Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

Wet Rob Avi

“Eenie meenie chili beanie, the spirits are about to speak!”

Bullwinkle J. Moose

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Evenin’ ladies!

Midnight approaches and I’ve been readin’ all day tryin’ to finish today’s rec in time but it wasn’t to be…I’m still 10 chapters from the end!

Still, that’s no reason to keep it from you now, is it? NO!

And after what I did to you WIP Wussies last week, this one’s COMPLETE!

Rob Attack

banner by AstridGreenEyes


When Edward Cullen’s soul separates from his body after a car accident, he realizes it’s going to take a lot more than jumping back into it to get his life back. Fifty days should be plenty of time to find three tears of pure love, right? Based on 49 Days and Pure Love.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Supernatural – [Edward, Bella] Jasper – Chapters: 38 – Words: 87,358 – Reviews: 437 – Favs: 147 – Follows: 222 – Updated: Feb 3 – Published: Sep 26, 2014 – Status: Complete – id: 10717411

As you can see from the summary, Edward’s body and soul have parted company and he’s gonna need a little divine intervention to get it back…enter Scheduler!

Edward’s eyes widened as he saw his body carried out of the mangled Aston Martin. His head was bleeding profusely, and his eyes were closed as the EMT’s hurriedly transferred his body onto a stretcher and eventually, brought to the ambulance.

“What the hell happened?!” he fisted his hair in confusion. “That can’t be me! I’m right here!”

“Actually, that is you. Or, your body, anyway.”

Edward spun around at the voice. What he saw was a petite girl with spiky black hair and the most ridiculous outfit he’d ever seen.

Seriously, who wears gold tights with a pink tutu?

“Like you haven’t seen women in eccentric clothing before,” the girl scoffed as she came closer.

“Who are you?” Edward asked warily.

“You can call me Scheduler,” the girl grinned. “And I’m here to help you.”

 And, since he’s a spirit, he won’t be able to physically facilitate his search for the three tears without a host!

“Him?” Edward clarified as he looked at the man who brisk walked towards them. He was tall, probably around Edward’s height, and had a lanky built. His shaggy blond hair kept getting in his blue eyes’ line of vision, so his hand constantly worked to keep them away.

“Yeah, that’s definitely him,” Scheduler nodded. She followed the blond man as he entered the diner, Edward not far behind her.

“Jasper, there you are!” an elderly waitress – Shelly, her nametag said – exclaimed once the door opened. “I was beginning to worry, honey. You’re almost an hour late.”

“I know, I know,” Jasper huffed as he removed his jacket. “Is Mel mad?”

Shelly scoffed. “Of course not. Anyway, it’s not like we’re in the middle of a bustling dinner service here. It’s midnight after all.”

“Good point,” Jasper smiled as he donned an apron. “So, what needs to get done around here?”

Poor Jasper doesn’t know what the hell’s happenin’ to him…there are holes in his memory and he’s missin’ blocks of time! Little does he know Edward has the day shift while he’s stuck with the night shift LOL!

Not gonna give away all the plot twists and turns and, believe me, there are plenty! Just when you think you’ve got things figured out BAM!

All-in-all, I’ve been enjoyin’ the hell outta this fic and plan to finish it before I go beddies *gigglesnort!*

Rob Attack

banner by AstridGreenEyes

What fics have been hauntin’ you this week?

Happy Friday, y’all!


Night Raider




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24 responses to “Random Rita ~ Friday Feature Fic!

  1. ClaireBamboozle

    Hi honey, I decided to make an effort to be early this week 😀
    Love the look of this one, supernatural stories are right up my street.
    As you know, I’ve been a little wrapped up with changes to my own plot line these last couple of days, but I have been sneak reading a couple of MandyLeigh87’s short fics,
    Bella moves to the East Coast when she inherits a house and lands a job at the local fishermen’s bar. There she discovers the sea is just as unpredictable a
    s the young lobstermen she falls for. Rated M. BxE mini fic
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Mystery – Chapters: 19 – Words: 27,163 – Reviews: 1,023 – Favs: 670 – Follows: 421 – Updated: Nov 11, 2011 – Published: Oct 5, 2011 – Status: Complete – id: 7437815
    and I’m around 3/4 through this one.
    They called her the girl in the creek. I just knew her as my older sister. And she was murdered when I was twelve years old. BxE AH Rated M
    Rated: Fiction M – English – Crime/Romance – Edward, Bella – Chapters: 30 – Words: 38,497 – Reviews: 2,241 – Favs: 1,110 – Follows: 1,060 – Updated: Nov 27, 2012 – Published: Apr 15, 2012 – Status: Complete – id: 8026970
    Have a great weekend xxx

    • rita01tx

      Oh, yeah! Our MandyLeigh87’s quite a prolific writer! I’ve read both of those fics…must not have been all that impressed with The Wharf since I only gave it 2 stars, but The Girl in the Creek was a damn good read!
      One of these days, I need to tackle the rest of her stuff…there are still quite a few I haven’t read yet!

  2. Happy Friday ladies and happy QotD release day! Fingers, toes, legs crossed for strong reviews for Life. As for my reading, your rec looks good. One of my all-time favorite supernutural fics, is The Lost Boys. It’s one of the first fics I ever read. And of course the great Mason Manor is a nee favorite supernutural fic. This week I read Goodbye Peter Pan, which I absolutely LOVED!!!! So, so, so good. I just completed Swallow to a Dove, which you rec’d a couple weeks back. It was a lovely story. It had heart, drama and funny awkward moments. Next up for me? Trying to decide between Plight Thee My Troth (keeping with your period recs) or, Summer of Salt, which I’ve been meaning to read forever.

    • rita01tx

      Just been over at Robsessed to read the reviews comin’ in on QotD and, except for Rob’s portrayal of T.E. Lawrence, the movie isn’t gettin’ very good reviews. Majority think a little judicious prunin’ would bring a marked improvement, Kay darlin’!
      It won’t matter to me since I’ll be goin’ just to watch Rob anyway LOL!
      The Lost Boys! OMG! I FLUVED that fic so hard! I assume it was her only fic since it’s the only one of hers I have pdf’d…gave it 4 stars! It doesn’t have a summary so my TBR notes say: “Edward & Bella channel the ghosts of Nick and Nora Charles.”
      Those of you who remember The Thin Man movies from the 30’s & 40’s will get the reference LOL!

      • rita01tx

        Uh oh! You’ve just lost me for an hour or two…found an old Topper movie on YouTube! I liked Topper even better than The Thin Man…maybe because it has GHOSTS LOL!

      • Yes, I was disappointed by the QotD reviews, outside of Rob’s generally positive reviews. That’s why my fingers were so tightly crossed for stronger showing for Life. So far the early feedback coming back seems quite positive. Did I also say that I read Foul Territory. I think you rec’d that one too, no? If so I thank you because I adored the check out of it. And if you didn’t read/ rec it, then I can rec it for your consideration. I did want to beat that hot first baseman about his head and person with his catcher’s mit on a couple of occasions, but baseballward was pretty great!

        • rita01tx

          Oh, yes! I definitely enjoyed Foul Territory which I think cropped up in the comments…haven’t actually featured it as a rec!

          So lookin’ forward to what LIFE brings to the table *fingers crossed!*

    • rita01tx

      Haven’t read Goodbye Peter Pan yet, Kay darlin’, although it’s high on my TBR so…one of these days LOL! I also keep meanin’ to read Summer of Salt and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I haven’t!!! You go first and let me know what you think LOL!

  3. What an original idea. I will definitely be checking this one out. Sleep tight, Rita!

    • rita01tx

      Hehehe! Damn time zones…I’ve already been beddies and now I’m wide awake again, Christa darlin’! And I did finish Fifty Days last night…what a ride!!!

  4. bevey99

    I worked through ALL of the May to December Romance Contest Entries. A handful stood out. But I don’t know if I can rec my favorites, before voting ends. A couple had completely original ideas IMO. You all should try to read through them.

    • rita01tx

      I’ll probs see a lot of them pop up once the contest is over and the authors are allowed to post them on their profiles, Bev darlin’! I’m so terrible at guessin’, I prefer to know who wrote the entries LOL!

  5. Rita you crack me up. First of all, “Eenie meenie chili beanie”! I used to love Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I’d forgotten all about that phrase.

    You really have been on a WIP roll lately, so you must have been getting whining from the “WIP Wussies”. I’ve sampled and gotten hooked on a number of WIPs on the strength of your recommendation. Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it – it’s Rita’s fault I have more FFn “follows” than shoes in my closet.

    Fifty Days to Heaven looks really intriguing, sort of a spin on Heaven Can Wait (love the Julie Christie/Warren Beatty version of that movie). And at least the host he draws is Jasper – not bad. (Too bad Jamie Dornan wasn’t available) And I already love Alice as the Scheduler!

    Oh, and in (sort of) related news, have you seen the summary for the new story from Simaril? It’s called “The Girl in the Meadow”:
    Bella arrives in Forks with a lifetime of memories of Edward and their time together. The only problem is that Edward hasn’t met her yet. Time travel, love and forever share in a story of longing and waiting for the right moment to start their forever. Twilight/New Moon AU.


    Only two chapters yet, but I have loved other stories by Simaril. The girl can really write AU! “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” is one of my all-time favorites.


    Kay, thanks for bringing up The Lost Boys! One of the first (and best) fics I ever read, and was it ever imaginative and engrossing.

    Oh, those are the first shots I’ve seen of Rob from QotD – thanks! Yeah, too bad the overall reviews aren’t better, but of course I’m not going to pass up the movie anyway, even if Rob’s part is small! Two thoughts about that: (a) I’m guessing he’ll be pretty covered up, damn it, and (b) since he’s playing T.E. Lawrence, a Brit, will we finally get to hear Rob’s own accent again?? I’m so tired of him playing American after American (even in Australian movies, for crying out loud). The last time I can remember him playing a Brit is, what, Goblet of Fire?
    I do have the feeling seeing that movie will force me to watch Lawrence of Arabia again – fabulous. Does anyone else remember that first shot of Omar Sharif? Oh my.

    Oh, and one more thing, Rita. I saw your signature on the banner for “The Single Game”. OMG, that’s a heart-stopper. I have sooo many questions for you (mainly, is that actually Rob’s body – if not it’s very close!) Can somebody explain to me why The Pretty with glasses is so sizzling??

    • rita01tx

      Let’s see…Rob had a British accent for Vanity Fair {before he got cut}, Ring of the Nieblungs {even though he was dubbed}, The Haunted Airman, Bad Mother’s Handbook, Goblet of Fire, of course, How to Be, Summer House…yeah, that’s all, I think!
      As for Lawrence of Arabia, I remember Omar Shariff had the most beautiful, soulful brown eyes I’d ever seen *swoon!*

    • rita01tx

      Hey, how come I didn’t already have Simaril on my TBR? Thanks for bringin’ her and her fics to my attention, Renee darlin’!

    • rita01tx

      Who sez Alice is Scheduler?

    • rita01tx

      No one has actually been complainin’ about all the WIPs I’ve been reccin’ but since no one leaves comments on said WIPs, I know they’re holdin’ out until they’re complete LOL!

    • rita01tx

      I’ve always been a huge fan of cartoons and animation and Rocky and Bullwinkle, along with Boris and Natasha, were a hoot! My Dutch husband preferred Deputy Dawg and Muskie Muskrat LOL!

  6. rita01tx

    Well, good mornin’ to you, too, Chatty Cathy LMAO! I think I’ll start at the bottom and work my way back up! First of all the Single Game banner…yup, that’s all Rob, except for the glasses, from a photoshoot in 2009 for Exclusive {not sure who the photographer was}!

    • Well whoever he or she was, bless ’em! I’m also glad to know that my Rob radar is intact – despite the unusual clothes and setting, I couldn’t spot anything that DIDN’T look like him.

  7. rita01tx

    Woo hoo! Rob has signed up for a new film…a WESTERN!!!

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