Sensual Sunday ~ Perfectly Imperfect!

Wet Rob Avi

Good evenin’, ladies!

Seems I recall Rob once sayin’ he didn’t photograph well unless the shot was taken from a certain angle!

Pfffft! I beg to differ!

Seriously, just look at this face…


and tell me it’s not perfect in every way!

Francies67 949

Well then, what is it Rob would rather hide…his nose?


Okay, there might be the slightest Hump in it!


Didn’t he say somethin’ about it bein’ broke a couple times in his youth?


Personally, I think it adds character…not that Rob needs it LOL!


While searchin’ for Rob’s Hump, it was clear to me that, in 90% of the close-ups of his face, you never notice it at all!

BeautifulRob 001

Mostly, we’re distracted by other things anyway…like FingerPorn!


*Oooh!* Or serious LashPorn *THUD!*


Can you see past the stunnin’ EyePorn?


Killer LipPorn is always a good distraction, too *DED!*


Dreamy ScruffPorn FTMFW!!!


Damned if I don’t miss Rob’s SideburnPorn *le sigh!*


If you can see The Hump for Rob’s more than awesome JawPorn, you’re a better h00r than I am LMAO!!!

Water for Elephants - UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Oops! Rob must think I’m tryin’ to take the Mickey outta him LOL!


{sorry…just lost my train of thought *drool!*}


What’s really rare in the world of RobPorn is a profile shot that shows the Hump!


And I have to wonder if Rob’s grown into his nose ’cause The Hump was more noticeable when he was younger and much skinnier!


Hell’n everything on his face was more prominent back then LOL!


Yeah, it took him awhile, but…


in the overall scheme of things, Rob’s hump is simply a perfect imperfection…


Ain’t nothin’ about this face I’d change!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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10 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Perfectly Imperfect!

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    Rita!! what a post BB, I am wiping the drool off my chin as I type. Hot Damn that man is gorgeous.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and slight imperfections are what make a face interesting. Bump schmump, that guy has so much right going on it doesn’t matter. In fact, apart from some adorkable face pulling shots I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad picture of him. (But I’ll keep checking them out, just to be sure LOL)
    Thanks for making my Sunday honey.

    • rita01tx

      I can think of 2 really bad pictures of Rob…one candid and one from a photoshoot, but I’d never post them! And, whoever published them should be shunned!!!

  2. oilily2001

    Great post! And this is exactly why I love Rob so much and my Robsession grows every day. He’s perfectly imperfect or imperfectly perfect! All these little things like the hump makes him adorable! I wouldn’t want to change one thing on him and I’m glad he doesn’t seem to be into cosmetic surgery… ;)))

    • rita01tx

      Absolutely, Oilily darlin’! And he doesn’t let “them” mess with this cute little teeth, either…except to have them bleached every now and then! Such a sweetie *le sigh!*

  3. His perfectly imperfect nose was one of the first tings i noticed and loved about him. Never change anything Rob. You are F*cking Perfect!

    • rita01tx

      Yes, he f*ckin’ is, RF darlin’! As I’ve said many times, what Rob things is a flaw, we think is perfectly imperfect LOL!

  4. nancym5621

    I FLTB! (Just made up my own acronym.) The bump is beautiful but maybe it’s because I like bumpy noses. LOL. I remember Rob once saying that at certain angles his profile looks like a foo!! The man has no idea how beautiful he really is and that is just something else to add to the list of things I love about him.

    • rita01tx

      F*ckin’ Love The Bump??? *Gigglesnort!* Love it, Nancy darlin’! I dunno…maybe if you’d looked at that face in the mirror all your life, you’d see flaws, too! Still, I wouldn’t change a thing about it or anything else on that man, inside or out!

  5. eewee333

    Hi Rita. I’m late to the party! Is it hump the bump day? If so, count me in bb. 🙂 Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe our boy. *excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard* And you’re right, he is beautiful from any angle.

    • rita01tx

      Eewee, darlin’! You ain’t never too late to MY party! And thanks for leavin’ a comment….I been listenin’ to the crickets since Sunday LMAO!!!

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