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Wet Rob Avi

Good mornin’, ladies!

Kids back in school? Everybody back at work?

Guess that means summer vacation is over, which means no more distractions, so let’s get back to the important business of fanfiction LOL!

Our Friday Feature Fic is a short (16 chapters COMPLETE) and imminently sweet (but only where it needs to be) story by Aussie writer, Maxigrumpling!

Rob Attack

{this MelbieToast edit was perfect for the banner!}


He’s bored, lonely and longing. She’s already made the decision to change her life. He sees her dancing alone, she’s unaware. Their first introduction is a disaster. This is the story of how his public image might just lose him a chance to have it all and how he overcomes his personal demons to make her see the real Edward Cullen. Edw/Bella HEA. Jake lovers need not apply 😉

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 16 – Words: 158,077 – Reviews: 216 – Favs: 56 – Follows: 70 – Updated: Aug 19 – Published: Aug 16 – Status: Complete – id: 10622439

What first grabbed my attention was the richness of the narrative, detailed descriptions of the main characters and their environment(s), all of which painted a fabulous picture of two people broadsided by love when they weren’t even lookin’ for it!

The first time Edward sees Bella, only he doesn’t know it’s her…

And so there I stood. On the balcony enjoying my one, solitary act of pleasure in an otherwise bland existence, when I spied an extraordinary sight.

There was a girl.

If she was tall or short, plump or slim I couldn’t tell from the distance I spied her, but it was definitely a girl.

Her long dark hair told me so. It swayed as she swayed.

She was alone and swaying.

I tilted my head to hear better whatever music was playing for those that wished to dance and then looked back at the girl. She swayed exactly to the beat of the music. I doubted she could hear it as clearly as I could, but she kept perfect time all the same.

She looked so carefree, so …I don’t know what, but I was guessing she didn’t feel like I did at that point.

I felt lost. Inadequate. As though there was some fundamental part of my make up that was missing or faulty because I couldn’t seem to achieve what others were achieving.

But this girl. She looked content. Content enough and confident enough within herself to be outside, after dark, dancing alone.

The first time Bella sees Edward, only she doesn’t know it’s him…

I’d deliberately changed out of my uniform into plain clothing, no company logos or even anything in the same colours as either Swan Catering and Events or Cullen Enterprises. Just plain jeans, a white shirt and ballet flats. To anyone who didn’t know me I was just another employee wandering around having a good time and I liked the anonymity of that.

And that was a good thing because I was quite enjoying watching a copper haired man having a go at the shooting gallery. He appeared to be on his own and he was doing his best to hide his frustration at missing every shot.

The muscles in his back and shoulders were held taut in his thin blue shirt and I found myself missing seeing whether he’d hit something or not because I was distracted by the sight of him aiming.

He let off another shot and I heard him curse, though he did stop himself from muttering the entire word I still heard it and couldn’t help the bark of laughter that came out of my mouth.

He turned, fast, and I was met with two very pissed off, very green eyes staring at me.

“If you can do better you’re welcome to try, little girl,” he sneered.

There will be plot twists and turns…there will be drama and angst (but not too much), and there will be deliciously hot lemons galore when the sex genie finally gets let out of the bottle LMAO!

Oh, and one more thing…Maxi says at the beginnin’ of the first chapter:

“There is a song, by a band called Milky Chance, and the song’s title is Stolen Dance.

The part where the lovers dance is interrupted and he’s imploring her to ‘fetch back the time taken from us’. That struck a chord with me and this story is the result of my brain’s reasoning.”

Turns out I’d heard the song on my radio quite often as well but never paid any mind to the title or singer/band LOL!

Very catchy…I like it!

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider


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34 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

  1. I finished reading “The Waltz” the other night, and I loved it! I felt, too, that it was very topical after Robin William’s suicide and the outing of his severe anxiety issues.
    Thanks for rec’ing this!
    Is anyone else reading “Darnay Road” by Counselor? OMG, I cried all day over the chapter posted today. I think it’s completed, or almost….she didn’t have an A/N or anything
    Glad you’re still writing this blog! I look forward to it!


    • rita01tx

      This has been some week for bawlin’ our eyes out, Sus darlin’! First our beloved Robin and now our sweet Easy {of course, she was vague enough I’m hopin’ I’m just jumpin’ to conclusions} .
      I swear, if it wasn’t for Rob and that cute as fuck Ice Bucket Challenge, I’d need some counselin’ myself!!!
      Didn’t mean to scare anyone by not postin’…been chasin’ RobPorn for WEEKS, which is time consumin’ but in the best way LOL!
      Then I’ve been editin’ for Claire and RF {I’m so proud of their fics!} But, most of all, I’ve wasted my time readin’ a few fics I wouldn’t dream of bringin’ to your attention…they were so badly written, even the plot couldn’t save ’em!
      Needless to say, when The Waltz crossed my path, I was all “Yes!” *fist bump!* Finally got a good one to rec LOL!

    • rita01tx

      Heeey! Is that you readin’ Sweet Temptations along with me, “Just Sus?”

  2. Hi Rita,

    I finished to read The Waltz this week end , excellent story with great characters 🙂

    I read last week this one, it’s WIP

    By: LillianBroderick
    Successful in business, Edward keeps his personal relationships shallow. Then he meets sweet young Isabella who seems too good to be true. Strong, kind, determined and fiercely independent, will she let Edward help her to achieve more than just having the best croissant recipe in town? Jaded and suspicious, will he let Bella show him love can be sweet? EPOV; HEA; AH
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 52 – Words: 225,011 – Reviews: 1,746 – Favs: 928 – Follows: 1,427 – Updated: Aug 2 – Published: Jul 5, 2013 – id: 9458588

    The author is Aussie too , this story is in EPOV and as in The Waltz I love when he saw her for the first time.

    Have a great week end


  3. dpennell007

    I’m definitely going to read your rec. Looks goood! Right now I’m on ch14 of 26 of Breaking News. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5424559/1/Breaking-News
    It’s witty and wonderful.

    And of course I share EVERYONE’S anxiety about the latest update of Darnay Road. I’m praying she didn’t kill off Easy, but it sure felt like it for a minute there!


    • rita01tx

      Well, if it has to be anyone, I hope it’s Charlie, Donna darlin’, ’cause he’d be misssed about as much as a toothache LOL!
      And WTF? How have I never gotten around to readin’ WriteOnTime’s classic Breaking News? I’ll have to remedy that asap!

    • “The Waltz” has been a compelling read from the get-go. This Edward is seriously a split personality at times, & it all began to make sense as maxigrumpling revealed more about Edward’s secrets. Edward was lucky Bella thought he was worth it to keep soldiering on in their relationship after awhile.
      Regarding “Darnay Road” : I didn’t even think of it being Riley, especially since Bella talks about the influence the deceased was in her life. Unless Bella Christine & Riley became close friends after Easy left, it didn’t make sense to me for it to be anyone but Easy. Riley had been a pest at times, a big brother sometimes, & a jealous punk other times- so not exactly someone one remembers as life altering or defining.
      AKA jansails/jan2

      • rita01tx

        Hey Jan darlin’! Been seein’ you comment/review a lot of the same fics I’m readin’ LOL!

        In The Waltz, I was pleased as punch to find a Bella with a good head on her shoulders, as well as a good heart, of course! Certainly, Edward was astonished by her insights on more than one occasion!

        Well, Counselor started the last chapter with “Part 3” so I’m damn sure hopin’ it’s not complete…I NEED to know who bought the farm and I never thought of Riley either but he hasn’t been mentioned so I suppose it’s possible he got drafted. Gawd, I remember hopin’ my brothers didn’t get called up! The one didn’t wait to get the draft notice but joined the Marines {didn’t have to go to Nam, thank God} and the draft was dicontinued by the time the youngest was old enough to get called up. Some friends, however, weren’t so lucky.

    • Thank GAWD the Darnay Road mystery is solved! I cried all day when the chapter before was published. I was so sure she’d killed off Easy. I loved that story, especially since I was that exact age during the time it was written (yes, I’m old!). I remember clearly when my boyfriend left for ‘Nam…..Unfortunately, I didn’t wait for him, but we are still good friends after all these years!

      Read this story if you haven’t! It’s excellent!

  4. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi Rita, I don’t know how you keep finding these little gems, I’m just glad you do 😀
    Gonna send some more chapters of R+P later, for you to wave your magic wand over.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs xxx

  5. eewee333

    Hi Rita. Happy Friday. All I can say is thank God this week is OVER!! I look forward to reading The Waltz. I have been craving some good stories. Lately, it seems like I flounce everything. I’m thinking about flouncing the one I’m reading now. The writer definitely needs a beta and grammar Nazi to fix it up. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope its cool where you are, because it is 98 degrees today with a heat index of 110. My poor A/C is running it’s heart out. Send us some cooler weather will ya? Hugs, E 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Awww, Eewee darlin’! That’s been my problem as well, these past few weeks. Don’t wanna be mean by namin’ and shamin’ but damn I hate wastin’ my time on somethin’ I can’t even share with you guys *poutyface!*
      As for the weather, be careful what you wish for…I damn near put the heat on and it’s nowhere near October LMAO! It’s also been bucketin’ down since late last night.
      I tried to remind my 2 kitties they have an indoor potty but they just stared out the backdoor at the rain all day with Puss ‘n Boots eyes and eventually made a mad dash. Good thing I keep a towel handy for when they scramble back in LMAO!

  6. Well, I’m late to the party today, but I was thrilled you posted today. I want to thank you for rec’ing Masen Manor by Drotuno. What a well-written , wholly enjoyable story. I loved Deb’s original spin on cannon. I loved, loved, loved the relationship dynamics of her well developed characters. I read voraciously, then mourned when I was done. Anyone looking for the next fic to read, put MM right at the very top of your TBR list. It’s that good. Since I finished that, I read a couple of o/s, can’t remember off the top of my head and then a couple of eh stories. I’m reading one now that is so poorly written that I’m struggling to get through it. I don’t want to quit on it because someone took the time to write it for our entertainment. The storyline is ok, so I’m going to see it through. Oh, and wet Rob made my week!

    • rita01tx

      Couldn’t agree more on Masen Manor, Kay darlin’! It can’t be rec’d enough, right? Sooo good!
      And I’m relieved to hear from both you and Eewee that it wasn’t just me runnin’ into a bad batch of fics…thought I was losin’ my nose LMAO!!!

    • Masen Manor is beautiful story, drotuno is great writer, her Angels series are great too.
      I love a lot her story Fate Interrupted


      What if Edward never returned to Carlisle after his “rebellious” phase? What if he and Bella were always meant to be? How do you pledge yourself to your mate if your life isn’t yours to begin with? AU ExB Vampires…Rated M
      Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Adventure – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 10 – Words: 99,825 – Reviews: 779 – Favs: 808 – Follows: 441 – Updated: Aug 20, 2012 – Published: Jun 2, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7043677

  7. Speaking of “Masen Manor,” it’s one of my all-time favs. Could anyone please send me a pdf. of this story? I can’t figure out how to make one.
    Please send to my email, Toothlady2@aol.com!

    Thanks in advance,

  8. Thanks as always, Rita. I was delighted to see the rest of maxi’s catalog, too, as there look to be a number of yummy AUs waiting for me!

    I’ve recently gotten diverted by the AH classic “Pistols and Petticoats” by Saltire884, which of course was pulled long ago. I found this site that has a bounty of PDFs for your downloading pleasure:
    Did everyone know about this site except me??

    I also read “New Life” by cowza, a charming first fic, AU with a wonderful Emmett. And a hybrid baby without all the grisly horrifying stuff.

    I got this one from your Rome Rob post, and I continue to love it, almost as much as I loved Masen Manor, which is saying something: “Angelus Ardens” by cullenboyz

    And re the ALS challenge video? Almost as much as I loved the wet T-shirt (thank you, goddess, for low-rise jeans), I loved hearing Rob talk. With all the American accents in his movies, I miss hearing his real voice.


    • rita01tx

      Good mornin’, Renee darlin’! I’ve heard of Perusin’ the Shelves but I leave the navigatin’ of it to Claire…she’s the expert and my go to person for lost fics LOL!
      New Life by Cowza is new to me and I look forward to checkin’ it out {just had a quick look at chapter 1 and looks real good!}
      Angelus Ardens own my ass right now and I can hardly wait for the next update *sigh!* It’s sooo good!
      Oh, Gawd…WetRob! Everything about that man lures me in LMAO! I especially loved that little smile at the very end! Talk about an arrow straight through the heart *THUD!*

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