Random Rita ~ When You KNOW It’s Gonna Hurt…But You Do It Anyway!

Wet Rob Avi

Uh, not sure you ladies are gonna talk to me after today *face palm!*

I’ve gone and done it again! Just can’t seem to help myself…it’s a BAD habit that I have no control over, I swear!


So, I was searchin’ for an author I hadn’t checked up on in a while ’cause I was waitin’ on her 2 WIPs to complete. All her stories were gone! There was nothin’ left but her Favorites list. Don’t ask what compelled me to scroll through it but I got snagged good and proper by…

Youth, Ceasar, and the Neverending Needles by Ahemyywe150


Roommates at the age of 17. More like jail mates. And you don’t fall in love in jail. Well, you do if your father’s a suddenly hospitable cop who takes in a dangerously beautiful deliquent as a favor to said deliquent’s father. All Human. Summary inside.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 9 – Words: 41,073 – Reviews: 810 – Favs: 335 – Follows: 488 – Updated: Jul 14, 2009 – Published: May 2, 2009 – id: 5034320

As you can see, it a WIP at 9 chapters and it hasn’t updated in FIVE FUCKIN’ YEARS!!!

But what was I supposed to do when she wrote…


I sighed and emptied my pockets. Wads of paper, candy wrappers, a rusty ring I found on the street, a piece of the newspaper, and crumbs came out. I raised my hands up and turned them to show I wasn’t hiding anything in my fingers.

She looked tired today. As if she just wanted to give up and let me go fuck up my life by myself. We’d only known each other for two months, and already she was acting like all the other women in my life: fed up. That’s what I get for spending time with one for too long, I guess.

She was about to nod and send me out of her room again, but I reached into my back pocket. She froze, her soft brown eyes looking into mine.

I pulled out the tiny, palm-sized, pink, ratty stuffed bear. I placed it in her hands instead of tossing it on the floor with all my other junk. She looked up at me again. I reached into my back pocket again and pulled out a needle, placing it gently next to the stuffed bear.

My eyes felt tenser and drier. I felt like tearing something up, but I took a steady breath in and ripped my eyes away from the bear.

“Edward-” she whispered.

But I had already gathered my crap off the floor and bolted out the door, wiping away the invisible tears I knew were about to fall.

Tyler PMD 001

Would YOU be able to resist readin’ every word you could get your hands on and beg for more???

If it wasn’t for the fact that she actually has a completed fic on her profile, I wouldn’t have told you about her…maybe!

Maria by Ahemyywe150


All human! Bella is aspiring towards her dream job but when a family crisis hits her, she has to adapt. This means getting a job as a babysitter for a cute little kid. Except there’s one little snag: the kid’s brother, Edward Cullen. BxE R&R

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 24 – Words: 100,004 – Reviews: 3,002 – Favs: 2,539 – Follows: 1,337 – Updated: May 2, 2009 – Published: Jun 23, 2008 – Status: Complete – id: 4342324

I crossed my arms and avoided the looks of the people around me. Then, as if to relieve me of my torture, the ballet studio door was opened by a chipper looking woman who I assumed to be the teacher. The girls paraded out, full of arrogance, and I felt like I should have had one of those signs the chauffeurs at airports had with the person’s name on it. I peered around, hoping to catch one of the little girls’ eyes.

Then I felt a small hand tug on mine. I looked down to find a girl looking at me with big, innocent, blue eyes. She had curly blond hair that hung from a tight ponytail. She was still wearing her pink leotard but had pulled jeans over her legs and a black sweater, unzipped, over her shoulders. Get this: the jeans had holes in them. I no longer felt that left out. I almost smiled with relief. Almost.

“You’re Bella Swan, right?” she said with a cautious face.

“Yes I am,” I said. An adorable grin grew on her face. Then something hit me.

“Uh,” I said, “How did you know it was me? How did you know I’m not a kidnapper or something?”

“Well, my dad showed me a picture of you last night, so I would know what you looked like. And you looked too angry to be a kidnapper,” she said with a shrug.

She laughed at my confused face and then explained, “A kidnapper would try to not look angry, you know? To try to blend in. But you looked positively furious.”

I raised my eyebrows, but felt myself smiling despite myself. Something about this girl’s happiness was infectious.

We began walking to her house which was thankfully only a few blocks away.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “About the death glares, I mean. I have some bad memories with uh…being a nanny.”

“It’s okay,” the girl laughed, “I have some bad memories with nannies.”

I felt myself smiling at the mysterious look on the girl’s face.

“I’m assuming someone already told you my name, but I feel that we should be properly introduced,” the girl continued,

“I’m Maria Cullen.”

“I’m Bella Swan,” I said, sticking out my hand to shake hers. She giggled as she shook my hand.

And I guess that’s where you could say my life was put in a blender to be chopped up. The moment I met Maria.


I haven’t read it yet, but I WILL!

Am I the only one who’s a sucker for a good WIP that looks like it’s dead in the water?

Happy Friday, y’all!



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48 responses to “Random Rita ~ When You KNOW It’s Gonna Hurt…But You Do It Anyway!

  1. nebfan51

    Now I’m curious as to the author and stories you originally set out to look ifor….who was it and what are the names of the stories? You guys..I know it hasn’t even been a month but I really miss your Fanfiction Fridays…maybe it wouldn’t have to be weekly, maybe every other week or monthly…just a thought 🙂 Thank you for sharing this author and story…I will be checking it out!

    • rita01tx

      Mornin’ Nebfan darlin’! I was lookin’ for 2 stories by DullyBeautiful04 but I don’t remember what they were called or what they were about ’cause I threw a hissy fit and immediately deleted them from my TBR *blush!*

  2. Sorry nebfan51. The fic six have gone and maybe someday one or more will return to do a guest post now and then but don’t hold your breath BB!! Till then Rita’s doin the best she can as an avid FF reader, beta and blogger! She’s a busy woman! She took it upon herself to share her favs with y’all till we regroup and figure out where RA is heading! All we know for now is that we ain’t goin anywhere!

    If y’all know of anyone who wants to try their hand at blogging about Rob in particular or FF in general just tell them where to find us robattack1@hotmail.com

  3. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, thanks for pickin’ up the baton and bringing us another recommendation. I’ve not had much time to read with writing my latest fic (which is owning me) but I’ll snag it to my e reader for later
    Hugs xx

    • rita01tx

      I always think…if enough of us bug the crap out of her, maybe she’ll finish it. But, more’n likely she’d just delete everything and move to a deserted island LOL!

  4. edwardsvamptramp69

    Yeah………I pretty much learned that lesson the hard way a long time ago. 😦 Now if a story looks interesting, I IMMEDIATELY check to see if 1) it’s complete and if it’s not, 2) when was it last updated. Because I HATE being left hanging, especially when it’s a story that has me sitting on the edge of my chair chewing the crap out of my nails!

    • rita01tx

      IKR? What would we have done if Icy had pulled that crap on us??? Which reminds me…I’ll bet the people who waited for MotU to complete before readin’ it were definitely in the minority LMAO!

      • edwardsvamptramp69

        Icy DID do that to me! I had two chapters left to go when she yanked it and I BEGGED her to just send me the last two chapters, but she wouldn’t do it. And it also happened with The University of Edward Masen. I, again, only had 1-2 chapters to go when it was pulled. So I had to wait until both were published before I could read the ending! *shakes fists*

        • rita01tx

          WTF EVT darlin’! Didn’t you beg any of us h00rs for a copy of our pdf’s??? We surely woulda shared ’em with you!
          Does this mean you don’t have the fan fic versions?

  5. xpreadmywings

    Oh Rita…I miss you guys sooo badly! And I so know what you’re talking about! I have about 116 which haven’t been updated for more than a year *says the weak one who vows never to read WiPs* La Canzone della Bella Cigna, Collapse the Universes, Beautiful Sorrow … *sighs* Thank you for being here today! ❤

    • I have to say I also check my fanfic list hoping(like an idiot) that I’ve just missed an update! did any of y’all ever start ” the woods are lovely dark and deep” by bananapancakes? it was sooo good, I wish she would have continued, it really left me wanting to know more. I have stooped so low as pm’ing some authors just to ask:-) someone had said a dusty outake was gonna be published but I never saw one, it wasn’t absolute favorite ever! I still read it once in awhile, strangely in makes ne feel young again.

      • rita01tx

        I’ll keep The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep on my TBR until Hell freezes over! Some fics are worth breakin’ all the rules for LOL!
        Dusty was a rush and a kick to the stomach! I’ll probably wait a while longer before readin’ it again…I still ain’t caught my breath!

    • Urgh…sorry! First response was a typo 🙂

      ****As you can see, it a WIP at 9 chapters and it hasn’t updated in FIVE FUCKIN’ YEARS!!!****

      I seriously laughed out loud when I read that statement & I promise I wasn’t laughing ‘at’ you but ‘with’ you seeing as how I’ve made that same blunder a time or two … or three—hundred. 🙂

      • rita01tx

        We’ve all been caught in that honeyed trap, Amber darlin’! There are even some WIP’s I go back and read time and time ago, they’re just that good. One of my absolute favorites is Waking Up by Ria Maria {as of Jan. 7th, people are still findin’ and readin’ it}!
        Set in the summer after Twilight, 2 weeks before the beginning of senior year, Bella wakes up one Saturday morning to find a sleeping, HUMAN Edward beside her. BxE AU. Romance/Humour/Drama – ON HIATUS
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 36 – Words: 301,954 – Reviews: 2,073 – Favs: 1,461 – Follows: 1,315 – Updated: Mar 27, 2011 – Published: Oct 19, 2009 – id: 5453116

        At 36 chapters, it’s near enough complete that I can live with it!

        Sorry it took so long for your comment to show up! It was in moderation {either this was your first time commentin’ or it’s been a long time since you commented} and I had a nap attack LOL!

  6. rita01tx

    Well, I ain’t goin’ anywhere, Wings darlin’! As for La Canzone, I never started readin’ it so I guess I dodged that bullet LOL! But I DID pdf it just in case it disappears, ’cause you just never know! I mean, some words simply should NOT be lost! I’m weird like that…and thanks for remindin’ me about FantasyMother’s WIP’s {just pdf’d ’em for posterity}. The ones she’s completed are so freakin’ awesome!
    Across the Universe {Collapse the Universes is the sequel} was the first one I read…I was hooked!!!
    Not all is as it seems when Edwards from two different universes find an old journal that can bridge the gap between them. Things become even stranger when the reality of one universe starts to bleed into the other. AU, B & E Rated M for Lemons.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Fantasy/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 85,244 – Reviews: 1,269 – Favs: 793 – Follows: 427 – Updated: Jan 2, 2011 – Published: Apr 22, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5914339

    • OOOhhhhh I loved that one Rita! one of the few that held my attention enough to get me through the whole thing ( or was it simply that I had more time then?) Anyway it was a great story despite needing a beta and it gave me so many ideas where it coulda gone! You know how sometimes they remake an old movie and put in new twists? Across the universe is one of those stories I’d like to tinker with if I could.

      Said the same thing about S.King’s “Storm of the century” Great movie but the ending was too easy for King! It lacked something IMO after all that “Give me what I want and I’ll go away” build up.

      At any rate I love paranormal, supernatural stuff and Across the universe was well worth the read!!

      • rita01tx

        The former, darlin’! You’ve NEVER had time to read…you’re too busy writin’ LOL!
        As for your love of paranormal, supernatural stuff, I think your readers will find out soon enough just how much you love it when they read A Rendezvous With Death!
        From different directions and for different reasons, Bella and Edward wind up in the same sleepy southern town of Macon, Georgia. Who, or what, called them there and why?
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Supernatural – Bella, Edward, Jacob, Leah – Chapters: 2 – Words: 4,624 – Reviews: 21 – Favs: 15 – Follows: 28 – Updated: 17h ago – Published: Jan 10 – id: 10009732

  7. I know exactly what y’all mean I have been waiting for expectations and other moving pieces to have an ending since day 1!!!! since then I have been hoping for both pick-up truck and
    stubborn love to update:-( I love those stories. I haven’t given up hope!!

    Isicker for sure

    • I don’t know what is up with my iPod I have no idea what that is @ the bottom of my reply!!!

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Robszombie darlin’! {{HUGS!}} I’ve got Expectations and Other Moving Pieces by Chrometurtle, as well as Pick-up Truck by MaryElizabeth23 on alert, but who’s writin’ Stubborn Love? If you’re followin’ it, I might want to, too!

      • it’s a story by vampireshavebeagles, a mix of the authors vampireshavelaws and iambeagle:-) it is sooo good I’m sad it hasn’t been continued, on the upside the fic Melt finally gave us what we wanted it was beautiful! if you haven’t read it you should:-)!

        • rita01tx

          OK, I’m followin’ those crazy girls now LOL! Now about Melt…who wrote it?
          BTW, did you ever read Dirt Roads by Winehoes {Iambeagle & Livie79}? Seriously, one of the side-splittin’est, funniest fics EVER!!!
          Trucker hats, possums, and dirt roads. Shenanigans ensue. Is there really less trouble in the country, or are the kids just better at not getting caught? ExB, AH. Story contains mature themes.
          Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 149,850 – Reviews: 1,359 – Favs: 961 – Follows: 722 – Updated: Jan 4, 2012 – Published: Aug 19, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7303130

  8. Oh my… I hate when you love a fic WIP and when you read all the chapters you realize that last update was when man landed on the Moon… *sigh*. I´m in love with this fic, https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6785758/1/Prey-for-the-Wicked… 3 years and 21 chapters, but last year only 3 or 4 chapters… The author is coping with health issues, but she keeps updating, and I hope she´ll finish her story. Is a Vampward darkward. This story is worth the wait.

    • rita01tx

      I couldn’t agree with your more Exaltada darlin’! Prey for the Wicked is absolutely worth waitin’ for! I’ve read most everything Aleeb4u has written, startin’ with Falling Beyond Redemption, a very dark fic which is, thankfully, COMPLETE!
      A plan to keep Edward & Bella apart ends in unthinkable violence leaving Bella & Charlie battling for their lives and Edward for his soul. When the fallout threatens to destroy not only them but the Pack as well, an unlikely Shaman may be their only hope.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 56 – Words: 349,022 – Reviews: 4,469 – Favs: 1,527 – Follows: 806 – Updated: Apr 22, 2011 – Published: Apr 8, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 4978545

      • Thanks! Yes, she has fics completed. And I admire her, because she continues to write despite being sick. I write fics and I can not write if I don´t feel good. I hope her health improves. I think she’s lovely, she answered most of my reviews, hardly any author do that, in either English or Spanish.
        That fic you recommend has a lot of tragedy? If so I keep it for later, my baby don´t let me read things very sad ;).

        • rita01tx

          Yes, it’s an angsty fic full of tragedy so you might wanna save it for another time.
          You write fan fic? In Spanish, I would assume. If I could read in Spanish, I’d read your stories!
          The direct interaction between author and reader is one of the things I love most about this fandom! It’s so much fun when they enjoy your comments and tell you so!

          • Yes, I write in Spanish, of course, my English would kill someone, LOL. This is my profile, in case you want to study Spanish and then reading some lemony stories in my language :
            This is my nick for my writer´s profile 😉

            • rita01tx

              Awww, will now I really want to learn Spanish LOL! You have 4 , multi-chapter COMPLETE fics!?!?! That’s amazin’! I’ll bet we have some readers *coughlurkerscough* would love to read in their own language! I hope they visit you!

        • @ exaltada “…hardly any author do that, in either English or Spanish.” REALLY? Wow that is surprising to me. I go out of my way to reply to all reviews, even 1 word reviews like “Awesome” Even if it is just to say Thanks! Granted i get so many in a 24 hour period I may miss the occasional one but yeah, I always try to respond to all of them. Hell Rita is my beta and i even reply to her reviews LMAO!!

          • well, maybe I was exaggerate, I made some good friends thanks to posting reviews on some stories, and thanks to reply some of the reviews in my stories, but I think it´s no the most common fact. In my experiencie most authors do not respond to my reviews (and I write no short reviews!). I know that if you have 200 reviews can´t answer all of them (not my case) but … not even one?. So, I usually, like you, reply all of them, even my beta´s 😉 .

      • xpreadmywings

        Ohhh…Falling Beyond Redemption *le sigh* And what about Defrosting Edward? *rolling my eyes* w o w.
        Bella’s been trying to warm Edward up in more ways than one. With a little help from Alice, a broken truck and a few burned fingers, she just might have found his defrost button. Rated M with canon characters, based on “practice makes perfect.” E/B AU
        Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 26 – Words: 162,326 – Reviews: 1558 – Favs: 1,332 – Follows: 1,103 – Updated: Oct 9, 2012 – Published: Mar 6, 2009 – Edward, Bella

        • rita01tx

          Doh! Yeah, that one too! But I haven’t given up…stranger things have happened and there were 2 years between the last update and the previous one. I know ’cause I made a note:

          Updated: 12-21-10 / Yay! 10-9-12

  9. Omigosh, yes, we’ve all been there… I HATE that stomach-dropping-to-the-floor feeling when favorite fics just disappear. Loved this: ‘I threw a hissy fit and immediately deleted them from my TBR’ LOL! Makes me appreciate people who at least leave their abandoned fics up where we can read what’s there.

    I think, too, that if a WIP either has recent updates, or at least 100K words, well, then it’s worth a try.

    And let us not forget that there are occasionally miracles, like Michellephants picking up and beautifully completing “Vampire in the Basement” after it sat forlornly on the curb for a couple of years! Sigh, I keep hoping for more of those.
    Just in case there’s anyone that hasn’t read it …
    Let’s see, if I could pick just one fic to pray for a miracle finish, which one would it be? Hmm, what a tough choice!

    And how is it that I’ve never heard of “Waking Up”??? Thanks for that one, my dear. Oh, and I don’t have a PDF of MotU! I too was partway through reading MotU II when it was unceremoniously yanked. I know I liked the E&B version better, so if you could share that would be fabulous. And I wouldn’t even feel guilty because I bought the books!

    There must be some character-building aspect to learning to cope with the frustrations of fanfic, right?

    Appreciated the post as always, Rita!

    • rita01tx

      You have mail, Renee darlin’!

      You weren’t the only one who did the Snoopy Dance of Joy when Vampire in the Basement started updatin’ again and acctually completed LOL!

      As for Waking Up, I don’t even remember where I heard about it to begin with but I guess it fell off the radar when it stopped updatin’!
      I LOVE stories where Edward becomes human! Aside from Waking Up, KiyaRaven’s Grasping Darkness and ESPECIALLY the sequel, Grasping Darkness, Hungry Light are absolute MUST READS!

      She dreams of darkness. Lust. Passion. The man she fantasizes about has it all, especially the darkness. The problem is, he’s not really a man. Rated M for language & dark themes.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 29 – Words: 267,922 – Reviews: 8,202 – Favs: 5,426 – Follows: 4,128 – Updated: Apr 13, 2012 – Published: Oct 31, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5478849

      I’d lived in the darkness for so long, I was afraid the light would blind me. But she was there. By my side. And she taught me how to live again. *Sequel to Grasping Darkness.*
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 9 – Words: 41,876 – Reviews: 1,077 – Favs: 664 – Follows: 769 – Updated: Apr 27, 2013 – Published: Dec 16, 2012 – id: 8800459

      • xpreadmywings

        Indeed, my dear? *British accent pls* Well, then you might have liked *for I’m sure you’ve read it* Eight Years Later by jmeyer, pulled and available at yr nearest ff dealer *winks*

        “It has been 8 long years since Edward left Bella on their wedding day. Bella has finally come back to Forks to visit Charlie, only to find that Edward has also returned, and he has been keeping a big secret from her.”
        Sweet, sweet story … keep yr tissue box close – with humanity comes…?

        • xpreadmywings

          Ohh…a correction: it is still available…at twilighted. If you’re registered there…enjoy it!

          • rita01tx

            Hell will freeze over before I read anything on Twilighted, Wings darlin’! I haven’t read it but lucky me does indeed have a pdf so I don’t need to beg LOL!*

  10. christa64c

    I could never hate you Lovely Rita! I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten hooked on a story only to have the author disappear on me. Two that have hurt the most are,

    As much as it stings to get emotionally invested in a story only to have it disappear or stop updating, there’s a bit of a thrill that comes with reading WIP’s.

    • rita01tx

      Thank you and yes…I have both of those on alert, Christa darlin’! It’s always a shame when people we know and admire are plagued with health issues. Even worse when they succumb and leave us altogether! So I’d rather wait for a very long time for an update than dread to think why it will NEVER come!

      • xpreadmywings

        Oh dear, oh dear…let’s not mention them leaving us – RIP CyraBear – remember the amazing For Whom The Bell Tolls? She didn’t have a chance to finish It but the final chapter was quite satisfactory.
        There’s a dusty old bookstore in Seattle where the proprietor keeps odd hours and knows the location of every book in his stock. What surprises hide in its stacks?
        Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Mystery – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 49 – Words: 130,447 – Reviews: 4,255 – Favs: 2,527 – Follows: 2,497 – Updated: Feb 3, 2012 – Published: Nov 8, 2010 – id: 6460691
        *Le Sigh*

  11. I was just reading through all of the posts and I have a lot of these bookmarked also. The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep; Expectations and Other Moving Pieces. I keep hanging on hoping an update will come through. I also have The Meeting by JustForkIt https://m.fanfiction.net/s/7284423/1/ on alert and it hasn’t updated since 2012. I have actually gone on a cleaning spree and deleted un-updated stories from my favorites … Luckily, there are still lovely people out there writing so we can get our ficfix.

    • rita01tx

      Hey, RockRaven darlin’! Yeah, got that one on my TBR, too. Dammit! There are just too many great fics that never seem to update…what a freakin’ shame! {Makes me worry about the authors!}

      I haven’t read any of JustForkIt’s fics yet but she does have a couple of completed stories that look like fun! Hell’n I’d read this one just because of the title LMAO!

      It Isn’t Stalking If You Don’t Get Caught
      Edward, Emmett and Jasper travel across the border to meet starlets Bella, Alice and Rosalie at a fan convention. What antics will these fanboys come up with as they prepare to meet the girls of their dreams? Collab. btw. JustForkIt & Little Miss Whitlock
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 40 – Words: 209,581 – Reviews: 2,044 – Favs: 1,464 – Follows: 1,206 – Updated: Nov 24, 2011 – Published: Aug 3, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5270723

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