Monday Madness ~ Welcome to the Dark Side!

Wet Rob Avi

Good evenin’, ladies!

So, Sunday got away from me LOL!

Good thing RF didn’t have anything planned for Monday so I can still bring you some of my favorite edits by Edbellfan!

Her edits have a certain dramatic darkness that speaks to me!

These are just a few of the beauties I’ve snagged since I saw her appear on tumblr a while back!

Jessica Szohr, Robert Pattinson, Sean William Scott and Extreme Visit MTV's "Mi TRL" - November 4, 2008

The shadowin’ she uses doesn’t overshadow the whole picture, if you see what I mean!

Edbellfan 001

Rob’s inate beauty still shines through!


Scruff and chest hair show up so much better with a little darkenin’, dontcha think?

Edbellfan 038

And, oh…those lips!  Rob’s beautiful face framed by his crisp, white shirt *I AM DIED!*

'Remember Me' Premiere in NYC

Hey! I shoulda used this one for Rob’s Hump post LOL!

Robert Pattinson

Rob’s gorgeous eyebrows are beautifully enhanced by Edbellfan’s shadowin’!


*Smirky McSmirkerson* LOL!


Rob’s classic smolder really smolders with a little dramatic darkness LOL!


She does wonders with Rob’s blue eyes, as well!

Water for Elephants - UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals

And his cute, shiney teeth *gigglesnort!* Well, they ARE cute!

Edbellfan 055

Do you think Rob will ever understand why we can’t help ourselves when it comes to him?

Edbellfan 054

I’m sure glad he’s not really Edward ’cause I’d hate for him to read my mind LMAO!

Edbellfan 053

Although, if he could, I’d like think he’d hear all the love and admiration, too!

Edbellfan 051

Who’s ready for Rob in a suit again? Raise your hands!!!

Edbellfan 050

Today is officially the first day of production on Map to the Stars!

Edbellfan 049

Fingers crossed we get some set pics like we did on Cosmopolis! *Squeee!*

Edbellfan 047

*Snap out of it, Rita!*  Okay, I’m fine! Well, I was until I saw Rob in a black sweater/jumper!

Edbellfan 046

You know, backwards baseball caps are the dorkiest…unless it’s Rob wearin’ it like that LOL!

Edbellfan 045

Yeah, you cocky little…f*ck me sideways, just got tangled in the ChestHairPorn! *THUD!*

Edbellfan 044

But, seriously, ladies! When was the last time we say Rob without that damned hat?

10/27/2008.  12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival at the Beverly Hilton Hotel In Los Angeles.

His hair must be pretty long by now!

Edbellfan 041

He’s even been keepin’ his scruff shorter than he normally does on his downtime!

'Remember Me' Premiere in NYC

I guess the LA heat might have somethin’ to do with it LOL!

New York Premiere Of "Remember Me" - Inside Arrivals

Rob’s long, thick hair will always make my fingers itch to tug the shit out of it!


Well, I’ll love you and leave you with my absolute favorite Edbellfan edit…Rob in the sunshine!!!

Happy Monday, y’all!


Night Raider



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19 responses to “Monday Madness ~ Welcome to the Dark Side!

  1. I was having a really lousy day doing laundry, cleaning, you know all that boring stuff…then I got this email,,,Thank you so much for making my day brighter and so much better with the dark side of Rob. Love love love all of the pics!!!

    • rita01tx

      Awww, thanks, Ankinsmom darlin’! They are rather dishy, aren’t they? Lush is another word that comes to mind. Of course, the subject matter makes them infinitely juicy LOL! *Drool!*

  2. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, Gorgeous post, gorgeous edits, gorgeous man *sigh*
    Thanks for porning up my Monday. (is that even a word?!? LOL)
    Hugs xx

  3. eewee333

    Hi Rita!! Lovely, lovely post (as always). Lots of sexy Rob to cheer up my otherwise boring Monday. I agree, I hate the damn baseball cap. He’s a 27 year old man, not some teenager. We want to see that hair damn-it!! But seriously, he looks beautiful dark, light or anywhere in-between. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      That he does, Eewee darlin’! I keep tellin’ myself we’ll see him again soon, but it can’t be soon enough LOL!
      Of course, I’ve been suckin’ up all the pap pics with guilt snappin’ at my heels! I’m Robsessed…sue me!

  4. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, second attempt at leaving a comment tonight. . .damn thing keeps playing up!
    Gorgeous post, gorgeous edits, gorgeous man, (although I wish he’d lose the backwards cap too.)
    Thanks for ‘porning up’ my boring Monday night.
    Claire x

  5. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, 3rd time lucky maybe with posting a comment. . .Grrrr as long as all 3 comments don’t suddenly post it’ll be okay.
    Gorgeous post, gorgeous edits, gorgeous man. *sigh*
    Thanks for “porning up” my otherwise boring Monday.

  6. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, gorgeous edits of a gorgeous man. (But I’m with Eewee on the issue of the backwards cap.)
    Thanks for bringing such lovely Robporn to cheer up a boring Monday night.

    • rita01tx

      It’s lookin’ pretty unanimous on the backwards cap issue, Claire darlin’! You know he’s doin’ it on purpose, just to tease us! Although I’ve seen a comment somewhere that it sure does keep him from runnin’ his fingers through it! Breakin’ that habit…for now!

  7. Hey Rita! looks like I’m not alone in my “Lose the cap/hat” campaign eh? LOL Rob will always shine in the darkness! hehehe Hmm makes me wonder what he’d be like playing the role of a really bad dude! somehow I’m thinking he’d still come out shinning and sexy!

    • rita01tx

      Really bad dude? Like a serial killer? We might hate the part he plays, but we’d never hate him and yeah, I don’t see how they could hide his light for something like that!

      • yeah bad Dude. serial killer? meh not so much. maybe assasin for the wrong side or secret agent for the russians LOL or something like Snake Pliskin!! hehehe

        • rita01tx

          Ooooh, you mean Bad Ass Dude! Yeah, I can totally get behind that idea!

          • ClaireBamboozle

            Ohhhhh no! I would love to see him play some kind of twisted whack job like a serial killer, I think he would play is masterfully and the fact he is so gorgeous would add a whole extra twist to the scenario. OOh I can feel a plot bunny ‘creeping’ up!!

            • rita01tx

              Wow! WP is really actin’ up, isn’t it! I just now got the email alert for this comment! Sorry about that, BB!
              Don’t know that I’d like to see Rob a a serial killer, but for sure an assassin would be way cool!

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