Paging Doctor Edward Cullen…

Paging Doctor Cullen, Paging Doctor Edward Cullen…STAT…many horny ill women waiting for a personal consultation in your office. 


What?! look at him…who can blame us! *wink* Welcome to Doctorward with The FicSix on Fan Fiction Fridays!


*Review by Midnight Cougar*

Your Life Can Change in a Moment by coloradoperson


Your Life Can Change in a Moment ~ Bella didn’t like surprises. Her life was safe, predictable and she knew what to expect until fate brought her breast cancer and everything changed. This is not a tragedy; it’s a story about love and hope..because that’s what life is all about.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 29 – Words: 64,855 – Reviews: 556 – Favs: 512 – Follows: 243 – Updated: 07-01-12 – Published: 12-30-11 – Status: Complete – id: 7692657

Have you ever started reading a fic that touched you so deeply you had to stop reading and go get a box of tissues? Well, I have, and this is it… This Doctorward story truly moved me, in ways I know I cannot properly articulate so you’ll understand just how much I was affected by this touching and inspirational story. The author is a two-time breast cancer survivor and she has shared her difficult and inspiring journey through Bella and our favourite Twilight characters.

If you read the summary, you will see that Your Life Can Change in a Moment by coloradoperson is a story about love, life, courage and hope…it is not a tragedy, but that’s not to say it isn’t heart-wrenching and very sad at times. *cue tissue box*

The story begins when we meet a 26-year-old Bella with breast cancer, who tells us a bit about her life today, while reminiscing about the love of a lifetime, once lost… We learn that Bella and Edward were high school sweethearts, but when Edward went off to college, a year ahead of Bella, he made a life-altering, drunk mistake, leaving both of them heartbroken with an irreparable relationship. They sadly go their separate ways for the better part of ten years; Bella went on to become a second grade teacher in Seattle, Edward a doctor in Chicago. But after years apart they are brought back together – by fate? – when Bella walks into the breast cancer support group and sees it’s being led, by none other than Esme Cullen – Edward’s mother. After reconnecting with this special woman and Edward’s estranged family, Bella learns Edward is moving back home to Seattle, and the rest, as they say, is history…

As I stood there and watched Bella, I thought about the last time she walked away, right out of my life.

I knew I couldn’t let that happen, not again.

I was shaking and barely breathing as I caught up to her. I was close enough to touch her when I said her name again, softly, and she stopped.

Everything changed the moment she turned around and looked at me. My life changed as we stood there, looking at each other. It was such a quiet moment. There was no one else in that hospital lobby except us. She was crying when she took a step toward me and touched my face. I cried when she whispered my name, and all I heard was happiness. I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. We didn’t kiss. There were no words or whispers of love or regret. It seemed to be enough for both of us, just being next to each other again. I don’t know how long we stood there. It could have been just seconds or minutes, but it was long enough to know I was where I belonged for the first time in eight years. It was long enough to know where fate was leading me.

Along with the strong, supportive and unwavering love between Edward and Bella through this incredibly tough journey, one of the most touching connections made is between Bella and Angela – also a young woman battling breast cancer. They bond over their shared struggle and all the awful realities it entails, but also over their shared passion to live life to its fullest. They will make you laugh, cry and really appreciate the life you are blessed with every day.

Whether your life has been touched by breast cancer, in some way, shape or form, or not, this story will affect you; I can almost guarantee it. Each chapter begins with an enlightening quote, either from comedian, actress and cancer casualty Gilda Radner, or the movie Enchanted – Bella’s all-time favourite movie because…

Chapter Two. Now.

Giselle: [after leaving the shower] Good morning, Robert. I hope you had wonderful dreams.

Robert Philip: I think I’m still in one.

From the movie Enchanted


I laughed out loud when I read my wife’s text message.

Bella and Enchanted – a match made in heaven. She still insists that Enchanted was made just for her. Well, maybe it was. Who the hell knows? I believe anything is possible these days. I don’t know how many times she’s watched that movie. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it with her, but it’s enough to know all the lines and most of the song lyrics. I know there’s a line in that movie that had something to do with us getting together as soon as we did, but I can’t figure out what it is, and she won’t tell me. I kid her about her love affair with this movie, but I do get it. I get why she loves it. Fate, love and magical moments – it pretty much sums us up.

This makes me smile, as I remember all the greatness of this story.  Yes, it is an emotional read, but definitely worth your time, as it is written from the heart of the author: “A/N – I love fanfic, and I’ve always wanted to write a story. They say you should write about what you know in your first story, and what I know is breast cancer. Maybe breast cancer is too real, but hope, courage and love, especially love, are also real, and that’s really what this story is all about.” And, if you do choose to bless yourself with reading Your-Life-Can-Change-in-a-Moment, please take a moment and visit this link below; to see the banner, Bella and Edward’s cottage and Denver Komen Race for the Cure pictures (where we meet the author) that are all incorporated into this incredibly affecting and memorable story.

The password is Loveandhope.


*Reviews by AllyVera*

Once Upon a Stormy Night  by TwilightMommyof4girls

Umm...  that is just gorgeous...

Umm… that is just gorgeous…

Once Upon a Stormy Night ~ Dr. Isabella Swan is on her way across the country for a job interview in Seattle. Read what happens when she gets stranded in a strange city in the middle of a blizzard. 

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Family – Bella – Chapters: 20 – Words: 123,952 – Reviews: 677 – Favs: 1,002 – Follows: 349 – Updated: Jan 12, 2010 – Published: Aug 18, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5309326

Doctor Isabella Swan is an unlucky woman on the face of things in the first chapter of Once Upon a Stormy Night – she is stranded in a strange city in a blizzard, all the accommodation is taken and for the life of her, she can’t find a restaurant.  She happens upon a bar, and suddenly it seems her luck has changed when she strikes up a conversation (and a powerful connection) with a fellow Doctor with gorgeous green eyes…

Excerpt from Chapter 1…

“We fell into a sweaty pile of limbs, both struggling to catch our breaths. I tried to regain some sense of sanity, realizing what had just happened. I lost my virginity. 

Edward didn’t seem to notice my internal struggle as he was soon snoring, with his body intertwined with mine.

What the hell do I do now?

I lay there for a while, considering my options. If I left, this could all be a dream. No awkward moments, just a wonderful memory. If I stayed, there would be the awkward morning silence. Would he ask me to leave? Would he try to be polite until I had to get on the plane? I couldn’t face that, I couldn’t face him, so I snuck out from his arms and rolled off the bed. I grabbed his shirt quickly threw it on, dashing for the bathroom.”

Oh yes, the girl does a runner.  From Edward Cullen, no less!  *Shakes head with despair* Well, to be honest when our Bella leaves that room she doesn’t know she has run from Edward Cullen or where he even lives.  Never fear, though, our beloved bronze-haired God is not out of the story for long.

I won’t say too much more, as I don’t want to give the plot away – but suffice to say, the road has a few twists and turns, including professional and personal connections for Dr Swan that link her to Dr Cullen before she even knows it, but they end up where they were always meant to be… With each other.


Come Undone by Scorp112


*Banner made by TwiFanfictionRecs*

Come Undone ~ She took a risk that left her with nothing. How do you tell someone to come home when you’re the one who sent them away? How does Bella break the news to her ex-husband that the baby she’s carrying is his? *1st place winner in Beautiful Bellies Contest*

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Words: 13,237 – Reviews: 194 – Favs: 681 – Follows: 266 – Published: Jun 9, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7063265

For those of you who don’t know, I also go by the name of “Queen of the Angsty One Shot”… I love them and the little gem I have today is one of my very favourites.

Come Undone is a beautifully told story about Bella who has recently ended her 20 plus year marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Edward.

“Closing my eyes, I tried my best to let my exhaustion take me under and allow me to just forget for a little while what a mess I made of my life. However, my brain wouldn’t turn off. The mistakes I made over the last few months crashed over me, causing more tears to fall. 

If only…

If I had just…

I should have…

I could have…

There were a million different ways things could have gone. But ultimately, my stubbornness and my husband’s pride led us here.”

Before you all kill me, this is not the end of the road for these two, who clearly love each other beyond words.

This story is really a lesson in how even the deepest of loves can falter when pride and epic stubbornness come into play.  I have read “Come Undone” several times and it never fails to make me an emotional mess – but you know I love it when that happens!  Enjoy!


*Reviews by Gingerandgreen*

The Nightingale Journals by kimpy

*Made by pkitten21*

*Made by pkitten21*

The Nightingale Journals ~ Night nurse Bella Swan blogs about her experiences via “The Nightingale Journals.” When Dr. Edward Cullen is named the PICU’s newest Fellow, their attraction is undeniable, but can they remain professional? Epic banter and tensions result.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 41 – Words: 231,945 – Reviews: 3,374 – Favs: 2,632 – Follows: 1,799 – Updated: Feb 17, 2012 – Published: Feb 9, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5731421

Docward is one of my favourite ~wards, which is quite strange because I have a medical phobia. A phobia so deep-seated, I’ve actually been in therapy for it for about a year. When I started reading The Nightingale Journals I had just begun this journey into my psyche, and parts of the story became a stepping stone on the long road to recovery. That’s how good this fic is. It’s the ultimate medicine, served up in a huge spoonful of sugar – and by sugar, I mean feverishly hot sex, but you knew that, didn’t you? You pervy lot! 🙂

We begin the story when Bella is a trainee nurse and Edward is in medical school. We only get brief glimpses into the early years, and the story really gets into its stride when Edward takes up a Fellowship position in the PICU of his father’s hospital, where Bella is employed as a nurse:

“Good morning, Nurse Swan.”

“Dr. Cullen, you know you’re the only one who can get away with calling me that…and only because you say it in that lovely accent of yours. What are you doing here so early? I usually don’t get the privilege of seeing you before my shift is over.”

He laughs heartily at my comment. I turn around to face him, and suddenly, it’s as though I was hit by a cement block.

Edward Cullen? The fuckhot son of the fuckhot daddy!

“To answer your question, I’m making the rounds this morning in lieu of Dr. McCarty to introduce our new PICU Fellow, Dr. Cullen, to everyone on the floor.”

“Oh, that’s right. I heard something about the new Fellow starting this week.” I have to act ignorant, because otherwise I might let it slip out just how fuckhot I find Edward Cullen to be.

God, I remember him as a resident. His biceps always showed so nicely, poking out of his sleeves. His hair was always just schmexed. Even then, I wanted him, as inappropriate as that would have been. Time has been very, very good to you both, Drs. Cullen.

Edward Cullen looks me straight in the eyes and I feel lightheaded. He’s impossibly good looking, and he flashes this killer grin at me. I remember it perfectly, he lifts one side of his mouth into a smile, so it’s all crooked, and it is equal parts playful and smoldering.

Damn, those eyes. I forgot how green they are. Perfect and rare, just like every last bit of him.

“Now, it was important to me to introduce Dr. Cullen myself, to fend off any rumors of nepotism. There was a selection process that we used, and blindly rated the candidates. It just so happens that my son came up with the highest score, and thus he was offered the job.”

“You must be really proud. He’ll be following in your footsteps, starting in the PICU just like you did!”

“Indeed I am, Bellar,” he slides my name out with his adorable accent. “But don’t let him off easily; I expect you to challenge him, like you do to everyone else.”

“I promise that I will make his life interminably difficult, just for you, Dr. Cullen.”

“Good! He needs to learn from the best nurses we have!”

“Carlisle Cullen, you are so full of BS! I’m sure you use that accent of yours to get whatever you want!”

“I can speak from experience; he is especially slippery when it comes to convincing my mother to do his bidding.”

“You know, Edward, I could stop introducing you at any time.”

“All right, Dad. Point taken. It was nice to meet you, Nurse Swan.”

“Oh god, not you, too! It’s Bella! I don’t want to have to get violent with you, now!”

He just smiles and gives me his signature smirk, and the two of them get on their way.

Shit, I’m going to be in big trouble with that hot piece of ass hanging around here. How the fuck am I supposed to ignore that?

There is a perfect burning attraction between the pair right from the start. While they experience a few pitfalls in their soon-to-be steamy relationship, the story is enriched perfectly by the stark reality of life in a paediatric intensive care unit. Some of the patient stories are heartbreaking, and the way the characters deal with them feels realistic and human; but don’t let the heartbreak put you off. Nightingale Journals are filled with as much love, joy and faith as they are trial by fate.

I secretly (or not so secretly any more!) feel very self-satisfied by Kimpy’s slight obsession with a particular kind of uncut peen – and that’s all I’m going to say about that. But now you have to go and find out what I’m talking about, don’t you? *evil grin; raised eyebrow* Enjoy!

Bellar… Bellar! (That was Dr Carlisle Cullen, by the way). There’s just one thing, and I have to say this, so please forgive me Kimpy. The bit about England and castles and Lordships towards the end requires a rather large pinch of salt. Suspend your disbelief, Europeans, just for a little while. There’s plenty of sugar to make up for it.


Sometimes Salvation in the Eye of the Storm by Savory

Sometimes Salvation in the Eye of the Storm

Sometimes Salvation in the Eye of the Storm ~In an instant the life Bella knew changed, only to reveal lies and danger. Can a father she never knew and a young doctor named Edward Cullen save her and provide her with salvation in the eye of the storm? AH, CP, rated M for language and content.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Mystery – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 93,934 – Reviews: 361 – Favs: 280 – Follows: 177 – Updated: Nov 17, 2011 – Published: Apr 24, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6935867

Thorn in my Pride by Savory *Sequel*

Thorn in my Pride

Thorn in my Pride ~ The Bible says the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons and that pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Edward, Bella, Carlisle and the rest of the family are about to have these notions tested. Sequel to Sometimes Salvation in the Eye of the Storm. A/H Rated M for content.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Crime – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 10 – Words: 34,731 – Reviews: 113 – Favs: 40 – Follows: 57 – Updated: Aug 11 – Published: Apr 10 – id: 9189335

Sometimes Salvation (complete) and Thorn in My Pride (WiP – at least, I hope so…) are the kind of undiscovered gems that make random mining parties through so worthwhile.

The plot of these stories is so rich, it’s quite tricky to explain anything without giving too much away. Edward is a doctor, and possesses all the best attributes of Docward, but his profession isn’t the centre of the plot, except for the part where he saves Bella’s life; and he – oh dear, I’d better stop there. He is the son of Carlisle, that well-known FBI deputy director. (I’d like to know this Carlisle well *wipes brow*). Bella is a photographer, and the daughter of Charlie, who has no idea she exists until chapter one. It’s complicated!

The whole cast is finely drawn and everyone has a key role to play in the exciting crime drama both of the fics contain. The story grips you from the first paragraph, and is packed full of tension. This is the paragraph in which Edward and Bella set eyes upon each other for the first time, in chapter 3 of Sometimes Salvation:

Carlisle raised his hand to let her know they were there and all four men turned to look at her. The man beside Charlie was huge. He stood at least 6’4″ and had to be at least that broad across. He had a huge smile on his face and the way he bounced like a child was in direct contrast to the size he carried.

Bella than noticed the other man and felt her heart stop for a moment. He had to have been the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her entire life. He stood just a few inches shorter than the bear of a man beside him and he was much leaner yet she could still tell he was very muscular. He stood there in hospital scrubs and even from a distance she could see the resemblance between him and Esme. She knew that the two men in front of her were Carlisle and Esme’s sons.

As she got closer to the men she could not tear her eyes away from Edward and she could not help but notice that he could not take his eyes off of her either. It was as if they were the only two people on that busy street. Like there was this force that was pulling them towards each other and neither one of them could help the smiles that lifted the corners of their mouths to the skies.

It may have been that force that stopped either one of them from noticing the white van that pulled up on the road and stopped in the middle of the street beside her. Before she could register what was happening a man in a mask stopped dead in front of Bella…

I had to cut you off in the middle of a sentence, or you would have known too much!

There are some minor writing errors throughout, so if this gets your goat, I’ve told you and I don’t want to hear about it, okay? Seriously, the excitement, tension, plot and characterisation more than compensate. Don’t take my word for it, go and check it out – and while you’re there, please encourage Savory to pick Thorn in my Pride back up and give us an update.


*Review by WiltshireGlo*

Hope on the Horizon by content1 and AngelycDevil aka ContentDevil

Banner by angelgoddess1981

Banner by angelgoddess1981

Hope on the Horizon ~ In ten minutes, you can run a mile, make Mac n’ Cheese, and get a manicure. In ten minutes, you can vacuum your room, get takeout from McDonald’s, and sign up for yoga lessons. In ten minutes, your life can change forever.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 13 – Words: 36,856 – Reviews: 425 – Updated: 9-23-13 – Published: 9-1-13 – Bella, Edward – Complete

Hope on the Horizon hits the ground running with storm warnings and fear running high amongst the ER staff in Oklahoma. The gorgeous – and rather young – Dr Cullen takes a moment to check that his rather nonchalant and free-spirited girlfriend heeds the warnings, stays safe and goes home. As with all the best Edwards, he just wants to protect his Bella…

“Edward…why do we need a house with a basement again?” Bella asked, her soulful brown eyes twinkling in humor.

She was teasing me about my overprotective nature. I was a little paranoid. Okay, maybe a lot. I’d grown up in Oklahoma City, and I’d been through too many tornado scares in my short life. She was frustrated with me. We’d been looking in the Crown Heights-Edgemere Heights area for several weeks, but nothing really sparked my interest. Bella, however, had fallen in love with every single house we’d visited. One day, she loved the Colonial Revivals; the next, she was determined to go with a Tudor. Despite having been a neighborhood since the 30’s, not many of the owners had gotten smart and added storm cellars.

Storms brought the crazy out in me.

Bearing in mind that it was originally posted by ContentDevil for the Fandom for Oklahoma, (content1 wrote Edward’s chapters and AngelycDevil wrote Bella) brought a touching sense of reality and made the story even more emotive for me. The chapters alternate between Edward and Bella’s very different viewpoints of the crisis, but they also tell the story of their love, their connection, their deep passion and mutual understanding…which makes Edward’s fear more poignant.

But, take note of the title, it gives a clue to what’s going to happen! This is a story of human sacrifice, of scary moments, of pulling together and triumph over adversity. It’s a story of courage and hope. I will warn you, there were a couple of moments where I had to put down my iPad while I sobbed, but there were also tears of joy along the way.

At thirteen chapters in total, it’s a quick read, but the tiny glimpse of other people’s reality will stay with you beyond the last chapter.


*Review by Cared*

Crash Into Me by eibbil  


Crash Into Me ~ Hollywood It Girl, Bella Swan, needs a vacation. Best friend/PA Alice convinces her to spend it in her hometown, but a reckless driver changes their plans. Will Bella get the rest she needs in the care of Alice’s brother..or something much better? AH/AU

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 23 – Words: 142,632 – Reviews: 884 – Favs: 1,180 – Follows: 766 – Updated: 10-27-11 – Published: 09-24-10 – Status: Complete – id: 6349494

Crash Into Me is a nice, light, romantic story and you are in need of a dose of something sweet, this is just what the doctor ordered. Bella is a popular Hollywood actress who decides to spend a rare free two months in the rainiest place in the Continental US, the home-turf of her PA Alice, rather than on some hot, tropical island.  The idea is to get away from it all and enjoy a slower pace of life. You know what ‘they’ say, be careful what you wish for, because the pace of life doesn’t get much slower than when lying in a hospital bed with your leg in traction.  That word ‘crash’ in the title is meant quite literally; Bella is involved in a car crash…a crash that changes her life forever.  Now, I’m not talking about her losing any body parts here, unless of course you count her losing her heart to the sweetest, nerdiest Doctor in the entire Olympic Peninsula.  He is also a beauty to behold; in fact, one could be forgiven for mistaking him for an angel…especially one such as Bella under the influence of anaesthesia…

I closed my eyes as the gurney went through the hallways for fear motion sickness would set in and I’d cap my evening of car accidents and surgery with puking all over myself. I didn’t open them again until we stopped at an elevator. I turned my head to look down towards where we’d come. Was Alice still pink…?

I tried to focus, to see her. Instead, I saw…

I blinked. Then blinked again.

An angel?

Wasn’t there a movie once, about angels hanging around in hospitals, waiting to escort the recently dead to heaven? I thought there was, but my fuzzy mind couldn’t come up with anything except Meg Ryan’s face.

I tried to focus on the apparition down the hallway, tried squinting my eyes to see if I could see wings, a halo, something on the…entity down the corridor. I didn’t. But I could have sworn…

My eyes closed again under the strain of trying to make sense of the nonsense and drifted out of consciousness again. This time, when I opened them, I knew I was in the operating room. People in masks, the beeping machines, the cold table beneath me.

“We’re just about ready to go, Bella,” an ethereal voice said above me. “We’re putting the general anesthetic in now. Just breathe deeply and it’ll be over before you know it.”

I had a flashback to earlier. Was I wrong before? Was there an angel here?

I looked up and saw a masked face looking back at me with the greenest pair of eyes I’d ever seen in my life. They couldn’t be real, there was no way.

“Angel…,” I whispered before the meds took me away completely.

Something else ‘they’ say is ‘into every life a little rain must fall’, and that is true for Bella and her ‘angel’ Edward – and not just because of geography. They face the reality of making their budding love work long-distance and across the completely different worlds of a doctor in Port Angeles and an actress in LA.  There are also mistakes, groveling, forgiveness, lemons and love.  Crash Into Me is complete and can boast interesting support characters, canon and original, some supportive, and some hell-bent on subterfuge and sabotage…but don’t worry…the prognosis is good!


We can't find the maker of this wonderful pic, but we thank you!!

We can’t find the maker of this wonderful manip, but we thank you!!

Just What the Doctorward Ordered Reading List:

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Port Angeles Players by WriteOnTime

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Unplanned Perfection by littlecat358 *Review Here*

What’s up, doc? & Oh, I’ll Show You What’s Up… by CaraNo

Yosemite Decimal by MagTwi78 *Review Here*


Have a lovely weekend, and happy Doctorward reading! Now, please share what you’ve been reading, as we always love to hear from you, and a fic h00r can never have enough good stories to read! lol

The FicSix


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  1. Can I request a home visit from Dr. Cullen?

    I can’t believe how many delicious Doctorwards I need to add to my TMR list. Thanks so much ladies! Lovely job with the post Midnight Cougar!

    Happy FanFiction Friday all!

    • You certainly can! *adds Cared to long appointment home visit list* lol

      Thank you, Cared, and for making the swoon-worthy first banner! I love a good Doctorward, and we must thank Wiltshire Glo as she was the brilliance behind the post idea! ❤

  2. rita01tx

    OMG! Wonderful post, ladies! Who doesn’t love a good Doctorward? Thanks for the list…I’ve read a few but not nearly all of them LOL!
    Had to go slash to find one you don’t have on there BUT it’s absolutely one of my all time favorites!

    Southerm Charm by meikela
    CPD Officer Jasper Whitlock is searching for Mr. Forever, not Mr. Right Now. ER doctor Edward Cullen is just looking to find himself. What happens when their fates cross? AU/AH
    Bein’ a cat lady, I was smitten not only by our gorgeous Doctorward and Officer Jasper, but by Edward’s cat Cletus! In fact, Cletus has his own “tail” to tell in the Cletus Chronicles…

    I know slash is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is such a beautiful story, it would be a real shame to miss out!

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    Can the doctor see me now??!!
    Yum! Great post again, Ladies! Because of you, my TBR list keeps growing uncontrollably! But I love it.:)

  4. Happy Friday All! Wow, this post has some absolutely fabulous stories, so many of these are on my faves list! But excitingly, I have quite a few to add to my TBR as well *yay*!

    I have to admit, on a personal note, if I had to pick an absolute favourite Doctorward, it would have to be Unplanned Perfection by littlecat358 (link in reading list above).

    As for what I have been reading this week – I have been madly catching up to date on the Age of Edward Contest, so I can make the voting – and I am having a lovely time doing that – stories can be found here:

    I have also been reading “To Destroy” by walkingwithgiants which was recommended by our lovely guest reviewer Amy last week. I have really enjoyed this one and it is nice to be reading a WIP again!

    Have a great weekend all, and I can’t wait to hear about your favourite Doctorwards! AV xox

    • Hi Ally, and yes, I agree, there really are some absolutely fabulous stories in our post today. One of my favourites, which is reposting is Coming to Terms by GinnyW 31 – absolutely love that story; Docward really grows throughout it. And one I’d never read, but was rec’d by you this last August, is Broken Arrow by TwistingTwilight – I started it last night and…wow, what a lovely Doctorward he is! 😀

      Have a great weekend! xox

  5. Thanks for the recs, ladies. I haven’t read most of these. More to add to my TBR list! Happy Friday.

  6. J.R.Richardson

    AH, the Naked Guy Upstairs. *swoon* – I’m still amazed at how many stories are out there that I haven’t heard of / read yet. CRAZY! I sadly, have no recs for doctorward but thank you for this post! Love! XOXO

    • Hi Jo, always great to have you stop by. Yes, I agree with *swoon* to The Naked Guy Upstairs; makes me smile just thinking about him, lol I know you’re very busy with your original fiction; so thrilled for you and congratulations!

      Have a lovely weekend, and happy Doctorward reading!XOXO

  7. Happy Fan Fic Friday everyone!

    Well, Doctorward certainly has my pulse racing! I really didn’t think we’d have many new-to-me Docwards, but as always my fic-sisters know where the treasures are! Thanks ladies 🙂

    One of my favourites has to be Theories of Bellativity by kikki7, but as it’s a WiP (although close to completing, I think) and it hasn’t updated in a while. But well worth a read.

    Bella Swan is a physician assistant student trying to survive a grueling clinical year. Add Dr. Edward Cullen, a cocky, irresistible ob/gyn resident. Throw in some chocolate, sprinkle with a few of Bella’s quirky theories about life, and see what happens.

    Hope you find a nice, cool darkened room to enjoy Dr Cullen at his finest!

    • Hi Wiltshire Glo, do I need to charge up the defibrillator for Dr. Cullen to use on you?! 😉 LOL Thanks for the Doctorward post inspiration; marvelous idea, darling!

      I have Theories of Bellativity on Alert, and will have to get it started; I’ve heard such great things about it.

      Have a great weekend! XOX

  8. It looks like my TBR just got longer. Thanks for the recs.

    And don’t forget my favorite Doctorward (DFM): Theories of Bellativity
    I promise it WILL get completed! I have the inside track on that one. 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I just finished “Sing For Me Sweet” by Emily Bowden. Edward isn’t a doc, but a hawt EMT/fireman, Bella is a nurse in the ER, and Carlisle is the head ER doc. It’s a little off-base, but I really liked it! Lots of hospital and fire drama! And Edward is hiding a BIG secret about his past!

    My two favorite Edwards are Doctorward and Actorward, and I thank all you authors who feed my addictions!


  10. Hi, Please can I ask that you credit TwiFanfictionRecs for the banner for Come Undone by Scorp112. Thanks 😉

  11. eewee333

    Hi Ladies! Thanks for all the wonderful recs this week. DoctorWard is one of my favorites. I work in the medical field, so I’m biased I guess. And so many completed ones too. (Thanks MC 🙂 I’ve been off the radar for about a month or so and am just now catching up with my blogs and emails. Missed you guys, but RL sometimes just has to come first. Hugs to you all. E:)

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