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Good evenin’, ladies!

You can’t imagine how excited I am to bring today’s fic to your attention!

If you’ve ever watched a Charlie Brown cartoon and seen Snoopy do his dance of joy, you’ll know how happy I am to rec An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by M81170, which was marked complete on January 5, 2015, exactly five years from the date the first chapter was posted on January 5, 2010!!!

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A first kiss, a first dance, a first curse word shared between best friends. This is the tale of a boring, young geek and the social pariah who thought the world of him. A tale of growing up. A tale of a Non-Romantic Romance.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Humor – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 43 – Words: 232,358 – Reviews: 14,521 – Favs: 7,123 – Follows: 7,033 – Updated: Jan 5 – Published: Jan 5, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 5642262 x

You already know how much I adore fics where Edward and Bella have been together since they were children and THIS fic is the reason why!  Waitin’ for updates was agonizin’ and I had to go to my happy place {here} between them LOL! But was it worth the wait? Hell yes, it was!!!

“My name is Edward Cullen, I’m thirteen years old. My home phone, beeper, and fax number are all on that card.”

Wow, this guy was smooth. How many other girls had this card in their backpacks (or purses)?

“How many other girls have this card?” I blurted out and internally punched myself in the nose.

His cheeks reddened, and damn that was really cute. I internally slapped my wrist for thinking the word “damn.”

“Um, I actually just had them printed up,” he muttered. I internally let out a sigh, and then decided I was sick of doing everything internally and held out my hand.

“My name is Bella Swan. I just moved here from Phoenix to live with my dad. I actually don’t know my phone number. It’s really nice to meet you, though.” He nodded but seemed hesitant to reach out and shake my hand. I saw him covertly wipe his hand on his jeans, but it was still a little sweaty when he placed it in mine.

I couldn’t bring myself to care, though, because I was actually holding hands with a boy. And by holding, I meant shaking, but really it was the same thing. And maybe it was just my imagination, but I thought he held my hand longer than what was necessarily polite for the circumstance. And the heavens opened up and angels sang as I realized I had found my soul-mate. I was meant to be with this boy.

Of course all of this was completely ruined by the next five words out of my mouth. “You aren’t gay, are you?”

Is that cute, or what? At this stage, they couldn’t be more opposite! It’s how they manage to survive together that makes it the most wonderful journey from childhood to adulthood you’ll ever read!

Rob Attack

{banner by maimu}

There’s also a companion fic to go along with it called The Misadventures of Daisy and Swirl and I’ll be readin’ it myself this weekend!

Rob Attack


“Daisy bit her lip and nodded, trying hard not to audibly moan. The way Swirl wielded his hammer rendered her speechless.” For the moments that boring, young geeks and social pariahs share – snapshots from Swirl and Daisy.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Humor/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 33 – Words: 21,390 – Reviews: 1,048 – Favs: 807 – Follows: 901 – Updated: Jan 4 – Published: Jun 19, 2010 – Status: Complete – id: 6065116

If this is anything to go by, it’s a MUST READ, as well LOL!

“Body Lotion and the Dangers of Sensitive Material”

. . .

“Edward, what is this doing here?”

Swirl looked up from the computer screen, before he frantically scurried across the room, stumbling over his feet, in order to snatch the bottle of Strawberry Delight body lotion from Daisy’s hand “What the hell are you doing with that?” he asked, maybe a bit more panicked than he intended.

“I was looking for the t-shirt release forms,” Daisy lied, crossing her arms over her chest.

“In my nightstand drawer?” Swirl shrieked. He kept some very sensitive, uh, material in there.

Daisy shrugged and asked again, “So, what is it doing here? Did you take it from my bedroom?”

“Of course I didn’t!”

“But it’s the exact same kind I use,” she said.

“Yes, I know,” Swirl said reluctantly.

Daisy stood there with an expectant cocked eyebrow and a small pout on her lips. From that one look alone, Swirl knew that she would not give up easily. He couldn’t tell her the truth, though — it would freak her out.

“Your scent is like a drug to me,” he blurted under the pressure of her gaze. By the slight softening of Daisy’s expression, he could tell he had said the right thing. She was a strange girl. “And it just so happens I can get it at Bath and Bodyworks on sale for $19.99.”

“Do you use it or something?” Daisy asked, more than a little flattered that Swirl adored her so much.

“No, of course not.”

“Then why is like half of it gone?”

Swirl froze, trying to come up with an explanation that did not include the intimate details of exactly what he used the lotion for: “Massage?”

What are you readin’ this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


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27 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. dpennell007

    Both of those stories look adorable! I’m definitely adding them to my list. After reading Raw and Rosy last week, I had to follow up with the collection of outtakes: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6225783/1/Raw-and-Rosy-Revisited

    I also read a cute one on the train to work: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4694385/1/The-Nymph-and-the-Waterfall

    • edwardsvamptramp69

      I JUST finished “The Nymph and the Waterfall” and strangely enough, it was the VERY first story I put on my TBR list back in 2009 when I discovered FF!

      Loved it!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, Donna darlin’! I ADORED The Nymph and the Waterfall. You’ve just made me wanna read it again LOL!
      As for Raw and Rosy, it really expanded my horizons to all the different genres I enjoy readin’!

  2. edwardsvamptramp69

    Looks yummy, Rita! “Added” to my list.;)

    I just started reading “Grand” by CaraNo……….she kills me with everything she writes…………..*sigh*

    • rita01tx

      Hey, Paula darlin’! Wasn’t Grand originally a trilogy that she crammed back into one fic? I read the original Grand and the sequels but I assumed this Grand was just a rehash so I didn’t bother. Was it?

      • edwardsvamptramp69

        I didn’t read the original one, Rita, but based on past comments it appears so; it also sounds like she “fine tuned” it a bit before reposting it. I’m only on ch. 21, but she’s got like 62 so I’ve got some reading to do.

        But in any event, if she did repost it, I’m so glad she did because I can’t believe I missed this little baby when she originally posted it!!! Now, that would have been a crime! “OH!” as Junior would say…………

        • rita01tx

          It was beautifully written but Junior is one huge male chauvenist pig LMAO! He can’t help it…it’s the way he was brought up, their whole culture! Of course, I can totally see how he gets away with it ’cause he’s such a hot piece of man meat *sigh!*

          • edwardsvamptramp69

            Exactly;) Edward can do anything and pretty much get away with it in the fandom…………or else, why would we be here?:):):)

            • rita01tx

              There you go! *fist bump!*

              Oh, crap! Did you see AngryBadgerGirl pulled all her fics? Damn, I hate when that happens!

              • edwardsvamptramp69

                WHAT?M^%^*&())*$#%^^&*(*() I HATE it when that happens! I can only hope and pray I don’t still have some of her stories on my TBR list! I’ll have to check it later when I get home from work.
                Thanks for the heads up, Rita!

  3. Thank you Rita … now on my TBR list..
    I can’t believe that AngryBadgerGir pulled her stories I am in love with TNGUS(still on TWCS), the same goes for TwiFan30…

    • rita01tx

      Not familiar with TwiFan30, Zveka darlin’! If you have anything of hers to share, you know where to find me LOL!
      AngryBadgerGirl also wrote under a different name…McVampy, and those fics are gone as well. Frenemies was freakin’ awesome, damn it!!!

  4. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi honey, thanks for the recs. As always I have them stored on my e reader for when I get some time to read…that’s the great thing about hoarding fics, unlike collecting anything else, no one will ever see how out of control your obsession is, lol.
    BTW, I spoke with NaughtyHisBella, she said she’s not forgotten about us, just been really busy and she asked me to let you know and to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 😀

    • rita01tx

      We are like icebergs, ClaireBear…90% of our obsession is hidden away *gigglesnort!*
      And thanks for the note about Naughty! Look forward to seein’ her again soon!

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