Sensual Sunday ~ Born to Be Wild!

Wet Rob Avi

Good mornin’ ladies,

I’m breakin’ a rule today! We here at RA try very hard not to post pap pics of Rob.

However, when I came across these sneaky damn photos a while back, I was inspired to start collectin’ Biker Rob manips. See, I have a love/hate relationship with motorcycles!

On the one hand, they are beautifully crafted pieces of machinery. Some could rightly be called works of art. And don’t even get me started on the rumblin’, thunderin’ growl of a Harley Davidson! That sound makes my lady bits sing “Hallelujah” LMAO!

On the other hand, the f*ckin’ things’ll kill ya!


April 9, 2011…there’s just somethin’ sexy as hell about a man on a bike! Of course, if he’s already sexy as hell, it’s a lethal combination!


Rob’s a tall man, but that sure doesn’t look like a full-size bike to me LOL!


Now, THAT’s a bike!                      Get your motor runnin’…

Head out on the highway…


Lookin’ for adventure…


And whatever comes our way!


Yeah darlin’ gonna make it happen…


Take the world in a love embrace…

129267451776078681_alIQrt96_c (1)

Fire all of your guns at once…


And explode into space!


I like smoke and lightnin’…


Heavy metal thunder…


Racin’ with the wind…


And the feelin’ that I’m under!


Yeah darlin’ gonna make it happen…


Take the world in a love embrace…

kerry delaney edit

Fire all of your guns at once…


And explode into space!


Like a true nature’s child…


You were born, born to be wild…


We can climb so high…


I never wanna die!


Born to Be Wild!

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider


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27 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ Born to Be Wild!

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, lovely post honey…Rob and motorbikes…just one word…UFN! (I know that’s not really a word, more of a sound, but still.)
    The thought of our guy with a powerful, throbbing machine between his thighs turns me to mush.
    Can you imagine a Harley pulling up to the curb, all black enamel and polished chrome. The riders long lean legs tightly encased in faded denim, scruffy black biker boots poking out from the frayed cuffs. A simple, black leather jacket over his crisp white t and a mirrored visor concealing his identity.
    After flicking the engine off, he settles back a little in the saddle, rolling his shoulders to relieve the stiffness in his muscles before unclipping the chin strap and slidding off his helmet. It slowly reveals a sharp chiseled jaw, lightly dusted with stubble, blue grey eyes framed by thick, expressive brows and a riot of thick bronze colored hair. Knowing it will be flattened by the ride, he takes a second to run his long fingers through the strands, breathing new life to it. His eyes meet yours and his lips twitch into a crooked, cocky smile as he slides a pair of mirrored shades in place, allowing his eyes the freedom to wander without reproach all over your body, and you…..

    ….well, you are nothing but a puddle of goo.

    Hugs honey xx

    • rita01tx

      *Gulp!* That imagery just kills me! Sounds like a plot bunny to me LOL!

      • ClaireBamboozle

        haha must not cultivate new plot bunnies until some of my current fics are finished.

        • eewee333

          Hi Clairebear! You def have to write a motorcycleward story! I’m already drooling…

          • ClaireBamboozle

            Eewee!!!! How the devil are you honey, been meaning to send you a PM, well, I had a little back and to with Bevey99 last night and I have sketched out a rough outline for a fic. I’m in the middle of writing 4 full length fics at the moment, plus a comedy one shot, but bad boy bikerward is just too good to ignore lol
            Hugs xx

            • eewee333

              **waves like a crazy woman** Just been superbusy with RL my friend. Hope to get back to some serious fic reading soon. Looking forward to your new fic. 🙂

              • ClaireBamboozle

                haha well don’t hold your breath, I won’t start to post ’til it’s completed but, I have some new stuff that will post over the next couple of weeks.

      • Rita I so love this post!!! I’m glad you finally did it! But BB Please, Don’t encourage the Clairebear to write ANOTHER fic!! LOL

    • Dayum Claire! Thanks for the Rob dream I know I’ll be having tonight because of you!!! 😀

      And as fr this: “The thought of our guy with a powerful, throbbing machine between his thighs.”

      Hell Darlin’ I think f that every day!! hehehe

  2. bevey99

    Well you need to save that one. Bad boy fics are always on the top of my TBR list.

  3. Just wanted to thank you so much for including my effort in your blog. Feeling very blessed now! Luv Ya Rita xoxoxox

    • rita01tx

      I might be a little prejudiced, Lisa darlin’, but it’s one of my favorites! Thanks for sharin’ it with me MWAH!!!

  4. Thanks again Rita ! And youre more than welcome MWAH right back atcha !!!

  5. eewee333

    Well HELL Rita! You certainly got my motor running this Monday morning. What a wonderful, deliciously hot post to start off my day! You rock BB. I agree with Claire, just UNF!!! Thanks for making my day. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Heheheh! Did I kick-start your heart, Eewee darlin’! Like the rest of us, you must be damn near in a coma from all the luscious DiorRob porn LOL! I suggest we all hang out in our local ER’s just before the ad comes out ’cause he’s gonna kill us DED if what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by and you can’t tell me they’ve shown us EVERYTHING! They’d be stupid not to be holdin’ some card close to their chests LOL!

  6. Hi, Rita! I´m sorry I´ve missed a lot of post, but when I saw this one waiting in my mail I had to look at it… wow!! Love all these pics, they are very HOT! I want to tell you that recently I´ve had a baby, my second daughter. So, my time is nearly equal to zero, but if I can I will follow you… from time to time. XOXO.

    • rita01tx

      OMG! A daughter? {{{HUGS!!!}}} Congratulations, Exaltada darlin’!
      No wonder I hadn’s seen hide nor hair of you for such a long time! I’m very happy to hear from you again…any time you can, I’ll certainly understand LOL! Well, what’s her name?

  7. rita01tx

    Well, nibble on her tiny toes from her Auntie Rita! Welcome to the world, Blanca {kiss!}

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