Random Rita ~ When the Hook is Hot Wall Sex!

Wet Rob Avi

OK, it’s Friday and I want my fic recs!

So, here’s the deal! I’ll give you hot wall sex and you give me what you has in your pocketsess, Precioussss!

‘Cause I KNOW y’all are readin’ some awesome stories you’re just dyin’ to share with us, right?

Right! Now, a promise is a promise, so…

LossofControl by ruinedbyrob

Lovely banner created by Nanadb, one of the wonderful artists at Twificpic.com!

Loss of Control was the first thing I ever read by ruinedbyrob {aka our very own Christa64c}! If I recall correctly, Christa posted the link on RAoR back in March of 2011 but didn’t tell us it was hers! I read it and was blown away by the hot wall sex…well, that and it was so well written for not havin’ a beta..dear Mullet86 didn’t join her until a few chapter into Tailspin LOL!


For 21 years Bella has lived a quiet, safe, boring and unsatisfying life. She’s always in control, never allowing herself to just let go and feel. With one look from an unkempt beautiful stranger she takes a chance and changes all of that. EPOV to follow.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Bella, Edward – Words: 8,308 – Reviews: 70 – Favs: 179 – Follows: 98 – Published: Mar 17, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6830209


Of course, once I’d read it, I wanted MORE!!! And more was what she gave us with Tailspin ~ now COMPLETE!


Edward’s gorgeous, sexy, foulmouthed and tired of women throwing themselves at him. He’s not looking for company, but when a little brunette coed catches his eye in a crowded bar, he’s inexplicably drawn to her. However, history isn’t always something that’s left in the past. And Edward’s history is long and sordid. Will he get a chance to explain? EPOV from Loss of Control.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 111,114 – Reviews: 573 – Favs: 527 – Follows: 709 – Updated: Dec 28, 2013 – Published: May 4, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 6962661

Happy Friday, y’all!




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29 responses to “Random Rita ~ When the Hook is Hot Wall Sex!

  1. Hi Rita, and thanks so much for giving us a little taste of FanFic Friday. I read Loss of Control absolutely ages ago and really enjoyed it, and, like you, was delighted that Christa expanded it into a multi-chapter story, especially one from EPOV. I’ve had it on my TBR for a while and now that’s it’s complete I really want to get stuck in. I mostly read on my Kindle, but always like to have a story or two going on my laptop, and I think Tailspin will be next.

    I just have to catch up to the last posted chapter of my current favourite WIP, “One Day” by RueforRegret. I’m absolutely loving this incredibly well-written story of teenage first love, loss and regret. Oh, the nostalgia of reading Bella’s memories of one amazing and torrid month with Edward in the summer of 1984 – the swooning over boys with your best friend, the carefree joy and excitement of the fairground, the music, and the sheer intensity of falling in love for the first time, all now looked back on from the perspective of a 40-something divorced mother of her own teenage daughter. An absolutely super story.
    Summary: Over a quarter of a century separates single-mother Bella Swan from her hormone-riddled adolescence. Watching her teenaged daughter navigate her way through various rites of passage, Bella can’t help falling prey to nostalgia. “One Day” brims with steamy reminiscences of first love and traces one woman’s mid-life attempt to reclaim it. ExB, AH, mild angst, M-Rated 18 & over.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 29 – Words: 100,889 – Reviews: 1,570 – Favs: 678 – Follows: 1,231 – Updated: Dec 24, 2013 – Published: Mar 29, 2013

    On my Kindle, I’m reading “By Way of Sorrow” by Jaxington, which is a re-imagining of Breaking Dawn. In this, Bella is the vampire living as a Cullen, but still mourning the death of her husband 95 years earlier in World War I when they were both human. Then, on a visit to Alaska, there he is, in all his vampiric glory, Tanya’s new love, and with no memory of Bella. A really good AU fic, pretty well written – it’s got some errors, but the story is good enough to prevent them distracting you too much from the plot.
    Summary: Bella Cullen has spent the last ninety-five years giving everything to protect her family and mourning the loss of her long dead human husband. A trip to Alaska to meet Tanya’s latest romantic interest changes everything. The vampire she meets there has his face, his hair, and his body, but not his memories. It’s a strange new world.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 30 – Words: 188,468 – Reviews: 1,713 – Favs: 1,000 – Follows: 1,192 – Updated: Jul 1, 2013 – Published: Oct 15, 2012 – Status: Complete

    Well, that’s just a couple of fics I’m enjoying right now, and I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone else is reading.

    • roxiesmom2009

      I love One Day too, Fluffy Liz. And thanks for the rec for By Way of Sorrow. This sounds really interesting to me and I just read the first chapter. I’m hooked!

  2. rita01tx

    Thanks Fluffy darlin’! I haven’t read One Day yet, but I have read and absolutely loved By Way of Sorrow!
    I accidently found one similar on KitKat’s favorites list while I was on vacation called:
    In The Blood by Fragilefoxes
    After 91 years, Bella returns to Chicago to find a mate. Edward mourns the loss of his humanity and his abandonment by his maker. Can they overcome their dark pasts and forgive? Rated M violence & lemons . E, B, Em, R, C, & Es. AU/OOC.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Angst – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 25 – Words: 95,476 – Reviews: 396 – Favs: 270 – Follows: 176 – Updated: Apr 14, 2010 – Published: Oct 14, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5441647
    Bella has a totally different relationship with Aro and the Volturi in this fic {not in a pervy way, thank God!} and it’s always great to find a self-confident, totally bad ass Bella! I can’t rec this one enough to everyone!!!

  3. naughtyhisbella

    Happy New Year! I work retail and the holiday season is bruta
    For me. I haven’t been able to comment on anything. I hope you all had lovely holidays! I tend to find a story and then read everything from that author. Right now, I’m reading SydneyAlice’s stuff. I’d post a link, but I’m terrible at that kind of thing. So….just look her up!

    • rita01tx

      Happy New Year, Naughty darlin’ {HUGS!} Glad to see you survived LOL! Now that you mentioned SydneyAlice, I just checked her list of fics against my TBR and noticed Solace, Storm Warning and Stripped Bare (WIP 19 chps) are all missin’! I’m assumin’ she pulled them for publishin’ but, damn! I woulda liked to have seen how Stripped Bare ended *poutyface!*
      See, this is why we pdf the fuck outta our favorite authors…except for the WIPS, dammit!

      • naughtyhisbella

        I know. There are so many that are disappearing. I don’t begrudge anyone their success, but I want to finish the stories!
        With flagfic being blocked out of some sites, it’s getting harder to download them too.

        I’m a beta for a few friends and it is an honor for me to be a part of their stories. As a novice writer myself, I understand just what betas, pre-readers and the like do for us. There’s no way I would even consider going it alone. My girls are, without a doubt, the reason my chapters look and feel the way they do. We are so attuned to each other. I’m headed over to fave/follow Christa now!!!

        • rita01tx

          Oooh! Well, you didn’t think I’d overlook that little tidbit of news, now did you? You are so busted, lady LMAO!!!

          HEY Y’ALL! Naughty’s writin’ a fiiiic!!!
          A Little Motivation (a colab with Laureate40)
          He’s a motivational speaker with no motivation. She’s a lonely woman who thinks he hung the moon. A chance meeting in a hotel lobby may just change both their lives forever…with A Little Motivation.
          Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 7 – Words: 22,884 – Reviews: 40 – Favs: 30 – Follows: 54 – Updated: Oct 5, 2013 – Published: Nov 10, 2012 – id: 8690674

          I’m divin’ in and, for future reference, we absolutely encourage self-pimpin’ on RA, Naughty darlin’!

          • naughtyhisbella

            LMAO! Dammit, my covers blown! Check out our blog too…your sister site, 12monthsofrob.blogspot.com
            That’s not the only story. I’m too chicken shit to post the solo one on ff. Maybe on fictionpad or something when it’s done, or open up my blog for it. A Little Motivation is slow to update, which we apologize for…profusely! We’re juggling RL, my solo story (which Laureate04 betas) and ALM. I have another one in the outlined stage. I’m the even numbered chapters, Laureate is the odd. We write as NaughtyLaureate. Thanks for the plug!!! LOL

            I’m a bit…on the shyer side when it comes to self-pimping.

            • rita01tx

              I do know what you mean, darlin’! And slow updates are a hazard we all understand ’cause RL can totally throw a cog in the works LOL!
              Still, ain’t none of us gonna give you any grief and all authors have stood a little wobbly until they found their feet…with the admiration and encouragement of their friends and readers!
              I have every faith you’ll do fine!

  4. Oh My God! I saw this notification in my email this morning. The portion that was visible was just the promise of hot wall sex. I was hooked and decided to go against my rule of clicking on the posts while at work. (I tend to get a little caught up in these posts) You can’t imagine my surprise when I discovered that the wonderful Rita was talking about my hot wall sex!
    I’m literally blown away that you thought my stories worthy enough to highlight.

    Rita, you’ve been so supportive and such a source of comfort as I struggled to finish Tailspin. I can never thank you enough!
    This fandom can be a hard nut to crack for a novice authors but it’s a proven fact that there are a lot of hidden gems here and it’s through the support of the readers and especially people like you Rita, that allow them to flourish.

    I tip my hat to all of the authors out there taking the time out of their lives to entertain us for free, and to all of you readers who give them the encouragement to write.

    Thank you!!
    aka, ruinedbyrob

    • Ugh! I can’t believe I forgot to thank my incredible Beta, Mullet86. I’m a total fail when it comes to punctuation and she saves my bacon more often than should be allowed. I love you Mullet!!!

      • rita01tx

        Aaah, Christa darlin’! It’s been a real pleasure to watch you grow and stretch as an author! I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ how Reflections turns out and I’ve already got a spot open on my TBR to be filled in with your upcomin’ fic, The Devil’s Plan!!!
        Betas and pre-readers are the unsung heroes behind nearly all the great fics out there. It’s a rare author who’s brave enough to go it alone LOL!

  5. eewee333

    Rita! Glad to see you’re keeping the Friday Fic Recs going! I just finished up Meeting Her Needs by WeeKittyandTat. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9518156/1/Meeting-Her-Needs
    If you like Olderward and BDSM (mild) you’ll love this story.

    Speaking of “hot wall sex” I just finished a one shot that you will enjoy as well https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10002858/1/Turn-Me-On Yeah, I think the title says it all.

    And this one was so sweet. Just a left-over from my holiday readings https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8915828/1/Wishing-On-A-Christmas-Coin.

    I’ve been kind of floundering around looking for something to read, so thanks for the recs. I’ll give Tailspin a try.

    Kisses and hugs – E 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Hey Eewee, darlin’! It’s a durty job but somebody’s gotta do it LMAO! But really, I’ll never be able to put as much work into it as our fabulous FicSix but I’m just as anxious to trade fics as you guys are!!!

      Meeting Her Needs was a really good story! I’ll say this about WeeKittyand Tat…they have fabulous plot bunnies! I sometimes cringe at the mistakes they make in grammar, spelling and punctuation, but I am compelled to overlook them for the plots LOL!

      I’ll definitely be checkin’ out your other recs! Oh, and don’t forget to read Loss of Control first if you’re gonna go for Tailspin!!!

  6. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita. Glad you’re posting these fic recs, I know you have a voracious appetite for reading good ones and I trust your judgement. I’ve not read these stories, but have saved them to my e reader for later.
    I was glad to get a chance to read RFs new fic, only one chapter posted so far, but it’s off to a promising start.
    Have a great weekend BB

  7. Thanks for the great recs! I’ve been reading a great story by a new author on fanfiction.net. It’s called Investing in Love by AngelSandusky. It is a WIP but is almost completed with just a few chapters to go and she has been posting about 3 times a week. It has angst, drama, romance, humor, and lots of sexual tension and lemons, including window sex! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

    • rita01tx

      Oooh! I’ve been watchin’ that one like a hawk, Twilightmom darlin’! Can’t wait to dive in when she completes, especially after your glowin’ report LOL!
      Thanks, hon! {HUGS!}

  8. Hi,hi! I’m with eewee333. I really liked Turn Me On by Bexie25. Definitely hot wall sex…https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10002858/1/Turn-Me-On.

  9. roxiesmom2009

    Thanks Rita and everyone for the recs. Christa’s stories are at the top of my list! I keep getting distracted though! Damn I have FF ADD. I’m reading so many stories I can’t keep my head on straight! Amongst all my WIPs I’ve been reading Branching Inward by MyLifeintheSnow. So good. And Planetblue posted the first chapters of her new fic! It’s awesome! Ta Ta. Back to ff!

    • rita01tx

      Branching Inward…dammit, how did I forget to read that one, Roxie darlin’? I must have FF ADD, too LMAO! {Love that very accurate description that plagues us all!}
      As for Planetblue’s Badlands, I’m all over that one! I can never wait for her stuff to complete *gigglesnort!* At least she updates quickly!
      Laters, BB! MWAH!!!

  10. @ mississippibellalis I have been trying to email you but i keep getting delivery failure notice! it’s only happening with you. Just didn’t want you to think i was ignoring you

  11. Thank you so much, Rita, for providing the first pair of recs, and everyone else for piling on! That’s a switch, a one-shot that spawns a 24-chapter EPOV (IMHO, that’s about the right ratio of EPOV).

    I don’t know whether this vamp fic has already been mentioned, but I’m loving it. It started out on FFn but is now on FictionPad, and the author tells me it’s nearly finished. I’m enjoying the different dynamic between E&B, as well as the different relationships among the Cullens, as they don’t all live together any more and are acting like grownups. Edward in particular is delightfully NOT a Victorian prude! An engaging mystery, too!

    • rita01tx

      You’re very welcome, Renee darlin’! And thanks for mentionin’ Hostile Witness, which is new to me…love love love a good vamp fic! After all, that’s where it all began, right?

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