Dream Job

*blows kisses*


Hello all!

Is anybody still alive out there??

With all this Dior and MTTS porn we’ve been getting lately I’ve had a hell of a time dragging my ass outta the gutter. But  now that it seems our fountain of porn is starting to dry up, *pouty face* I have emerged with one thought in mind, (Besides the fact that Rob is the most amazingly Gorgeous man on the planet!) Camile has got to be the luckiest woman on Earth! I mean seriously talk about your Dream Job!

She gets look at this everyday in person, face to face…


She gets to see him coming for her and take her by the hand…


She gets to dance with him…


She gets to be carried in his arms…


She gets to touch him, be touched and kissed by  him…


She gets to snuggle with him…


She gets to wrap herself around him…


She gets to stroke him…


She gets to nuzzle him…


And she gets well paid for it too? How the hell is she still alive????

“Dream as though you’ll live forever. Live as though you’ll die today.”

Yeah, being with Rob like this would definitely kill  me!
















All gifs courtesy of RP AU


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20 responses to “Dream Job

  1. eewee333

    Oh Honey! I have watched this vid so many times, I’m Rob-dazed.(and dehydrated IYKWIM) Gah, he is just the sexiest, most gorgeous man out there. Thanks RF for making my day. 🙂

    • *Hands eewee333 a shamwow ans a bottle of Gatorade* snort~ I have to admit for some reason I wasn’t expecting anything great from this Dior campaign! I m so glad to admit I was wrong! He is just stunning and the GIF of him smoking is officially my favorite!!!

  2. rita01tx

    I’m with Eewee! DiorRob has had me in a daze for dayz LOL! As to the lovely Camille, I live vicariously through her right now *gigglesnort!* To be her, workin’ with Rob on that film, would be like winnin’ the megasuperbucks lottery! She was a very lucky girl, that’s for sure!

    • She is a lucky and beautiful woman without a doubt. I loved the part in the vid where she grabs a snack as Rob puls her to the dance floor. No doubt she new she was going to need her energy!! ~gigglsnort~

      • rita01tx

        I couldn’t begin to choose a favorite part, it was all so beautifully done! Did you see him charm the knickers off of that older lady on the dance floor? He made her feel young and beautiful again, if only for 2 minutes! I LOVED that bit!

  3. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rf, Gah! Dior Rob had me all in a twist for days, gotta say I wasn’t expecting too much of the campaign either but what we got was amazing and I love all those gorgeous gifs it has provided.
    Camille must have a cast iron constitution because I don’t think I could be so close to him for so long without melting into a useless puddle of goo at his feet. (but I’ve certainly enjoyed imagining it lol)
    Thanks for brightening up a drab Thursday in the UK with some lovely hot Robporn.

  4. well all i can say is that the rest of her career is all downhill. NOTHING can top that. damn but he looks beautiful.

  5. Hi Ladies! Nice day for RobPorn. I’m in overload too and this was well worth the wait for these gems. Soft porn I would say but with class! And did you all read how basically Dior handed this campaign over to Rob? In his Harper’s Bazaar Arabia interview he said, “”It’s kind of, sort of, a like fantasy version I have of myself, I mean, I’m not like that on everyday basis, I think I am a little bit more boring.” Now that’s the kind of male fantasy I like to see! You know what? it’s kinda my fantasy too! And Rob doesn’t have to worry about the “boredom” cuz there is a line of ladies waiting to help him with that predicament. Nice seeing you ladies again!

    • rita01tx

      In that interview he did for Elle, Rob pretty much admitted to havin’ one helluva lot of input for that project! He was even responsible for gettin’ Romain Gavras {I can never remember if I’m spellin’ that right LOL!} on board to do it! Damn, our man is so freakin’intelligent!

    • Hey Lisa! I’m sorry but Rob being boring is in the same category as Rob being unattractive and that’s the NOT! Category!! He doesn’t see him self clearly, never has but WE do!!! And yes the man is also highly intelligent!

      • Oh, NO!!!! I don’t think he would be boring and never would I think him unattractive. God strike me dead for any of those kinds of thoughts. Who picked Camille? Was that Rob too? She’s very pretty and charming. And so……..Rob’s fantasy includes a blonde French girl? Oui?

  6. kitt

    OMG, YES! All of those…plus…
    She gets to wear his coat.
    She gets to feel his gaze upon her.
    She gets to experience his reactions to her.
    She gets to beam and glow because of him and not have to feel embarrassed or the need to explain it to anyone.
    She gets to be whisked away by him.
    She gets to be his girl.

    We get to imagine ourselves in her place and I’m good with that because she did such a great job with this. She reacts perfectly in these simplistic and fun experiences with him. It’s hard not to like her and appreciate what she captured with Rob.

    you girls rock!

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