Our post today is focused on Unusual Edwards, ones that we found unique and extraordinary, with distinct characteristics – whether from nature or nurture – that made him memorable and fascinating to read.


*Reviews by Cared*

Wicked Games by ClaireBamboozle

*Made by Nina Rose*

*Made by Nina Rose*

Wicked Games ~ She has watched him for years, he is grace, beauty and goodness and she is a sinner. It isn’t just the river of Hell fires which separates them. Given a chance will Bella corrupt the one pure thing in her life?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Fantasy – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 7 – Words: 16,521 – Reviews: 88 – Favs: 43 – Follows: 31 – Updated: 06-29-13 – Published: 06-09-13 – Status: Complete – id: 9372426

ClaireBamboozle certainly pegged this short story correctly when she selected the genre as being Supernatural/Fantasy, for that’s exactly what her fantastical tale is – from beginning to end.  Edward, full of beauty and grace, is an angel standing guard outside the gates of Heaven, while Isabella is one of the damned on the far side of the great divide.  It would be hard to think of any two beings across all of Heaven and Earth Hell, who are less likely to form a bond – but they do – and it irrevocably alters their existence.  Isabella lives – perhaps I should say exists – in a place where cruelty and wickedness are rife, as the concubine of the creature she calls the Big D.  Yes, the Devil himself!  She prefers to be solitary in her suffering rather than allow herself care for someone she may later witness tortured, but there is someone her thoughts and eyes linger on…

The divide stretches wide between us.  A raging see of seething, bubbling fire.  Brimstone hangs heavy in the smoky air, stinging my eyes.  He is unaffected, serene, pure.

For so long, decades most likely I’ve watched him with an unwavering eye.  Studied his form and cataloged it all.  I’ve memorized every line of his carved physique, the angles of his ethereal face.  The sharpness of his jaw.  His full lips that purse when he is deep in though and those green eyes which pierce the vast distance between us and make my blackened heart soar.  He is perfection.  When he turns my way I fee desire flame within me, even if he doesn’t notice me.

I want him. Badly.

I have spent years hoping for a chance to corrupt and bring him to my side.  But I can’t have him.  He is the gatekeeper to a realm I dare not enter; trusted and true.  I know I hold no appeal to his sight.  To him I am invisible…

Or so she thinks.

Now you might assume this Angelward is about as far from canon Edward as you can get, but no…he still has those essential qualities that make my knees go weak.  For instance, while it’s Isabella’s soul that is damned…not his, and there is no car spinning on ice or rogue vampire after her blood, Edward ever the protector, is drawn to save Isabella – this time from eternal torment.  Will a leap of faith be enough to bridge the gap between their worlds?

Read this sinfully good story to find out!



She Speaks Fear and Truth by ericastwilight


*Made by emerald_rosalie*

She Speaks Fear and Truth ~ She’s haunted daily, but learns to deal with her gift, helping those in need. He hides behind his opinions, seeking closure, barely living. When their worlds collide can they help each other. A story of loss, love and betrayal with a supernatural twist.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Hurt/Comfort – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 45,467 – Reviews: 1,679 – Favs: 984 – Follows: 649 – Updated: 09-04-10 – Published: 10-10-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5434481

To be fair to potential readers, I have to share straight away this story deals with the aftermath and memories of a child’s death.  Let me explain: this story is Twilight fanfic, but it’s also very close to the TV show Ghost Whisperer, with a little Ghost Hunters thrown in to deepen the plot.  I have long admired ericastwilight’s skill as an author so it’s no surprise how this sensitive subject is written with grace and respect.

Professor Cullen is a university lecturer by profession, he is the head of a team of paranormal investigators by obsession, but his daughter has been missing for three years and the heartbreaking, overwhelming role in his life is that of grieving father.  At first Edward appeared to me as something of an oxymoron: in his work with the Denver Paranormal Society he revels in debunking paranormal occurrences, yet he sets up recording equipment nightly in the hope of hearing his daughter.  I’m no psychoanalyst, and so don’t ask me to explain his behaviour, but I did come to understand it and admire the loving father that he is – down to his very soul.  Sadly, Edward is forced to learn and accept the terrible truth upon coming face to face with ghost whisperer Bella…


I didn’t know how much time had passed as I sat on a stool behind the podium. A cool draft swept around me, and I felt my pants leg pull lightly. 

Great. Now my fucking head was playing tricks on me again. The pull on my pants increased.

“Hayley.” I sobbed.

“Was that her name?”

I jumped slightly from her loud voice in the quiet room. I looked up at her and my anger returned.

“You should know. I’m sure you’ve done your research.” I got up from my stool and slammed my briefcase shut. I turned to erase a large chalkboard behind me, trying my best to ignore her. 

“Wait,” she said quietly. I stopped. I had no idea why I did. Maybe it was the pleading nature behind her request. “She wants to tell you my name.” I turned, my anger flaring. But instead of meeting my eyes, she was looking at something on the chalkboard.

My hand shook as wet letters started to form in the chalk dust.


I love you, Mr. Toad.

I sobbed, dropping the eraser in my hand. The sounds leaving my lips disturbed the quiet peace in the room, causing the writing to still.

“She couldn’t find a way to talk,” Bella said softly. “Not even for your recordings.”

As the letters started to dry, more took their place.

I’m sorry, Daddy.

“No, baby,” I whispered. “I am.”

“Professor Cullen, I’m sorry about my outburst. At first, I assumed the worst –”

I shook my head, because I wasn’t sorry. I needed this. “Why can’t she talk?” I looked up at Bella just as she cringed.

“Every time she tries, water comes out,” she said with a sigh.

I sobbed and fell to my knees. Bella came to my side but kept her distance, just hovering.

“Until now,” I murmured, “she’s only been considered missing.”

This beautiful story made me cry, but amazingly, given the sensitive plot line, it never made me despair.  She Speaks Fear and Truth is complete and each of its 14 chapters are packed full of love – and eventually hope and light.


To be privy to the development of Edward and Bella’s relationship, and to experience ghost hunting, join them, an arachnophobic Emmett 😉 and the rest of the team in the sequel…

Denver Paranormal Society


*Made by ericastwilight*

Denver Paranormal Society ~ Sequel to She Speaks Fear and Truth. Follow Edward’s team, and Bella, the newest ghost-hunting member. With Bella’s abilities will it only bring Edward’s team to more harm? Their relationship is put to the ultimate test.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Romance – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 14 – Words: 53,959 – Reviews: 584 – Favs: 399 – Follows: 519 – Updated: 10-10-13 – Published: 10-30-10 – id: 6437814



Heat by PrincessRachael


*Made by Cricrila Redlips*

Heat ~ Edward is an Alpha wolf of a dying pack in a world where she-wolves no longer exist. The responsibilities of too many lives rest on his shoulders and he’s running out of time. Edward/Bella. Graphic lemons, violence, sensitive themes. Mature.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Bella & Edward – Chapters: 32 – Words: 128,473 – Reviews: 3,405 – Favs: 1,374 – Follows: 1,986 – Updated: 10-12-13 – Published: 06-29-13 – id: 9441302

Rita10tx recommended this fic in the comments on the Maps To The Stars post, and since that girl knows a good fic when she reads it, it zoomed to the top of my TBR list.

Now, this is where I ask you to trust me, set aside any preconceived ideas you have of the form you like your Edwards to take, because ladies…this Edward is a wolf!  Yes, that’s right – a wolf!  Edward, Bella, and the rest of  favourite characters are still mythical creatures, although, vampires don’t exist… not in their world.  It’s amazing to me, and indeed, a testament to PrincessRachael’s talent and insight as a writer, that even though Edward’s ability to shapeshift and its inherent consequenses are integral and essential to the plot, he exudes those essential qualities to make him – the man and the wolf – an Edward I can love.

Talking of the plot: the shapeshifters are in danger of eventual extinction if the abundance of males fail to find mates and produce female cubs.  A she-wolf in heat is about as rare as Trekkie at a Twilight convention, so let’s what happens when Bella quite literally runs into Edward’s neck of the woods…

It was a she-wolf!

He couldn’t believe his eyes. A she-wolf in his territory. After all this time, after decades of searching, one had suddenly turned up in his own backyard! It was absolutely unbelievable, the most farfetched notion he could have imagined. And if any member of his pack would have reported her existence, he wouldn’t have believed it. But there she stood, clear as daylight in the murky darkness, yet seemingly fragile as an apparition. He feared she would unexpectedly disappear just as quickly as she had arrived.

The spotless white she-wolf was watching them from her perch in the furthest reaches of the tree. She was the most flawless animal Edward had ever beheld. Her eyes were the color of whiskey, not quite gold, nor that dull blond that was typical in so many wolves, but sparkling with hints of amber and saffron. Even from this distance, Edward could tell she was about half his size. In general, she-wolves were smaller than their male counterparts, but regardless, her little frame captivated him. And the way she paced nervously from branch to branch made Edward growl in response. He was instantly protective and ravenous for her at the same time.

The intensity in her eyes and the scent from her body was part of what was affecting Jasper so zealously. Clearly she was up in the tree because the gray wolf’s behavior had frightened her. She was now looking desperately around for a place of escape. She seemed oblivious to the true cause of Jasper’s unease. And perhaps she didn’t know, Edward reasoned as he felt his own body start to sink into the same depths where Jasper now swam. His wolf instincts were beginning to completely take over.

The she-wolf was in heat.

On one level Heat is a simple Edward and Bella love story, but then layer in the relationship between their wolves, the volatile relationship with Sam’s rabid pack and Aro’s crazed one.  Also add to the Petri dish, the scientific work to solve fertility problems, the possible extinction of the species, personal tragedy, a mad scientist intent on industrial espionage, brutal, unethical animal hunters, and turn up the heat with hot lemons.  All in all, it’s an explosive fic and a tremendous read!

*Please not the author’s warning of violence and sensitive themes.*


***PrincessRachael will be removing her stories from FanFiction.net on 31st October, 2013.***



*Review by AllyVera*

Please Rescue Me by theonlykyla


*Made by Ally Vera*

Please Rescue Me  ~ Edward was a shy young man when he fell in love for the first time. He learned the hard way that love shouldn’t hurt, right? When Bella cames into his life, he was at the end of his rope. Can she really offer him salvation? Can he dare to hope?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Hurt/Comfort – Edward • Bella – Chapters: 50 – Words: 77,266 – Reviews: 2,033 – Favs: 519 – Follows: 398 – Updated: 03-20-12 – Published: 11-21-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7569689

When my lovely colleague Cared first mentioned an Unusalward post my brain kicked into overdrive at which stories I have read that would fit best under this category, and in fairness, there isn’t really many, but the ones that you do read tend to stick out and the story I have chosen to share with you today is absolutely no exception.

I have read hundreds of Twilight Fan Fics and this story is the only one I have ever read with this premise for an Edward. This story made me cry and feel a little hopeless for our Edward, but ultimately, it is an amazing love story (just a very different one).

Please Rescue Me  bursts out at you at the very first chapter. I think the best way for you to get a glimpse of Edward is straight from chapter one (EPOV)…


I hate having to find ways to cover the bruises.

This time, I’m not sure how to cover the bruise you left on me.

A hand print is clearly visible across my cheek.

I can’t call in sick again this week, but there is no reasonable explanation for the mark you left on me. Especially when all I asked was if she had any laundry that needed to be done.

She flew into a rage and screamed at me for being so weak as to want to take care of her laundry. I thought that’s what nice boyfriends did for their girlfriends.

She punched my chest and smacked my head.

She slapped me across the face then demanded that I fuck her.

I wasn’t even hard. How could I be hard when she just assaulted me?

I thought that I loved her, but this morning I realized love shouldn’t hurt. Not this much. Not this way.

But, I can’t leave her because she’s made sure I have nowhere to go. She’s destroyed my relationship with my parents; my sister has to sneak phone calls to me at work once a week just to check on me. My friends have all given up on me.

I am alone.

I’m lucky she allows me to work. But someone has to support her habits after my parents cut me off financially once I told them that I wouldn’t leave her. That was back when I still thought that she loved me, before I realized this is who she really is. I would take it all back now if I could.

I have no idea where to turn or how I can get out of this mess. But, I have to because there’s nothing left for me to endure, except death.

Someone, please rescue me.”

Um, yeah. And before you panic the “she” you read about above is not Bella! Bella shows up in the second chapter, and for Edward, meeting her is the turning point of his life as he knows it.

This story is full of angst, and it is definitely a story that comes with lots of warnings but if you can handle angst, it is such a wonderful story about a man who has lost all his self-esteem, dignity and power – but through one woman who fights for him and loves him unconditionally, he is able to gain it all back. I fell a little bit in love with Batteredward (as he is nicknamed) and he holds a special place in my heart!

*Please make sure to note the author’s warnings that come with Chapter One*



*Review by Midnight Cougar*

Double Struck by Honeybeemeadows

*made by Deebell*

*Banner made by Deebelle Onefic*

Double Struck ~ I found her on top of a mountain. And I wasn’t even trying.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Mystery – Bella · Edward – Chapters: 5 – Words: 7,718 – Reviews: 399 – Favs: 268 – Follows: 528 – Updated: 10-10-13 – Published: 09-19-13 – id: 9698747

Genres: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Suspense, Romance

When I read the simple yet intriguing summary, and then immediately afterward the first chapter of Double Struck, I was struck with the feeling that this mysterious Edward is “more.”  That he has some kind of unusual “sixth sense” or “sight” and also that he is a complex guy – I must admit I was truly fascinated by him and the unique storyline, and still am. It’s only five chapters in, and I honestly have no idea where it’s going, but I do know that I am looking forward to this adventure, no matter where Mountainward/Otherward takes me.

Edward and his dog, Moose, climb and hike to the top of El Diente, located in San Juan Mountains of Colorado, to escape life and to seek solitude…

*excerpt chapter 1*

I picked El Diente because it was as far away as I could possibly get.

Four hours down the highway, two hours up a dirt road. Twelve miles of winding foot trail and that was just to the base. Then, there was a damn near treacherous climb to the peak. Rough cut rock newly erupted, unclaimed wilderness flopped out on all sides for as far as the eye could see. Mile upon monolithic mile of savage, undisciplined nature and little tiny me, smack in the middle of an unbroken run of prehistoric rock.

It seemed like a tasteful amount of distance to put between myself and society.

The slow-rising sun was only just beginning to stain the skyline pale yellow and powdered purple, not a single cloud in sight.

While Edward paints a beautiful picture, with breathtaking descriptions, what he finds is not exactly the serenity he was looking for, as his “sight” kicks in…

*excerpt chapter 1*

That bark. It had been so long since I’d heard him make that particular sound, I was still wondering what he could possibly mean by it when I got a full body flash of her.

Like a wrecking ball.

Like a meteor.

My knees hit the trail, then my palms. Fingers clutching dust. Lungs choking on blistering hot air. My head tried to turn itself inside out, eyes glued to the shimmery silhouette of a girl standing far off in the distance. Barely an inch tall and blurred around the edges before she jumped from light years away to impossibly close, from miles to the microscopic level in a single, tripwire heartbeat.

Shoved right up in my face, underneath my skin.

I could feel her, taste her, cell to cell for one solid instant.

I fought down the urge to black out and focused my eyes on the dirt, gulping down the wild spin of the faraway horizon on either side, breaking out into a sweat. I might as well be wrist-deep in the sun, rocks burning, heat flooding off the peak in a thick eruption of molten fire. It churned down the slippery slope, a pyroclastic flow of unearthly heat and scorching acid air as the mountain twisted itself into a spectre of its former glory.

A proverbial volcano.


There was someone up there.

And I’ll let you guess who that someone is! *wink* I will tell you she is not in good shape – emotionally or physically, but it’s what Edward does for her and their adventure so far – how the hell did she get way up there?! – along with the mysterious elements like “…landed back in my body,” that will draw you into this suspense-filled and distinctive story. Well, all that and the obvious pull these two seem to have for each other; I have a feeling they have both been struck by something exciting and unusual!




The new website for the Age of Edward 2013 – Anonymous Story and Banner Contest can be found here.  Get reading ladies, with such variety you are sure to find an Edward and era that tickles your fancy. Don’t forget, there is still time to enter with either a story or a banner.


As always, please share what you’re reading this week, or a fic you’ve never forgotten.  Whether Edward is unusual or not, tell us about him – we love them all!

The FicSix



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38 responses to “Unusualward!

  1. rita01tx

    Oh, man! I’m stoked that you’re featurin’ ClaireBear’s “Wicked Games,” which, I am immensely flattered, she wrote for me *blush!*
    And PrincessRachel’s “Heat” owned my ass from the first chapter until the last…I hated to see that one end LOL!
    Anyway, I haz another UnusualWard for you! {oh, yeah? YEAH!}

    Edward Cullen FBI Special Agent and Psychic by Dinia Steel
    Edward Cullen is the unacknowledged grandson of Harry Houdini from whom he’s inherited strong psychic abilities. Together with his closest friends: a Hoodoo man, two Witches from the Louisiana Swamps and an honest to God Guardian Angel, they work to solve crimes that ordinary law enforcement is unable to solve. A/H Edward, Bella, Sam, Angela, Lauren mostly. B E eventually
    Follow/FavoriteRated: Fiction M – English – Supernatural/Drama – Bella · Edward · Leah · Sam – Chapters: 7 – Words: 11,856 – Reviews: 217 – Favs: 94 – Follows: 208 – Updated: 10-11-13 – Published: 08-24-13 – id: 9626040

    It’s only 7 chapters in but I’m already enamoured with this Edward, who is so freakin’ cool, calm and collected despite the perils of his job. He’s just been assigned to team up with Bella, a cop in charge of a very strange case and who is skeptical as hell of this weird guy she’s been saddled with by her superiors!
    Great read!

    • Hi Rita! How are you?? Your rec sounds very different and interesting – on the TBR it goes! A x

      • Hi Rita! As I said, I read Heat because of your recommendation here in the comments. Thanks for the rec of Edward Cullen Special FBI Agent and Psychic.

        I hope you found some new fics here today – we’ve got to keep the TBR list growing!

  2. Hi All!

    Happy Fan Fic Friday 🙂 I haven’t read any of the stories reviewed today (except my own rec) but you bet I am going to – they all sound so good! These are definitely the stories that once read, are never forgotten.

    One story that also falls into that category for me was Osa Bella – but in this one it is not Edward who is so unusual, but Bella. The storyline was so unique – I would have read it over two years ago and it is still clear as anything in my mind! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6038733/1/Osa-Bella

    As for what I am reading currently – I have been keeping up to date with the Age of Edward entries and Cared and I have been swapping notes about them like schoolgirls. I have three definite favourites so far and I am hoping more post soon!

    I am still working my way through the Gravity Series by Drotuno. I am currently on Sin and Innocence the second instalment. Seriously, these stories are in the best I have ever read, character and plot wise. Brilliant. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7119225/1/Sin-Innocence

    Have a lovely weekend, AV xox

    • jazzgirl317

      Ally~ Deb is a gift, is she not? And, I trust you’ve seen that MercWard will be returning to us? As sucky as Sunday is going to be for me, a little something once again to look forward to!

      • Oh yes Ally Vera! Osa Bella is a most unusual fic with a particularly good Bella.

        One of these years I’ll get to read the Gravity Series – I’ve heard nothing but great things about them.

        Have a great weekend!

  3. jazzgirl317

    Heat… Oh Heat… Thank gods there are those who can see Edward and crew as wolves because that is truly a story not to be missed. I’m so bummed we are losing PR and her mad talent. My Mate and My Power will ever be on my favorites list.

    Great post once again, ladies. Adding two more to my TBR list. Thank gods for the distractions.

  4. Brilliant recommend list and I’m honored to be part of it! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Rachaelprincess Fanfiction,

      Welcome, you write very creative and unique stories! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

      • You are very welcome PrincessRachael and we are delighted to see you here. I want to echo Midnight Cougar’s sentiment and wish you well.

        Have a wonderful weekend!

      • Midnight – I cannot believe how active and busy you are with this fandom. I see you everywhere! – in the best sense of that phrase. And I know you are a serious, amazing beta for the talented EdwardsEternal who has graciously served as my beta. Tell me – do you ever sleep? You amaze me!

  5. I don’t comment enough here, which is terrible, because the recs on RA are always well worth a look. I read ‘Wicked Games’ a while ago and absolutely loved it. I’ve had ‘Heat’ on my TBR list for a while, waiting for it to complete, so will get stuck into that very soon – I’ve heard the author is going to be taking her stories down at the end of the month, so have Flagged it (fortunately, Flag seems to be working pretty well again). The others are new to me, and I’ve bookmarked them as they do sound good.

    So, what am I reading? Well, of my WIPs, I’m really enjoying ‘Copy Room’ by Edward’s Eternal, ‘The Debt’ by Ta Paixao, the heartbreaking ‘Facing the Rain’ by Louise Lewin, and ‘Forgive Me Father, For I Will Sin’ by AngelGoddess1981, to name but a few.

    Completed stories I’ve read and can highly recommend are:

    ‘The Foreign Papers’ by javamomma0921, which has a hot Vampward and a really good mystery, and is mostly set in England

    ‘The Western’ by kts, which is a really cracking adventure/thriller, with Edward as a hitman and Bella as his target.

    ‘The Counsellor’ by Michealmas54. This is an Actorward, and starts with an Edward on the edge of a total breakdown from the pressures of his work and the loss of his beloved girlfriend. In steps his guardian angel, who whips him away from everything and helps him gain perspective and the tools he needs to get his life back on track. Neat little twist at the end, and really well-written. (Please don’t do as I did and give away the twist in your reviews!)

    I’ve been lucky enough to find some great fics lately, and have hardly had to flounce at all, thanks to the great recs from you guys and everyone on Robscentrically Speaking. Thanks so much for keeping your excellent FF Fridays going and letting us know about some wonderful stories.

    I’m working on a new fic, but being in the throes of trying to sell up and move is seriously impacting on my writing. However, I mention it here, as it would fit in with today’s post, being a ghost story. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start posting it sometime in the new year, depending on RL, so maybe it will feature the next time you do a similar post!

  6. *tackle hugs Fluffy Liz* It’s so good to see you here!

    Thanks for the fic recs. They are all good choices and as The Western is new to me, it’s another for my list.

    Thanks too for your kind words.

    Have a fabulous reading weekend Flufft Liz!

  7. xpreadmywings

    Oh man…get out of my head! I looooove differentward and look at me! 3 more stories to my neverending TBR list!!!!
    Hum…may I say I missed the poetic gargward fr psycheoo1’s amazing Set in Stone? Yep, I did… his poems/Latin quotes scratched on B’s roof are worthy a box of tissues!
    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5569026/ is complete as well as its sequel
    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6269044/1/In-Darkness-or-Light and with a 3rd and final part in the oven…
    I would also like to rec a sweet loving specialward fr archy12’s Just Right For Me
    http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9071635/1/Just-Right-For-Me *WiP*

  8. xpreadmywings

    And who doesn’t remember our very special Amishward fr solostintwilight’s In Your World *P2P* ? To die for…

  9. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi ladies, thank you so much for bringing more new recommendations and, for featuring my little fic. I feel so honored *blushes.

    Another unusualward I enjoyed was set in stone by Psyche001.
    From within the night’s secret shadows,a beautiful winged creature falls for a human girl.She is forbidden fruit in his world but still,he crosses the line to save her life.What happens when their worlds collide & she discovers his horrible fate? AU/M/BXE
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Angst – Bella · Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 195,648 – Reviews: 1,382 – Favs: 1,241 – Follows: 438 – Updated: 08-22-10 – Published: 12-09-09 – Status: Complete – id: 5569026

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs xx

  10. ClaireBamboozle

    hahaha, think the last comment posted while I was writing mine and looking up the fic LMAO, Now I need to find a new one:-

    Written in the stars by Lissa Bryan

    Edward is king of a dying race, his planet torn by civil war. Bella is abducted to become his bride. From college student to Queen… Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people? AU/OOC, Rated M
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Sci-Fi – Edward · Bella – Chapters: 33 – Words: 167,029 – Reviews: 7,422 – Favs: 7,312 – Follows: 3,224 – Updated: 07-21-12 – Published: 10-28-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7502401

  11. What a great selection of different Edwards, ladies! Thanks for a great post. Although I’m already reading several I can’t wait to start on the new-to-me stories -Heat is one I’ve certainly been hearing lots about!

    Have a fantastic weekend and happy reading xo

  12. gingerandgreen

    When Cared suggested an Unusualward post, I couldn’t think of a single one, and I haven’t read any of these stories, they all look fantastic. Reading through the comments I realise that some of my all time favourites are very Unusualward – anything by Lissa Bryan, for example! Especially this one: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7601038/1/The-Better-Angels-of-Our-Nature Bella is a powerful telekinetic, escaped from a government research facility. With her is Edward, her guardian angel, sent to earth to protect her. Can they find safety? Can Bella love this extraordinary creature? OOC/AU, Rated M.
    Amishward brings back very fond memories. Ally, Osa Bella came to me as well, I adore that story, but you’re quite right, it’s Bella who is unusual – downright extraordinary 🙂 I’m afraid I have nothing new to share because the little reading time I’ve had has been taken up by fabulous stories reviewed by the gals previously. I can’t keep up anymore, what a terrible conundrum! 😉 Hopefully I’ll find something for you all next week. Thanks for all the wonderful links in the comments section, FicSix friends. Have a great weekend. xxx

  13. xpreadmywings

    Oh man gingerandgreen…angelward is sooo…huh …loving? *biased, LyssaBryan fangirling 4evah* Yeah! And …ClaireBamboozle? May I say I flove y our Edward? ‘cuz did! LOL
    Happy readings gals…and happy weekend! ❤

    • ClaireBamboozle

      Aww, xpreadmywings, thank you for the lovely comment, I’m glad you enjoyed angelward. From one extreme to the other, I’ve got dark and twisted stuff coming next… so if that floats your boat stick me on alert.

  14. Great reviews! it,s amazing all the talent and the creativity behind Twilight! This fandom is amazing!

  15. Hey ladies, Haven’t been around lately, I took a spill and fractured my tailbone. Can’t do much these days so I’m hoping to do more reading and THIS post is right up my ally!!! I definately have to read “The Denver paranormal society” as I am writing my own Ghost fic and am several chapters in. I sure have missed you all so much.

  16. Hi RobsFan-tasy – so glad you found some fic to capture your interest while you take it easy. You should read She Speaks Fear and Truth before The Denver Paranormal Society, as then you’ll appreciate the Edward and Bella relationship more.

    Happy reading!

  17. It’s just those two stories so far RobsFan-tasy. Denver Paranormal Society is currently a WIP. Yes, there are more ghosts than you can shake a stick out. LOL

    Happy reading!

    • Cared, yes imma dope! LOL Misread your comment to be 3 fics total! DUH ME! Anyhoodle, not matter I read SSF&T last night and well she leaves the reader no choice but to read DPS unless of course you like being left hanging on the cliffe LOL which we don’t So Imma read it soon. Still have to finish SIS as well. Thanks for replying.

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