The Quick and The Dirty

Quick and DIrty

Welcome to this week’s Fan Fiction Friday!  I have been feeling very jealous of my FicSix colleagues lately with their lovely Summer weather – alas for me, it is Winter Down Under, but the bonus of Winter is that you can curl up with a favourite story under a blanket and all is well!

I have an extra challenge this Winter as I am just heading into my second trimester of pregnancy and I seem to be sleeping all the time, so short, quick fics have been my staple – and I have read some gems over the last few weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you all!! Also, I just had to plug the Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest as well – read below for details… ~ AllyVera


*All Reviews by AllyVera*

Overpass by purelyamuse


Overpass ~ “I think all the people I love will eventually leave me. Just disappear.” “Maybe . . . I don’t know . . . maybe we don’t need lots of people. Maybe we just need one. And that’s enough.” BPOV.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 30,809 – Reviews: 1,217 – Favs: 673 – Follows: 798 – Updated: 02-28-13 – Published: 01-14-13 – Status: Complete – id: 8907781

If I had to sum Overpass up in one word, I would say “masterpiece” or maybe if I was allowed a few more words, I’d say “a little piece of literary heaven”. At only just over 30k words, Overpass burned itself into my brain and it was a story that just stayed with me for weeks afterward.

Overpass is a ‘now and then’ story and most chapters have a glimpse of both the past and the present. We first meet Bella in the present, heading back to her High School 10 year reunion. As the reader, you feel her conflict straight away, even though you don’t know why.  But, as the chapters unfold, you feel the full force of Bella’s pain.

From chapter one…

“Heavy traffic flows beneath me. The concrete overpass seems to rumble with the whoosh of wind, but I know I’m safe. He taught me that. My fingers close around the chain links that encase me. Though, when I’m here, I feel free. As my windblown hair tickles my lips and the heat of the day warms my skin, the memories of my youth take residence in my mind. And I can’t stop it. Nor do I want to. Because I miss him. It’s been more than ten years, but I still miss him. And I probably always will.”

From purelyamuse's blog - a visual teaser for Chapter 12 :(

From purelyamuse’s blog – a visual teaser for Chapter 12 😦

*Sigh* I am a complete sucker for stories where Bella and/or Edward have never gotten over one another, and this is one of the very best in that genre.  While reading Overpass I thought my heart would give out on me, but never fear – purelyamuse came to the rescue and made it all better again.  This is a beautiful piece of writing, and a must-read for sure (if you don’t mind a little bit of heart-fail).



I Shall Believe by drotuno


I Shall Believe ~ This is what happens when two really close friends, roommates, and needy people decide to make a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. This is what happens when words are said without thinking. This is what happens when you think you know someone. AH E/B

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 4 – Words: 28,321 – Reviews: 277 – Favs: 530 – Follows: 274 – Updated: 01-21-11 – Published: 12-28-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6598351

If you have never read a drotuno story, this lovely little tale is an excellent introduction to her wonderful writing. Edward and Bella have been best friends since high school, they now live together and their relationship has morphed into a “friends with benefits” situation.

The problem is Bella is dying inside, as she loves her best friend completely and irrevocably. When we meet her, she is getting to her breaking point. Here is a little taste from chapter one (BPOV)…

“December 24, 2010… I couldn’t do it anymore. It was too hard. It meant too much to me. I could feel my heart shattering inside my chest as I watched the only man that truly mattered fucking flirt with two other women at the Cullen-Denali Enterprises Christmas party.

I should have never agreed to be his date, but we were the very closest of best friends, roommates, and now – God fucking help me – friends with benefits.

And that last new and disturbing title was the biggest mistake on my part, because despite the fact that he was my best friend’s twin brother, one of the closest friends I’d ever had, and that he was just perfectly gorgeous in every way – inside and out – I had wanted him from the first minute I’d met him. I should have known it wouldn’t end well.”

You will adore how drotuno makes you feel Bella’s agony, it truly is palpable. You really want to dive inside the story and give both Edward and Bella a good firm talking to. I won’t give too many details away, as this story is only four chapters long – but it does feel like you have read a full story when you are finished (oh yes, drotuno is THAT good!). I know I have painted an angsty picture with this one, but it really will make you feel all warm and gooey inside once you have finished – so enjoy!


One for the Money by dqwht19


One for the Money ~ Bella Swan is a quiet high school English teacher. Edward Cullen is a rich doctor. What happens when he unknowingly bids on her at Alice’s bachelorette auction?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 25 – Words: 56,415 – Reviews: 957 – Favs: 1,562 – Follows: 618 – Updated: 03-21-09 – Published: 01-22-09 – Status: Complete – id: 4810652

Have you ever wanted – just for one night – to throw away your ordinary, everyday persona and pretend you are someone else?  I think a lot of us have, and that is exactly what shy, clumsy Teacher Bella does in One for the Money.  Alice, Bella’s best friend, begs her to take part in a charity Bachelorette Auction.  Little does Bella know that this small sacrifice for her best friend will change her life forever, because you can probably guess who bids on her and wins! *wink*

From chapter three – Bella’s first sight of him

“Holy mother of God.

WHO was that?

There was a bronze-haired god standing among the other mortals. He had piercing green eyes and a body that would make Brad Pitt jealous, even when he was Achilles in Troy. His lips… his finely tailored suit… his high-boned cheeks… my God, even his neck was giving me a hot flash. I nearly had to bite my hand to keep from whimpering. As I walked past him on my way to Pocket Protector King, my gaze arrested by his, he smiled at me and I promptly tripped. That smile should be designated a hazard to anyone with a vagina under the age of… no, even my grandma would fall victim to such perfection.

Before I fell, the only thing I could think was: I wish I were exciting enough to go out with him.

I was prepared to gladly suffer the consequences of being blessed with such a gift of a smile… until I wondered why I hadn’t hit the floor yet. I shook off the daze his teeth had put me in and realized I was being held by two very strong, very soft arms. My head whipped around to thank my savior when I saw it was him.

If I thought my heart was beating fast before, hummingbirds had nothing on me now.

He slowly helped me upright, his gaze never leaving mine. My breath was coming fast, my mouth surely hanging open like a dead fish, and my mind was completely blank as I stared into seas of the finest green I’d ever seen. I could only imagine what kissing him would be like, since just looking at him had me going into a coronary.

“I was beginning to think you’d stood me up, Isabella,” he murmured, still holding on to me.

Hold the phone.

This Adonis was my bidder?”

Bella makes a rash decision to pretend to be the sexy, self-assured “Isabella” for the night – someone she knows lies within her but has never felt comfortable displaying before, but whom she now feels is worthy of Edward’s attention.  Needless to say, it does backfire on her, as we all know; there is no walking away from Edward Cullen after just one night of romance and passion!

However, Bella does walk away from Edward (silly girl), thinking that she would never be his equal (again, silly girl).  But, never fear, readers, it’s not long before our favourite couple are sweetly reunited. Docward is a determined man…determined to make Bella and Isabella – as one and separate – part of his life…forever.

This story has little to no angst, but it does have some humour to make you smile, and a bit of drama so the plot moves along nicely. It has a great cast of our favourite Twilight gang, including a hyper, fashion designer Alice (and I love her!) and a Bella who grows in confidence right before your and Edward’s eyes. What is one of the best things about One for the Money: the elements of self-discovery that I think will resonate with a lot of readers.  Enjoy!


Off the Beaten Path by rpgirl27


Off the Beaten Path ~Bella is on a mission to change her life. Will a tiny school in a small mountain town offer her a new beginning? And why does every one want her to stay out of the woods? Set in the 1920s/30s. AH ExB MountainmanWard Rated M for violence/language/sex.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 20 – Words: 82,814 – Reviews: 1,871 – Favs: 1,716 – Follows: 1,165 – Updated: 12-26-11 – Published: 05-23-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7016762

Three little words… Mountain. Man. Edward. *Ally swoons*  Ahem… Sorry, I got a little off track… putting my serious hat back on now. *grins*

Off The Beaten Path is the first story I have read from that is set in the 1920/30’s (and I do read a lot of Historicalwards) and I will say with my hand on my heart, if they are all as good as this one, well…  here I come!!

The story begins with Bella, after enduring some difficult times, gaining a position as a teacher at Cullen Creek, a mountain town in West Virginia where the whole town, it seems, is run with the iron fist of Carlisle Cullen (who, I may say, is a most unpleasant man!).

It soon comes to Bella’s attention that there are children up on the mountain who are not getting an education, and being the dedicated teacher she is, decides to march up the mountain to investigate…

“Raising my fist to rap on it, I saw the door spring open before I could make contact with the weathered wood. A male figure filled the entrance. A male figure toting a very large gun.

I tried to scream, but as it so often happens in dreams, the only sound I made was a strangled shriek as I stumbled back, nearly falling off the porch.

He pressed forward, and I stumbled back until my feet hit the dirt of the yard. I was just about to turn and run, when the evening sun glinted off his hair, a shade of red so unusual, I knew it could only belong to one man. All the anger, hurt, and fear from Saturday bubbled up inside of me, and I found my feet planting themselves firmly, and my finger pointing at him, temporarily forgetting the enormous old rifle he gripped in his hands.

“You!” I shouted accusatorily. “You’re the…the…the man who chased me out of the woods!”

He looked between the tip of the gun and me, and shrugged.

“What of it? These are my woods, and you were an intruder. I have every right to run you off, and since it seems you didn’t get the message the first time, this is me, inviting you to leave. Now.”

Edward pulled the hammer back and the gun made an ominous click, but I had found my voice, and I wasn’t leaving until I had given him a piece of my mind.

“You won’t scare me off again,” I insisted, stamping my foot.

Edward smirked, stifled a laugh that made my cheeks blaze with indignation, and leaned his face down to line up the shot, calling my bluff.

“No?” He stepped closer, the bare skin of his chest and arms becoming more visible the further he came from the shadowy porch. “You must think I’m putting you on, that I won’t shoot you, nosey woman with no business wandering around on my land. Who sent you? Cullen? Maybe you came from the devil himself.”

“No one sent me; I sent myself. And yes, I believe you would try to shoot me, but that gun is so ancient you’d more than likely blow a hole through your own arm.” I may not have looked it, but being a policeman’s daughter, I did know something about guns.

His grip on the gun loosened as he stared at me in shock. His nose crinkled up, and he looked at me like I was the biggest idiot he had ever met, while I made every effort to not be distracted by his shirtlessness and the soft, laid-back timbre of his voice.

“Now, put that ridiculous thing down and at least let me say what I came to say.”

“I ain’t interested in anything you have to say, so save your breath and march your pompous little ass back down the mountain where you belong.”

As you can see their first meeting doesn’t go so well, but the one thing I admire the most in Off The Beaten Path’s Bella is her tenacity.  She doesn’t give up, and slowly, she and Edward can’t ignore their attraction.

Even though our first glimpse of Edward doesn’t really show him in a great light, you soon learn there is much more to this mountain man.  He is hard-working, intelligent, dedicated to his family and you will learn he is a fighter.

Things are not simple in Cullen Creek for this forbidden couple, however, and there is never a dull moment in this story from start to finish.  I was literally on the edge of my seat while reading.

Rpgirl27 has a talent for storytelling and Off The Beaten Path has one of the best plotlines I have read in a while.  I won’t spoil anything for new readers, this is a story best discovered as you read.

Off the Beaten Path is concluded beautifully, written wonderfully and has a fascinating cast of characters (even the villains!).  This one will definitely be on my re-read list!



Over the last couple of weeks we here at the FicSix have been having an exciting time reading the absolutely fabulous Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest entries.  Even here in the cold of Down Under I have needed a fan! Phew!

There are some truly fabulous entries in this contest so far, so if you haven’t been to check them out yet – go, go, GO!! 

You can also visit the blog here:


Thank you for joining us for another week here at Fan Fiction Fridays, and as always, we would love to hear all about what you are reading this week, so leave us a comment below.  Have a wonderful weekend! ~The FicSix



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29 responses to “The Quick and The Dirty

  1. Love your fic choices and review Ally Vera. Off the Beaten Path is a fabulous fic – it’s very different to the norm and it has that wonderful Edward/Bella connection that we both love.

    Thanks for the two new fics for my TBD list.

    Happy FanFiction Friday!

    • Thanks Cared 🙂 Happy FFF! I am actually pretty sure your rec of Off the Beaten Path was the reason it was on my TBR list – so thank you!! It is a great story!

  2. Hi Ally! I’m a little sad because I’m not sure I’ve met you! Thanks for the great recs…I’ve had a few of them on my list but you’ve made me move them up! Thanks also for pimping our little contest 😉 we’re loving the entries too,

    • Hello Mag!! Thanks so much for dropping by. We can’t wait for the entries to be closed so we here at the FicSix can get into a deep and meaningful discussion about which was our favourite.. LOL And we certainly have contenders already… oh boy! The standard of the entries is so high – SO good!!

      On a side note, I believe you are from my neck of the woods is that right? I hope it is warmer where you are 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, Ally xo

  3. Some amazing fic recs as always, AllyVera, thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some of them!

  4. I love that banner, Ally! *swoon* What a great post! Thank you for all the quick and the dirty *grins* recs! I’ve only read One for the Money by dqwht19 – which I really enjoyed – so this is fabulous; it’s nice to have shorter fics to read while travelling, etc.

    I’ve been mostly reading updates, as I’ve been editing…a lot, but I did start this little 26-year-old Virginward 😉 drabble that updates daily, and which makes me smile; Edward is so adorable!
    Give Me Love by Bee1982
    One shy virgin Edward, one confident Bella who wants to help Edward out. When sexual boundaries are crossed between these two friends, what will happen? (DRABBLE FIC Updated daily.)

    Have a lovely weekend! xx

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that I am reading the Dirty Talkin’ Edward entries…and HOLY HOTNESS!! *fans self* 😀 Love them!

      • Hey MC! Thank you so much for all your help this week – you are so good to me! I am sure you will enjoy the stories – let me know what you think!! Your rec sounds wonderful, I do love me some Virginward 😉

        Oh yes, the DTE entries … *phew* I think I need to sit down!

    • Oooh, thanks for that rec Midnight Cougar – I think I could be tempted by Virginward. LOL

      Of course I’m reading the Dirty Talking Edwards also, there are fabulous entries as usual.

    • Ladies, I had to pop back in and add to my quick and dirty fic recs… Cosmo started posting a new story today, that will be complete by the end of the day; it’s for Marvar’s birthday on Sunday. *Happy Birthday, Marvar!* It’s Romance, and so hot and sexy!
      Sandstone Cove by cosmogirl7481
      I came here looking for some rest, some relaxation…some downtime. I never expected to find anything else. I certainly never expected to find him. Written for Marvar’s birthday because I love her. Rated M for reasons.

      Happy reading! xxx

  5. Another fabulous post, ladies. I look forward to the alert in my mailbox and when it comes, you always deliver!!! xoxox

  6. Ohhhhhh Ally, you do give good rec! 😉
    I’ve only read one of them – so this morning when I saw your darned marvellous post I did a happy dance! I’m so thrilled to have some new high quality completed fics to add to my list.
    Thanks so much for a great post…I’m still in a swoony state from the banner – and yes, I’m loving Dirty Talkin’ Edwards so much!
    Happy Fan Fiction Friday!

    • Oooh fab recs as always Ally! I love a bit of heart fail, so I think I’ll start with Overpass. It’s been on my radar for a while! And don’t get me started on the DTE. Oh my god. Ridiculously hot.
      Have a great weekend, ladies

      Kate xx

    • Hey Glo! I have been dying to use that pic for ages now – and even though it didn’t suit “Quick” I was thinking if you were naughty enough, it could sure work with “Dirty” lol

  7. eewee333

    Oh Ally! Another post just for little old me? Thanks for all the Completed recs. I have been a reading cyclone these past couple of weeks. I am neck deep in Salacious right now (it’s soooo good). And don’t get me started on the DTE Contest. (I keep my ShamWow within arms reach these days) Before I forget, please send some of that cool weather this way…we could sure use a break in this heat! Have a great weekend. Big hugs bb! 🙂

    • Hi eewee333 – so glad I could help out with the completed recs! I do love a good completed story myself 😉 I will glady send some of my cold your way! I am over winter! LOL A x

  8. rita01tx

    Wow! Out of all your rec’s, Overpass is the only one I’ve read, so far! The others will have to go onto my TBR which, by now, has its own Zip Code LOL!
    However, I have actually read every single entry in the Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest and, ladies, there are some awesome entries!
    It will be excitin’ to see which one won and find out who wrote it!!!

    • Hi Rita! Great to see you! Aren’t those DTE entries the best! I have a few favourites *winks* I look forward to more! A x

      • rita01tx

        This is the fist contest I’ve ever gotten in on from the get go! The latest entry {you’ll know which one I mean} will be in the runnin’ damn sure LOL!

  9. ilovealion

    Wonderful post, Ally!!! You know how to pick the fics, woman.

    Congrats on the pregnancy! Continue to rest and keep that precious baby warm.


  10. christa64c

    Great post! I’m so surprised to see that I’ve read all of these stories. They were wonderful and definitely worth reading. In fact, I just re-read Off the Beaten Path for the second time this week. I’m LOVING the Dirty Talking Edward Contest as well.

  11. AllyVera, congratulations for your pregnancy! I had my baby on 31th August, hope you are feeling very well!

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