Happy Valentine’s Day Rob Attack!

*blows kisses*


Good morning, ladies!

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day for those of you who have a significant other (besides Rob, I mean). Thought I’d wake you up with something hot and steamy, OK?

Via Rob Attack!

Not exactly what you had in mind? Well, this is just a warm up! We all know how sweet and adorable Rob is.

posted on Rob Attack

Every time someone says, “He’s so sweet!” I think of one song. So, for this Valentine’s Day, I put together a romantic little vid for you ladies.

What? It was romantic! ~gigglesnort~ Oh, don’t we all want to swing on Rob’s vine? ~gigglesnort~

Whenever there is a holiday, I turn to my go-to girl, Mississippibellalis, AKA Lis-a-rama, to make some custom graphics for RA! Now, I can’t help it if she likes to make graphics that let me live vicariously through them. You know, little things like this…

Via Rob Attack

Oh, wait! How’d that get in there? That’s from my personal stash heheheh! If you can’t have Rob in reality, it’s reallllly nice to have a friend who can give him to you virtually!

Via Rob Attack

*Oh, if only….* Don’t worry! This post isn’t all for me. Dang it! No way! Missi and I have some lovelies for you girls, too!!! This here (artist unknown) is Rita’s personal favorite and who can blame her?


*Sweet…Sugar…Candy man…CHOMP!* And who hasn’t dreamed up hearing this from Rob?


Every girl wants Prince Charming to come rescue her on Valentine’s Day, don’t we? Well, who could be more charming than Rob?


Of course, if you’re going to imagine Rob as Prince charming, why not “go all the way and make him your King?

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* Drifts down from cloud 9* Where was I? Oh, yeah! Of course, some of us prefer the bad boy side of Rob…

posted on Rob Attack

*I suddenly have a craving for buns* Then again, others like that Rock -N-Roll version of Rob…

posted on Rob Attack

So, whatever your “Rob Fantasy” is…

from RobAttack

I hope you keep warm with this…




My personal Valentine to Rob…

Happy Valentine's BB

And from Rita, Lisa, and RobsFan-tasy, we wish you all a

from Rob Attack

Much Love to you all,


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20 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day Rob Attack!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you,too, Ladies!

    Thanks for the giggles and spank bank material! Perfect way to start the weekend;)


    • rita01tx

      Now, this is why I posted a day early LMAO!!! But it was worth it and she did a damn find job on that vid, too, didn’t she?

      • Thanks Paula! Always happy to help the pervy pad their stash *gigglesnort*

        Awww Rita! If you coulda seen how i wanted the vid in mah head (but don’t have the equipment to do it) You’d really be proud LOL

        Thanks for keeping the troops entertained while I caught some ZZZ’s and did some house work.

  2. ClaireBamboozle

    Happy Valentines Day ladies, and what a lovely way to spend it, ogling Rob.
    Two posts in two days, you ladies are spoiling us.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    • rita01tx

      When RF gets inspired, I get the hell out of her way LOL!
      Missi did a great job on those manips, too!

        • Well We’re trying Claire! Sometimes we have dry spells and then we get inspired! Lisa offering to do the graphics sure does help to keep me in ideas and Rita’s reading frenzy leaves her with plenty of fics to rec.

          WP didn’t like me much last night so if it weren’t for Rita this post wouldn’t be here today! LOL

          Glad to see you found you PW Lisa!

  3. Happy Valentines day, Ladies. Hope you girls have a good one!

  4. It’s a Happy Rob Valentine morning!

    Now, that’s the sweetest cup of coffee ever to wake up to! But even sugar isn’t as sweet as Rob’s toosie-pop! His pleasant treats cause me to be in a perpetual state of insulin shock! I can’t come down from his high!!!!!

    Happy Valentine’s, Everyone!
    Happy Valentine’s, Rob Attack.
    Happy Valentine’s, Rob!!!!!!

    RF, did you make that vid?

    • rita01tx

      Happy Valentine’s Day, Lisa! Yes…that’s RF’s vid! She did such a good job on it!

    • I know what you mean Lisa! Thanks for all the Graphics!! Yeah I have been debating making the vid for ages and when we were talking about it I fugured this is a better place and way to post it than my original idea. You were already doing so much for me, ARWD and RA I didn’t want to over load you. Did you like it?

      • I did, I do! Downloaded to my collection too! Very nice vid! Good job! You’re not overloading me. I started doing graphics because of Rob! Anytime, BB, anytime! Love your Rob Attack Valentine Post! Makes my day to be worshipping in the RA Temple with the sistahs on the Day of Love For Rob! {she says saluting the Queens of Rob Porn} Mwah and Happy Valentine’s Day All!

  5. kitt

    I heart this post and great manips!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    -kiTT 🙂

  6. rita01tx

    Thanks droppin’ in, KiTT darlin’! {I stalked you back to your blog and left you a little pressie *gigglesnort!*}

  7. eewee333

    Wow. XXX Rob for Valentine’s day. Kinda makes my chocolate covered toffee from hubby pale in comparison. LOL. But he understands my obsession with The Pretty. Thanks RF for Robbing my heart today! 🙂

    • Hahaahaa Such a great phrase! I’m glad to brighten ya’lls day with some candy coated Rob! I Thought the Placement of the triple X was fitting ~snort~

      Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

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