Random Rita ~ When Edward is Just Right For Me!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

Watchin’ Rob filmin’ LIFE has been very distractin’, highly entertainin’ and downright mind bogglin’…I’m actually havin’ trouble keepin’ up!!!

Which is why it’s a good thing I had a really good fan fiction story to read while I “rested” my eyes LMAO!


This one came to me in a very roundabout way. On Feb. 21st, a lady by the name of Sylvia Cardoza pinned something from one of my Pinterest boards and I checked out her boards in return. Got completely lost in her “Reading” board and one of the fics that caught my attention was…

Just Right For Me! by archy12

Rob Attack


Bella plans to ensnare Jasper into a proposal, but ends up getting married to his brother Edward. How will she adjust to the unexpected, especially when Edward apparently has the mind of a twelve-year old? AH/Slightly OOC

Rated: Fiction  M – English – Drama/Humor –  Bella, Edward – Chapters: 50   – Words: 96,233 – Reviews: 1,706 – Favs: 572 – Follows: 714 – Updated: Mar 5 – Published: Mar 5, 2013 – Status: Complete – id: 9071635

To say I was hooked from the first chapter would be an understatement! Bella has been overly protected by Charlie, a wealthy gun runner. She believes she’s in love with Jasper, the son of a drugs baron, Carlisle Cullen. Don’t worry…it doesn’t impact the story all that much so there’s no drama of a criminal nature! Anyway, Edward was goin’ to college when he had an accident on Spring Break in Florida that cost him much of his memory. When Bella accidently gets caught “accidently on purpose” in his bed instead of Jasper’s, old-fashioned Charlie insists they wed! Readin’ about how they adjust to wedded bliss, both emotionally and physically, had me in stitches at times and sobbin’ with joy at others!

The flag on this author’s profile was India so I’m thinkin’ English might not be her native tongue, which is apparent in many ways. However, it didn’t keep me from literally devourin’ this story!

I don’t want to give away the whole thing but this was one of those feel good fics I just didn’t wanna put down for anything as mundane as eatin’ and sleepin’ or even talkin’ to DH LMAO!

There’s just something about a beautifully vulnerable Edward that tugs at our heartstrings and has us all rootin’ for him! There are quite a few other such stories out there and I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them!

Rob Attack

Is this kind of fic your cup of tea?

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider



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19 responses to “Random Rita ~ When Edward is Just Right For Me!

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, I snagged a copy of this fic a few weeks ago, but I have to keep updating it because the author keeps adding outtakes LOL.
    I’m trying not to read any fics, while I’m in the middle of writing one myself, in case it leads me off course, but I have been fancying this one for a while now.
    Love the edit of Rob, so gorgeous *sigh*
    Hope you have a great weekend honey.
    Hugs xx

    • Hey Claire, Hows you? We seem to keep bumping into each other all over the place lol. You need to find time to read this one, Edward is really sweet a little childlike sometimes, but oh so sweet. I need to go and check what you have been writing lately, I am sure you have something good for me to read.

      • ClaireBamboozle

        Sharon, **waves** how are you doing honey, keep meaning to send you a message. I’m fine, in the middle of writing a big new fic, inspired by a post that Rita did on here a few months back (Manips of Rob on a motorcycle) Eewee and Bevey99 wanted a fic to go with the pics so I’m now 24 chapters written on one, I’ll make sure you get a message when it starts to post.
        I will definitely read this fic as soon as I get a chance, something about a sweet and naive Edward.

        • bevey99

          CB have you posted any of that fic yet. I’m sure I have you on alert but I haven’t seen anything. Need this fic soon. ;-]

          • rita01tx

            {Pssst! Bevey darlin’! ClaireBear’s waitin’ until she’s got 10 edited chapters banked before she starts postin’ and I’m still not done with chapter 7! *facepalm!*}

          • ClaireBamboozle

            Hi Bevey, just been on FF to check, you do have me on author alert, so as soon as it starts you’ll get an email.
            Hugs xx

    • rita01tx

      She said 50 seemed like a nice round number so I believe you’re safe to read when you finish your current project LOL!
      We are gettin’ so much new RobPorn every day, I get lost in it. Of course, you won’t hear me complainin’!

  2. xpreadmywings

    Absolutely right! This Edward is de-lovely! Their journey together, their discoveries, their firsts … a very unique plot *in the beginning, it remind me just a tiny little bit of Awake in the Infinite Cold’s Edward* Thank you Rita!
    Can I rec something? Snare by the poet that is Raum is completed.

    “The lives of Charlie and Bella Swan were devastated when Renée was murdered by a serial killer: The Drainer. Charlie, a former FBI profiler, is convinced that the killer is a vampire, and that those creatures are real. Nobody believes him, till the day he captures one of the undead.” AU. 32 chaps.

    Did you post anything last Fri? Sorry not been here, Carnival in this part of the world is wiiiiiild! LOL New Orleans’ has nothing on it! *scurrying off to check*

    P.S. ClaireBamboozle!!!! Is she adding outtakes? How come ffn has not alerted me? B*stards! *winks*

    • rita01tx

      You can always rec fics here, Wings darlin’! We love it when you do and I can’t wait to dive into Snare…been waitin’ for it to complete! And indeed, I rec’d DeeDreamer’s fic Cruise last friday…go check it out! She was so chuffed to hear from us LOL!

    • ClaireBamboozle

      I think it was three outtakes she added after initially completing, I had to keep updating my e reader lol.

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    Yeah!!!! Another one for my TBR list! Thanks, Rita. You never disappoint (much like our lovely inspiration……thanks for the eye candy as well):):):)

    Have a great weekend!

    • rita01tx

      Your welcome, EVT darlin’! Besides enjoyin’ the hell out of this story, I read one of the pdf’s I managed to snare before 107yearoldvirgin pulled all her fics for a 2nd time, again without warnin’ of any kind…this was some time ago, of course. Anyway, I hadn’t read it yet, so I dived into Saving Myself, summary: He’s fresh out of the Army. She’s fresh out of luck…and her mind. They’ve just met, but when an opportunity to win 2mill on a reality show arises, can they pretend to be in love? And saving themselves for marriage?

      I really miss Virgie, damn it!!!

  4. rita01tx

    OMG! It’s 2am my time and I just finished the 10th chapter of Snare! Why can’t I be a vampire so I don’t have to sleep…Raum keeps droppin’ cliffies to keep us readin’ LOL!

  5. christa64c

    Name me one time Edward isn’t the antidote for what ails you? LOL! I’ll take my Edward any way I can get him, as much as I can have of him. I just finished The Diva Diaries. Woooeeeee, that’s an Edward worth shaving your legs for! As soon as I finish Dirt Roads by winehoes, I’ll start Just Right for Me.

    • rita01tx

      OMG! Do you have Kiya on author alert, Christa darlin’? If so, you know she got herself a 3-book publishin’ deal for The Diva Diaries!
      That story is so damn good, it HAD to be published!
      {Iz so proud of her *wipes a tear!*}
      I’m lookin’ forward to hearin’ what you think of Dirt Roads, too! I did NOT get all the way through without wettin’ myself from laughin’ so hard LMAO!

  6. “Name me one time Edward isn’t the antidote for what ails you?” You got that right, Christa! And if fic Edward won’t cure you, Robporn surely will. Whew, what an abundance we’ve had lately. I had to laugh at the cow ones a couple weeks ago – I somehow doubt that bonding with the cows was anywhere near as much fun as Rob had bonding with the elephant! And sadly, in some of the ones this week from snowy/rainy Toronto, he looked cold, wet, and miserable. I did enjoy the wavy wet hair and the damp clingy shirt, though!

    Rita, I doubt that I would have tried “Just Right for Me” based on the summary, but your review convinced me! Thanks for expanding my horizons (not to mention enabling my addictions).

    Oh, and let me draw your attention to a new AU fic that I saw rec’d on Bookish Temptations: Masen Manor by Drotuno. Score, Drotuno is writing AU again! I devoured the first chapter (6 have been published) and I’m totally hooked already.

    Happy reading, everyone!

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