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Welcome to another summer fun post on Fan Fiction Fridays, as we continue Sailing Through The Summer With The FicSix. Now… Somebody call 911! ‘Cause it’s about to get very HOT in here! Smokin’ hot, in fact, as I ~ Midnight Cougar ~ recently saw this gorgeous FireFighterward manip on Facebook…

*Copyright: SPRSPR's Digital Art*

*Used with permission. Copyright: SPRSPR’s Digital Art*

…hence today’s post! *fans self* …because all the reviews today are “Fiery Hot!” And, you know, this is Edward: hot from the fire and flames, and cooling us off with his long, thick, powerful hose… I mean, his, um, his waterhose! Geez, it must be hot here, as we’re feeling slightly flushed… lol *spray us off, Edward*


*Reviews by Midnight Cougar*


Ties That Bind by EmmalynnMarie21 


Ties That Bind banner

Ties That Bind ~ “Car wreck, girl pinned, expect casualties!” The lieutenant shouted as the men raced to the trucks. Fireman Edward Cullen and his crew receive a call on a cold October night that will change their lives forever. All human, AU, cannon pairings. Rated M for adult content.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward –  Chapters: 12 – Words: 70,959 – Reviews: 1,102 – Favs: 876 – Follows: 1,468 – Updated: 08-10-13 – Published: 06-20-13 – id: 9410800

This intense FireFighterward story is marked Romance/Drama, but, IMHO, it starts out with some heart-stopping angst. The title of the first chapter, “When It Rains,” is the first clue of what is to come, and most definitely represents, literally and physically, that it does indeed pour tragedy for this Bella right from the start…

Chapter One: When It Rains

Bella Swan trudged through the torrential rain with a scowl on her face. Not only had she just spent her entire day off being ridiculed by her family, but she had also just been informed that her landlord was hiking up the building’s rent. Again.

She splashed through the puddles on the sidewalk as she turned onto the next street. Her purse jingled loudly with loose change, stray pills, and discarded pieces of jewelry from the course of the previous week. Bella apprehensively reached into the chaos and dug around for her cell phone, anxious to check the time. She had a date with the supermarket and didn’t want it to close before she could purchase her weekly stash of ramen and frozen vegetables.

Just ahead, a white car took a sharp corner and its headlights flashed across the dark street. It was entirely empty, save for the lone girl stopped just beneath the streetlight. The driver swerved uncontrollably, blinded by booze and ignorance. Bella only had a chance to glance up before fate showed her losing hand. She opened her mouth to scream, but emitted only silence in the last split second before the car made its impact.

But, do not fear, dear readers, as Bella has a fabulous rescue crew, including firefighter Lieutenant Edward Cullen, who are all bound and determined to save this brave but seriously injured woman…

“Car wreck, girl pinned, expect casualties!” Edward called out as the crew loaded into the truck. He sat shotgun, peering anxiously out into the wet, foggy night. The sirens wailed and screeched through the vacant streets, alerting half the city to the catastrophe at hand.

Tyler plowed through the stoplights and traffic jams as they neared the chaos of downtown. Nightlife was in full swing, with drunken bimbos and juiceheads wandering the streets. Edward’s knees jerked in anticipation to bail out. He hated these calls. There were always fatalities and he didn’t relish the thought of pulling bodies from the wreckage.

They pulled up on the scene moments later. A small crowd had gathered around a lone streetlight, surrounding a smoking vehicle. The police were already on scene, and ambulance 51 was just behind their truck.

“Everybody, back up!” The officer in charge was shouting as his men attempted to round up the spectators.

“What do we got, Jasper?” Edward called, jogging up to the wreck.

“Drunk driver; looks like he hit a pedestrian.” The cop grimaced and nodded back toward the light pole. “She’s pinned, and the driver is out cold.”

Edward finally took in the scene, and had to bite back the acid in the back of his throat. The front of the white impala was basically wrapped around the pole. The driver was slumped against the steering wheel, entirely unconscious. Another car had slammed into its driver’s side, effectively t-boning the trashed vehicle. Its driver had already been pulled out. Pinned to the damp, wooden pole was a young woman, no older than twenty-six. She was laid out over the hood, mahogany hair spilling out in waves. From where he stood, Edward could see her back heaving with heavy, ragged breaths.

“Jasper, direct the medics to the driver first. We’re going to have a hell of a time getting her out and we need to assess the situation first! Emmett, grab the jaws! We’re going to have to cut them both out! Tyler, Mike, see what you can do about the second car. The driver and the girl are pinned until we get it moved!” Edward raced around the back of the second car to check on the girl.

Her brown eyes were wide open and brimming with terror. Edward leaned over the side of the vehicle to look into them and was instantly stunned. Porcelain skin, wide, dark eyes, and full pink lips. He would have been mesmerized if it weren’t for the blood pouring from the nasty gash on her forehead.

“Miss, can you hear me?” He rested his gloved hand on her own trembling one.

She nodded frantically, the left half of her face pressed to the hood of the car.

“Alright, we’re doing everything we can right now to get you out.” Edward assured her…

And they – firemen: Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Tyler, Mike, Jake, and paramedic, Alice – certainly do everything in their power to rescue Bella! Even in her grave time of plight, though, while struggling for her life, Bella still made me smile with her wit, jokes and strong will to live. It’s a powerful start to a riveting and consuming story. I will warn you, and give you a little SPOILER…it’s not an easy story to begin reading; I’ll admit I shed some tears, prayed hard for Bella to survive, cringed a bit, and, there is no doubt that Bella does have a long and winding road to recovery, with some complicated bumps in that road.

While Ties That Bind evokes strong emotions in the reader surrounding all the tragic drama, it is also a beautiful representation that one can overcome anything with the help, support and love of the right people, and that ties are definitely bound forever and always through such a profound event. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that Bella has an amazing family support system behind her, in her parents, Charlie and Renee, and older brother, Seth. As well, this is an Edward and Bella romance fic, so, while Bella has some recovery hurdles to overcome, she may just have a certain, sweet, caring firefighter close by her side to help and encourage her…every ‘step’ of the way.


Light My Fire by reyes139


Light My Fire banner

Light My Fire ~ So, as we stood with our group of ten on this sweltering day, I would have never guessed that through these few…one would stand out and be responsible for my meeting with a certain brunette that would drastically change the course of my once lonely and sad existence. ExB Rated M Drabble fic!

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 225 – Words: 58,653 – Reviews: 10,082 – Favs: 779 – Follows: 1,003 – Updated: 03-08-13 – Published: 07-03-12 – Status: Complete – id: 8283797

Reyes139 is a fic author I thoroughly enjoy reading, one of the first I read quite some time ago and keep coming back to time and time again. She’s owned me with many of her captivating stories: Until I saw you and It Isn’t Over Yet – to name a few, and now Light My Fire has just been added to that list. This FireFighterward story is a true depiction of that name, with Lieutenant Edward Masen, one of his partners, Riley – another trainer and veteran with the Aventura Fire Department in Miami, Florida, and their recruits, as they show us their lives as brave and heroic firemen. And, there is even more to this romantic story as we look at the apt title for this hot and sultry drabble tale, because Bella’s “green eyed firefighter” will definitely light your fire…everywhere, just like he did for her in chapter 28…

Edward stood in front of the group and began to show them the correct way to wear what looked to be breathing apparatuses and oxygen tanks on their backs. Everyone followed his every movement and as he dismissed them and told them to ‘suit up’… they did.

Full uniforms went on…fireman’s pants, suspenders, jackets…boots.

Once the gear was on, they began with their other equipment, all cadets donning the same and awaiting for their instructors to give the next set of assignments.

The entire thing was hot to watch, but my eyes were still solely trained on my Lieutenant, his yellow pants with the suspenders down and his blue A. F.D. shirt.

Fucking delicious.

*Some HOT Firemen to Light My Fire!*

*Some HOT Firemen to light our fires, ladies!*

What a visual…*licks lips* But Bella isn’t the only one hot and bothered, and in chapter 24, our ole Lieutenant Masen tells us that Studentella does exactly the same thing for his hose, I mean, him…

Her tiny, yet curvy body now molded to my over six foot frame.

Soft, supple, and extremely succulent was how she felt.

I became a goner…forgetting the prick now glaring at me and the way my hands only seemed to tighten around her waist.

I wanted to growl at him like a feral dog protecting his bone… staking claim on what only my lips should bite, lick and suck on.

This little girl was lighting my once doused fire and making me want to burn in her depths.

*phew* So very hot! But what also drew me into this story, besides the fiery connection between Edward and Bella, was the eclectic medley of Twilight characters, as Massy likes to “mix things up.” Therefore, not only do we have a sexy, lovable, 36-year-old daddy in Lieutenant Edward Masen, and an intelligent, confident, 20-year-old, college student Bella, but many more of the Twi gang in some way, shape or form… Emmett, Edward’s new firefighter recruit, is Bella’s cousin and they are extremely close, as their parents are the owners of Swan Financial Corp. Bella and Em are a year apart in age and have grown up playing, going to school, and always supporting each other. Cullen, another fireman recruit, is not another Edward, but in fact a younger Carlisle at 22 years old…and boy does this jock keep it interesting with his annoying, cocky attitude. Then we have Edward’s ex-wife, Leah, and holy shit is she a nasty woman, but, because “Bella is not mousy and will not let anyone get in the way of her happiness,” Leah doesn’t really become too much of a problem for E & B’s slow growing, smokin’ hot relationship.

Light My Fire is a smooth and enjoyable read and complete at 225 drabble chapters; providing us with a slow burn full of UST and hot firefighters, electrifying sparks between Edward and Bella, fun and laughter, and eventually a HEA. Enjoy!


Worth the Weight by mathisson 


*Made by Mariuxita Rivera*

*Made by Mariuxita Rivera*

Worth the Weight ~ After what was supposed to be a routine heath check, Bella finds herself at a crossroads. Change her habits or face the consequences. Her decisions lead her to meet Edward, a nice guys who just wanted to help her. But when he wants more, will Bella be her own worst enemy? HEA as always. CC Rated M for a reason. All human.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 12 – Words: 43,711 – Reviews: 899 – Favs: 535 – Follows: 900  – Updated: 08-04-13 – Published: 04-21-13 – id: 9224307

While today’s post is focused on FireFighterwards, and mathisson has given us this enjoyable, inspiring story that does indeed have a swoonworthy, sweet and shy fireman Edward, it isn’t really focused on that; it’s more of a well-rounded story that I think many women will relate to… It’s about two step-sisters, Bella and Rose, who not only share a special friendship created when their parents married – Bella’s father and Rose’s mother – but also bond over their shared struggle with their weight.

These ladies live in Port Angeles, Bella works in the evidence room for the PA Police Department, where her father is the Sheriff, and Rose works in the garage as the head mechanic.  After a visit to the doctor’s for a check-up, as she was suffering from headaches and fatigue, Bella learns some unsettling news…

Excerpt from chapter 1 BPOV:

He lowered his arms and smiled at me as he spoke. “Fine….Your blood work shows me that your cholesterol is up and your urine is positive for sugar….Your blood pressure today is quite elevated and I don’t have to tell you that your weight is at an obese level.”

I didn’t respond only because I was now scared. Why would there be sugar in my urine?

“Now the elevation in your blood pressure would certainly explain the headaches and the sugar in your urine tells me that we need to test you for possible diabetes.”

I could feel my heart taking up residence in my throat, diabetes? That would mean shots and needles and we don’t get along. At all.

“Bella, I can order every test in the world and tell you that you are killing yourself by keeping this weight on. But that will do nothing to fix the problem if you aren’t willing to do your part.”

I lowered my head and began to shake it back and forth. …

So as I made my way out of his office with the information he had given me swirling around in my head, I nearly missed the bright pink flyer that was sitting under my wiper blade of my car.

Real time fitness

Under new management

For a limit time, new patrons receive 90 days free and consult with a personal trainer.

This is where Bella decides it’s time to better her health and thereby her life. So, along with Rose, they take a new leaf in their life, and join Jasper’s gym. It’s there that Bella’s life not only changes health and fitness-wise, but romantically as well, when she meets a certain, sweet, sexy firefighter, who, unbeknownst to Bella, also co-owns the gym… *grins*

Excerpt from chapter 3 BPOV:

I walked over to one of the free machines and noticed that the long pin that told you how much weight you were lifting was set at over two hundred.

I tried to pull it out, but it wouldn’t budge. I looked around and noticed all of the staff was still busy. I tried again but to no avail. Just when I was about to completely give up on this machine, a velvet voice rang out from my left.

“I always find it sticks for me too, you just have to know the trick.”

I turned to the voice as I felt warm fingers covering mine that were still attached to the pin.

It was Mr. Green Eyes himself. His amazing eyes were like beacons in the night. His eyelashes were so thick; it made his eyes stand out even more, if that was possible. His eyebrows thick but shaped very well. There was a dusting of freckles across his nose and cheek. For lack of better words, he was beautiful.

The gasp that came out of my throat was involuntary and embarrassing. I tried with all of my might to look away from his face, but it was useless.

“I’m sorry; you must think I am some creepy guy who uses bad pickup lines to get girls to notice him.”

Just as I had no control of the gasp, I had even less control of the laugh that burst forward. His smile was huge as he laughed along with me.

Finally removing his warm hand from mine, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Pleasure to meet you, I’m Edward Cullen.”

Aw, and the rest, as they say, is… Well, you’ll just have to read the existing twelve chapters to see what a lovely Romance/Friendship story this is for Edward and Bella, and how he supports and cares for her. I think he was definitely worth her…wait. *wink* I will leave you with a small insight into how this Sweetward did come to be a firefighter… *sigh*

Excerpt from chapter 8 EPOV:

I thought for just a moment before I admitted the single thing no one knew about me.

“When I applied to college, my father wanted me to be a doctor like him. I did as well, to a point. I wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. I was visiting a friend of the family in New York and I watched a fireman save a little girl from a burning building. I watched as he just ran right into the building that had smoke pouring out of it, and a few minutes later he was climbing down a ladder with the limp girl hung over his shoulder. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.”


The Possibility of You by afragilelittlehuman 

*One Shot*



The Possibility of You ~ Lieutenant Edward Cullen is a dedicated fireman, but, when a new probie joins his crew, he struggles to keep things professional. Will he be able to keep himself in check or lose his heart to the possibility of love? AU/AH. M for language and lemon.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella – Words: 4,722 – Reviews: 112 – Favs: 339 – Follows: 89 – Published: 01-07-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5648847

The Possibility of You won two awards – Steamiest Smut and Judges Choice – in The Perv Pack’s An Officer and a Gentleman Contest in 2010, and this cute story definitely earned its winnings, as not only do we have an upstanding Seattle fireman in Lieutenant Edward Cullen, but also in Bella: his new probie firefighter. Their flame of chemistry instantly erupts when Bella joins his firehouse, and our hot Edward seems to struggle with his attraction to the beautiful new firefighter, and his visions of her…sliding down his…pole…

I fell in lust with her the minute I saw her tight little ass slide down that pole.

Damn, that sounds bad. Let me back up.

When Bella walked into the firehouse for her first shift as a probie, we were all welcoming and professional. As a lieutenant, I made sure my men treated her with respect and as an equal…well, as a regular probie. It wasn’t like I had to work too hard at it. My guys are the best fire company in Seattle, and they took her in like any other new firefighter. Except for one small difference.

They were obsessed with seeing her slide down the station’s pole.

I don’t think it was “they” who were obsessed, dear Lieutenant, lol, but there are so many “possibilities” for Edward and Bella in this steamy, little gem of a story. So go ahead and read to discover them all as Bella learns the firefighter ropes!


Forged Through Fire by Fates-Love-Queen 

*One Shot*

*Made by CassieWhitlockHale*

*Made by CassieWhitlockHale*

Forged Through Fire ~ “A bond forged by fire is never broken” – Ladder 49. When the siren sounds, the fire fighter leaves to put his life on the line for total strangers – No questions asked. But why does this particular fire fill Edward with a sense of dread? OOC,AH,Fireward

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Edward & Bella – Words: 4,574 – Reviews: 58 – Favs: 55 – Follows: 37 – Published: 01-08-10 – id: 5651940

Forged Through Fire was also an entry in the The Perv Pack’s An Officer and a Gentleman Contest, and in this dramatic and exciting little FireFighterward story, Edward truly is a real hero…

…the siren sounded.

“Saved by the bell,” I said, dropping my cue on the table and moving toward my turnouts.

Emmett was on my heels as we reached our lockers and I quickly threw on my pants and pulled my suspenders over my shirt.

I grabbed my helmet and jacket and ran for the truck.

“Where we headed?” I asked Jasper, who was our driver and already fully dressed.

“Voltaire Street in Forks. That new apartment complex that went up recently near the school,” he said, as I continued to do up my jacket.

“Shit, that’s only about a half mile drive from my place,” I said.

I prayed that none of my close friends were in that complex tonight…


Ten minutes later, we pulled up out the front of the building.

I jumped out and ran to throw on the rest of my gear as I surveyed the building.

The fire was about three quarters of the way up; god, I hoped the people on the upper floors were out…

Looking around, I noticed there were people everywhere and most of them were in a state of hysteria.

The paramedics had already arrived, treating many people for smoke inhalation.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my dad standing next to one of the ambulances. He must have received a call from the hospital and come down to help.

The captain called us over to him.

Fortunately, the landlord had thought to grab a list of tenants and had done a head count for us.

I let out breath of relief, as it seemed that all tenants were out safely.

“Rose, Bella!”

I turned around to see a man climbing out of a police cruiser and running toward the building.

As I ran to him, I recognized him as Chief Swan.

“Chief Swan, you can’t go in there,” I said to him, as I grabbed him by the arms.

“Don’t tell me what to do, son. My girls could be in there!”

Wait, his girls?

“Your girls?” I asked him, clearly confused.

“Yes. My two daughters moved here last week. Rosie, Bella!” he cried out again.

As Edward takes in this upsetting information and forges through the building, housing this dangerous and life-altering fire, guess what his one goal is and who he may rescue? *wink* ‘A bond forged by fire is never broken’ – Ladder 49.


Butterscotch And Butterflies by Dobber17 

*One Shot*


Butterscotch And Butterflies ~ Written for “When Love was New” Contest. Bella works at an ice cream parlour and lives a life that constantly leaves her in problematic situations. Edward Masen, fireman and regular customer at Bella’s work, seems like the perfect candidate to help out. ExB

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance – Edward & Bella – Words: 7,884 – Reviews: 113 – Favs: 278 – Follows: 61 – Published: 11-06-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5494040

This romantic one shot was written for the 2009 When Love Was New Contest, and while is it rated T, and we don’t have any graphic lemons, it certainly isn’t lacking in any way… We have a lovely, gentle fireman Edward and a shy, hardworking, college student, Bella, who just happens to be dubbed “Ice Cream Girl” by Edward and his firefighter friends. Why? Well, they frequent the ice cream shop where Bella works, to wind down after a tough, hot and dirty day on the job…

I admit I shamelessly stared at him, watching as he ate his standard double scoop of butterscotch ice cream in a cup instead of a cone. He had removed his coat, draping it across the back of his chair, leaving him in the standard navy blue t-shirt that easily allowed me to see the muscles of his arms peeking out. He still had his fire engine red suspenders hitched securely on his shoulders and his bright yellow pants on display underneath the table.

I looked away to tend to a customer. The instant my eyes involuntarily darted over to where I knew he was, boring brown met glimmering green. Our eyes had met numerous times before; the result always being him immediately ducking his head. This time was different. This time he held my gaze, smiling around the spoon in his mouth. One of the men in matching uniform that sat next to him gave him a shoulder bump and whispered something in his ear.

Once again, I was forced to tear my gaze away from his, this time to take the order of a family of five. Just as I rang up their orders, the group of heroes entered my field of vision. They made their way out of the ice cream parlor, giving me cheerful smiles and polite nods. Except for one. He stood a few inches taller than the rest and had trademark dimples. Black curls sprung from his head in every direction.

“Bye, Ice Cream Girl,” he hollered with a wave.

“Bye, McCarty.” I had no idea what his first name was. The only reason why I knew his last name was because of all the times his chief scolded him for flirting with me when he ordered. It was harmless, and I secretly enjoyed the amusement it added to my days.

The bronze haired, butterscotch lover gave him a gentle shove towards the door, turning to look at me one final time. He nodded towards their usual table and gave me a crooked smile.

I grabbed the table cleaner and a rag from under the counter. I made my way over to the previously occupied table where a piece of folded paper caught my eye. I slowly unfolded the paper, my eyes widening as I read what was written. Scribbled in black ink was, “Call me 911.”

I bit my lip, trying to hide the smile that quickly formed on my lips. Yes, I realized that this number would do me no good seeing as it was the emergency number but I wasn’t that naïve – I was able to read between the lines.

So can we, Bella…so can we! *grins* And now that you know where the “Butterscotch” comes from in the title, and its importance, I bet you can guess who the “butterscotch lover” is. *winks* But the best part is that once you read more, you will then come to learn the sweet story of how the “Butterflies” part of the title is intricately woven into this endearing story, as well. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and romantic. *sigh*


*Review by Gingerandgreen*

Sing For Me Sweet by Emily Bowden 


*Banners copied from story.*

*Banner copied from TWCS*

Sing For Me Sweet ~ “I wanted his hands on me, on every part of my body. I wanted to feel him pressed up against me, his skin touching mine. I wanted our passionate kisses to escalate until I was panting, trembling, on the precipice until I was begging for more.” AH AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella – Chapters: 36 – Words: 191,531 – Reviews: 1,303 – Favs: 1,338 – Follows: 927 – Updated: 05-18-11 – Published: 07-02-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5183973

Firefighters are my favourite kind of hero. They are superheroes in my eyes. I interviewed a volunteer fireman once, and I never quite got over my crush. When MC asked me to read a story for this post, I was all:


And let me tell you, Sing For Me Sweet was a sweet, sweet read.

The thing I loved most about this story was how very canon all the characters were. Do you like your Bella self-sufficient, tough, protective and compassionate? Your Edward moody, arrogant, tortured and incredibly respectful and loving? How about Carlisle – fantastic doctor, gorgeous, a gentleman wholly in love with his wife and the epitome of a caring father? The siblings are all exactly as Stephenie Meyer described, but human and playing different roles. That is a rare find in my eyes, and well worth reading a story for. Combine canon characterization with Edward as a heroic rich-kid-turned-firefighter and Bella as a super efficient, knowledgeable and caring nurse/singer, and you have a truly engaging story.

There’s a lot of fun, plenty of angst, some lemony goodness, laughter and tears. I thought everyone would enjoy this excerpt from chapter 7:

“So, what does this guy look like anyway, Bella?” Angela asked. “He must be pretty hot, huh?”

Rose and Alice groaned.

“You haven’t heard this story?” Rose asked her, incredulous.

“Who hasn’t,” Alice commented. Angela giggled as I groaned. Both Rose and Alice prepared themselves for their Bella-imitations, and if it wasn’t so damn funny, I might have been slightly offended by their characterization of me. Rosalie poufed out her hair while Alice wore a doe-like expression on her face, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. Totally not accurate…bitches.

“He sat down the bar from me, totally checking me out,” Rose chimed, her squeaky voice sounding nothing like mine. I better not sound like that…

“He looked so hot in his tight jeans, drinking his manly beer all while sending out sexy-time vibes towards me like heat waves,” Alice chimed in, swinging her hips with a snap at the end.

“And his bronzed sex-hair and heavenly green eyes just made my girlie parts tingle,” Rose finished, clasping her hands together under her chin and batting her eyes in rapid succession.

“I just wanted to jump his bones right then,” Alice jumped in, her hand going to her chest in a mock fainting motion. “But his dick just looked so large in his tight jeans, it frightened me. So I just ran right outta there, heading back to my land of virginity and chastity.” Rosalie and Angela were bent over in hysterics at her words. I was a half annoyed, half amused. That sucker did look huge…and I wasn’t that chaste, even though it’d been awhile…

“I spent the next two weeks, pining after my lost love,” Alice began again.

“And touching myself while he came to me in my dreams,” Rose added on the side. I swatted her arm playfully. “Don’t even act like you didn’t, Ms. Swan. Our walls aren’t that thick.”

“Oh my gosh,” I moaned, covering my eyes to hide my embarrassment.

Guess who’s listening in to their snarky repartee? I’m not telling, you’ll have to read it yourself. 😉

There are moments close to the beginning of this story – and even some way in – I found frustrating and annoying. Somehow by the time I reached the epilogue, I had tears on my cheeks. There are snippets of genius here that are worth your patience to find. Emily Bowden is an author to watch in my opinion. Her greatest gift is in how well she learns as she writes. Emily demonstrates the observation of an artist, and I hope she gives us plenty more opportunities to see and experience the world through her eyes.

*Banners copied from story.*

*Banner copied from story.*

For Sing For Me Sweet visuals:

Sing For Me Sweet on TWCS.


*Reviewed by AllyVera*

Through the Flames by SparklingTwilight  



Through the Flames ~ One fateful night, 29y/o Edward must make the decision that haunts every firefighter’s worst nightmares. In choosing between his life and that of another, life altering repercussions arise. Rated M. Contains graphic descriptions of fire. HF Warning.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Drama – Chapters: 41 – Words: 200,140 –  7,277 – Favs: 3,230 – Follows: 1,841  – Updated: 02-03-11 – Published: 04-09-10 – Status: Complete – id: 5883476

Previously reviewed by AllyVera here – scroll down toward the end of the post – but we had to mention it today because this story and its fireman Edward are amazingly hot and unforgettable! This is a must read FireFighterward! So good!


And a few more FireFighterward fics to keep you all fired up!

All Because of A Fire by TwiSagaLover *WiP*

Engine 17 by EmmaleeWrites05 *Complete*

Flaming Desire by Mamma4ever *Complete*

Helplessly, Hopelessly by momma2fan *Complete*

Where There’s Smoke by NJNYTwiGals *Complete*


Now, please share what fics set you aflame! 😉

The FicSix

Melbie robdays or ubervamp SexDrive on Fire

*Smokin’ Hot!*



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    • Thanks, Ally, it was a fun post to put together…that manip was great inspiration, lol And thanks for your review of Through the Flames…such a fabulous story. Happy update reading! xx

  3. Great stories this week. The Ties That Bind is one of the best fics I have ever read. The chapters are long and jammed pack but still leaving you wanting more.

    • Hi Bakergirl Twenty-Four, thanks for stopping by and I agree, Ties That Bind is very good; I was sucked in right away, and I am anxiously awaiting the next update.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Love your reviews as always. 🙂 And that manip up at the top? NICE!

    Hope you ladies have a great weekend. LOVE.


  5. Some of my favorites and some new ones I can’t wait to read.

  6. Oh MC! You really do give us awesome posts and recs. so much to enjoy – thanks for all your hard work. There’s lots here that I haven’t yet enjoyed. I’ve only read one previously.

    I haven’t got any Firefighter recs, I’m afraid. So, my rec this week is one that’s just started, for those of you who like to jump in at the beginning. It’s by the lovely Thimbles, a very poignant first chapter, but with reassurances that the angst is only in chapter 1. Such beautiful writing.

    Small Bump
    Pregnancy is an entirely natural process, one I’d studied and seen in all its stages. Yet in that moment, knowing that Bella was carrying our child, a little person somehow knit together from her and me, and the love we shared, it seemed a strange miracle—she seemed a strange miracle. Life, loss, love, and hope. (Angst rating applies to Ch. 1 only.)
    Twilight, M, English, Romance & Angst, words: 4k+, favs: 148, follows: 306, 8/19/13, Edward Bella

    Happy FanFic Friday everyone xo

    • Thanks, Wiltshire Glo; I had a great time putting this together, and thanks for all the pimping you did! Hope you find a FireIFighterward you like. Through the Flames was the first one I read, and it’s fabulous.

      Your rec sounds excellent, and I just looked at the first chapter…guess I’ll be starting a new WiP this weekend! lol


  7. Hey everyone, what a post hey? I started Engine 17 this morning, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s been written by an expert, which I love – you know you’re getting a true picture of the firefighter’s life that way. Looking forward to trying some more of MC’s wonderful hot recs! It’s a holiday weekend here in the UK, so hopefully extra time for a bit of reading. Maybe I’ll even get a bit of writing done, who knows? Take care xox

    • Hi GG, thank you for your review and help with the post! It was a fun post; love me some FireFighterward! Ooh, I hope you like Engine 17…

      Have a lovely holiday weekend! And YAY to your writing! xox

  8. eewee333

    Wow, MC. Thanks for a wonderful post and lots of completed recs too. They all sound wonderful and geez, who doesn’t love Fireward? That manip is just….GAH! Can’t wait to start reading some of these this weekend. I think I’ll start with reyes139’s first as she is one of my favorite authors. RL has been kicking me around pretty good this week, so I haven’t gotten to read too much, but I desperately need an Edward fix to make me feel all better. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again.

    • Hi, eewee333, you are very welcome, thanks for stopping by. You can bet I was thinking of you as I marked *Complete* on some of those stories, lol Hope you find a few to enjoy! I love Reyes139, too, and the drabble was a great read!

      Have a lovely weekend! xx

  9. some great recs there. i am now addicted to the ties bind. i am supposed to be doing work stuff, opps 😉

  10. I better win the lottery tonight so I can quit my job and start checking more stories off my TBR list because thanks to you ladies, I’ve added a ton more today!

  11. Thank you, thank you, Midnight Cougar! One or two of these completed while FFN was having fits and I didn’t know – would have hated to miss them and thanks to you I won’t. And I added new ones! I don’t know whether to groan or clap. That TBR list is getting fatter and fatter thanks to you ladies. 😀
    Thanks for all the hard work,

  12. edwardsvamptramp69

    Holy Htop! New material for the spank bank;)

    I don’t know why I haven’t read any FireFighterward storiesell, Batman! That is one HHHAAWWTTTT pic at the in the past four years, but I’m sure as hell going to start………..and with the ones you mentioned! YOWZA!!

  13. I’ve just caught up with all the Robness from the last week, and now this – is it hot in here or is it me? All of these fics sound amazing just like this post! Thanks so much Midnight Cougar, and Ally Vera and Gingerandgreen. I have only read two of these so my TBR list is now as long as Edward’s hose.

    • *hands Cared a high-powered fan to cool you off after all the hotness* lol Thanks, I’m glad you like the post; it was great fun to do! And, THAT is one LONG hose…I mean, list. *grins* xox

  14. Thanks!! I love fireward 😉

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