Random Rita ~ Thursday Teaser!

Wet Rob Avi

Evenin’ ladies!

When a fic is this close to my heart, I can’t help but feel the burnin’ need to do some serious pimpin’!

Of course, the fact that I’m the editor lady/beta might mean I have a vested interest.  After all, I find myself avidly readin’ every comment/review right along with the author, our very own RobsFan~tasy, writin’ as DeltaDawn’sDreams!

Rob Attack


From different directions and for different reasons, Bella and Edward wind up in the same sleepy southern town of Macon, Georgia. Who, or what, called them there and why?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Horror/Supernatural – Bella, Edward, Jacob, Leah – Chapters: 11 – Words: 36,085 – Reviews: 127 – Favs: 55 – Follows: 88 – Updated: Mar 23 – Published: Jan 10 – id: 10009732

You can read on FictionPad for stunnin’ visuals of Cullen House and Magnolia Manor,as well as Bella’s dog, Sam!

Rob Attack


Chapter 12 will be posted tomorrow and, since I have insider knowledge *gigglesnort!* I’m gonna let you see “just the tip!”

Something was up with Sam. He’d been acting weird ever since the moving guys had left. All morning, he’d lain in the doorway to the turret room watching me work or dozing off. But, since noon, he’d been sitting facing the stairs and wagging his tail. Sometimes, I’d catch him looking all the way to the bottom and other times he’d be staring straight across the top landing, always wagging his tail. I had to admit, it was freaking me out a little bit. I even went so far as to check the hallway several times to make sure no one was up there with me. Then, without warning, while I’d been painting the raised ceiling standing on the top rung, Sam came barreling into the room wriggling all over with excitement. He jumped up onto the new, plastic covered ottoman and stared joyfully at one of the accompanying chairs, his tail going a mile a minute!

 “Sam! What in the world is wrong with you? You’re acting so weird, today!” I groaned. I hadn’t said it harshly but he jumped down and slunk off to lay in the doorway again as though I’d actually yelled at him.

When RF asked me what I thought of this chapter, I told her:  “I think you can make watchin’ paint dry excitin’ as hell LMAO!”

True facts!

Happy Thursday, y’all!


Night Raider



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21 responses to “Random Rita ~ Thursday Teaser!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Sounds like my TBR list just got longer, Rita! *shakes fists*

    BTW…..I started “Ruthless and Ivory” today and am LOVING IT!!! I’m only on ch. 4, but I’m so intrigued I can’t put it down! Thanks for turning me onto MujerN’s writing.:)


    • rita01tx

      Ha! Paula darlin’, before you know it, it’ll be 4 am and you’ll still be readin’ LMAO! When you call this fic a thriller, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie!

  2. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, it’s always exciting to see a surprise, random post from you.
    I’ve read the first couple of chapters of this fic and it’s shaping up to be a really good, spooky read. I hope RF inserts the video she made to promote it.
    Claire x

    • rita01tx

      Things are really gonna hot up soon…I’m so excited!
      I did consider postin’ the vid as well but, since this is only a teaser, it seemed like overkill. However, since I will be revisitin’ this fic from time-to-time, it WILL find its way into a future teaser!

  3. eewee333

    Hi Rita. You know I’m always looking for good fics to read. I have this story on my TBR list when complete. How many chapters do you think it will be? In the meantime, I’m reading a really good story by RobzBeanie called “Walk Away”. It started a little slow, but man it took off last night and I was up until 5 a.m. this morning reading. That’s when I know it’s a good story, that I just keep saying “one more chapter and then I’ll stop”…I’m sure you know what I mean. 🙂 Hope to finish it tonight after I get back from seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier with my kids tonight. Robhugs and kisses XOXOXO

    • rita01tx

      Hmmm, my best guestimate, at this point, is around 25 chapters… could be a couple more or less. So, as of tomorrow, we’ll be about half way through.
      Oh, and let me know if you enjoyed Captain America! I like a good superhero movie, but it needs to be, well…GOOD! I have heard positive reviews so far, so fingers crossed!

  4. eewee333

    GAH! Here’s the link to the story I’m reading:

    • rita01tx

      Thanks for the rec, Eewee darlin’! I’ll add Walk Away to MY “stuffed like a Christmas goose” TBR LOL!

  5. Daww!! Ya got me!!! I saw all the new FF & fic Pad followers (THANKS YA’ALL!!!) And was like HUH? who pimped ARWD LOL and all along it was you!! Thanks BB!! I did my best to make “watching paint dry” interesting. Every chapter, every odd occurance will mean something later on!

    @ Claire Bamboozle, If rita wants to save the vid for a future post I’mma let her! I’m not one to argue with the Mad Editor Lady LOL

    @ eewee333 I have at least 20 more chapters for sure and then probably will have a couple more So it will be awhile yet

    Thanks again for pimping my Fic Rita and Thanks to all the new Followers!

  6. christa64c

    Another stellar rec! It sounds fantastic! And yes, I was quite taken with the picture of Sam. LOL!

  7. This is an amazing story! I’m loving it!!!

  8. Hi Ya, RF! 20 more chapters? Long way to go. Would love to see what you are doing with graphics for your story but I don’t use any of those accounts to sign in to FictionPad. Oh, gosh. I’m glad to see you are moving along. Best Wishes for completing your story.

  9. Hi ya Lisa! At least 20. Haven’t done any graphics lately. Thanks hun! It’s going pretty good. I have tons of ideas for future chapters.

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