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Good evenin’, ladies!

Friday didn’t get away from me this time LMAO!

I have two great COMPLETE fics to rec today so let’s get this party started!

While I love pretty much every genre in the Twilight fanfic fandom, vamp stories will always hold a special place in my heart, especially when they’re as well written, excitin’ and movin’ as The Keepsake by Windchymes!

Rob Attack


Some things you never forget, they just hurt too much to remember.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 20 – Words: 165,561 – Reviews: 5,046 – Favs: 2,831 – Follows: 3,128 – Updated: Apr 16 – Published: Nov 19, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7562914

In this story, Edward never came back after leavin’ Bella in the woods. She fought her way back to a semblence of normalcy and is now goin’ to college.

One night, as she’s about to leave the library….

It’s almost seven o’clock and the library is almost deserted. They’ll be closing in ten minutes. Alex clears his stuff, offers to walk me out but I want to borrow one of the books so I tell him to go ahead without me.

I sling my bag over my shoulder, grab the book and flick through the pages as I walk, head down, between the stacks towards the Loans Desk. In the distance I can hear the Librarian’s voice; she’s giggling and even after just six weeks here I know that’s unusual, but before I can look up to see what’s caught her fancy my attention is drawn to the carpet and I stop.

My bookmark is lying on the floor.

I stare at it for a moment, knowing it can’t really be mine. There are probably hundreds like it.

I bend and pick up the strip of tan leather with its Celtic patterns of black dye. Some of the black is missing from the border around the edges, just like mine. Bewildered and confused I look absently at my bag. Had it been in there all along, only to fall out now? I shake my head, no; I’ve only had this bag since Christmas. I decide the bookmark probably isn’t mine. I turn it over and in the bottom corner see the tiny, faded single letter drawn in pen…B

It is mine.

My brain doesn’t know what to make of this. I try to build a connection, find a coincidence, something, anything that would explain it being here. I rub my thumb over the ridges of the pattern, making sure it’s real and not something I’m imagining.

Freaky, right? It gets even freakier!

“There it is,” his voice is as it always was – smooth, velvet. His eyes flicker down to my hand and back again to my face. “I think you’ve found my bookmark. I was hoping I’d left it here.”

He’s still smiling, politely, like we’re strangers. Like I’m a stranger. He holds out his hand, his long, pale fingers just inches from mine, but I can’t move. I’m like a deer in headlights. After a moment he reaches out and takes the leather strip from me, picking it up from the end so he doesn’t touch my skin, and then grasps it in his hand. “Thank you very much,” he says and turns to walk away.

What the everlovin’ fuck, you may well ask?

Read The Keepsake to find out *gigglesnort!*


Oh, and a huge shout out to Kitt {Tongue-Twied} for turnin’ me on to Sacrifices last Sunday in her comments!

Holy crap! I’m so lovin’ this fic and the last few nights have been loooong! I absolutely didn’t wanna shut down my computer and go to bed LMAO!

Rob Attack


When Edward left Bella, he did so in the hopes that she would have a happy, human life. What would happen if she did just that, but it turned out that things didn’t go as either of them planned? Edward & Bella AU

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 59 – Words: 322,466 – Reviews: 5,884 – Favs: 3,820 – Follows: 2,869 – Updated: Dec 22, 2013 – Published: Dec 11, 2007 – Status: Complete – id: 3940174

So, it’s been ten years since Bella last saw Edward and the Cullens. She’s teachin’ English Lit and Creative Writing in college.  Imagine her surprise when three new students suddenly show up to take her classes!

While I crossed the registration barrier to head to the front desk and requested the most recent class rosters assigned to me, I had, for a fleeting moment, felt that I was being watched. It’s possible that someone did have their eyes fixed on me. There were literally more than 200 people in the commons area of the registration office. Every someone had to be looking somewhere. However, it was an eerie feeling, one that wouldn’t let go. Just then, I caught a whiff of someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in some time. I thought to myself, this isn’t happening. You’re just not focusing. Get a grip on yourself!

I thanked the student employee who handed me my paperwork and was about to turn and head to my office when I saw a small, raven-haired beauty rush at me with almost Olympic speed. She grabbed me ever so gently before enveloping me into an almost rib-crushing hug. She released me, only to place a small kiss on my cheek. She had the biggest grin on her face, looking so happy, but then, just as quickly, her smile faded. A mixture of sadness and confusion spread to her beautiful, pixie-like features. She stood in front of me, looking exactly as she had when I had last seen her almost ten years earlier. Not since that horrible but fateful night…no phone calls, emails; no visits to let me know what had happened. She hadn’t even said goodbye. Still, I couldn’t help but look at her and mutter,

 “Hello, Alice.”

Intrigued? I certainly was!

= = = = = =

What fics have got y’all burnin’ the midnight oil?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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22 responses to “Random Rita ~ When Edward Just Isn’t Himself!

  1. Keepsake is one of my super faves! I’ve kind of been afraid to read Sacrifices….the summary is scary dark…just tell me, HEA? And I love my Vamps the mostest too….a few AH, but mostly vamps. I just read Stranger Than Fiction for the fifth time…so good!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, Robbie Elise darlin’! All I can tell you about Sacrifices is I’ve just gotten to the gooood part…if that’s any help LMAO!
      And thanks for remindin’ me about Stranger Than Fiction by MasenVixen! I’ve read it more than once, myself!
      Six years after Edward left, Bella’s written a bestselling book about a girl and the vampire who loves her. Edward returns to her, hell-bent on recapturing the happily ever after that he destroyed. AU. Rated M for lemons.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 28 – Words: 140,407 – Reviews: 8,720 – Favs: 7,174 – Follows: 4,812 – Updated: Jan 23, 2011 – Published: Jan 2, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5634545

  2. I really liked Keepsake, till the end. When he left to help Leah, I was gah!! Not fair. But I kept on reading and I did enjoy the ending.
    Great story 🙂 Great author! 😀

    • rita01tx

      Exactly, Debbie darlin’! I was all like WTF NOW!?!?! Just when you would expect them to start enjoyin’ their HEA…BOOM!
      However, it did allow a few loose ends to be tidied up and that’s always a good thing!

  3. Have read both and loved both. Also recommend Everclear and Everclear revamped by Chandler1200 – couldn’t stop once I started – loved Edward, Bella and Jasper and her additional characters were wonderful!

    • rita01tx

      FINALLY! Somone who has read and loved EverClear and the sequel(s) as much as I did! Smoochies & JumpyHugs, Sylvia darlin’! Hell, yeah, those were great! It didn’t hurt that I was into Evanescence, at the time, since Bella’s stage persona was kinda modeled after Amy Lee! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5014469/1/EverClear
      It’s been almost 5 years since that terrible day in the woods. Bella and Edward have both struggled with the devestating aftermath of their last conversation. Both have found solice in music, only in ways neither could have imagined.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Angst/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 42 – Words: 119,565 – Reviews: 1,519 – Favs: 1,170 – Follows: 327 – Updated: Oct 2, 2011 – Published: Apr 23, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5014469
      Some sequels don’t live up to expectations but this one absolutely did!
      After an explosive reunion in Atlanta, Bella and Edward find themselves in uncharted territory. On the road with EverClear, they must learn to cope with new found fame and an ever growing shadow that seems determined to block out their happiness.
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Suspense/Angst – Chapters: 39 – Words: 229,704 – Reviews: 1,708 – Favs: 600 – Follows: 223 – Updated: Oct 2, 2011 – Published: May 29, 2009 – Status: Complete – id: 5096436
      Great recs, hon!

  4. Today’s post was a double-dipped delight since I somehow overlooked Sunday’s post until this morning. I was a busy bee this morning. I grabbed Sacrifices (saw the rec in comments, thx!), Riptide (wasn’t sure about this one, but started reading the first few paragraphs, and I wanted more), Dirt Roads, and if the RecFairy grants wishes (*bats eyelashes at Rita*), Eight Years Later. Now I need to get The Keepsake. I thought I had this one, but I just checked and I don’t . Thank you for the recs!

  5. kitt

    You know what, I went looking for “The Locket” (couldn’t remember the name of the author but figured I’d know it when I saw it) to mention on Sunday’s comments as well. Didn’t find the story and decided maybe it was taken down because I know the author has gone on to publish her original work.

    Well perhaps the reason I couldn’t find it is because the story is called “The Keepsake” DUH on me!!! I loved the idea of the keepsake item (made so much old-fashioned Edward sense)and how it was found. Only read the beg to mid of the story but hadn’t made it back for the finishing.

    Thanks for another fun post, Rita!

    • rita01tx

      LOL! I feel your pain, Kitt darlin’! Nothin’ like tryin’ to remember a fic when your bwainz can’t provide either the author or the title *gigglesnort!* My neverendin’ TBR is a Word doc so I at least have a search option. I’ve started addin’ key words to the story summary, not that it helps when none of the ones I use to search deliver what I’m lookin’ for LMAO!

  6. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi honey, thanks for bringing more lovely fic recs our way. Both have been snaffled for reading later.
    Glad I didn’t need to remind you what day it was too, LMAO.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  7. I just finished reading Last Tango in Forks , even though I’ve read it several times. But this time it was read with a heavy heart, as it’s going to be pulled soon. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited that Awesomesauce 76 is pulling it to publish her awesome fic, but there is nothing like reading the original. It made me sad knowing that was Edward and Bella’s last tango. So that is my rec for Friday, Rita.

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, me too, Jackie darlin’! She deserves all the success she gets for such a great story {with some of the fuckhawtest lemons in the fandom}! Those of you who can read fast, here’s the link…you have about a week and a half left before it’s pulled. After that, we’ll have to rely on pdf’s if we want to enjoy the original!
      Bella Swan has spent a lifetime putting everyone else’s needs before her own. Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? AU/AH
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 34 – Words: 189,909 – Reviews: 16,703 – Favs: 8,748 – Follows: 5,713 – Updated: Jun 25 – Published: Apr 24, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5918985

  8. Oh hell yes, the lemons *fans self* If anyone is planning to speed read Last Tango, I think a spare panty(ies) warning should be issued 😉 If anyone comes across a pdf for LTiF, please send it my way. Thanks Rita!

  9. I love Keepsake, Bella and Edward are more mature, excellent story 🙂

    I hope that you can send me pdf of Eight Years Later

    Thanks 🙂


  10. OK, Rita, I give up. I can no longer resist, I HAVE to find out what I’m missing with “Eight Years Later”. After reading your latest post about Bella being lost in a blended family, I spun back through the last few because I thought I might have missed one (sure enough I did, and it was the “bad boy” one, for heaven’s sake – have to get right on that). So when I reread this post, that fic was just calling my name. So if you would be so kind as to send me a copy?

    Ooh, and I wonder if you have “The Diva Diaries” by KiyaRaven? It’s about to be published, I understand, but I never like the “sanitized” versions as well. Somehow I’ve been reading a string of angsty vamp fics, so a funny AH one would hit the spot.

    Thanks, Rita, and I hope the cooler weather is still with you. We were in the high 90s for a week in western Oregon, and we all thought we were going to die!

    • rita01tx

      You got mail, Renee darlin’! I know you’ll love both stories, especially The Diva Diaries…God, I FLUV KiyaRaven so hard, it ain’t even funny!
      Hope your heatwave breaks soon, hon! Even in Holland, we are sufferin’ high 80’s – mid 90’s with NO A/C!!!!!
      Lucky for us, my sweet DH installed ceilin’ fans just where we need them the most when we moved into this place loooong ago LOL!

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