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Afternoon, ladies!

Again, I’ve been blown out of my socks by the first chapter of a WIP, which means I’m not even gonna wait for chapter 2 to post to tell you about it!

In fact, THREE WIP’s have grabbed me this week!!!

Rob Attack

 {banner by Cared}


Follow Professor Swan as she flees her academic life in Massachusetts and goes on the lam. But when her truck breaks down in a small North Carolina town, will the love of a simple man and the friendship from a couple of bat-shit crazy waitresses be enough to save her? “We ain’t Flo and Alice, Hun, but we’re all you got.”

Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama – Bella, Edward – Words: 1,714 – Reviews: 29 – Favs: 32 – Follows: 81 – Published: 10h ago – id: 11007954

Every school in the United States, and most likely, in the world, has a beloved educator, bar none.

From the smallest elementary school to the largest university, there is that one teacher, counselor, professor, or college Dean, to whom everyone gravitates. It’s almost as if they have within their very beings, a magnet that draws students inside their offices for deep discussions about deteriorating grades, or for a nonsensical discourse about the questionable entrées dished up weekly in the student dining hall.
His students (for it is most often a position filled by a man) simply adore, no, revere him.

He is the man about campus, the person you want to be, or failing that, wish to be with; a true legend in the making.

His colleagues attempt in vain to emulate his style, and pattern themselves after his character, but unfortunately for them, they fall short, abominably.

He is in a class of his own.

He has that certain something, which the French call Joie de vivre, a joy of living, an exultation of spirit, if you will. It can never be imitated or learned regardless the effort one employs.

It is simply innate.

At Haworth-Adams, where I am a Professor of Literature, we had James Witherdale.

First off, I was struck by the truth about beloved educators! We all have/had them! So, what happens to make Bella run away screaming?  You’ll have to read to fine out *wicked evil laughter!*

And, in case you don’t want to wait until WtWAB#U is complete, Jane-with-a-y has 2 complete fics on her profile!


Rob Attack


Bella is a powerful woman,being wife of Edward Cullen,the head of mafia family of USA.Having lost her parents to human trafficking at the age of twelve,she never expected her adoptive family,the Cullens,to be involved in crets unveil and plots unravel,as she finds herself on the run from everyone she ever knew.But where do you hide,when your husband owns the entire country?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Crime – Words: 1,248 – Reviews: 11 – Favs: 28 – Follows: 50 – Published: 14h ago – id: 11007462

Bella sat there unmoving, her arms folded in front of her, moodily looking at the wall, instead of the Native American sitting across the small table. She silently cursed herself for the millionth time, as she heard him ramble on, trying to get her to speak. She had taken her black Mercedes this morning and peeled out of the house, without the driver or any of her bodyguards, and now she was regretting her decision.

For the last hour, Jacob Black, her childhood friend, the one she made mud-pies with, was trying to convince her to confess against Edward, against the Cullen family; the head mafia family of the entire US.

Bella could feel her heart thumping loudly; she had to remind herself to breathe. She struggled to remain unmoved, to maintain the perfect mask she had been wearing since she came here. There was nothing the Cullens were not involved in; they were into everything- arms and weaponry, drugs, oil, money laundering- if it was illegal, the Cullens did it.

Except one thing. One thing that Edward had promised her the family would never get into. He had promised her that no matter what happened, he would never get into the thing that changed her life in a second, had taken away her parents at just twelve years of age and thrown her into the world of crime.

“Human Trafficking.”

Holy crap! I had so many questions at the end of chapter 1 and I can’t wait to get the answers *squeee!*

Unfortunately, this author has no complete fics on her profile so it’s either dive straight in or wait LOL!


Rob Attack

 {banner by Cared}


This was going to be a fresh start; a new beginning, in a far off place. But what happened that night, on a dark road near Maxwell changed everything for Bella.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 22 – Words: 82,264 – Reviews: 1,609 – Favs: 692 – Follows: 1,146 – Updated: Nov 23, 2014 – Published: Dec 2, 2013 – id: 9894117

We had been on the road for more than four weeks, slowly making our way from a small town near Atlanta to the newly opened Oklahoma Territory. Having been recently hired as the sheriff of a small, but growing town, my Pa was looking forward to a fresh start for the two of us.

My mother, Renee, had died in childbirth, leaving a grief-stricken husband to care for a tiny, newborn girl. Of course, he had no idea what to do with a baby, much less a baby girl, so I grew up being entertained by the town drunk in the holding cell, and the occasional thief or gunslinger when they were caught. These circumstances did nothing for me socially, and I became the outsider, the strange girl who spent her time in places a lady should never be.

Without even realizing it, I shifted in my seat once again, causing Pa to glance over to watch me as I rubbed my hand across the back of my neck and rolled my shoulders.

Clearing his throat, he tried to distract me.

“This will be good for us, Bella. Who knows, we might just find you a man.”

So, we know what brings Charlie and Bella to the frontier town of Maxwell, Oklahoma, but what about Edward?

 Dr. Cullen dropped his gaze to the table, frowning for a moment before clearing his throat. When his eyes met mine, they were blazing with an intensity I had never seen.

“My name is Edward, and I prefer that to Dr. Cullen, at least from your lips,” his eyes dropped to my mouth for a moment before returning to hold my gaze once again. “I moved here from Chicago just over a year ago. My parents still live there, as does my sister and her husband. I enjoy the challenges life in Maxwell brings me, and have no desire to live in the big city again, as I am quite content to care for the good people here. I have never had a wife or children, and will be twenty nine on my next birthday.”

He placed some money on the table before he stood and offered his hand, “I truly believe this will be good for the both of us, Bella.”

What the hell? How did she wind up with Edward and where’s Charlie? This is Hopesparkles’s 3rd fic, the last two completin’ in 2012, so I’m excited to take this ride with her!

WIP or complete, what fics have you been readin’ this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider



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17 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fics!

  1. Thanks Rita…. my TBR list alert list … is longer and longer every Friday.. with great stories you rec’d 🙂
    I already have He came Along on alert didn’t start yet to read but I loved a lot Hopesparkles story From This Day Forward

    Well I have two WIP too… first is Sci/Fic….

    Given all of our current theories on evolution and natural selection, we have never come close to explaining the large leaps that some species are able to achieve…until now. Until HER.
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Sci-Fi/Romance – Bella, Edward – Chapters: 32 – Words: 116,299 – Reviews: 329 – Favs: 184 – Follows: 289 – Updated: Jan 29 – Published: Oct 26, 2014 – id: 10782553

    and LillianBroderick who wrote Sweet Temptations have new story
    Mister Fancy Pants and Busy Bee are like oil and water, they do not mix. They’re competing for top academic spot at Forks HS when fate intervenes. Busy Bee has a secret and when it comes to light it changes everything. Bee’s been doing it tough but this girl is no push over. Omniscient 3rd person (wtf that means). There’s some humour in here too. AH, HEA, mostly canon.

    I just started to read this one and I love it…

    • rita01tx

      Yay! Thanks for the sci-fi rec, Zveka darlin’! Sounds like a good one! The author is new to me so I put her on author alert!
      Already had Busy Bee and Mister Fancy Pants on my TBR but I haven’t started it yet! As many WIP’s as I have goin’, I should probably wait until it’s further along!

  2. bevey99

    I put these on Alert, but not going to start them until there are more chapters posted. I have so many WIP that don’t post for months. Which brings me to what I’m reading, Ruthless and Ivory. It took her forever to finish. It’s a good story, as you know, but I want to screen at her to clean up all the grammar and misspelled words. One chapter had about 15 and that is so off-putting for me. She had a pre-reader and beta. Okay, enough w/ the rant. I’m also trying to read through the May to December Contest. I was caught until yesterday. There are a couple of stand-outs, not all are good though.

    • rita01tx

      It’s a gamble every time, Bev darlin’! And, although patience ain’t exactly my strong suit, I’ve waited years for some WIPs to finish and celebrated when they finally did! Others…well, I enjoyed what there was and buried them deep in the dark recesses of my TBR!

      I too despaired of all the boo boos in Ruthless and Ivory and, had the story itself not been so wildly addictive, I never would have finished it and I don’t flounce easily! However, end of the day, my eyes simply ignored them and I devoured it from start to finish!

  3. Hello ladies. Let’s see. I have a lot of catch-Up reading to do. It took me forever to finish P.A. Lassiter’s entire saga retelling, including all the extras and such. Since then I’ve read a couple of stories that were rec’d here; Blame it on the Mistletoe and Dirty Dancing with the Devil Herself. Enjoyed both. I’m currently reading and thoroughly enjoying rinabina’s Foul Territory. I love hot Baseballward. I got a bit distracted this morning-quite unintentionally and unexpectedly- by lellabeth’s Sky Full of Stars. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10662418/1/
    Wounded by life and war, Garrett’s looking for solace in the arms of someone who’ll help him make sense of the world he’s returned to. Edward’s been living on the fringes for years, but the scarred man he meets makes him want to step back into the open. Daddy-kink
    Not what I typically read (although I have read a couple of excellent slash stories), so I wasn’t interested when I read the description, BUT then I read several glowing reviews and got curious. One chapter became two, then we’ll I’m on chapter 5. It’s only 17 chapters long, and so far it’s a very quick and very touching read. I’m quite taken with these characters and look forward to seeing how these two souls find their happiness.

    • rita01tx

      What did you think of the Lassiter fics, Kay darin’? Haven’t dared dive in yet as I’m afraid I’d drop off the face of the earth for at least two months LOL!
      Foul Territory was rinabina’s first multi-chapter fic and I remember how nervous she was to post that first chapter LOL! It was such a good story and I fell so in love with her hot Baseballward *THUD!*
      Sky Full of Stars was definitely a shall I read it or shall I not fic and I’m so glad I took the chance to read it ’cause, in the end, it was a beautiful love story *le sigh!*

      • Well my brain actually felt a little fried because there was just too much there to read and I read it all. It was a massive undertaking for PAL to do an entire EPOV Saga. I always love a good EPOV. I very much enjoyed revisiting the original storyline we all fell in love with. Midnight Sun II was excellent. Her future takes and Edward’s diary were interesting too, but by then I was ready to read something else. I should’ve took a break and went back to it. She put an incredible amount of work into her fics and their worth reading, but at a more civilized pace, lol. That being said I loved being in Edward’s mind throughout her journey. She done good!

        • rita01tx

          Glad to hear it! I keep tellin’ myself “one of these days!”

          • rita01tx

            As it is, I’ve just acquired the entire Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning…author of the FaeFever series, and if you haven’t read any of her stuff, it’s seriously goood!!!

            • Rita, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I am not familiar with either of these series. Is this original fiction or fanfic. I’ll have to look up the author.

              • rita01tx

                Ah! Original fiction. RobsFan~tasy bugged me for years to give them a try and, once I did, I got well and truly hooked LOL!

                • I’m going to have to check her out. Thank you for the Rec. And keeping with my mini-theme of ignorance today- OMGEEEE!!!! I nearly flounced on SFoS when I got to the “Daddy” part. I figured this was sort of a twist on D/s dynamics, where some guys craved more delicate-natured guys to nurture, which is the underlying sentiment I feel with these two broken souls. I was cool with that, but the Daddy thing is a bit sqickish for my tastes. I’m not going to flounce, because it’s told in such a very beautiful way, and these are two very grown, consenting men, who look like full grown men.

  4. Another great week of killer recs! Sooner or later, I’m going to have to quit my job so I can finally get all of these wonderful stories read!

    • rita01tx

      Oh, Christa darlin’! That’s what I thought when I retired…that I’d have all this time to read! But it’s still not enough to get to all of them LMAO!

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