Random Rita ~ When You Gain 10 Pounds Just Readin’ the AN’s!

Wet Rob Avi

Hey, y’all!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…a day when we’re sure to get chocolate, if our DH’s/BF’s/BH’s know what’s good for them…

Now, I simply can’t wait, so I thought I’d show up a day early with a special treat for you this week!

UnderMyNose by Gabby1017


Edward Cullen sets a deadline of six months to find his true love, before he turns thirty. Leaving his successful restaurant to drive a mule-drawn carriage into the French Quarter of New Orleans, he searches for the meaning of true love, because he has yet to understand it. Will he know when he finds her or will she be right under his nose? Can bubbly, buxom Bella tantalize his taste buds with beignets and an abundant booty?


Bella Swan needs a change of pace, a slower groove to enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer her. She moves from the Big Apple to the Big Easy, from subways to streetcars, from nouveau chic to historically quaint, from a large Manhattan apartment near Park Avenue to a shotgun house with her eccentric aunt, in Mid City and off Canal Street. She’s ready for love, commitment and that happily ever after, but does she have the patience to wait out her heart’s desire? It’s frustrating to be right, ‘under his nose’.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Humor/Romance – Chapters: 31 – Words: 111,121 – Reviews: 961 – Favs: 379 – Follows: 639 – Updated: Feb 8 – Published: Jun 27, 2013 – Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper

Nearly complete @ 31 chapters, Under My Nose by Gabby1017 was brought to my attention by Postapocalypticdepository {aka my dear PAD} on Facebook back in June of last year and I’ve been hook ever since, not least of which is because Gabby is such a sweetheart LOL!

Although not specifically related to Valentine’s Day, it DOES involve food, since Edward is a chef and Bella specializes in deserts! The city of New Orleans is the settin’ for a love story as wonderfully complex as the amazin’ foods described throughout, for which we get a sprinklin’ of actual recipes in the AN’s, starting at the bottom of chapter 10!

My advice is to dig right in and enjoy yourselves…tell Gabby Rita sent you LOL!


Food, in one form or another, has played a large part in quite a few fics over the years, even today! In Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003, one of the very first fics I ever read, I remember bein’ astounded by the way Edward could read Bella’s mood simply by the kind of cookie she gave him at lunch each day!

Remember these?

Gingerbread Zombies, Bloody Newtons, Double Fudge Rendezvous, Peanut Butter Panaceas, Maniacal Mints, Caramel Comfots, Bittersweet Butterscotch, Triple Toffee Twilight, Shockolate Chip, Wrathful Walnut Fudge, Scooby Snacks, Fudge You Alls, Black Leather Ladyfingers, Victorious Vanilla Vixens, Sourly Cinnamon, Oatmeal Determination, Bye Bye Brandy Snaps, Rocky Road Reprieve, Cocoa Hidden Middles, Malted Chocolate Smiles, Frosted Pecan Patience, Luscious Sugar Licks, Candy Cane Surprise, Mocha Desperation Sensations, Heavenly Hazelnut Perfection, Goconut Confession Confections, German Chocolate Inferiors, Brown Sugar Burdens, Brownie Drop Defeats, Macadamia Unicorns, Berry Tasty Nibbles, Valentine Pineapple Pairs, Mysterious Mousse Melodies, Poppy Dipped Darkness, Persimmon Rest In Pieces, Biscotti Buy Me Offs, Ginger Snappy Birthdays, Strawberry Stand Stills, Chewy Granols Grievances, Desecrated Marzipan Delicacies, Chunky Chips-Ahoy, Nilla Wafers, Double-Stuff Oreos, Monumental Macaroons, Flotsam Florentines, Secretive Sandies, Tarty Charted Motherfuckers and Fated Failure Fortune Cookies *phew!*

Wide Awake is still available on her LiveJournal blog so, if you’ve never read it, and you can handle major angst, RUN…don’t walk, to:


Anyone else been thrilled by a great foodie fic? Share the goodies!!!

Happy Thursday, y’all!


Night Raider


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24 responses to “Random Rita ~ When You Gain 10 Pounds Just Readin’ the AN’s!

  1. Was waiting for ur blog 🙂 thanx for the link 🙂

  2. rita01tx

    Good mornin’, Reachrathi darlin’! Under My Nose is such a good read…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Come back and let me know what you thought of it when you’re done, OK?

  3. ClaireBamboozle

    Mornin’ Rita, thanks for posting Lucy, she had me crying laughing. I’d forgotten how funny she was.

    More lovely recs…you are spoiling us honey.

    Have a great Valentines.


    • rita01tx

      Lucy’s chocolate factory episode is one of my absolute favorites…well, that and the grape stompin’ episode LMAO!
      She and Ethel were my inspiration for TT and DD in Another Fine Mess! I have the perfect pic for a banner if only I knew someone who’d make it for me *sigh!*

  4. edwardsvamptramp69

    Good monring, Rita! I COMPLETELY forgot that each chapter of Wide Awake was named after a cookie, wasn’t it?? I loved that story. Been too long since I read it. I may have to do a reread. Thanks for the laughs this morning and adding to my TBR list.:)

    • rita01tx

      Yes! Each chapter had a different cookie title LOL! I tried to copy/paste from her ToC but it didn’t work out very well so I had to retype them all myself! Good thing I’m faaaast *gigglesnort!*
      Wide Awake was the fic I read after MotU and Safe Haven {the other fic on Icy’s blog at the time – no pdf, damn it!} and it was so freakin’ good, I was completely hooked on Twilight fan fiction!
      OK, I DO have one…maybe two GoF fan fics favorited, but you get my drift!

  5. Hey!!!! I didn’t know they was filming us the day we worked at that candy factory!! ~gigglesnort~

  6. eewee333

    RITA!! I Love Lucy! Bringing back my childhood memories. One of my favorite shows in the world. I’m anxiously waiting for UMN to complete before I read it. Is it bad that I have never read Wide Awake? I think I’m just afraid it doesn’t have an HEA? I only ever read about all the angst (which I can gladly take if there is an HEA at the end of it). Any hints you’d be willing to share?

    And FYI, I have Safe Haven in pdf, just in case you want it.

    • rita01tx

      Oh, Eewee darlin’! Wide Awake does have a HEA at the end of all the angst but the reasons behind the angst and how the kids handle their problems, both together and apart, which isn’t always acceptable in the eyes of their parental units, makes it the classic that it is! So worth the read and don’t feel bad…there are loads of classics I haven’t gotten to, either!
      As for sharin’ that Safe Haven pdf *cough* her.bronk@planet.nl *cough,* that would be great *gigglesnort!*

  7. OMG I remember wanting to make those cookies as I read WA! I so wanted to bake those Tarty Cherry Motherfuckers! (Or just say the name a few times. LOL 🙂 )
    I love foody-fics! I wish I could cook all of the things! I loved how Mise-en-Place had a recipe in the A/N before each chapter. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9216928/1/Mise-en-Place And BritChefWard in An Acquired Taste was hot! 🙂 https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7000756/1/An-Acquired-Taste
    I swear I subscribe to a million foody blogs and I rarely make a damn thing on them, but I read (and drool over) them all!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, yeah! I know exactly what you mean, Missus T darlin’! Just retypin’ the titles brought back fond memories of WA! But, like you, I never got, nor get, around to makin’ any of the gorgeous recipes we’ve come across in our journeys through foodie ficdom LOL!
      I enjoyed the hell out of Mise en Place but, would you believe I have STILL not gotten to An Acquired Taste?
      Thanks for remindin’ me so I can move it to the top of my TBR!!!

  8. christa64c

    WA was and still is one of the most touching fanfics I’ve ever read. I chuckled more than once over the her cookie titles. They never left room for guessing her mood. One of my fave fics centering around food is, The Workshop: A Tale of Edible Delights by Danieller123. This Bella is absolutely hilarious and the Edward is swoonworthy in an apron. Sadly, the fic is no longer available on FF.net. But if you look hard enough, you can find it out there on the ‘net’.

    • rita01tx

      Hi, Christa darlin’! So many of us remember Wide Awake fondly! Always happy to rec it to the newbies to our fandom LOL!
      My guardian fic angel {Clairebamboozle} blessed me with a copy of The Workshop only yesterday and I’m so lookin’ forward to divin’ into it!

      Happy belated Valentine’s Day, honey!!

  9. Thanks once again Rita for a fun post. I was intrigued by the New Orleans-based story, so with your endorsement I’ll have to move it up on my list. Same for Mise-en-Place. But how have I never heard of “An Acquired Taste”? A hot Britward chef – win! As always, thanks also to your correspondents for their recs.

    Ah yes, Wide Awake. What a ride that was. Be prepared for a long angsty separation, but it’s well worth it. Some of the best, most carefully developed E/B connection ever. I do treasure those classics that are still available to us. Bless you, AG.

    Can somebody fill me in on Safe Haven? I’m not familiar with that one. What am I missing?


    • rita01tx

      Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Renee darlin’! Gabby is tickled pink at all the new follows/favorites and comments to her story, which I love to hear…it’s such a treat to read!
      While Icy was writin’ Master of the Universe (now Fifty Shades of Grey), there was another fic on her blog, called Safe Haven, that was already complete. It was about an actor (Edward) who falls for a maid at the hotel where he’s stayin’. Of course, she falls for him but there’s a complication…she’s not really a maid! It’s not angsty as in MotU or WA angsty, but there’s some drama!
      If you’d like to have it, let me know!

      • Well, Rita, how can I resist an Actorward story? I’m rolling my eyes at myself even as I write this, because, really, do I need one more fic to read? Apparently so. Thank you…

        And speaking of actorward, I was just going to dive into “How to Date a Movie Star” only to find it (and ‘How to Marry…”) has been pulled for publication. I don’t mind paying to read it, I just don’t enjoy the “sanitized” versions that remove all references to the characters that I cared about in the first place. Anybody got a copy?

        • rita01tx

          You’ve got mail, Renee darlin’ (3x)!!!

          I know what you mean about “sanitized” versions of our favorite fics! I’m all for supportin’ our fabulous authors in their RL writin’ pursuits, but I prefer the originals, myself! A lot of the “flavor” seems to get lost in translation, or maybe that’s just me.

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