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Wet Rob Avi

Sunday Edition…’cause I forgot what day it was *DOH!*

Good afternoon, ladies!

I ain’t even kiddin’…thought today was Saturday and y’all wouldn’t even be mad I made you wait one extra day! Now, makin’ y’all wait TWO extra days is a cryin’ shame so I’m gonna make it up to you with one of the most fun fics I ever read!

But, before I get to that one, I have to explain how I lost a day…maybe two *facepalm!*  See, I was cruisin’ my TBR and this summary caught my eye:

It has been 8 long years since Edward left Bella on their wedding day. Bella has finally come back to Forks to visit Charlie, only to find that Edward has also returned, and he has been keeping a big secret from her.

“Big secret” was the kicker, so I dived in feet first! The name of the fic was Eight Years Later by JMeyer. Only problem is she’s long gone and so is the fic…lucky for me, I had it on pdf!

Edward looked different. Edward, the vampire, who remained unchanged for almost one hundred years, looked different. His hair had always been windblown and soft. I had run my hands through his bronze, silky hair countless times. Even now my fingertips tingled with memory. Looking at his hair now, it was nothing like I remember. It was much shorter, and darker.

Rob Attack

His skin had always been the palest of pale. Yet now, it was softened by a light tan. His cheeks and forehead were slightly pink, as if they were sunburned. And his eyes! His eyes had alternated between deep onyx and golden amber. But now they were a shining, brilliant emerald green.

“I, I don’t understand,” I finally spoke.

“Bella, we need to talk,” Edward said.

So begins the mystery of how Edward came to leave Bella on their weddin’ day but why did he stay away so long and what did the future hold for them?

Those were the questions that had me readin’ into the wee hours, forgettin’ everything! As is always the case, humans are more fragile and ephemeral than vampires, so I was a blubberin’ mess by the time I shut down my computer last night *sigh!*

Which brings us to the fun fic rec LMAO!

‘Cause after all the drama, you GOTS to have a good comedy, right? Otherwise, there’s no balance in our fanfiction universe!

Dirt Roads by Winehoes!

Rob Attack


Trucker hats, possums, and dirt roads. Shenanigans ensue. Is there really less trouble in the country, or are the kids just better at not getting caught? ExB, AH. Story contains mature themes.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 149,850 – Reviews: 1,366 – Favs: 1,013 – Follows: 742 – Updated: Jan 4, 2012 – Published: Aug 19, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7303130

Seventeen-year-old Bella enjoys the night life of New York City a little too much causin’ Charlie to drag her off to the backwoods of Alabama to a little town called Intercourse, of all things!

Bella is sure she’s landed in Hell until she meets…

…the boy with the craziest hair I’d ever seen sticking out from underneath his truckers hat made me want to straddle the railing on the porch and scream “yeehaw, giddy up boy!”.

When life throws you a situation so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not unreasonable to be a little pissed about it.

The Trucker Hat Dude smiled in a friendly way as he sauntered forward with what seemed like every intention of killing me with southern charm. I had other ideas…

 Of course, the rest of the gang show up as well and it doesn’t take long for Bella to figure out the advantages of partyin’ in the privacy of the deep woods surroundin’ Intercourse, Alabama!

Dirt Roads was my introduction to Livie79 and Iambeagle way back in 2011 and you know anything these crazy girls write is gonna be gooood…but together, they are fuckin’ awesome!

What fics have got you readin’ into the wee hours?

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Night Raider



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63 responses to “Random Rita ~ When There’s Somethin’ Different About Edward

  1. sandythestorm

    Ok so how do we get Eight Years Ago?

  2. Me next please!?! Would love to read Eight Years Ago!

  3. Can you send it to me as well. I would love to read it. Thanks!

  4. kitt

    oh, you mean” Eight Years Later” ??? I loved that fic! I read it early on in my fic reading..uhh…career(?)! I loved the progression of it, and Edward’s reasons for leaving Bella on their wedding day. In some ways the storyline plays out more closely to what I somehow expected to happen in the Saga itself. I bawled at the end too. It was very influential on me in deciding to write my own ff. And though here I sit what is it..5 years later …after reading it, I can recall so many details from it–when she goes to see him at the house, Pete, the bar, how things turned out with Jake, meeting her friends, Virginia, the flash of red eyes…the end! *cries* Yup, for me, it was the kind of fic that stays with you! Glad you found it Rita!!!!!

    • rita01tx

      That’s what I love about the Twilight fanfiction fandom, Kitt darlin’! One author inspires another and pretty soon we have so many wonderful stories to swoon over, includin’ yours, ’cause you KNOW I loved Harvard Can Wait …

      Growing up, Bella and Edward learn that being able to be yourself is 50% about where you are and 50% about who you are with. Short, One-shot length. E/B/the Handsome Man *Nominated for Fic of the Week at The Lemonade Stand 3 times*
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Suspense – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 24 – Words: 29,378 – Reviews: 624 – Favs: 366 – Follows: 199 – Updated: Nov 22, 2012 – Published: Jan 16, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 7745971

      and its sequel, Harvard Can Wait, no longer!
      Sequel to Harvard Can Wait. Their journey back to each other has just begun. How much does Bella remember about the meadow? Will their new lives at Harvard coax their journey along or stand in their way? If you read HCW, then you’ve come to expect twists, turns, and resolution in the very last chapter. Oh, and Bruno Mars music.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Friendship – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 37 – Words: 87,849 – Reviews: 593 – Favs: 86 – Follows: 112 – Updated: Jun 22, 2013 – Published: Nov 22, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8725927

      • kitt

        he he HCW may or may not have been the fic I was talking about being inspired to write. 😉 But it’s true, lots of inspiration in this fandom and lots of staying power! And thanks to you for embracing so many different genres of stories and then sharing them, including mine!

        thnx! ❤

        • rita01tx

          When minin’ for fanfic gold, you gotta follow where your nose takes you, Kitt darlin’! There’s not much I won’t read…or at least try once! I’m please everyone seems to like my recs. It’s fun to share!

  5. can you pls send me the link for ‘8 years later’ I dying here… x

  6. I would love to have a copy of Eight Years Ago and/or Eight Years later. You know, just in case one is a sequel or something……

    • rita01tx

      Well, I’m pretty sure the endin’ of Eight Years Later precludes a sequel, Deb darlin’! BTW…you have mail!

  7. Well Eight Years Ago sounds interesting as well as your latest recommendation. Would love to read both!

    • rita01tx

      Yvonne darlin’! You’ll need the pdf of Eight Years Later sittin’ in your inbox if you wanna read both these stories LOL!

  8. T

    Hi Rita

    Love all your recs I am so loving riptide at the moment and have to admit a moment of panic when I checked the site many times on Friday 🙂

    Just wondering if there is any chance you could send the PDF for eight years ago, I am always missing out on really good fics cause I am late to the party. Fluffyliz has been kind enough to send me a couple in the past x

    Love your site it is the best thing about Fridays, Liz recommended it years ago and I have been faithfully but quietly following you ever since.

    Thank you for all your hard work great recs and gorgeous Rob pics.


    Sent from my iPad

    • rita01tx

      Didn’t mean to skeer ja, Gabbyann darlin’! The older I get, the more days start all lookin’ alike LOL!
      Anyway, I’m real glad you’re enjoyin’ Riptide…it’s SUCH a great fic and that author deserves lots of love for givin’ it to us!
      Sent you a copy of Eight Years Later so can enjoy that one, too!

  9. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, I’d like a copy of the PDF too please…I promise I won’t read it for a while, I’ll just add it to my stash.
    Hope you’ve got over your little calender glitch this morning *snort* it gave me a giggle this morning. 🙂
    Hugs xx

    • rita01tx

      Susan darlin’! Just got notice my email wasn’t delivered to you.
      Please send me an email at RobAttack1@hotmail.com
      and I’ll reply with Eight Years Later as an attachment, OK?

      • rita01tx

        Got your email…pdf is on its way!

        • I’m confused … nothing new there … are Eight Years Ago & Eight Years Later two different fics? I have Eight Years Later, but if they’re different, could you send me Eight Years Ago too please? (iwantajacksper@hotmail.com)

          Thanks so much!

          • rita01tx

            *Facepalm!* Oh, hell…I’ve been callin’ it by the wrong name all this time and couldn’t understand why y’all were confused about the title LMAO!

            It’s definitely EIGHT YEARS LATER…there’s no fic called Eight Years Ago, as far as I know!

            • Oh hell … me too … I don’t know my own name most of the time so it’s no wonder I can’t keep fic names/authors straight! Thanks for clearing that up for me though! 🙂 Love the recs I get from here. I have over 7K pdfs but I can never remember them when someone asks by summary. If ya all are looking for something by author/title, give me a shout … I may have it & I’m definitely willing to share! 🙂

  10. rita01tx

    Sorry it took me awhile to get back to everyone! My DH was fixin’ a lamp and blew a fuse so I had to wait until he stopped fussin’ and got ‘er done before I could get back online LMAO!

  11. Just read the wonderful rec. Would love to read the pdf of Eight Years ago. This is my first time commenting to one of your recs so be kind.

  12. Sus

    Rita, would you please send me “Eight Years Later?” Toothlady2@aol.com…thanks a lot!


  13. bevey99

    I was really beginning to get worried about you, scared me a bit. Checked my in-box all day Friday, then again all day yesterday.. TG you woke up. Enough of the schmaltz, Please send me the fic too. XO Now here’s my rec for you. It’s an older fic that I found rec’d on Pinterest this week, and of course I read it until it was finished. Bella is a 3000+ year-old vamp, Edward is a 2 year-old newborn. Loads of different vamps and a history lesson woven into the story. Excellent writing.
    BRONZE By: mothlights
    Edward is a rebellious newborn lashing out at those who try to help him. At his wit’s end, Carlisle asks Isabella, the woman who was once his mentor, to take Edward in until his blood-lust cools.

    • rita01tx

      On it’s way, Bev darlin’! Read BRONZE quite awhile ago and remember it bein’ an awesome fic! Thanks for bringin’ it to our attention…just because a fic has been around awhile doesn’t mean it deserves to be forgotten!

  14. Great post Rita. Forwarded all the email to you personally before I read the post! *facepalm* Oh well! It’s nice to have a party on here again! I miss posting and miss talking to all the girls as well.

    *waves* Hey Everyone!! TG For Rita!

  15. Love your posts and the gorgeous pics of Rob. I also love your recs and have enjoyed reading many of them. Now you’ve got my attention with the fic Eight Years Later. Could you pretty please, with Edward on top, forward it to me? twi_light1fan@yahoo.com

    • rita01tx

      Hey there, Jacqueline darlin’! By now, your copy should be in your inbox! Glad to hear you enjoy my posts…drop in any time!

  16. Love your blog, I usually get my recs from your site! Would you mind sending me a pdf copy of Eight Years Later, as well. Thanks for all the great stories 🙂

  17. kitt

    If you find you like “Eight Years Later” and want to read another Alt Universe story where Bella is more grown up and set in her life (well set in her career, how could her life be set w/o Edward in it?) only to encounter Edward and the Cullens again, then “Sacrifices” by Enthralled is another one from the early days that might tickle your fancy.

    Edward sings to Bella in it as he asks her forgiveness….*swoon*


    • rita01tx

      Oooh, you had me at “sings,” Kitt darlin’! Movin’ this one up to the top of my TBR after years of neglect LMAO!
      Thanks, hon!

  18. Hi! Just letting you know that Eight Years Later is still available on Twilighted. I just finished it, after reading your rec and doing some detective work. Reaching for a tissue now. Thanks for you’re site. Eesti

    • rita01tx

      Wouldn’t have done me any good to know that, Eesti darlin’! Twilighted is the one fanfiction site I’ve never been able to log onto…my password just will not work, nor will any other password I change to!
      But, if you have the link, some of our readers might like to read it there!

  19. i have a long train trip in a few days…. need plenty reading material could you send it my way please??

  20. I love your blog! I would love to read eight years later, could you send me a copy?

  21. Could you please send me the Eight Years Later by jmeyer PDF is you still have it, thanks!! Kvgamble@comcast.net

    • rita01tx

      Hang on, Kellie darlin’! You should have it shortly!
      Nice to see people actually go back through our older posts to see what they missed LOL!

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