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This week in our Sailing Through The Summer series I decided to bring you stories that have kept me turning the pages and glued to the screen for the last few months, they have been real constant companions throughout MY summer! LOL!

Pastel banner by Cared

Whether the weather is glorious, hailing or thundering in your part of the world. No matter if the children are home, squabbling over lollies and toys. Whether you are lounging on a beach or hiding from visitors… here is your excuse to take a few minutes to yourself. Sit and savour some wonderful calorie-free fics.

One will complete today – keeping all of the WiP-phobic fich00rs happy! – and it really will, it’s a gem that has everything…onto two WiPs that are both well under way and totally addictive.

There’s a story to suit everyone’s taste. A lovely mix…from high school to college and onto the White House with every shade of Edward. They couldn’t be more different but one thing they all have in common is great writing. Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy!

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*Reviews by Wiltshire Glo*

All the President’s Men by Shahula

All the President's Men

*made by Shahula*

All the President’s Men ~ He’s the most powerful man in the world, with nothing beyond his reach or influence. But is it enough to bring her back? Only time will tell. Presidentward. AH, Rated M 

Twilight, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 26, words: 53k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 2k+, updated: 7/22/13 published: 7/4/12, Edward Bella

All the President’s Men

Are you sitting comfortably? Because I have a story for you! One that contains a powerful man – the most powerful in the world, one filled with mystery and intrigue and one that has held me in its literary clutches since I read the first chapter, and still interests me twenty-six chapters later. So, let’s start with an insight from chapter one of All the President’s Men to draw you in, too…

Edward was pulled from his happy memories and troublesome musings by the sound of his Chief Secret Service Agent Emmett McCarty calling out to him as he approached.

“Mr. President,” Emmett spoke, his voice deep and serious. Edward sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before turning to face the large man behind him. Emmett stood at nearly six-foot-five, a wall of muscle and strength. With dark brown hair and unflinching gray eyes, he was easily the most intimidating man working for Edward. Of course, those who really knew him knew that Emmett could be as sweet as cotton candy, but only when off duty and with those he trusted.

“Mr. McCarty,” Edward replied, narrowing his eyes slightly due to the bright sun shining directly behind the large man. “How can I help you?”

“Sir, there is a situation that needs your immediate attention,” Emmett informed him, stepping to the side so the President wouldn’t be forced to squint.

“Is it Beth?” Edward asked with concern. When Emmett shook his head negatively, Edward sighed. “Well then, Emmett, I’m sure whatever it is can wait another,” Edward paused, glancing down to the shiny, silver Tag Heuer watch on his wrist, “fifteen minutes.”

“Mr. President, sir, it’s imperative that you see to this as soon as possible.”

“I understand, Emmett, but right now, I need to take Jake back inside and then get washed up to go back to my meeting with the Secretary of State. If I can get to it after our meeting is finished, I will. I suggest you let Jasper know what it is that’s so pressing, and he’ll make time for it in my schedule.”

With that, Edward turned around and called for Jake, the large black dog bounding over with his toy in his mouth. After retrieving the ball, Edward moved to make his way back to the White House, Emmett falling in step beside him.

“Mr. President, I mean no disrespect, sir, but you asked my team and me to let you know if we ever found any information about the Feather situation. Sir, we’ve found something,” Emmett gravely informed him, watching the President for his reaction.

Edward stopped short, his whole body freezing. He turned his eyes to Emmett, intently searching for a hint of possible deception.

“What?” Edward asked, his voice low and calm, belying the rising nerves and anxiety he felt with those words. “What have you found?”

“We believe we’ve found her, sir.”

Edward couldn’t move, his heart thundering wildly in his chest as he stared out over the grounds. He didn’t register Jake impatiently waiting at his side. He was finding it difficult to process what Emmett was telling him.

His entire world had shifted with one statement; one simple sentence and everything was different.

“You found her?” Edward asked, disbelieving and fearful. He’d been burned before, and though it was difficult to do, he tried to push away the swelling hope surging in his chest until he could be sure. He looked at Emmett, who nodded solemnly.

“Let’s go,” Edward sharply replied, “Show me what you’ve found.”

The two men walked briskly across the lawn, Jake tagging along behind as best he could with their clipped pace.

Edward hurried forward, desperate to see if who his team found was who he’d prayed it to be.

The other half of his heart. The missing piece of his soul.

His Bella.

His beloved wife, who’d been missing for nearly four years.

Yes, you read it right. The President’s wife disappeared. Missing. Presumed dead for years, by many people, but not by Edward. The most powerful man in the world does his job, gets on with his life, raises his daughter, Beth – but he does it all without his wife…and that casts a huge shadow over everything. He never gives up, never stops believing and carries his sadness with him.

Shahula has carved a totally believable mystery around Bella. Why was she taken – where did she go – and can she reclaim her life? The biggest part of the story for me is their abiding love, despite all the obstacles. But I’ve got to admit, the mystery is very intriguing!

I don’t want to reveal too much of the story. It completes this week – so as I write I’m still trying to figure out just how this will all end – and if Mr President will get his HEA – as we post on Friday, Shahula will also be completing All the President’s Men and we will have our answers! Hoorah! I’m so excited to see it all come together.



 ***** ————- ***** ————***** ————- *****

Diary of an Ugly Girl by Anton M

*made by JavaMasta*

*made by JavaMasta*

Diary of an Ugly Girl ~ Follow Bella as she grows from a bullied little girl into a sassy young woman. After all, it’s not about what you’re looking at, it’s about what you see. An unorthodox story about best friends and their journey. Humor/Angst/Friendship/Romance. HEA. AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Friendship/Romance – Chapters: 18 – Words: 183,602 – Reviews: 506 – Updated: 7-19-13 – Published: 11-11-10 – Bella & Edward

Diary of an Ugly Girl

Hmmmmm…a diary. I’m not keen on diaries. But, by jove, I love this one.

Our heroine, and by that, I mean Bella-obviously-is an extra-ordinary, ordinary girl. She is kind of plain. Don’t get your hopes up, or rely on it being like more predictable stories, she’s not pretending or deluding herself. She’s not a good-looking girl, and she knows it. In fact, she’s been bullied because of it. But, do you know what? She’s taken that, made a decision to be herself and has focussed on the things she’s good at.

She is a strong and beautiful character. Resilient, humorous, lacking filter, she really is a one-off. Her self-deprecation makes me smile, but also saddens me. She represents every girl who isn’t the most popular, maybe a bit quirky or simply different. She’s easy to relate to and I adore her.

Her diary is filled with warnings to her brother, Emmett, to stop reading – or read on at his peril. Tracking through her school year, it becomes clear that she is a loyal, giving and intelligent young woman, growing up and discovering exactly what she’s capable of…and despite offering friendship without expectations to new boy, Edward, it’s beyond obvious that he soon sees how much more she has to offer. Even if she can’t see it in herself yet.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like Edward, because I did. He’s a likable guy like that. (Too many likes in two sentences, I might need to find a synonym dictionary.) But my problem is that when I get annoyed, I take it out on the wrong way. I throw sarcasm at my insecurities and expect everything to heal itself. I usually fail, but I didn’t want to lose a potential friend because of my passive attack. Or was it aggressive? Geez, I think too much.

Surprised, Edward locked eyes with me and I finally realized what all the fuss was about. His green eyes were “a sight to behold”. (But no, I did not blush after having thought that. I blush in awkward situations, like if I had walked in on people having sex or something. I would blush if there were a chance, but lying to myself wasn’t one of my admirable qualities.)

Therefore, no blushing from me.

“Uh,” he stuttered. “Um, no. It was never like that in Chicago. I dunno what’s their problem.”

“I do. It’s the eyes.” I pointed at mine before pointing at his. “Definitely the eyes.”

He frowned. “Excuse me?”

“They’re —” I shut up before saying something equally dumb and embarrassing, “—green.”

“So?” he asked. “What does that have to do with anything?”

I got stuck. “It’s, well, rare,” I swallowed. “Maybe they’ve never seen that before.”

He shook his head, chuckling. “That’s insane.”

“That’s life. Anyway, if you have that many admirers, why did you sit next to the one who had the audacity not to fall on her knees in front of you?”

“Exactly.” He pointed at me with his ballpoint pen before adding something to the poster. “Exactly. I needed a friend.”

I raised my right eyebrow. “I’m your friend?”

He avoided my eyes. “I mean, uh,” Edward started awkwardly. “It’s just…”

I chuckled, leaning closer and pretending secrecy as I whispered, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

He leaned away. I think I had a small seizure when I realized what he might’ve thought. I cringed. The thing with being unappealing (and knowing it!) is that I had forgotten that other people could easily take my bold actions the wrong way. And my actions were straight-forward only because I was fully aware of how ugly I looked. I just didn’t have a chance. But I probably needed to let Edward know so we’d avoid the ‘I don’t feel anything other than friendship for you’ speech.

“Good.” He smiled. “I was so afraid to be seen around you.”

“That wouldn’t make you any different from anyone else, really,” I joked, smiling. “No biggie.”

He huffed and smiled, probably not quite figuring out if I was joking or not. Unfortunately, Biology ended soon and we went our different ways for the rest of the day.

This is such a gem of a story! Dairy of an Ugly Girl starts out as a chronicle of Bella’s life that had me smiling and giggling at the clumsy attempts of an awkward girl to get through high school, then quickly becomes a gripping tale of infinite depth, a struggle with inner demons and horrendous sadness, all intertwined around genuine friendship and love.

At eighteen chapters in, I’m glad we’ve got a guaranteed HEA, but I have to say I think there are more tears to shed along the way!



 ***** ————- ***** ————***** ————- *****

The Debt by Ta Paixao

The Debt

*made by Ta Paixao*

The Debt ~ Juniors in college, Bella and Edward live together under a tense agreement. They aren’t exactly friends – not anymore – but Edward has a debt to pay and a promise to keep. Edward will get his chance at redemption… Rated for all sorts of adult content. EPOV.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Angst – Chapters: 21 – Words: 58,822 – Reviews: 1273 – Updated: 7-18-13 – Published: 5-29-13 – Bella & Edward

The author’s note – This story will deal with sensitive subject matter indirectly. No descriptions, flashbacks, scenes, or narration.

A/N: I told myself I wouldn’t start a new story until London Calling and Crashed were complete, but this one wanted out. I’ve been kicking the idea around for a while, so here is your introduction to The Debt. As always, mind the rating. My characters are rarely polite and the story won’t be all flowers and sweet romance.

What you will get is a Tattward who is a surly bastard, loyal to a fault, and hellbent on burning the world down with him to keep a promise. Enjoy.

The Debt

Heed that warning from the author well, dear readers! The Debt is full of dark humour, sad moments and very beautiful friendship, masked by snark; deep love hidden by circumstance; secrets too heartbreaking to share.  Written entirely from Edward’s point of view, we’re given snippets along the way that give the reader glimpses into the real depth of the profound connection shared between Edward and Bella.

As it is still a WiP – we’re currently twenty-one chapters in – I’m still hanging on for every update, literally waiting for more…thankfully they come regularly and never disappoint. Every chapter moves the story along, gives us more insight and sometimes more questions…but always leaves devotees wanting more!

At first sight, Edward and Bella don’t really appear to get along, but it’s clear there’s a long history between them. As their story is gradually unveiled-and beautifully so; Ta Paixao has such an engaging style – it’s easy to see how they have come to this point. I guarantee your heart will ache for them both. The truth is more complicated than it first appears, even when some things become clear, there’s always more to be understood.

Go ahead and read it now! They will both make you cry, and then laugh, frustrate the hell out of you, make you scream, but ultimately you’ll fall in love with both of them. I hope, like me, you’ll be willing them to see how much they’re loved.

Do not be deceived by first appearances, if you don’t approve of Edward sleeping with other girls, just this once, ignore it.  It’s fine, we don’t get details – just the morning after walk of shame! It’s a bone of contention between the pair, but, remember: appearances can be very deceptive.

Here’s Edward in chapter one:

Surveying my bedroom, which consisted mostly of piles of laundry I’d been avoiding, I processed through the sniff test until I found a pair of dark jeans and a black Henley that were on the passable side of clean. I’d strip the bed later. My current priority was starchy food to settle my stomach.

When I hit the landing from the stairs that led toward the kitchen on one side and the living room on the other, I felt a pair of knowing brown eyes watching me. I knew I shouldn’t look over there. Nothing good ever came from the morning after ritual. But as usual, I just couldn’t help but glance at the girl curled up on the couch with her laptop open and ear buds hidden under dark hair.

Seven little fingers were held up over her head, but Bella averted her gaze back to the computer screen rather than look for my reaction. Like she didn’t give a fuck.

“Don’t you have anything better to do than wait for the walk of shame?”

“Don’t you have an appointment to get your dick swabbed for STDs?”

“Fuck off.”

“Get bent.”

And so everything was par for the course on a Sunday morning. I held out my middle finger as I turned toward the kitchen. Every weekend was the same routine. Bella would be up bright and early to witness a girl from the night before making her way out with her bra in her hand and her makeup smeared. I’d glare at her flat expression of indifference. We’d send a few barbs at each other across the room, and then do it all over again a week later. The scoring system referred to the noise level of the previous evening.

Bella, the socially deficient roommate I’d been saddled with, was usually tucked in her room by the time I stumbled in from the bar or a gig. Inevitably, the sound of my headboard beating a hole into the wall or a chick getting well and good would wake her up. But she never came banging on my door to shut us up and she never tried to shove us off to the one-night stand’s place. She just put up with it and gave me shit in the morning.

The reason for our strained living arrangement was a long, complicated, depressing-as-fuck story. It usually took the short walk from the stairs to the kitchen counter for me to remember why the hell I’d agreed to it. However, once my eyes landed on the breakfast left warm and waiting, I forgot all about being annoyed with Punky and smiled. The girl could seriously cook.

That was all bullshit. I knew exactly why I was living in this massive house in the middle of nowhere, an hour from campus, with the girl who was both the bane of my existence and top priority.

Nothing is ever as simple as it first seems, so stay with them. I’m keeping everything crossed that they will get their HEA, because if two people ever deserved it, it’s got to be these two.



 ***** ————- ***** ————***** ————- *****

imageTheFicSix are always thrilled when we get recs from you, so, pray tell…who’s got you in their grasp with an addictive fic? Who’s getting you through the summer?



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40 responses to “What’s Your Flavour?

  1. mauigirl60

    Wow, great recs today! All three WIPs — I am beta’ing for All the President’s Men and I think everybody will be happy when the epilogue posts today. Those other two stories I have on alert and are waiting anxiously for them to complete. That author, Ta Paixao, has several WIPs I’ve got my eye on as well. She seems extremely talented!!

    • *waves at Mauigirl* thanks for dropping in!
      I’ve so enjoyed reading All the President’s Men as a WiP, but I know so many are waiting for it to complete. I’m afraid I’m rarely able to hold back and wait, I’m such a WiPhoor!

      Ahhhhh Ta Paixao – yep, super talented too. The Debt is so layered and intriguing. I know you’ll love it,

    • Sus

      I love “All The President’s Men.” Shahula took a little hiatus in the middle of it, but it’s now completed, so GO READ!
      Another Presidentward story that has completely owned me is “The Cullen Legency” by pattyrose. Features a British Bella, and American Presidentward…..It’s almost completed, I believe!

      Thanks, as always, for all the recs!

  2. Wonderful post, Wiltshire Glo! Another three for my TBR list. I have heard wonderful things about Diary of an Ugly Girl 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with us all, Glo!

    This week I have read a story that Cared recommended to me a while ago and I loved it! The Rain Season by elusivetwilight http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5249534/1/The-Rain-Season Summary: After trauma of losing her parents, Bella receives a letter from old family friend Esme inviting her to come to Scotland where she and her family are currently settled. Angsty read with AH cast and perhaps Edward in a kilt.

    I really loved this story – and yes, Edward in a kilt is a mental image that I REALLY enjoyed! So, thanks Cared! A x

  3. Angela Hayes

    Just read the first Chapter and WOW you were right I love it.

  4. I really love your recs. You all seem to definitely know where to find the good stuff! And your reviews are very well done. Insightful, intelligent and so well written! Bravo, ladies. As to what has owned me this summer…I would say it was Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls. A really really delightful fic within a fic about a writer of fic whose fiction has become reality, or maybe it’s whose reality has become fiction! But it’s really well done but alas, still a WIP. Well worth the read though.

    • Hey Beans McFiction,
      Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls makes me giggle every chapter. It’s like an episode of a drama series with every update! Great rec, thank you.

      Happy FanFic Friday!

  5. Well done on your synopsis of Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls Beans McFiction! I’m reading that story too and I know what you mean – you sound like the fabulous Bannerday in one of her author notes. LOL

  6. Hello, oh, they all sound so good. Thanks for that. I had not heard of any of them but i’ve been a bit out of the loop so thanks for keeping me in it.
    Have a great weekend everyone…with lots of reading time I hope!

  7. Need more time, need more time, need more time! If I say it three times my wish will come true…right? So in the meantime these will have to go on my TBR list which is long enough to be a story in itself! Thanks!

  8. I am such a total lurker of this site! But today I just had to comment. I always love your recs, this is one of two sites that I can without a doubt find a good story to read from. I have been reading DOAUG and TD both of which are so good. And ATPM is next on my TBR list now.
    I would love to recommend to you guys The Dark Dance http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8032363/1/THE-DARK-DANCE
    By maliciouspixie5. It is so different from the regular fic you may be reading. It just sucks you in and leaves you panting for more. Here’s the summary:
    The fairy tales and warnings Bella Swan’s grandmother used to tell her were real. Never, ever dance in a Fairy Circle, and never be drawn in by a handsome Fae male. One night Bella is drawn from her home into the forest – will she join the dance?

    All I have to say to you guys is Edward wearing nothing but leather pants and playing a flute. Hummmina hummina humina….

    • Oh iDREAMshoes…please tell me your lurking days are behind you! Not only is it lovely to hear your comments -thank you on behalf of the FicSix – but also your rec sounds right up my street! I’ll be all over that as soon as I get 5 minutes peace 😉
      I’m so pleased that you’re reading and loving stories that I love too…they’re soooooo good aren’t they?!

      Have a lovely weekend!

      • Hello there iDREAMshoes! Thanks for the rec of The Dark Dance. I’ve enjoyed reading Fae books and so I’m interesting to see Fae mixed with Twilight. RobsFan-tasy will be too I’m sure.

        Hope you see you here again!

  9. Dearest Wiltshire Glo, what a fabulous post; love the pastel banner! *swoon* Thanks for sharing what’s owning you. I’ve also been reading AtPM as a WiP and am sad to see it end today; great story! But now I have more to read, as I have to say that Diary of an Ugly Girl sounds like something I would really relate to and enjoy. Thanks!

    This week, on top of editing and reading some updates, I discovered a new author, meggee, and started her WiP – Blue, Lovely – and it’s good! Not sure where it’s going, but looking forward to more.
    Summary: She showed me a world I never knew existed, one of Blue and lovely. But time and tragedy changed her, changed us, and in their place, left someone black and unrecognizable.

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

    • Thank you Midnight Cougar…Cared’s banners are just amazing and I must say thank you to my FicSix Sisters for all your help, as always.

      ….aaaaand you KNOW I can’t resist a WiP…I’m just going to have to get on board – thanks for the rec!

      Have a jolly weekend.

  10. ilovealion

    Fabulous, Glo!! What a wonderful post.

    I can’t believe Cared isn’t reading any of these. I’m sure she’s started them by now.

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. You did a great job.

  11. Hi WiltshireGlo, what a wonderful post full of stories I haven’t read 🙂 And so lovely to see some new names in the comments section – great recs here too!

    Speaking of new names, if you are Peelmeagrapenyc – or you know her – I would love to express my appreciation for all your lovely Guest reviews for my work. Thank you so much, wherever you are; you left me feeling very special and appreciated.

    I wish I had something to share back this week, but I’ve only managed to fit in a few Dirty Talking Edward entries. Lots of great stuff here, you will not be sorry if you spend your summer reading these! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4742504/Dirty-Talkin-Edward-contest

  12. roxiesmom2009

    Awesome reviews Wiltshire Glo!! I’ve heard of AtPM, but the other two are new! So excited! I’m adding all three to the neverending TBR. If only I could retire and read all day! Thanks for these reviews Glo! What am I reading? Well a ton of WIPs and several complete stories. My two favorite drop everything and read fics are Hide and Seek by Kharizmattik and The Red Pickup by Mary Elzabeth23( formerly Team Bella23). I’ll get the links and enter below.

  13. christa64c

    Oh man, you’re killing me with all of these awesome recs. My TBR list must be 200 pages long, and after reading today’s post, it just grew by several stories!! I haven’t had much time to read lately, (I’m really pissed off about that fact btw) but I’ve spent the latter part of this week reading a classic, Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire. So damn funny!

  14. jazzgirl317

    Been waiting on All the President’s Men to complete, so I was so happy to see that rec! I’m still reeling from FH last week and dying to dig into the sequel. Alas, one more to the Soon-To-Be-Divorced list. Lol!

    • It’s so good Jazzgirl, I’m sure you’ll enjoy AtPM!
      Glad you enjoyed last weeks recs too, I often scroll through older posts to find recs from the other girls 😉 let us know what you think of the sequel.

      Happy reading!

  15. First, I want to thank all of you for your hard work – like everyone has said, I can always find great quality stories through your recommendations. The BEST part (besides the reviews) is the more in-depth summaries with excerpts. There are some stories I had no interest in until I read your posts. Presidential fics don’t interest me. Until now. 🙂 Thanks, wiltshireglo!
    I’m still fairly new to fanfiction, so my rec’s are usually already known, but I would like to recommend a story I’m reading now that’s a WIP. It’s by ladylibre and it’s called ‘A Love Worth Defending.’ Interestingly enough, it’s her second AU New Moon and both are totally different. She explores a tougher, stronger, more determined Bella that gives Edward ‘what for’ on a regular basis. Love her take on the ‘could have beens.’ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9362953/1/A-Love-Worth-Defending It would also be worth checking out her other complete story ‘Serenity’s Prayer’ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7630525/1/Serenity-s-Prayer .
    Thanks again – what you all do here is fantastic!

    • So good to see you here Ging Hat – and thanks so much for your kind words. We absolutely love it when everyone shares their recs, and you may be new to FanFiction -you’ve got so many great treats awaiting you!- but your recs are completely new to me! A Love Worth Defending sounds great. Thank you!
      Hope you’re having a good weekend 😉

  16. eewee333

    Well ladies, as you can tell because it’s Tuesday, that I am waaaayyyyy behind in my blogging and email reading! I’ve also been a very busy girl, reading, reading, and reading. I’ve polished off several stories this past week, mainly because they were so good I couldn’t stop reading them. I just finished The Champagne Club, and All the President’s Men, The Boy at Table Seven, The Blood of One, the Sins of Many and I’m getting ready to start Salacious. So many stories, so little time! I’ve also been enjoying The Dirty Talking Edward Contest, Make Me Laugh Contest and The Angst Contest. (I’ll try to find the links for all the above). So enjoy, have a wonderful week, and love to all you lovely ladies who bring me happiness through your posts!


  17. ok, I think I’m waay late to the party:-) but RoaR is back? I just randoml googled it and saw recent posts! I can’t belive it. so if any of y’all are like me and didn’t know they are posting again! more rob lovin for all of us hoors!!!

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