Sensual Sunday ~ The Red Robe of Pain!

Wet Rob Avi

Oooh, ladies!

You have GOT to check this out!

Just came across this gorgeous edit {on Facebook} by Bru SlaveforRob of Edward in that red Volturi robe he wore in New Moon {thanks, PullmydaisyToo}!

Rob Attack

Of course, why they even wanted to cover Edward’s naked chest, I’ll never know *pouty face!*

Rob Attack

Oh, what the hell…I want sparkles!

Rob Attack

Anyway, Edward was doin’ just fine before the Volturi cheated!

Rob Attack

See? He had everything under control, but then…

Rob Attack

They stuck him in the Red Robe of Pain and he got his ass kicked all over the place!

Rob Attack

I think it was jinxed!

Rob Attack

‘Cause every move he made after that ended in disaster!

Rob Attack

Until they broke him {lucky for us, Edward heals quickly}!

Rob Attack

So, basically, in the film version, they made Edward Felix’s bitch!

Rob Attack

At the time, I justified it as Edward and Alice not wantin’ to reveal the true extent of their powers so the Volturi would underestimate them later on, but was it worth…this???


Happy Sunday, y’all!


Night Raider



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13 responses to “Sensual Sunday ~ The Red Robe of Pain!

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    OOh, lovely shirtless Edward. You’ve topped and tailed my weekend BB.

    I can’t help thinking Edward should’ve seen Felix planning his moves and been able to sidestep him at every turn, making him into a lumbering buffoon…but I suppose it would have made Edward into smugward and Bella might not have been so willing to throw herself under the bus for him. LOL.

    Heading off to bed with thoughts of Edward pulling his O face. *wink*

    Hugs xxx

    • rita01tx

      Wait…what? I whoded and whated your weekend??? ClaireBear, you know how pervy my mind is *gigglesnort!*!
      Yeah, that’s how I think it should have been, too, because how could Bella trust him to keep her safe after watchin’ him get his ass kicked?

  2. edwardsvamptramp69

    OMFG, Rita! I couldn’t stop laughing at “So, basically, in the film version, they made Edward Felix’s bitch!” Bwahahaha! I needed that after a horrible day at work. Thanks, BB!

    • rita01tx

      Glad I could lighten your load, EVT darlin’! But, it’s so true! Even Alice was useless! So much for the Cullens garnerin’ any respect from the Volturi LMAO!

  3. Awesome post BB!! Never thought of it in the context of the Robe being cursed!! Interesting concept! *you can practically hear the gears turning in my bwains!* This post is all over Twitter!!!! Damn that Jane for throwing him off in the beginning anyway! that’s why he couldn’t see Felix coming,, his bwains was scrambled LOL

  4. eewee333

    LeSigh! Rob shirtless, Rob in red, Rob on his back on the floor, yeah, you dirty girl! I love and adore New Moon; the book, the movie, the Edward. I think Alice and Edward just didn’t want to get Bella killed and if they HAD fought back, B would have been hurt. There were too many Volturi. I could discuss NM all day, but unfortunately I have to get back to work. Love and Hugs! 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Well, hell, Eewee darlin’! Come on back when you get off…I’ll be here LOL!

      • edwardsvamptramp69

        Come on back when you “get off”………. That’s what she said ! *gigglesnorts* Sorry, I have the mind of a 12 year old boy today:).

        • rita01tx

          *Gasp!* How did I not even see that? How can I call myself a dyed-in-the-wool fanfiction aficianado when I can’t even recognize a “that’s what she said” opportunity when I see one ROTFLMAO!

          High five, EVT darlin’! You gots the perviest mind of the day!

  5. Ah, Rita, I loved this post. (And how did I never notice that there were two shades of red in that robe? Oh yeah, it was next to Rob’s naked chest…duh).
    Every time I watch that movie I want to slap Felix silly for handing him that damned robe! WTF was his problem?
    I don’t understand fans who rate New Moon as their least favorite of the Twilight movies. Granted, Edward is missing from much of it, but holy crap when he shows up, it’s explosive! (And it ends with my favorite proposal, anywhere, ever.)

    Why is it that after reading one of your posts I always have to make an effort to calm down? One might suspect you do that on purpose…

    Your grateful minion,

    • rita01tx

      IKR? It’s not like vampires get cold…or catch a cold LMAO!

      Overall, New Moon is my favorite of the books and my favorite film of the Twilight Saga! Visually stunnin’ from beginnin’ to end…and what an end *phew!*
      Maybe it was the director, but the actin’ was so far above the rest, I still can’t get my head around it!
      And, on top of everything, the soundtrack blew me the fuck away!
      In fact, I credit that film for my complete break away from classic rock music LOL!

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