Sensual Sunday ~ Will He or Won’t He?

Am I the only one wonderin’ if Rob’s gonna show up at the Teen Choice Awards next Sunday, August 11, 2013?

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is up for several awards in various categories, including two for Rob specifically:

1) Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

2) Choice Movie Actor: Romance

I would love to see him win in both categories and it would be wonderful to see him again in an official capacity!

Teen Choice Awards 2009

2009 Francies67 866



Teen Choice Awards 2010:

2010 rob_1812

2010 Verena 1390

2010 Verena 1392

2010 Verena 1394


2010 Verena 1417

2010 WWWWH edit 028

Teen Choice 2010 - Show

Teen Choice Awards 2011:

2011 Robsessed_onstage001

2011 Robsessed_onstage003

2011 TCAs20115

2011 TCAs201157xx

2011 TCAs201160xx

2011 TCAs201161

2011 WWWWH edit 012

2011 WWWWH edit 084

Teen Choice Awards 2012:

2012 pattinsonlife

2012 pattinsonlifetca2012rob

20112 Kstewartfans TCA 2012 (11)

Surprised I kept my mouth shut? Me, too LOL!  But, sometimes, Rob doesn’t need captionin’…it’s enough that we can just look at him to our heart’s content!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


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16 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Will He or Won’t He?

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, lovely pics of our man through the years, it is like the worlds greatest spot the difference!
    Love some of the candid shots of him in the audience and can’t help smiling at the half a haircut too.
    Thanks for brightening a rainy day in the UK sweetie xx

    • rita01tx

      Wooeee! Send some of that rain my way, Claire darlin’! We need some relief from the heat over here!
      It would be a shame if Rob missed this year cause that would be 5 years in a row! Of course, if he’s already filmin’ Mission: Black List in secret, that’s a good enough exuse for me LOL!

      • ClaireBamboozle

        Doin’ a special rain dance just for you honey. Be careful BB, ogling Rob porn in a heatwave might just lead to spontaneous human combustion!!

        • rita01tx

          Oglin’ RobPorn in this heat is already fryin’ my poor bwainz! I couldn’t even think of any clever captions *face palm!*

  2. Sus

    Loved all the pictures! Rob is always so cute at Award shows. Now, my question is, will Rob be there, but will Kristen be there, too? That might be awkward!
    Hope he shows up! We need some new, hawt pics of him!


    • rita01tx

      Hell yes, we absolutely do need fresh “official” RobPorn, Sus darlin’! The fuckin’ paps have had their dastardly way with our man long enough!!!
      Everything will depend on whether or not either (or both) of them is still contractually obliged by Summit to continue promotin’ BD2…we’ll see!

  3. christa64c

    Ugh! Only Rob could make that awful show even remotely palatable. I almost wish he wouldn’t go only because tit’s so lame and painful to watch, but I must admit having a few new visuals of that beautiful man would be welcomed with open arms.

    • rita01tx

      Quite frankly, I don’t watch ANY award show unless Rob is attendin’, Christa darlin’! Except for Rob’s film premiers and charity events, they’re the only time we get any Rob approved {or expected, anyway} porn LOL!

  4. Hey Rita – it would be great to see him again (even if it is for the RobPorn opportunity). Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful photos – esp the ones from 2009 – I think 2009 Rob is my Kryptonite! Yum! A x

    • rita01tx

      Glad you liked ’em, Ally darlin’! 2009 was a prime RobYear, to be sure: the Oscars, Cannes, and tons of New Moon premiers and promo! All that delicious RobPorn was of epic proportions LMAO!!!
      I do hope we get to see him next Sunday *fingers crossed!*

  5. eewee333

    Hi Rita. Thanks for all the Roblicious photos on this very hot, humid and depressing Monday! You always bring a smile to my face with your postings. I agree that Rob was in his prime in 2009. New Moon Rob to me was the most gorgeous of all the movie Edwards. IMHO. From the wardrobe, to the make-up to the hair and even the sparkles, NM Edward was perfect. Anyway, I digress…thanks again for all the pretty. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Eewee, darlin’! Just admit you loved New Moon ’cause it was the first time we got to see “Edward” half naked LMAO!!!
      But, seriously, New Moon was my favorite, also because of the awesome soundtrack!

      • eewee333

        Ahhhhh Rita, yes! That chest, those abs, that jaw (GAH!), the hair, the sparkles in my EYES! And the music, you’re right. The soundtrack was good, but the score for the movie is what gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears. I better stop while I’m ahead, I could go on and on about New Moon and Rob, but I do have to get back to work. 🙂

  6. Well, Hello gorgeous!!! Hehehe yes i meant Rob! ~snort~ I agree NM was Da best! Music and all!! Thanks for the great post!

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