Brit Boy

*blows kisses*



♥ ♥ 

Well, hello my friends!

We may be approaching July 4th, Independence Day, here in the good ol’ USA, but I thought I’d celebrate Rob and a different “Red White and Blue” today!

This time, there is clearly only one side to choose!


Because, well, let’s face it he is…


So just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. You’re in good company!


Now you knew I couldn’t do a Rob / Union Jack post without getting my girl Mississippibellalis to make us something special!


Just looking at this gorgeous man puts butterflies in my stomach…and a few other places, too!50c7a579baebdf23a6353d46124a83fa

Must be something in the water that makes Britboys so damned hot!


Those eyes could melt straight through an iceberg! *SWOON*


This reminds me so much of The British Invasion of the Beatles but Rob is a thousand times more gorgeous IMO! So glad he switched to sex hair LOL


Yes, yes he is the king of my heart! Take it off Rob! Take it ALL off! *snickers*


Now, when I think of the red, white and blue and eagles in the same sentence THIS wasn’t the picture that came to mind! But it forever will be now!

robert_pattinson___union_jack_by_oxgerryberryxo-d4ppx46 - Copy

Lips to die for! *THUD!*


Why even Breaking Dawn Edwards look better with a UJ flag for background.


I have no idea who created this was or why (a FF maybe?) Hell, I don’t even remember snagging it…just found it floating around in my porn stash! Man, I have good taste LOL! (it is marked/credited to oksanarosten)

london_by_oksanarobsten-d57h01g - Copy

Thank you, England, for giving us such hotness!


Well, we all know it’s impossible, but…


Yes Rob + the Union Jack flag is cause for a…


Much Love to you all,



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12 responses to “Brit Boy

  1. Sus

    Love these! Seems like Rob hasn’t been “home” for awhile…..Bet Mr. and Mrs. Pattz miss him! Love BritRob!

    • Thanks SUS I’ve spent weeks searching for these. Even asked Missi to make us a few. You know what? THIS is all there is!! WTF? Ssome one needs to make Tons more! Glad you enjoyed it anyway BB! MWAH!!

  2. samiwm69

    This is bloody brilliant love it !! 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. mississippibellalis

    Hi Ladies! Hard to believe that these are all there is of Brit-Boy? Wow, seems there should be more than this. I’ve been wondering…does England have any national holidays they celebrate with flag-waving and what are they called? Anyway, the few Brit-Boy images there are are terrific! Rob’s looking as handsome as ever (as if Rob could ever look bad?, yeah, right!) My best summation of these images is that it’s as if the flag is reflecting his culture and is bearing his soul for all to see. I hope everyone had a great weekend and happy 4th to all! P.S. – Thank you for showcasing my graphics, RF!

    • ClaireBamboozle

      Hi Missi, we’ve just had a year of flag waving and bunting hanging (that is string with loads of triangle shaped flags along it) with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. We don’t have particular holidays where flags are waved, more at patriotic events, like the Proms, summer fetes or Royal and sporting events.
      Funny thing is we were always quite reserved about the flag until a few years ago when it suddenly started appearing everywhere, on doormats, posters, clothing, cushions and I even saw a stove last week with a big enamel Union Jack on it.

  4. eewee333

    RF-great post. Has anyone besides me noticed that lately all the gorgeous guys are brits? Of course Rob is still my number 1, but Henry Cavill, Andrew Lincoln, need I say more? Yes, I mean, give me more! Must be something in the water over there. Just rambling now…between your post and Rita’s from yesterday I’m in a Rob-daze. ***must get back to work, must get back to work…***

    • ClaireBamboozle

      You want more hot British men Eewee??? Gerard Butler, Jude Law, Daniel Craig, David Beckham, Ewan Mcgregor, Jason Statham, Christian Bale, Ralph and Joseph Feinnes, Orlando Bloom(who I thought was one of yours)…David Gandy-who??(just google this man for pities sake! His is the body used in loads of those hot Rob Manips.)
      Phew!! Mr Gandy finished me off- I need to go lie down for a bit…..

      • eewee333

        Hi Claire! I want to personally thank you for all the beautiful british manmeat you sent my way. And how come I never heard of DAVID GANDY before? My God, he is gorgeous. Wouldn’t he make a wonderful Fifty? (If we can’t have Rob of course). I can’t seem to get any work done today. GAH!!

        • ClaireBamboozle

          Yeah BB! he is the Dolce and Gabanna model and seems a really nice guy too. I hadn’t thought about the Fifty job, but you’re right, he would look so good in those ripped faded jeans and the bare feet. Hmmmmmm. (He’s my second choice, the role belongs to Rob of course LOL.)

  5. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rf , great post again honey, made me feel all patriotic, almost felt like waving a flag myself LOL.
    @ Eewee, yup, gotta say we have been breeding some hot male specimens lately, don’t know if it’s in the water, but long may it continue. (Oh, the temptation to say something about being wet! Must resist being smutty, must resist being smutty!)
    Lovely surprise for a Tuesday.

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