwards was from planetblue’s Deviant. He is sexy and sweet, and completely unpredictable. He made me laugh, swoon and cry. He was plain, all around fantastic. I think probably all of chapter 17 encompasses it all. I can’t just pinpoint one thing…with this Edward, it’s everything.”




FictionFreak95 ~ Author of Edward Cullen:Dick For HireMeet the Masens and Vines

Edward from My Beautiful Storm by Troublefollows1017

“I have to go with Troublefollow’s “My Beautiful Storm“‘s Edward. Because he just made my heart swell. He was so pure of heart, so full of wanting to be with Bella… And when he wrote that symphony for her, I cried so hard because it was just written THAT well.



FluffyLiz ~ Author of Wild Child and Where the Roads Converge

Deviant by planetblue

Oh, what can I say about Manchu that hasn’t already been said.  He’s sex incarnate, with a huge heart and an equally huge… moustache!  He rides a Harley and sports some hot ink.  He is pretty damn close to being the perfect man.

Caged by Savage7289

Cage fighter, Edward Cullen, is mean, moody and utterly magnificent.  Like many of the best Edwards, he’s a terribly flawed and troubled man, who alleviates his deep-rooted anger with his fists, but underneath the hard exterior he has such a good and decent heart.

Clipped Wings & Inked Armor by HunterHunting

An Edward who is strong and sexually confident, covered in ink, who works as a hugely talented tattoo artist.  Another flawed hero, who has fought to protect his heart, whilst struggling to overcome crippling guilt.

Animate Me by abstract way

*Sigh*... You melted all our hearts, Toonward.

*Sigh*… You melted all our hearts, Toonward.

Edward Cullen is a hugely talented animator, who is completely oblivious to his good looks, and hopelessly shy around women, particularly the one woman he longs for, who stars in his dreams and as the cartoon super-heroine he draws at night.  But when she brings him out of his shell, he becomes the strong, sexy man of her dreams.

Dead On My Feet by Cesca Marie

I’m not a huge fan of HS fics, but I really loved this one.  In remission from cancer at the start of the story, this Edward has had to grow up quick and learn many coping mechanisms to deal with the impact of his illness, not just on himself, but those around him.  His strength, fortitude and love for his family shine through.


FoxxyJ ~ Author of Stolen Secrets & Shattered Dreams and Step Right Up

Clipped Wings and Inked Armour by HunterHunting

For The Summer by camoozle

Cutlass by TKegl

“For me and I’m sure every FFn lover, it really is hard to just pick one Edward, but here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to. I know that on any given day my answer would change depending on the mood i’m in because there really is an Edward for all occasions. LOL, but isn’t that what we love about FFn!

So I think my favourite all time Edward would be a pulled fic “Clipped Wings and Inked Armour” by HunterHunting. Tattward rocks my boat anytime of the day or night. I love the idea of an inked, emotionally damaged Edward. He’s edgier than canon Edward, but gorgeous at the same time. This Edward adores Bella and needs to protect her so badly it hurts to watch him sometimes. I also loved the Bella in this fic. She’s super damaged but the pair of them worked so well together.

My favourite, still on FFn, Teenward would have to be “For The Summer” by camoozle. What a fantastic read from start to finish. It’s the perfect length and I loved watching these two characters grow up. There is so much UST and teenage heartache that it nearly kills you, but I adore that in fic. In fact, this fic took me back to being a teenager. The internal dialogue is so spot on. A great read although I guess this one isn’t just about Edward. It’s both Edward and Bella that you love here.

Now for an Edward that is super sexy and swashbuckling! Who wouldn’t love Pirateward? “Cutlass” by TKegl is awesome. I loved every word of it and I would definitely leave my life behind if that Edward offered me a bunk on his ship! He’s a scoundrel but the perfect gentleman at the same time and isn’t that what every girl wants… the bad boy who is really good inside? Yep, go read it and swoon if you haven’t already.



And one last Edward that is super cute, the sweetest Edward on FFn and one that I totally did not expect to like…is Tailward. If you haven’t read “Written In The Stars” by Lissa Byran, then give him a chance. He’s an alien with a tail and it makes me want one too. His tail isn’t that weird in the end and the fact that it shows his emotions…like wearing his heart on his sleeve…makes him so loveable. He’s very primal and has a natural instinct to protect his Bella. The fic is incredibly well written and it was the first time in a fic that I actually loved Tanya! Give Tailward a go because he’s original and a definite keeper.”


Littlecat358 ~ Author of Unplanned Perfection and The Demons in My Dreams

My favorite Edward’s are the ones that are rough around the edges, but are good guys deep down. I also like them tatted. LOL. Obviously that includes Edward from Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by HunterHunting. I know there are others that I can’t think of at the moment. I like Edwards who are really tough and strong, but who will do anything for the people they love.

Tattward, oh how we love you so!!

Tattward, oh how we love you so!!


Nolebucgrl ~ Author of First and Ten, Sideline Collision, Words with Friends and Words with Strangers

Edward from Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by m81170

“There are so, so many awesome Edward’s out there that it’s super hard to narrow it down to just one!  Depends on if you want a possessive Edward, a sweet Edward, a sexy, dominant Edward…but if forced to select one, I’ll go for the sweetest, cutest one I’ve ever read.  Edward from An Introduction To Swirl & Daisy.  Yes, Edward is all of 13 when this story starts but he’s just adorable.  From going to Charlie to ask to court Bella to dressing up as Harry Potter when he’s a LOTR man to win his girl back, this Edward just makes me smile.  Easily one of my go-to places to read and feel good!”


Pattyrose ~ Author of The Cullen Legacy, This is Who I Am and If We Ever Meet Again

Edward Masen from The Best Man by BrattyVamp (pulled from FFn)

“The first thing that attracted me to this Edward was his inner struggles. He’s struggling to be the kind of man he thinks he’s supposed to be: a serious, studious, hard-working you man with no time to relax. At the same time, he’s struggling against his attraction to Bella, his childhood friend whom he once saw as a sister, but now he sees her as a woman and he’s not sure what to do with that. It’s the way he overcomes these struggles in the weeks that he and Bella are together that makes him so attractive to me; the way he slowly lets Bella in and allows her to teach him how to loosen up, and finally he accepts his feelings for her and becomes a shoulder for her to lean on when she needs his support. He’s sweet, protective, jealous, mature, athletic, intelligent, just everything rolled into one. Definitely my favorite Edward!”


planetblue ~ Author of Deviant and Barefoot in Texas

Domward from The Submissive and The Dominant by tarasueme (pulled from FFn to publish)

“Choosing a favorite Edward is like asking me to choose a favorite cheese. There is no such thing. Being forced to do so, however, makes me think of two. My favorite story of all time is Master of the Universe (go ahead, get the pitchforks) so I thought that was my easy choice. However, putting more thought into it, I decided that my go-to Mr. Cullen has to be from Tara Sue Me’s The Submissive/The Dominant.

Why you say? “He’s abusive. He wants to hurt her.” I don’t see it that way. There is something to be said about a strong man that has control. Control while at the same time, is making sure every one of your needs are met. Whether they be sexual or emotional. He’s not selfish, quite the opposite. Personally, I’m a very strong, able woman, and in no way into BDSM. I did, however, choose a husband that will just not take my **. Cause trust me, I can dish it out. There’s something inherently sexy about a man that will never become your doormat. I don’t want a guy that cries at Hallmark commercials or lets me walk all over him. The Submissive’s Edward Cullen is all man, just the way I like them.”


SparrowNotes24 ~ Author of Adagio and Mud, Sweat and Beers

My Edward is Lola-popsGraffitiward from We Were Here.
He was the first I fell truly and deeply in love with.  He’s the bad boy. The one Bella shouldn’t be with. He has a reputation and is moody and mysterious, but Lola-pops uses her wonderful way with words to slowly reveal the layers that make up an unforgettable character. He’s not good at expressing himself, but once he takes to the streets at night, where he creates his art in the form of graffiti, he reveals his true colours. He’s not perfect. He makes bad decisions and says the wrong things, but he loves hard and feels deeply. One thing that blew me away was his passion—the passion for his pieces and ultimately his passion for Bella.
He’s definitely left his tag on my heart. Indelibly.
Okay, now you know I am just sticking pictures of the pretty in because I can *winks*

Okay, now you know I am just sticking pictures of the pretty in because I can *winks*



We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you our favourite Edwards..

Just how we picture DanteWard....

Just how we picture DanteWard….


I told Ally Vera it would be an easier task to choose my favourite child than to choose my favourite fic Edward.  Although I adore Actorward, Irishward, and Geekward stories, somehow, the two Edwards I find myself torn between are none of the above.  I know, I know – it’s cheating, but both Lordward from Plight Thee My Troth by Gingerandgreen, and Danteward from *The University of Edward Masen by  Sebastien Robichaud made me fall for them slowly, yet hard and irrevocably.

Lord Edward Masen while enlightened for a gentleman of his time, has a commanding masterful presence that contrasts beautifully with his capacity to love his Lady Bella so softly and fiercely.  He is forever my Swoonward.  Then, there is the brooding and enigmatic Professor Edward Masen.   He has a gentle and loving side that calls to me, but it’s his deep, deep passion as a scholar and for his woman, that earned him a special place in my heart.  The fact I find intelligent men a turn-on is just a bonus!

*Now published as Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvian Reynard.

Sheesh, no wonder everyone loves Lordward!

Sheesh, no wonder everyone loves Lordward!

Wiltshire Glo

Deviant by planetblue

Oh. Manchu. Sexy, dirty Italian talking Manchu. There are so many sides to him, he’s delicious, funny and caring.

I know others have waxed lyrical about him, so I won’t say too much, except I agree with every word! He simply cannot be ignored. He’s wonderful.

Stolen Secrets & Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ

Such a beautiful, complex and heartbreaking Edward. This is the Edward that made me sob uncontrollably. But he uses humour and intelligence to cover his secrets -fun, mysterious but, again with a huge capacity for love. He’s stayed with me for months after reading.

SS&SDWard - he has a special place in our hearts!

SS&SDWard – he has a special place in our hearts!

Blood & Glory by Drotuno

Be still my beating heart! Blood and Glory’s Edward is strong, rough, capable, intelligent and trained to kill. Ruthless and fierce…but once he meets Bella he is so gentle, tender and protective of her, it’s beautiful. His encouragement of and admiration for her is seriously swoonworthy. He’s romantic and shows his own vulnerability to her. I think it’s his tenderness that really captured my heart. Seeing a strong guy being gentle because he has no need to prove himself, that inner confidence to show love really gets to me.


WoundedSoldierWard.  Good choice G&G!

WoundedSoldierWard. Good choice G&G!

Edward from My Wounded Solider by Counselor

A conversation between AllyVera and G&G

Ally Vera: Hey, can you pick your favourite Edward and write a few lines on him?

G&G: Bwahahahahaa…

Ally V: O_O

G&G: You’re serious??

Ally V: *nods vigorously*

G&G: *whimpers* I just have to step out of the tent. I may be some time…

1 week later…

G&G: Um, okay, er, I choose….

Ally V: *excitedly* Yes?

G&G: Sorry, my internet is down *runs away*

Another long while later…

G&G: *takes a deep breath*

All V: Go on GG, you can do it!

G&G: Aaaaaahhhhh – IchooseWoundedSoldierward, becausehecandeliverbabiesandploughfieldsandburythedeadandmakehismommahappyand …

Ally V: Take a moment, have a glass of wine, that’s it 🙂 *strokes G&G’s brow*

G&G: Okay, Counselor’s Woundedsoldierward because there isn’t a part of life that he doesn’t weave magic around. Birth, death, gentle love, love that aches like a fissure in the earth, war, brotherhood, protection, joy, soothing parental love, frustrated parental love, the greatness inherent in being the surviving son of a good man, sweet lovemaking and desperate lovemaking, loyalty, craft, nurturing nature through his farm, his pride and his family – he’s everything a man could be. Just perfect, really.

Ally V: Was that so hard?

G&G: *Glares* *Chases Ally V with a pitchfork* You made me choose!! What about all the other Edwards I love? What about my own Fic sons? Give me that bottle…

Ally V: *sighs* *whispers* Drama Queen much?

(Note from AllyVera…  I nearly laughed myself silly when GingerandGreen sent me this, and I had to share it with you all…  PS:  She didn’t really chase me with a pitchfork… for long)


So, Choc totally stole my Edward – but I forgive her as she said everything about Hockeyward from The Misapprehension of Bella Swan that I wanted to, only SO much better!  When mulling my second choice over, I realise just what a mammoth job I have given everyone because it is so hard to choose! Many of my personal favourites are already listed here, like the original Domward, Danteward, Toonward and Renward (great taste, Ladies!).  So, I am going to the Edward that I often go back to when I’ve had one of “those” days – Edward from Lindsay520‘s Perfectly Imperfect.  This Edward is unassuming in lots of ways, but so, so perfect.  He is kind, sweet and such a gentleman, but to go with all that sugar, he is brave and fearless – he risks his life to save his Bella without a second thought.  I just love him *swoons*.

Midnight Cougar

My favourite Edward . . . well, besides Originalward, I have to admit there are a few I’d do, I mean, I’d love to have in my life. But the one who dominates most of my Edward fantasies, I mean dreams, is Pennyward from Fridays at Noon by troublefollows1017. CEO Edward Masen is rich and powerful, dominant, controlling, stubborn, egotistical, brilliantly intelligent, and gorgeous, but also an Edward who really grew as a character; as a man who realized he wanted more out of life, than just his successful career, when his one true love came along and turned his world upside down! *sighs* He’s a complex Edward, who gradually relented all the love and caring he had bottled up inside himself for years, and he became a wonderful, romantic, not to mention fuck-hot lover *UNF!* and husband, and then later an adoring, devoted father. So, yeah, he really is and will always be – I’m pretty damn sure of it – my ultimate Edward; one with a little bit of everything, for me! *swoon*



I also have to mention a second very memorable Edward who really tickled my fancy, and still does. Some of you may not be aware of this, but I have a huge penchant for Geekward! I love a good, swoonworthy Geekward, and one of my favourites is 29ward from the romantic story, 29 Dimensions by Catastrophia. He was Mr. Right for Bella, and for me! *smiling* This Edward Masen is so sweet – sweet and tasty as sugar! A Doctor, Geek/Book-nerd *lol* and an absolutely lovely, humble, gorgeous Edward . . . in looks and personality! He’s just so damn adorkable; I’ve always called him my Fluffward! He is definitely in my best Edwards book! *sigh*


When a Twific h00r has read over 150 stories about Edward, it’s hard to remember the details of them all to pick a favorite. So, I pulled out my list of read fics and summaries (yes, I’m OCD like that) to refresh my memory a little.

After reviewing them with a nostalgic grin, I decided to pick a couple of Edwards who were penned by the same author. My all-time favorite Edwards are both HunterHuntingWards. Her Hockeyward in “The Misapprehension of Bella Swan” and her Tattward in “Clipped Wings and Inked Armour” are classic Edwards written to perfection.


*All reviews by AllyVera*


The Education of Professor Cullen by sheviking


The Education of Professor Cullen ~ College professor Edward Cullen is thoroughly annoyed by his student Ms. Swan. Everything about her bothers him, and he longs for the semester to be over. But what happens when he meets her one night when they aren’t in school?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 27 – Words: 172,427 – Reviews: 10,125 – Favs: 8,638 – Follows: 6,815 – Updated: 09-22-11 – Published: 04-20-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5910879

I love a good uptight Edward! *Snicker* And they certainly don’t come much more uptight than Edward in the The Education of Professor Cullen. He actually made me laugh out loud in the first chapter… methinks The Professor doth protest too much…. (from chapter one)

God, look at her. I have never seen anything like her! How can someone so small be so irritating and off-putting?

I glanced briefly at the girl who had become a very constant annoyance in my otherwise pleasant Tuesday and Friday schedule. Today her hair looked like it had been done with an electric mixer and was piled on top of her head with half a million pins. I had never seen her wear her hair down in the two months that she had been my student, and it bothered me for some reason. She was pretty enough but apparently insisted on hiding herself behind ridiculous outfits and hairstyles. Not to mention her makeup. I groaned internally when I remembered the hideous black stuff she usually wore on her eyes. She hadn’t looked up from her book today so I didn’t actually know if she looked like a deranged version of a mime as usual. As if she had heard my thoughts she raised her head and her brown eyes darted to me for a second. She gave me a lopsided grin and winked before turning her attention back to the book she was reading.

Why must she always do that? It is completely inappropriate. And I hate her makeup!

For all that complaining, it seems the Professor can’t fight fate, destiny or karma – whichever you would like to believe it is. For me, I believe that it’s Edward and Bella’s souls that recognize each other, long before their owners realize what is going on.

On the surface, this pair couldn’t be more different – he is staid, serious and a little bit of a homebody with a neat OCD streak – whereas Bella is young, carefree and very adventurous and where Edward is OCD, I would call Bella more … haphazard.

Things change when they start a very risky sexual relationship – Edward can’t resist Bella (who happens to be his student). However, in their sexual relationship, it is Bella who is the teacher. Edward has had a sad history with women and Bella shows him his full potential – and what a potential it is! Phew! There are some HOT lemons in this story – sheviking truly is a master (or is that mistress?) of the hotter than Hades lemon.

The explosive sexual relationship gradually morphs into a gorgeous love story, and even though this pair have obstacles to navigate – you never once doubt our Professor’s adoration and commitment to his Isabella, which is why he is here today “flying the flag” for intelligent, slightly awkward, but oh-so sweet Edwards everywhere!




Eternally Damned by twiXlite


Eternally Damned Edward is THE ultimate vampire. The original. What happens when a visit to the Volturi causes him to pay the Cullens’ a visit? Will he find them a threat to the world he’s spent an eternity shaping or will he leave them be and let them live in peace?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 36 – Words: 173,728 – Reviews: 4,339 – Favs: 4,384 – Follows: 2,423 – Updated: 04-30-13 – Published: 04-27-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5023928

If I had to sum up Eternally Damned in one word, I would have to use “fun”. Which seems strange, I guess, when you see what the story is about, as it is a Vampire/Drama and how as the story opens, Edward is on his way to investigate Aro’s allegations against the Cullen Clan – and he is fully prepared to destroy them if he has to.  But you will see, it is Edward that makes it fun!

In the first chapters you learn quite a bit about Edward..such as the fact he is the creator and father of the vampire race and the most powerful creature on earth. ED’s Edward is very old – millennia old in fact, and with that great age he’s a little… crotchety (well, I think I would be too, if I was 15,000 years old.. lol). His internal thoughts are hilarious, he certainly has no patience for anyone who pisses him off – and that is pretty much everyone!

Edward drops into Volterra to visit the Volturi, who he has placed in charge of running the Vampire world. On arrival in Volterra, Edward sees in Aro’s thoughts that he is very concerned about the size of Carlisle’s coven – and Edward decides to check it out himself, as he believes Aro to have ulterior motives (which of course he has).

This is where our story really starts – the chapters are told in EPOV and BPOV. There is some overlap on POV’s, but it is necessary for the storyline to see both sides from both Bella’s and Edward’s POV. In a switch on canon, Bella is the vampire turned in 1918 in Chicago and she has been with Carlisle ever since. She is the only unmated member of the Cullen family, and much like canon Edward, while she loves her family dearly, she feels a bit like the fifth wheel a lot of the time.

The excitement hits when Alice “sees” Edward’s arrival. The problem is that only Carlisle is aware of who Edward is – for a variety of reasons he has kept Edward’s existence a secret from his family, not wanting them to be frightened. There is plenty of time for that, though, as Edward’s entrance causes a lot of stress in the Cullen Clan.

Once arrived quite few things come to light – one is that Emmett thinks he can take Edward (of course he does!) and Carlisle has to forbid him not to start anything. But most interesting, is that Edward has met Bella before – something she has no memory of – but she certainly feels their connection. Let me share Bella’s first thoughts of him… (from chapter three)

“Then suddenly he was there.

Standing in front of us, leaning against the wall as though this was a common occurrence for him. But who knows it could have been.

He looked young. No older than seventeen, but my recently acquired knowledge of him told me that he was wisened beyond what he appeared. Even if I hadn’t known that he was as old as he was I would have guessed that he was older than Carlisle. There was nothing about him that gave away that he was only seventeen, despite his appearance.

He had strong features. Perfectly sculpted cheekbones and a strong jaw. His nose was in perfect propotion to his face and was perfectly straight. His hair was an odd shade of reddish brown. A colour that I supposed could only be described as bronze.

But it was his eyes that held my attention. They were old and wise. The deep red of his eyes indicating that he fed off of human blood. They showed the window into his ancient soul. They were full of knowledge and history. And they also held danger. He was dangerous. Now that I had seen him in the flesh, I could see what Carlisle meant about being wary of him.

Everything about him screamed power.

He was powerful.”

I won’t lie, Edward is the reason I love this story so. The character that twiXlite has created is nothing short of inspired – he is everything I love about Edward, and then some. He is determined, strong, powerful, protective of his Bella and not to mention he has a wicked sense of fun. Seriously, him putting Tanya in her place – SO good!

Eternally Damned is definitely a unique vampire story, but if you love that special connection between Edward and Bella and don’t mind a bloodthirsty Edward (no veggie vamp here!), I’m sure you will enjoy it like I did!



Firefly in Summer by primarycolors

Firefly in Summer

Firefly in Summer

Firefly in Summer ~ Edward finds himself back in the little beach town of his childhood when he inherits the local bar from his uncle. The elusive, pretty girl next door has killer legs, a sketchbook and secrets that are slowly eating her alive.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 47 – Words: 188,377 – Reviews: 9,325 – Favs: 5,656 – Follows: 4,167 – Updated: 02-19-12 – Published: 01-20-11 – Status: Complete – id: 6672297

When I first considered doing a “celebration of Edward post” Firefly was one of the very first stories that popped into my head, because this Edward is a very, very special man.

I am not going to say much about this story at all, as I believe (and I am sure that anyone who has read it will agree with me) that it is a story where the less you know going in, the better your experience of it will be.

What I will say though, is that the connection between this Edward and his Bella is out of this world – this is love in it’s purest form.  The writing is beautiful, the setting of Summerside perfect, the background stories intricate and wonderful.  But at the end of the day – this is a story about a man who never gives up on the love of his life. *Sigh*

The only other thing I will share with you – you’re going to need tissues.  But trust me, it’s worth it!



Through the Flames by SparklingTwilight


Through the Flames ~ One fateful night, 29y/o Edward must make the decision that haunts every firefighter’s worst nightmares. In choosing between his life and that of another, life altering repercussions arise. Rated M. Contains graphic descriptions of fire. HF Warning.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Chapters: 41 – Words: 200,140 – Reviews: 7,197 – Favs: 3,055 – Follows: 1,775 – Updated: 02-03-11 – Published: 04-09-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5883476

An Edward that stayed with me long after I finished the last paragraph was FirefighterWard from SparklingTwilight’s Through The Flames.

This Edward is not a rich CEO, nor is he the bad boy that all the women swoon over, but somehow this ordinary, hard-working Edward with the patience of a saint will win you over – even without an Aston Martin in the garage…

Like his father before him, Edward is a Firefighter, as are his younger brothers Emmett and Jasper. Edward is the glue that keeps his family together, as you could say that his brothers are a little … dysfunctional (and that is putting it mildly).

However, there is a price to pay for being his brothers’ protector. Edward sustains an injury saving Emmett’s bacon and being the brave (and slightly silly) man he is, he goes back to work thinking no more of it. That same night his team are called to a fire engulfing an apartment block – seemingly with one person still inside. Here is a little snippet from chapter 5, aptly titled “The Devils Muse”…

“Bella!” he hollered, striding forward a few steps before dropping to the ground and searching for the hand he was positive he’d seen. His hands moved in wide arcs as he crawled, his flashlight held beneath the palm of his right hand as it scraped against the warped wooden floor, and finally, finally, he found her.

He quickly tore off his gloves and pressed his fingers against the side of her throat. Panic shook his entire frame as he felt a pulse so faint he almost had to question if it was his own and she no longer had one. Had it not been beating so slowly while his was racing frantically against his chest, he would have assumed he’d been too late.

“Hang on sweetie, hang on,” he pleaded, hoping she could somehow hear him as he ripped his helmet and mask off, coughing instantly from the dense smoke filling the apartment. “Don’t you dare give up on me now. I didn’t come this fuckin’ far to let you go.”

Edward turned her head and brushed her hair away from her face before pressing his mask against it to give her fresh oxygen as he shed the air pack from his back and tore off his turncoat. As quickly as he could manage while choking on the dry searing soot infiltrating his lungs, he resituated the air pack on his back and wrapped her in his turncoat to protect her from the flames he knew they’d be crossing on the way to their salvation.

As he hoisted her up into his arms, a terrifying boom rocked the building.

“You can’t fucking have her!” he screamed at the Muse, adjusting her in his arms so he could reach his radio on his turncoat. 

“I’ve got her. I’m on my way out. Have medics ready.” 

Needless to say, Edward doesn’t make it out of the building the way he intended, his injured leg gives out and he and Bella barely make it out alive.

In the aftermath of Edward’s accident, we are all shown just how much he is loved by his family and friends, and you get to see just how much they need him around. It becomes apparent that they have been taking this marvelous man for granted for a little too long – and what a wake-up call it is!

Bella, of course, comes into the story when she wakes up in the hospital with injuries, but certainly not ones as serious as Edward’s. She soon wants to see her saviour and this is where their beautiful relationship begins. Even when he is unconscious, Edward and Bella seem to have an awareness of each other and Bella soon becomes a fixture by his side.

It’s not all smooth sailing though, as Edward’s recovery is long and tedious for him, and even though he is as about as patient as someone can get, even his limits are tested. Bella sticks with him through thick and thin (even though sometimes I am sure her own limits were tested!).

This story is very much a slow, slow burn (pardon the pun), and I think that is partly why I enjoyed it so deeply as it very much suited both the characters’ personalities. But, you certainly see early on that these two are meant to be, and in different ways they both saved each others’ lives.



We wanted to do something special for our Celebration of Edward post, and we thought we would have a little award for the Edward who we feel “tickles all our fancies” – in other words, owned our hearts, minds and err… possibly other parts as well.

While researching for this post, it soon became pretty clear there was only ever going to be one winner for this award, and he is the Edward who captured us at that first meeting at the coffee shop, had us enthralled when we realized he was a dash of a voyeur, we got all hot under the collar when we first saw him in leather, we all melted a tiny bit when we found out what he does for a living and the better we got to know him the hotter and hotter he got, and the deeper we fell.

Oh yes, you probably all know who we are talking about, our beloved Manchu from Deviant – planetblue’s masterpiece. So to planetblue, thank you for creating the closest thing to perfection possible. We love Manchu, and we love you too! Oh, and by the way – if you haven’t read it – go go go!!

Oh, Manchu! *sigh*

Oh, Manchu! *sigh*

Thank you so much for joining us this week and helping us celebrate our most loved Edwards.  We would love to hear all about YOUR favourite Edward, so please tell us all about him in the comments below – we can never get enough Edward!  Until next week ~ The FicSix!



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64 responses to “It’s Always Been Him…

  1. mauigirl60

    Wow, this really was some post! Great job, all of you.

  2. What a fabulous birthday celebration for Edward Ally Vera!

    Ally Vera, I want you to know I forgive you for making me choose between all the fic Edwards I love so much. Of course, Originalward will always be my number one fantasy man, as apart from being so special himself, he opened up the door to a entire new world for me to enjoy.

    It’s really interesting to discover everyone’s favourite Edward above – I’m looking forward to finding out more in the comments.

    Congratulations to Manchu!
    He looks so…so….so perfectly Manchu in the Award Banner!

    Happy Belated Birthday Edward Cullen!

  3. Hey Cared! I knew you would forgive me 🙂 I agree, it was so great to see everyone’s favourite Edwards – and there is such a vast array. Something for everyone!

    And yes, Manchu, *sigh* – now that I think of it, we could have called the Award – “Edward you would most like to take home and keep” LOL

    A x

  4. Hi All!!

    I hope you enjoyed the Celebration of Edward this week – I just wanted to say for our newer readers – we normally don’t talk too much about stories that have been pulled from FFn/Twilighted/TWCS too much, but with this post it was sort of hard not to talk about stories that are no longer with us.

    Please, by all means if you have any questions about any of the stories listed above that you haven’t heard about, please feel free to chat to any of the FicSix about them – and we are very glad to help out!!

    AV xox

  5. rita01tx

    Ladies! You’ve done it again! Pulled the rabbit out of the hat and brought us recs of the most awesome stories ever! I love every Edward out there, but I confess to a weakness for BrokenWingWards like Little Green!
    Little Green and Easybella by BettiGefecht only remembers a silent kid, he doesn’t remember her at all. When they meet again years later, they feel a connection that isn’t of this world – – – ExB; AH; Rated M. Autism; age gap; unconditional love.
    Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 37 – Words: 131,445 – Reviews: 5,305 – Favs: 2,650 – Follows: 2,883 – Updated: 05-21-13 – Published: 10-20-10 – id: 6412470

    Combined with my passion for high school Edwards of any kind, my second favorite BrokenWingWard is the Edward in Loner!
    Loner by Nilla79
    All Human. Edward Cullen was a loner, an outcast. He clearly hated everybody, including himself. He was not a nice person. So, why was I so drawn to him? And why did I get the crazy feeling he felt the same way?
    Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 115 – Words: 379,793 – Reviews: 10,140 – Favs: 4,366 – Follows: 2,699 – Updated: 07-06-11 – Published: 01-31-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5705727

    • Hey Rita! Great to see you 🙂 I have Little Green on my TBR list and I am very keen to read it – I hear such wonderful things! And I completely agree about Loner – great Edward and great story! A x

  6. What a magnificent post, Ally Vera! My goodness, I’d forgotten about Through the Flames, I loved that story and that Edward. I also adored CescaMarie’s Dead On My FeetWard; but my favourite young Edward has to be Georgialion’s – Ilovealion and Georgiaedwardlover know my adoration for the boy well! I’m not ashamed to say I loved MotU’s Fifty either Planetblue, but my favourite Domward has to be Bornonhalloween’s – he spiced up my Saturday mornings for some time… No, Ally V, choosing favourites is an impossible task, where did I put that pitchfork? (Only choking)

    Cared Cullen, Lordward loves you too, more than he can ever express. He is ready to sweep you away on the back of his horse at a moment’s notice.

    I can’t wait to read about other people’s top Wards. Have a wonderful FFF everyone!

  7. ooh, so hard to choose.

    So many beautiful men have been written, huh?

    I think my vote would go to ‘The Other Side of Me’ Edward. He’s compassionate and sweet and patient and not perfect and real. There are a more than a few scenes in that story that will stay with me forever.

    Glad to see ‘We Were Here’ Edward mentioned. Love him heaps.

    I’d also add ‘Marked Indelibly’ Edward. MI is an Em/Rose story, and though the summary says Edward is “on call for comic relief,” he’s so much more than that. He’s got his own Smut-U outtakes, and is very much a case of being more than he seems.

    ooh, ‘The Dark Muse’ Edward, too. Another Edward who cares for a Bella through trauma without “fixing” her. Maybe that’s what I’m drawn to. Not Edwards who heal their Bellas, rather ones who walk beside her as she heals herself.

  8. edwardsvamptramp69

    Excellent post, Ladeez! So many ‘Wards to choose from, they are all delectable in their own right. I agree with many off you………Fridays at Noon, Master of the Universe, The Misapprehension of Bella Swan, My Beautiful Storm, Clipped Wings and Inked Armor, The University of Edward Mason, etc. But I DEFINITELY agree with your choice for the ULTIMATE ‘Ward; Deviant. Manchu just makes my panties go *puff* any time I run to that story for a fix. And there is one passage in that story that gets me hot and bothered any time I think of it (and trust me, I think of it on a daily basis;); it’s this………..

    “I’m going to be a little more blunt.” He raises his eyebrows in question, waiting. “Are we going to have sex?”

    His answer is immediate. “No.”

    “No?” I ask incredulously.

    “No.” His eyes never leave the road.

    I sit in my seat, my mouth wanting to open and gape at him when he takes a sudden right turn into the park and pulls the car over under some large trees, a little past the entranceway, but out of sight from the road.

    He turns to me in the dark and says in a low, ominous tone, “We’re going to fuck. Hard.”


    Medic! Can we get Doctorward over here??!! *winks*

    • *Ally waves smelling-salts under edwardsvamptramp69’s nose* LOL How right you are – that part got me too! Gah! Manchu certainly has the ability to get a girl all hot and bothered!

  9. dpennell007

    This was a fantastic post! Reminds me of how much I miss HunterHunting. Still swooning over Manchu. Loved the Dead on my Feet & the Written in the Stars Edwards. The 2 Professor & Dom Edwards mentioned above – sigh…

    • Hi dpennell007! Yes, HunterHunting knew how to write unforgettable Edwards!

      Thanks for sharing your favourites with us.

      Have a great weekend!

  10. Fanfuckingtastic post! Love manchu so much and so many of the other fics mentioned – and you ladies know how much it makes me smile to get a shout! I L Y! thanks for all this awesomeness this morning! XOXOXOXOX

    • Hey Jo! Thank you so much for your help this week, we really appreciated it!! I am ashamed to admit, I actually haven’t read My Beautiful Storm… so guess what I am doing this weekend?! Your description of him made me put it right to the top of my priority list! AV xox

  11. I don’t even have words for what this post has done to me today. First, having Ally ask me to contribute was exciting and flattering as all get out! Next, reading everyone’s picks brought back some great memories and added new stuff to my list. And Seeing Manchu mentioned, made me so happy that he is still remembered and loved. But then. THEN! To see he’s the recipient of Ultimate Ward! Do you guys have any idea how…..close to tears with gratitude I am. I love that you love him. Thank you is not strong enough.

    • You’re here!! *Ally grabs Planetblue and hugs her madly* We are so glad you liked the Award! And seriously, he is so deserving – Half-Pint has some serious competitors for her man… she better watch out!! LOL

      And of course, thank you for your addition to our FavouriteWards – Domward is a personal favourite of mine too – I actually think I have read TS/TD more than I read Fifty – and that’s saying something! 🙂

  12. bellatesoro

    I’ve been trying to sift through my long “to read” list for my summer reading. You girls did the foot work for me. Who else but authors themselves to give their own personal favorites. So your opinions truly make my decision easier. Of course you all covered the best of the best Edwards. I would like to add the all time favorite for me, which is EP/Sempre mobward. That Edward stole my heart back when he was still being developing as a WIP and he still hasn’t given it back to me as of today. And then there is Under the Apple Tree Docward. That Edward was a saint which is just what his broken Bella needed.
    I just wanted to drop in and thank you all for giving me plenty of Edwards to keep me well stocked for this summer’s reading adventures.
    As a reader and author fangirl, I thank you all for not only this post but for letting readers like myself, providing hours of reading pleasure. Thank you to all!

    • Hello bellatesoro! I wondered when EP Edward would make his appearance!! He is one of my much loved Edwards too – such an epic story that one – and he was SO easy to love, even with his “quirks”!

      Thank you for dropping by and we are so glad to be able to extend your “to read” list! AV x

  13. God you guys!! I loved this post! Just thinking about and trying to pick a favorite is a struggle though. I tend to go back to my favorite fics, because Edward is always the reason why those stories are my favorite.

    For Vampwards I would say, Loloashoe’s Let Your Light Shine Trilogy and Savage7289’s Hide and Drink. For AH Edward, I would go with, GG’s Weight of Words and angstgoddess’ Wide Awake. Who ever mentioned Bratty Vamp’s Best Man though, just Gah…my heart.

    A new favorite would be troublefollows1017’s Now and Then. Musicward is fantastic. 🙂

    • Hi katiebirdie *waves* Great to see you!! So glad you liked the post and thank you for your recs! Hide and Drink… I SO loved that story!! *taps lips* its about due for another re-read! AV xox

  14. keyecullen

    Awesome post! I always get the best recs from here. I know we like the same things as my fav fics are always mentioned. So the few that I haven’t heard of I am all like, “click, copy, & PDF” it!! LOL

    Thanks for pulling these recs all together.

  15. ilovealion

    This is the Ultimate Edward post! Thanks to everyone who chimed in with their favorites! And thanks especially to Ally Vera who obviously put a lot of hard work into this compilation.
    Happy Friday to all!!

  16. It’s Always Been Him… indeed! 😀 What a incredible celebration post, Ally! It’s great to see so many authors sharing their favourites, too!

    I also have to mention one of my other favourite Edwards is Dick from Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire! I loved him so much; always makes me smile, laugh & he’s so unique! I’ll never forget him!

    Manchu really is an incredible Edward! *swoon* Love that he is our Ultimateward!

    Happy Fan Fiction Friday! xo

  17. Nice job, AV.

    What a great post and now that I have finished my big move, I’m allowed to read FFn again and you’ve given me a place to start.

    What I loved about this post was that all the Edwards I felt guilty for not mentioning got mentioned by others. *Phew* (They had all been giving me sad, puppy dog eyes when they didn’t make my list.) I adore Hockeyward, Professorward, Fireflyward, Stormward, Soldierward, Domward and Dead on my Feet-ward. I was so happy to see them all mentioned.

    I do have a rather big confession to make though and I hope you’ll still let me be part of the club once you know. *whispers* I haven’t read Manchu! I can’t believe after all these years and all these fics that I haven’t read the ULTIMATE Edward. I feel ashamed. Can’t tell you how glad I am that he hasn’t been pulled. So I swear I will rectify that very soon. Don’t kick me out just yet please.

    Wiltshire Glo – talk about make a girl nearly drop her brand new laptop on the floor first thing in the morning. Now that woke me up. Wow! Drinks are on the house at our favourite bar for you, and you know he’ll know exactly what you feel like ordering. Thank you, sweet.

    Great post as always, ladies. I love your work!

    • Hey Foxxy, you must be relieved your move is over. Best of luck to you in the new place!

      I understand the guilt, there are so many Edwards I’ll no longer be able to look in the eye. LOL

      I hope you are now reading Manchu and will let us know what you think.

      Happy FanFiction Friday!

    • Hi FoxxyJ – Thank you so much for sending me your Edwards when you have undertaken such a HUGE move!

      Don’t worry, I am sure you are not alone with being a Manchu Virgin, but you have a real treat ahead of you! He truly has a bit of everything!!

      A xox

    • *Raises glass to FoxxyJ* Cheers! ❤

  18. eewee333

    Happy Friday! What a wonderful post this week in honor of Edward’s birthday. I have read many of the stories mentioned above, but sad to say that I was kind of late coming into this wonderful world of Robward and fanfic, so I’ve missed reading out on some of the pulled fics mentioned above. *sad face*
    I have two favorite Edwards (although I do love them all) and they are Fifty from MOTU and PAWard from Pound of Flesh. He loved his Peaches with such raw passion that it took my breath away. So that’s my two cents thrown in on this beautiful Friday. And if anyone would like to send me any of those pulled stories, I’d love to have them. ( Love to all you beautiful ladies. 🙂

  19. What a great way to celebrate our beloved Edward’s birthday. I love all of the Edwards mentioned in the post. Great job! If I hadn’t missed the deadline (sorry again, Allyvera) I would have recommended Rancherward from Lady Gwynedd’s lovely period fics The Mail Order Bride and its sequel, Bear Valley Ranch. There’s just something about him that makes me swoon. 🙂

    • Great choice Sheviking!

      Rancherward had it all, he lived quite a rough life but he was a gentleman in the best of ways.

      Have a great weekend!

    • Hi sheviking – thanks so much for dropping by!! And it was totally fine – I know you have had such a busy week!

      I was actually going to be recommending The Mail Order Bride and Bear Valley Ranch for Historicalward – and then they were pulled 😦 What a shame! But you are so right – they are fabulous stories! A xo

  20. I love this blog! Always fuels my FF addiction with great new stories I haven’t read.
    Just finished “Deviant,” and I must agree, Manchu was f*ck hawt!!! Took Bella awhile, but she finally got it (and him!)…..
    Thanks for all the RobPorn, and the recs….you all are the best!


    P.S. Pimping Fluffy Liz’s “Where Roads Converge!” Who wouldn’t want a 19-y.o. horny Edward? Great story….WIP!

  21. Amazing post!!!! I love each and every one of these Edwards….I give all of you ladies credit for narrowing it down! Wow! I don’t think I could have done it. You girls rock out loud!!!

    • Hi there utterlyabsurdbella! It was hard, I can tell you!! But I love the wide range of Favourite Edwards we have all come up with!!

      Thank you so much for popping in *hugs* A x

  22. jazzgirl317

    So many ~Wards, so little time….

    Such a wonderful way to celebrate Edward’s happy day! Loved reading and reminiscing about all my favorites. MercWard for damn sure! FireflyWard, TattWard, PennyWard, StormWard, HockeyWard (and don’t forget SuperCock!!) We are so blessed in this fandom to have so many great authors who not only understand the beating heart of the central character, but who can reimagine him and bring him to life in so many different ways that are still true to the heart of the original.

    I must say, I am in the same boat as Cared. I could sooner pic my favorite son than pic a favorite Edward. But, seeing as how so many of them were mentioned here today, I’ll go ahead and just add one to the list. BamaWard from rtgirl’s Cotton Creek. When I need a sweet, lovely all around gentlemanWard, he’s my fluffy love go-to. She’s pulled CC off of FFn, but it is still available on her blog.

    And now for my admission. I, too, have not yet copied up to Manchu. *hangs head in shame*. I suppose now, I have no excuses. If he truly is the Ultimate Ward… Well, how can I not!

  23. Hi jazzgirl317! Thank you so much of the rec of Cotton Creek – I haven’t read that one yet… I look forward to it! A x

  24. What an awesome post! Thanks for mentioning Ren :’) It was a sad day when FFN pulled him…

    I’ve gotten a few PMs from ladies asking if Renfield and Chiclets is available. I’ve not posted it anywhere else (cause, dude, I used to post multiple places and it takes a lot of time to keep up). But I did PDF a copy, with all the outtakes. It’s not super pretty, but it’ll work if you just want to read it. Read it, download it, share it, whatever… just don’t steal or anything crappy like that 🙂

    Reader beware, it’s verrah porny. And pretty vulgar. And maybe kinda funny (IMO, lol). It’s pretty much open satire of porn, vamps, science, fic, etc. It’s all for fun, not meant to be good “writing” or anything serious.

    • Hi Kate – thank you so much for sharing this link with us! Renward certainly has his devotees, and you know I am one of them! Everytime I see or hear about chaps I always think of him… hehe AV 🙂

  25. Hello again,

    All has been rectified over the past two days. I opened up the reviews on Deviant and then opened chapter one immediately.

    What a brilliant Edward dear Manchu is! Wow, it was a great read and the perfect fic to start off my new adventure. Guess what city I’m now calling home – yep, I’ll be keeping an eye out for Manchu and Half Pint as I get to know this awesome place! I can’t believe it. It’s almost like it was fate to read that as my first fic here in the US.

    Thank you once again for your amazing recs.

  26. Dearest Ally,

    Thank you for your epic celebration of glorious Edwards.

    I’m now going to hide in a cave until next year while I revisit Edwards I’ve met and loved and meet some new guys, all called Edward.

    You’ve inspired me.

    An awesome post Ally – so much fun. What a marvellous way to mark his birthday…. Thank you!

    • Aww, thanks so much Wiltshire Glo! As always though, it is a team effort, you know I couldn’t have done it without the other members of the FicSix! (Even if my ass is still sore from GingerandGreen’s pitchfork.. LOL)

  27. roxiesmom2009

    What a great post!! You all did an awesome job and I agree about Manchu. He’s my number one Edward! I’ve read all the fics mentioned except Eternally Damned and I’m adding that to my neverending TBR stat. Thanks so much ladies! I look forward to Fridays as they are always good. I don’t always comment, but trust me I’m reading them. I’ll try to do better on the commenting though. *smiles*

    • hey roxiesmom2009! Great to see you! So glad you liked the post 🙂 It was such great fun to do. We all love talking about Edward in his many glorious forms *grins* AV x

  28. I’m sooooo late to this big party. LOVE MANCHU big time! Great choice for 2013. —— Anybody who’s ever talked to me knows my all time favorite Edward is “The Blessing And The Curse”. His intensity and his passion for Bella brought me to my knees. Only ONE LEMON, but you waited for it so long that when it finally happened it was like YESSSS~~~!!!!! I truly love her writing and I’ve wanted her to publish this story for forever. I suppose it will never happen as she doesn’t want it published I guess, but I do so love this story. His darkness pulled me in and I loved peeling his layers of his onion to find this powerful love for Bella buried so deep inside with this intense need to own her, but the truth be told it was she who owned him….sigh.

    • Hi Pullmydaisy Too!! You aren’t late – you are “making an entrance”.. lol

      Thanks for dropping in and sharing your favourite with us… you are certainly not alone – TB&TC is the most favourited story on FFn for ExB – and there is definitely a reason for that! I remember reading it as a WIP *sigh* Chat soon AV xox

    • dpennell007

      Wanted you to know that your comment was the final push to convince me to read this one. Only on Ch 8 & SO grateful! I was afraid I didn’t have the stomach for the angst, but I really really do *humming Aimee Mann song You Do* ty donna

  29. Oh, Ally Vera – you had me at “It’s always been him”! And then Edward’s birthday (which I am astonished to have forgotten), followed by a fantastic post! What a clever idea, to collect Favorite Edwards from some smashing authors as well as the FicSix.
    So many of my favorites have been mentioned, including LolaShoes’ trilogy and Savage7289’s “Hide and Drink”. One that wasn’t mentioned elsewhere was Edward from TKegl’s “Beyond Time”.
    Or any Edward from any Windchymes fic.
    Thanks so much for the work you put into this post!

    • Renee, thank you so much for the mighty praise – it was such a fun post to do, and I could talk about Edward all day *sigh*. Thanks so much for your recs as well – I am ashamed to say I have not read “Beyond Time” yet, but its one of *those* fics I have saved for a rainy day, as I have heard nothing but praise for it. Have a great week! AV x

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