Random Rita ~ When Edward Blows It Big Time!

Wet Rob Avi

Good afternoon, ladies!

And get your minds out of the gutter…we ain’t discussin’ slash! At least, not today LOL!

No, in the fic I’m gonna rec for you today, Edward has fucked up his relationship with Bella so badly, they might never recover!

Rob Attack


“It’s the first time I realize that for all of the significance boy-Edward holds in my past, man-Edward is a stranger to me. The thought is at once liberating and heartbreaking, and I don’t know what to do with it: how do you forgive someone who no longer exists? How do you hold a man accountable for a boy’s carelessness?”

Rated: Fiction M – English – Friendship/Angst – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 21 – Words: 24,579 – Reviews: 2,671 – Favs: 691 – Follows: 1,110 – Updated: 18h ago – Published: Mar 28 – id: 10223423

As many of us experienced in our youth, boyfriends tended to be ready for sex before we were! And what happened when we didn’t put out?


One thing’s for sure…the debate ragin’ in the comments about whether or not Bella should forgive Edward for bein’ a hormone driven teenaged boy is damn near as entertainin’ as the story LMAO!

At this point, we don’t see how there could ever be an HEA for these two but, trustin’ in one of our favorite authors, we expect there will be…fingers crossed!

What fics have you droppin’ everything to read this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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41 responses to “Random Rita ~ When Edward Blows It Big Time!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69

    Damn it, Rita! You had my hopes up with that title!! Speaking of slash (he he he)……….I’m digging “Power Play” by CaraNo:) LUV Carlisle and Ant in that one! But………….i’m also currently digging Claire’s “Ride and Prejudice, drotuno’s “Masen Manor”, and pattyrose’s “Spin & Sway”. But now of course I have to check out this recc’ since you’ve NEVER steered me wrong.

    Thanks, Rita! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend:)

    • rita01tx

      Woo hoo, Paula darlin’! Glad to know I’m not the only SlashH00r around here. Carlisle and Anthony in Power Play are too hot to handle *phew!*
      I’m followin’ the others you’ve mentioned except for Spin & Sway, which I’m savin’ for a rainy day, ’cause I’m absolutely swamped with updates…all of them simply irresistable!

    • ClaireBamboozle

      Aww, thanks for the mention of my fic, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
      Hugs xx

  2. This looks good, Rita – anything by TFC is always worth reading, so onto the list it goes.

    I’m currently reading The Dark Muse by Alby Mangroves, which is a very dark stalker fic, full of angst and incredibly well written – pretty much the perfect story for me! Oh, and it’s complete.

    Summary: Safely numb, Marie has never had to question choices made so long ago. Until now. A chain of events has her running back to face truths, and the person she’d rather had stayed buried. Herself. AH, Angst, Suspense, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Suspense – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 103,995 – Reviews: 1,099 – Favs: 548 – Follows: 390 – Updated: Jan 9, 2012 – Published: Dec 16, 2010 – Status: Complete

  3. **I think this is my very first pst in RA and I’m nervous**.
    You’re so right, Rita! The comments, discussions and sadly sometimes even arguments among Objects’ readers are quite entertaining. I don’t usually read reviews but I felt compelled to do it in this fic. Everything in this fic is like a magnet, I swear!
    **sits waiting for the next update**
    What am I reading? CaraNo and Rochelle’s new fics but
    I’ve just finished The Give Away Girl by MrsSpaceCowboy. It’s awesome, HS characters so teen drama guaranteed and it’s complete!
    The outtakes: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8659087/1/The-B-Sides
    Happy weekend!

    • rita01tx

      Yay! Welcome to Ra, Suzanne darlin’! Go ahead and change into something more…comfortable, grab a glass of wine, kick up your feet, and make yourself ta home! We don’t bite unless you ask us to *gigglesnort!*
      Now, The Give Away Girl just happens to be one of my favorite fics, receivin’ a 4-star ratin’ on my TBR! I haven’t had the chance to rec it since I took over back in January, so thanks for bringin’ it to our attention! I’d hate for anyone to miss it!

    • Welcome Suzanne! Don’t be nervous You are more than welcome and don’t nobody say nothing bad to each other here! We support, perv, laugh, joke and listen all in the name of Rob LOL So WELCOME!!!

    • donna239

      I agree. The comments are entertaining. It seems people have taken sides as to whether Edward should be forgiven or not. I am anxious to hear EPOV on what happened. Still holding out for an HEA, but my hope is dwindling with every chapter.

      • rita01tx

        Hahaha! It’s almost the Civil War all over again in the comments section, Donna darlin’! But, bad as it seems for Edward and Bella right now, I’m not givin’ up hope just yet. After all, if Planetblue could figure out how to give us an HEA for of Badlands, TheFicChick can do it for Objects in Mirror…right? She just has to *whimper!*

  4. bevey99

    Let’s see, I definitely put everything on hold for My Ex-Con by Counselor. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10093961/1/My-Ex-con
    And, something new – Barely Breathing by Chocaholic123. Drabble https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10241842/1/Barely-Breathing And, a multitude of WIPs. Plus I’m almost finished w/ an older fic on my TBRL – Just Right For Me by archy12. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9071635/1/Just-Right-For-Me Bella plans to ensnare Jasper into a proposal, but ends up getting married to his brother Edward. How will she adjust to the unexpected, especially when Edward apparently has the mind of a twelve-year old?

    • rita01tx

      OMG, Bevey darlin’! My heart literally jumps up into my throat when Barely Breathing updates! Edward’s maniacal anger makes me fear for Bella’s safety, both physically and mentally, when he finally gets his hands on her! I swear I have to peek between my fingers to read LOL!
      My Ex-Con is one of Counselor’s best fics so far which is sayin’ somethin’ since I’ve read every word she’s ever written and she blows me away every damn time!
      Just Right for Me is one of the sweetest, most “feel good” fics I’ve read in a long time. Definitely a must read for anyone who hasn’t discovered it yet!
      Thanks for the brilliant recs, hon!

  5. rita01tx

    Confessions of a ficaholic:

    Sometimes, for a quick fix where I don’t have to pause and think of somethin’ to say at the end of each chapter, I’ll dive into my pdf stash to pick a fic that’s been pulled from FFN.
    This week, it was The Plan by QuantumFizzx. In this story, Edward chews up and spits out PA’s so fast it makes your head spin. The worker bees even have a pool on when and how they’ll bite the dust. Since Bella studies every move he makes, she’s won a considerable amount of money in the year she’s been with the company.
    As you would expect, when it’s her turn in the barrel, she impresses the hell out of him. Mutual attraction is inevitable and the whole office is shocked at the change in Edward after their business trip together.
    So, The Plan was a fun read, don’t get me wrong, BUT I don’t get all the excitement every time anyone even mentions this fic or how it got its “Classic” status!
    The only conclusion I’ve come to is that, at the time it was a WIP, waitin’ for the next update generated one helluva lot of discussion LOL!
    Were any of you in on that fic back in the day?

    • Ha, I thought I was the only one, Rita! I did enjoy The Plan as a WIP, and the way it was written was, at the time, totally unique, which added to the attraction… BUT, I regarded it as no more than averagely good as a piece of writing, and I, too, have been a little nonplussed at the fullsomeness of the praise it garnered. I can’t even remember much about it now, which is always an indicator to me that ‘classic’ status is unwarranted. The beauty of true classics, like Emancipation Proclamation, Clipped Wings & Inked Armor, Wide Awake and even Master of the Universe, et al, is that their storylines and characterisations remain fresh in my mind and much loved.

      • christa64c

        While I thoroughly enjoyed The Plan, I have to agree with Liz. EP, CI&IA, WA and High Anxiety are the ones I consider true classics. As a matter of fact, I’m rereading EP now with a few friends that have never read it. Sharing that incredible story with new people is a true pleasure.

        • rita01tx

          Wait…High Anxiety? {runs off to check TBR}
          Well, crap! Why haven’t I read that one yet?
          Thanks, Christa darlin’! If you say it’s a classic, it goes right to the top!!!

    • edwardsvamptramp69

      No, I’m REALLY clueless. I only heard it recently since it’s been published. I didn’t even know it was a Twilight fanfic! Yikes! I guess I’m sitll in amateur status even after being in the fandom for 5 years!

      • rita01tx

        Aw, honey! There will always be fics we don’t catch until years later…I know I’ve still got some I’ve never gotten around to readin’ and lots I haven’t even heard of yet. That’s why we have these weekly rec parties!!!

  6. rita01tx

    Oh, thank God! I thought for sure my neck was for the choppin’ block for blasphemy LOL! And, yeah…just readin’ the titles takes me right back into those stories again! That’s what we mean by “classic!”
    Fist bump!

  7. ClaireBamboozle

    Thanks for another recommendation Rita, I’m already following this one, but I probably won’t read until it completes.
    Hope you have a Happy Easter hun.
    Hugs xx

  8. naughtyhisbella

    Rita, as always I’m running to fave/follow this rec. This how I find most now. Its been awhile since I have been here. I miss you gals. RL keeping me busy, but I have been pming with Claire. I love her to pieces. Ride &Prejudice has me in its clutches! For those who celebrate, have a Hoppy Easter!

    • rita01tx

      Naughty darlin’! {Jumpy Hugs!} Always good to see you, hon! RL does tend to jump up and bite us in the ass at the most inopportune times. I hope you’ve at least found time to perv on all the RobPorn generated by the trailers for Maps to the Stars and The Rover! Damned if Rob didn’t nail that Texas accent…I’m so proud *sniff!*
      Hoppy Easter to you, too, Bunny!

      • naughtyhisbella

        I agree, Rita. Our man did a fantastic job. I have perved over both trailers in the wee hours of the morning before work. I cannot wait for Cannes.

    • ClaireBamboozle

      Hi Naughty, it’s been lovely PMing with you too, glad you’re enjoying my fic.

  9. Ok since I has you all here I has a question for ALL the avid FF readers.

    Does EVERY Twi-FF story have to have hot smexy lemons for you to truly enjoy it? Would it rank as high on your recs to your friends if the story was fabulous but there was no sex involved??

    Just curious! Would love to hear from as many readers and authors as possible on this.

    • rita01tx

      Of course, we absolutely LUV lemony goodness but I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed some wonderful stories that didn’t have any…case in point:
      The Long Walk Home by Bsmog
      Broken by his experiences in the Civil War, Edward marches with Jasper and Emmett to Gettysburg. A stolen night’s sleep leads him to the girl he thinks could save him, but the battle rages on, and his duty could destroy them both. AH. Canon pairings.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 20 – Words: 84,130 – Reviews: 572 – Favs: 401 – Follows: 239 – Updated: May 29, 2010 – Published: Jul 1, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5181787
      Bless her heart…she gave us the lemon in an outtake LOL!

    • edwardsvamptramp69

      Well………………the “Twilight” (the original book) and the series for that matter, didn’t have any lemons and we all got hooked with that first book or first movie. And I have read some FF’s and there are some authors who don’t use lemons, and I’ve still enjoyed them. Though I would prefer at least SOMETHING. I think that’s why many of us gravitate to FF’s because we love the characters and feel the original was missing something. My opinion anyway. But yes……………….I have and would still read a story that didn’t include any lemons.:)

  10. christa64c

    I’m waiting on baited breath for Objects to complete!

    • rita01tx

      Don’t know as I can wait that long to find out if Edward ever gets outta the doghouse, Christa darlin’! However, I am optimistic LOL!

  11. Definitely snickering over the “blows it big time” comments. Yes, I’m a slashhoor too! I’m glad Paula mentioned that “Power Play” is slash, which I would never have gotten from the summary – ooh, and twin Edwards!
    Someone mentioned “Masen Manor”, too – I haven’t fallen this hard for a fic in quite a while. An imaginative AU premise, an engaging Bella, a splash of angst, a setting that physically reminds me of Hogwarts, and Drotuno for crying out loud … win all around!
    And yes, I agree Rita, The Dark Muse has just moved up on my list per FluffyLiz’s rec. “Just Right for Me” sounds intriguing too (I’m ready for some sweet).
    I also appreciate the more down to earth take on a fic that had so much buzz at one time. Good observation, Liz: ‘The beauty of true classics…is that their storylines and characterisations remain fresh in my mind…’ And you’re not alone, Rita – I’m noticing I’ve never read “High Anxiety” either!
    Hilarious: ‘You’re on “fic rest” until you give me the last chapter of Ride and Prejudice’.
    And on this subject: “Damned if Rob didn’t nail that Texas accent…” When is he going to make a movie where we get to hear his real accent???? I was hoping that in The Rover we would at least get an Aussie accent, but no! Sigh, maybe I’ll finally fall in love with the Texas accent. I’ll be in the corner being grumpy…
    See you next week, ladies,

    • rita01tx

      Always fun to exchange views and ideas about our favorite fics, Renee darlin’! And, as for Rob’s natural accent…are we all forgettin’ the deleted scene from Vanity Fair, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Haunted Airman, Bad Mothers Handbook, How to Be and Summer House? Pretty sure all those were 100% Rob LOL! However, it would be nice to see him do another film set in the UK.

      OH, HELL! {brain fart} Rob with a Scottish accent, wearin’ a KILT!!!

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